Could this season shake Arsenal AND Wenger out of lethargy?

If the reports about Arsenal and Arsene Wenger agreeing a new deal which will see the Frenchman remain in his post as manager for at least one more year, then there is very little that us fans can do about it. If the deal is done then any protests would be unhelpful to the team’s chances of getting anything from this season as well as being pointless.

But if the Prof is to give the Premier League title another crack we can only hope that next season pans out differently to this one and the preceeding ones which have all taken on a similar aspect of the team doing well and raising our hopes that it could be our year but ultimately flattering to deceive and ending up a long way behind the eventual champions, while heading out of the Champions League at the same stage each year.

So if the manager is not going to change, something else has to, and if this latest season of extreme disappointment and record breaking defeats does not convince Wenger and the Arsenal board that the current system is not working then nothing will.

In a way I think that failure to win the FA cup or finish in the top four might help, because it should shake the Frenchman and the club out of their lethargy. We need to see the boss becoming less stubborn and more flexible with his tactics, training methods and the way he deals with the players and we need to see much more aggression and intent in the transfer market.

Will this latest season of pain and protest finally shake the Gunners up and get us firing again next year?



  1. SoOpa AeoN says:

    I pray and Hope the season shakes wenger out of the Emirates instead!

  2. frank says:

    Sorry but this was the season where he should of had one last go at the Premier League and he failed. He blew it before the season even started with his mediocre transfers and failing to strengthen in key areas with world class players. It was no secret that Arsenal needed a top striker, defensive midfielder and centre back but most of all we needed strong players, players with a physical presence that would lead the team in tough games and Wenger failed. It’s time for Wenger to leave.

  3. simonsays says:

    If this season doesn’t then nothing will, I sadly don’t think it will. If Wenger decides he will stay (still really annoys me he has the choice) then regrettably over the coming season or however long it is he will no doubt tarnish his reputation even further than he already has done. Stories of squad overhauls, changing tactics, Wenger learning have all started to hit the papers and internet sites the same as every year. I expect Wenger signing another contract will be announced just after John Cross at the mirror newspaper announces 14 players leaving to make room for world class players which of course will be dead and buried come the end of the summer transfer window. Wenger Out

  4. davidnz says:

    Arsenal finished 2nd last season
    but some fans were livid.
    Right now some fans are
    claiming the club is in free fall
    yet two wins on the trot will see the team comfortably top 4.
    So is Wenger out fever simply a case of a mad fan disease?
    You see there is an underlying conundrum.
    Six sets of supporters want their team to win
    the League but only ONE team can win?
    Are fans stupid or what?
    I mean 6 into one does not go well 0.16 if you want to share.
    To be fair that’s why FIFA expanded the Champions league..
    The same reason FIFA inserted a group stage guarantee of six games.
    remember there was even a time when there were two group stages
    in an effort to keep as many teams involved for as long as possible.
    Artificially allowing multiple teams to be “winners” to keep
    every fan base happy is FIFA’s never ending thankless task.
    Arsenal management know only to well that 6 into one does not go.
    So they have preached the 4th is a trophy successfully for a decade.
    May be they are right. Maybe we should celebrate top four.
    No matter how rich you are no matter how good
    your players and your Manager the conundrum remains.
    You can shake and shake and shake but 6 into one does not go.

    1. simonsays says:

      Totally fair point but for me personally the real underlying conundrum is why the team struggles at virtually the same point of every season, why the team is full of players that never seem to achieve their potential and how tactically naive we always seem to be against certain teams including our main competitors. With little to none investment whether emotional nor financially from our owner and board is one thing and I believe is a huge problem for our club but Wenger sets the team up, coaches the players and surely has the experience to spot where the opponents weaknesses and strengths lay. Yes we finished 2nd last year, yes it was a ‘freak’ season but did we push Leicester all the way, did we hell.

      1. davidnz says:

        Yes Leicester shamed Arsenal
        last term but then the same
        criticism can be leveled at
        City Utd Liverpool Chelsea +Spurs
        heck Chelsea and Liverpool did not even make Europa
        while money bags City scraped 4th.
        If winning is the only measure of success by definition
        apart from Chelsea all the other top teams are failing.
        So yes Wenger should be sacked but so too
        Guardiola Klopp Mourinho and Pochettino.
        But we all know all these managers will be kept on
        proving that City Liverpool United and Tottenham
        also believe top 4 or Europa is a trophy albeit for shorter
        number of years before Managerial changes.
        And for all there money spending and chopping
        and changing of managers the equation stays the same
        6 into 1 does not go.

        1. simonsays says:

          But none of the managers you mentioned will be given season after season to get it right will they? I don’t believe that winning is a measure of success, as you quite rightly point out there can be only one winner, however we don’t exactly challenge nor push the team(s) above us do we? I understand what you’re saying I really do but we have been building, two years away, nearly there, missing one or two players for seasons and seasons now. Truth is we are no where near challenging let alone winning the league and even further away from making the champions league semi finals even and keep on making the same mistakes. Do I believe a more tactically minded manager could have done more with that squad, yes I do.

    2. lugdush says:

      No Arsene, u are wrong…ur mediocrity is not the rule here…we are arsenal, the biggest team in one of the biggest football citys of the world. We HAVE to compare ourselves with the best…Even with ur share theory we should have two EPL in the last 12 years.. but we have nothing. Its obvious that nowadays we are not in the same league of the best teams in the world. But we should be in england at least, we deserved that…we have the expensivest tickets in te world, so we have the right to demand the best. Being one of the richest teams in the world is not a matter to be proud for a fan or a player, that doesnt give us any value. Neither “wenger philosophy” when that is not more than an inneffective football and a great financial model based on invest wisely until the point when u have to take some risks (top 4 + 16 round CL).

  5. ThirdManJW says:

    How could any more protests hinder our chances of success this season, when Arsenal have been extremely unsuccessful for years, when there hasn’t been any protests? The protests are not pointless, and are having an effect. It has brought more attention to Wenger’s failings, so much so, that even the media are FINALLY starting to question him. Even our own Chairman has been forced to come out and comment on the situation (even though it was a vague, and pretty useless statement). None of that would have happened without the protests.

    Until a decision is made on Wenger’s future, we must protest at every game, and if he signs, then those protests need to continue, on a larger scale. The fans are the ONLY ones putting any pressure on Wenger, so it must continue.

    To think Wenger will change his philosophy, at his age, if given another chance, is damn right delusional, and I have to question if the writer of this article genuinely follows Arsenal on a regular basis? Because if he did, then he would be aware at how stubborn Wenger is, and that he’s had a fantastic opportunity to change things over the the last fours, given the finances he’s had access to, but he decided not to change a thing! Every season, pundits, fans, and media, think it’ll be different, and every season, it’s just a carbon copy of the previous one. We haven’t progressed at all, hence the position we’re currently in.


  6. ArseOverTit says:

    I was born and bred in the right side of north London but if he signs a new contract the emirates and all the suits inside it should be torched to the ground (metaphorically speaking that is).

    It’s a complete sham that he has even been offered one. Proof pudding that AFC is all about football as business and not about the business of football.

  7. mst1 says:

    if wenger do sign an extension after this season failure, it shows how unprofessional he is and his lack of respect for we the fans… 12years is a long long time….

    1. arsenalfan1 says:

      The situation at Arsenal reminds me of the old man of the mountains myth….it goes like this….you meet an old man at a stream who asks for you to give him a lift on your shoulders across the water…you feel sorry for him and so you do….but when you get to the other side he locks his legs around your neck and you end up being forced to carry him around perpetually.

      It reminds me of the plane flying around demanding respect for Arsene the Dope while he has his legs locked around the neck of the great Arsenal FC (methaporhically speaking) throttling the life out of it while demanding top wages for doing so.

      The situation at Arsenal is now that bad…..Arsene has had too much respect and the great Arsenal FC has had too little.

      The great Arsenal FC must shake off the parasitic burden of Arsene the Dope…..that is the only shaking that counts.

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