Could this key Everton trio make Arsenal great again?

Arsenal are currently being linked with three of Everton’s key men, with manager Ronald Koeman and star duo Ross Barkley and Romelu Lukaku.

The speculation surrounding Arsene Wenger is at it’s highest point of his reign, and one name who has been thrown out there to replace him is Dutchman Koeman.

The manager has done wonders for Southampton in recent years, and his current side are level on points with us in joint-sixth in the league at present. He could not have gotten his side there without his key men however.

Romelu Lukaku is claimed to have told the club that he will not be signing a new contract, dashing his future under a huge cloud of doubt, and any top name linked with the exit door will of course be linked with our club.

Another of Koeman’s key men in Ross Barkley is now on Arsenal’s watch-list apparently, with the midfielder set to be put up for sale if a new deal is not agreed also.

The two 23 year-olds could prove to be the future of Arsenal Football Club should deals be thrashed out, and Koeman himself has already worked wonders with the pair in only a short time together.

The Blues boss has also showed a willingness to promote youth players into the first-team squad, a trait adhered by current Gunners boss Arsene Wenger, and the Frenchman may even appreciate his abilities when sharing his views on finding his replacement.

Could Arsenal strike a deal to raid Everton of all three key individuals? Would the trio fill the holes in our club? Would Wenger approve of Koeman as his successor?

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  1. Pablo Picaso says:

    “The two 23 year-olds could prove to be the future of Arsenal Football Club should deals be thrashed out”. Wow that’s part of the problem right there, we have become too comfortable getting second best things.

    While Bayern build around A. Thiago / D. Costa – Real Madrid around Bale – Barca around Neymer – Chelsea Harzard – Man City Sane / Debruyne – Liverpool Mane / Countinho – Arsenal Lukaku and Ross! Granted the two are good players but there purchase will make sense if only Sanchez and Ozil stay on and we offload Giroud / Perez / Ramsey / Joel / etc.

    If we as fans continue endorsing the purchase of substandard players we also need to get used to fighting for top 4 only and round of 16 in UEFA. As for the manger at this point I wouldn’t even mind a Sunday league manager as long as Wenger gets to stepping.

  2. Jansen says:

    I don’t think any of them will come to Arsenal. Lukaku will go to a big club, Koeman would likely only turn his back on Everton if he were offered the Barca job and Barkley is not so special.

  3. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Make Arsenal Great Again

  4. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Last summer if we had got Lukaku we would have had Alexis, Theo, Ozil and Lukaku. We would have challenged for title. Ozil and Theo would have performed better with Lukaku.

    But Wenger is slow at everything and consistently makes the wrong decisions

    Now Lukaku will go to either Chelsea or United.

    I don’t see us getting any of the following: Lukaku, Greizmann, Aubemeyang, Lewandowski, Rodriguez, Morata, Dybala, higuain or keeping Alexis

    If we get a forward he will be same quality as Giroud, Welbeck, Lucas

    1. Jansen says:

      Can’t argue with that.

      1. Break-on-through says:

        I don’t know why people still believe this. For years it has either been a DM, a CB, or a CF, I think it might be wingers now as I’d like a couple. The goals we give away???, the crumbling or our team annually??? Looking at how last season went I can see why someone would say ..just this little difference would’ve done it. But it’s basically like trying to tell the future even though you are talking in past tense, and some things don’t change.

  5. Disturbance says:

    I just wonder when the extension is signed, how does Arsene believe that would change the mood? Huge amounts of fans are calling for change, the players don’t want to play for the manager. When he signs he’ll see a downfall like never before. Nobody would stand up for a delusional dead man walking.

  6. Gooner Craig says:

    Lol this would never happen!! If it was a Chelsea or Man Utd then yeah they would definitely rip them away, simultaneously turning themselves into monsters while destroying Everton! But Arsenal sadly aren’t that ruthless!

  7. Sam, need a striker says:

    make Arsenal great again!!
    No, I say we should prepare for another big big protest …

  8. Gooner Craig says:

    Apparently AW has vowed to reinvent himself in an attempt to make AFC great again.

    With the talk of his right hand man Boro leaving at the end of the season and getting a sporting director in I’m hopefully that should AW sign da ting, which I have a funny feeling he will, despite knowing he should probably just go, then I hope he can somehow develop a ruthless streak and cut some deadwood out of the team, secure some top players at all cost, and bring in the Terminator as his new assistant and save his name by somehow winning league am going out in a blaze of glory

    1. Break-on-through says:

      If he was to do that well then he’d have to do what Fergie done and get in a hands on no2, a defensively sound one, but also a new no3 and no4. Fergie’s no2 used to work with his defence, Arsene it’s been said he doesn’t let Bould have enough time with them. I don’t think that’s the case with Bould, I think it’s because he’s from a different era. Defending in today’s game is much different, fullbacks are attackers at AFC, and others, more often than defenders. Midfield doesn’t get near the protection George taught his midfield. Fergie was very good at picking no2’s, some of them then went on to manage, Fergie was excellent at choosing character. Arsene would need to start getting ruthless, also bringing in tacticians would be a good idea but he would have to be open to it. Then we need a new recruitment team also, and he and them would have to be more demanding of the board, push the board further than they want to go. Can Arsene become more ruthless, less stubborn, and adapt, evolve or interchange our game-play instead of always hoping or technical quality will do it.

  9. ArseOverTit says:

    Unless the trio is the father, son and Holy Spirit I don’t think
    Anything is going to change anytime soon.

    Greatness is an over used word too IMO. Winning 10 European Cups is great, other things less so..

    We are a long way off.

  10. Twig says:

    Which striker should we go for?


    1. Pablo Picaso says:

      Lukaku and Mbappe


      the cheaper option of Benzema and Mbappe.

      Either way we may need more than 2 star players coming in especially if Sanchez, Ozil, and even maybe Perez and Ox leave.

  11. Break-on-through says:

    Lukaku, no, Chelsea or Utd I reckon. Koeman we could get and Barkley we could get. I prefer our English contingent to be mostly the top CB’s of the league, obv because of the last time that was the case with us. I don’t rate English players in the technical areas, sometimes they produce good finishers though. Barkley could be useful, but is he what Arsenal are crying out for in midfield, I’m not sure if the other top sides would give him a starting position. Tott I could see Barkley fitting in, they are looking more and more like an old fashioned PL side but with all of pace. If I was Barkley that is where I’d consider moving, those or Liverpool (doubtful), the other top sides would use him as a bit part player.

  12. imran_gunr says:

    I think we as fans its waste of time and energy talking about new contracts or managers. The only way Arsenal can get to this bad patch is by tightening the defense and play 4-1-4-1 or 4-3-3 with big teams and 4-3-1-2 with small/average teams.

    4-1-4-1 :

    4-3-3 :
    Ozil – Sanchez – Perez/Welbz
    4-3-1-2 :
    Sanchez – Perez/Welbz

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