Could this Liverpool reject actually be perfect for Arsenal?

Liverpool are supposedly set to axe as many as six first-team squad members this summer, and Arsenal are linked with two of those.

Dejan Lovren (and almost every other centre-back in the world it seems) is currently being linked with a move to North London, but is his team-mate who we should be more interested in.

Naby Keita is said to be amongst those who could be set for the chop in the coming months, and I can’t help but think he is exactly what our team needs.

Much of the attention has been on our defence this season, with them catching plenty of blame for our struggles this term, but the defence also needs the support of the midfield, and the strong Guinean would be very high on my wishlist this summer.

It has also come to my attention that Arsene Wenger was a fan of the central star from his days with Salzburg, but no deal prevailed. We ended up bringing Granit Xhaka instead, and the duo could form a solid partnership at Arsenal given the chance.

The dynamic pair both like to forge forwards, as well as being equally strong in the tackle, and this could give our team the engine it needs to switch between defence and attack, while freeing up other players to make runs and stretch the opposition.

This isn’t the first time we at JustArsenal have come out with praise for the ability of Naby Keita, with his performances in the Emirates Cup with Leipzig previously catching our eye also.

Could Keita help us bridge the gap between us and the top of the table? Are Liverpool wasting a top talent because of their style of play?



  1. There’s no solid partnership that Xhaka will make with anyone. Xhaka is a flop, the master of back passes. He commits the most silly fouls that ultimately cost the team. I would be glad not to see him in Arsenal shirt next season

  2. Can you please stop calling players a reject. If it doesn’t work out for a player in a team that doesn’t mean it work out for him in another. Please show them some respect.

  3. The problems we are facing currently are just because of buying reject players and if we dont stop that, We shall not progress to the level we want.

  4. Watch the two first minutes versus West Ham and you have punk Xhaka in a nutshell. Give him away to the Salvation Army starting XI. I’m sure he have a wonderful singing voice and could do “We’ll understand it better by and by” as he came straight from Hell!

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