Could this Newcastle winger be an alternative target as backup for Bukayo Saka?

Bukayo Saka may miss our next few games due to an injury he picked up in Arsenal’s 2-1 Champions League loss to Lens on Tuesday night. Saka only played 34 minutes of our defeat against the Ligue 1 team in that game. He made an impact in the few minutes he was on the pitch in that contest, assisting our only goal of the game.

Saka is without a doubt our most trustworthy player, and he is without a doubt one of the best wingers Europe has to offer.

It is worth mentioning that he has started all of our last 85 league games, but it could be our undoing; he may now miss our most important game this Saturday, when Manchester City comes to town for a Premier League battle that will undoubtedly have an impact on the title chase.

While we wait for word on Saka’s fitness, one thing is certain: we will need to solve the dilemma that Saka’s absence could place us in with a new signing during the winter transfer window.

All the talk is about Pedro Neto, but don’t you believe Miguel Almiron could be a good fit for our right wing?

Why the Newcastle winger?

1. He has an eye for goal; he scores goals.

The Paraguayan is a good goal scorer; there’s no doubt about that. That was clear in the PSG versus Newcastle game, where he scored to help the Magpies stun the French giants. 4-1. Of his stats, last season he scored 11 goals in 34 games and assisted 2 others; this season he already has 2 goals in 7 games.

2. He’s a dribbler who’s ready to take on fullbacks.

We love Saka for his directness; he’s keen to take on left-backs, dribbling past them to create chances for our team. Almiron could offer us, in Saka’s absence, the right to sign him. The Newcastle winger’s left foot can cut through defences and make us dangerous going forward.

3. He’s a winner.

We need players with a winning mentality for a successful title run, and Miguel Almiron fits the criteria.

Newcastle’s winger’s brilliance has been a key ingredient in the club’s return to form and ability to challenge and return to the Champions League.

It is obvious that Arsenal requires a player to support Saka on the right wing, and Miguel Almiron is one player who can contribute quality to our squad.

Daniel O

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  1. lol. Newcastle is no Brighton mate. they have the funds to keep their best players and sign players in addition to what they already have to build their project, lack of playing time aside i don’t see why any player would want to leave there now. it’s disrespectful to think of approaching one of their best players ar it stands.

    1. 👍Spot on, Vamos. Arsenal need to look at other markets for uncut gems. Also Nelson is an option, which I can’t understand Arteta ignoring.

  2. I feel that almiron is indeed a correct signing not just to replace Saka but to add more quality to the teams quality squad

  3. I was practically laughed off this forum when I said we should go for Almiron way before Newcastle bought him. Does the writer honestly think he would want to sign for us, even leave Newcastle, and as for them selling him, really!

  4. A VERY odd punt for a possible SAKA back up. Plainly it has a not a hope in hell of ever happening.
    If you need to ask WHY I say that, then its not worth my time explaining the several , all valid reasons, why it has not a HOPE IN HELL of ever happening.

  5. Why would he leave a starting position on a team in the CL and top 4 candidate on the rise to join us for a bench position?

    Arteta hasn’t worked out rotating yet, and tends to overplay certain players. Don’t see any top winger coming here to sit on the bench, especially behind Saka; the guy would hardly ever play.

    1. I agree with previous comments that Newcastle won’t sell him to us, and if Almiron would push for a move to Arsenal they would ask for silly money. So Neto makes more sense. He is probably a bigger talent too, he just need to improve his output, score more goals and so on.

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