Could this young German international be Arsenal’s third signing?

Although Arsene Wenger has vowed that he is only interested in signing top top quality players to improve the Arsenal first team, it has been revealed today that he is still interesting in maintaining his previous policy of buying the best young talents from around the world to try and find a bargain.

The latest target is reported to be the Eintracht Frankfurt midfielder Aymen Barkok, who broke into the Bundesliga outfit’s first team this season, making 19 appearances.

Barkok has recently been picked for the Germany Under19 side and according to the German publication Spox, Wenger has been watching this exciting attacking midfielder for some time and after being turned down last summer he has now gone back with another offer that is ‘no more than £10m’.

The Bundesliga seem to be turning out lots of exciting young players at the moment, and Joachim Loew took a developing German squad to the Confederations Cup and still managed to win it, beating Alexis Sanchez’s Chile side in the Final. Le Prof has already pulled in Sead Kolasinac from Schalke earlier this summer, and he may be close to nabbing another rising star from Germany…

Perhaps this youngster could be the man to replace Santi Cazorla?



  1. Take him to mertesacker’s team we’ll bring him into the first team 2019. As for now only goerestka or is coming will do thank you

      1. ???So sad to hear that the little inspiration @BradleyLowery has passed away. Got to know about boy yesterday as he had few hours to spend in mother earth. ??Prayers, love for the family today and friends. #Figther❤

  2. The only thing that stood out for me was his height and physical presence. I hope Arsene is looking beyond the neat footwork by targeting taller stronger willed players. This lad is not a target, be very surprised if he was. I think they’re just trying to put his name out there so lesser clubs than Arsenal will have a look at him.

    I could be wrong of course. So I’d be interested in hearing from someone with a more well informed opinion.

  3. We need proven strikers now and Not an upcoming lad… .. Please wake me up as soon as Mahrez or Lemar comes in

  4. If Wenger is willing to pay the Monaco piper for Lemar I honestly see Sanchez leaving for City in this window. $50M to a detested rival would be painful but Arsenal will never let him leave for free next summer if he’s unwillingly to commit his future
    Others surd to be packing there suitcases:

    Potential wildcard:
    Giroud—WC year, cant be 2nd choice striker
    Bellerin—pines for a return home
    Ox—wants 1st team assurances @ a position of strength @ Arsenal.

    Could be a very intriguing month @ the Emitates

  5. His playing style seems like Nasri’s during his Arsenal days. His footwork is incredible and he has a pretty strong physique. I wouldn’t be surprised if Wenger was in for him because Wenger always has at least one young signing every transfer window. He also has good pace so he would make a nice cm as he could get attacks started and dribble his way out of trouble. Good if it happens. If not whatever. Right now Ozil just had me buzzing when he said “I will be happy to assist Lacazette.” and also we stepped up our bid for Lemar. Mbappe liking a Lacazette tweet. WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE!!!

    1. I have been saying ever since the season ended that coming 5th may be the best thing that has happened to us and I may just be right but in other unrelated news Granit Xhaka has outraged fans by getting married in a blue tuxedo instead of a red one. Sources claim that boom Xhakalaca might suffer some complications – Alright the last part of this quote was for a bit of humor everyone. Have a nice day gunners. 🙂

  6. Arsenal have apparently agreed personal terms with Lemar. Reports claim it’s a £90,000 a week, long term contract.

    Now for the hard part, ?? agreeing a fee with Monaco.

      1. I’m good with that lol ??
        Lemar is a classy young player, who wants to play for Arsenal and is 6-7 years younger than Sanchez, who confirmed that he wants to play for City… What? ?? do you still want him to stay?

    1. This is the best news i’ve heard all summer. I will be happy if Wenger can see this Lemar deal through. It would mean Le prof really means business this time around. Coyg!

  7. Chelsea are reportedly angry at Manchester United for hijacking their Lukaku deal.
    Thus the transfer of Nemaja Matic to Manchester United has been put on hold
    Bakayoko Transfer from Monaco to Chelsea has also been put on hold pending the sale of Nemanja Matic to any other club except Manchester United (Not sure anyone will be in for him)

    this could all swing in our Favour of getting Lemar. just my opinion

    1. Lemar and Fabinho! That way Chelsea won’t get Bakayoko (whom I don’t rate highly anyways) nor United get Matic!

  8. if sanchez is going to disrupt the team with his whingeing,sell to inter with a 3 year clause that if he then gets sold to premiership we get 60% of the fee.
    failing that , tell him to tend his garden and stay in chile.
    all contracts should include a contract rebel /ransom clause

  9. A midfielder who can play next to Xhaka should be our main target right now. I know Lemar can play in midfield, but does he have any defensive qualities to play a slightly deep role? Goretzka would be more ideal, both would be the best obviously. My thinking is that Lemar is a Sanchez replacement. Whether he goes this summer or next, Wenger is looking to the future with Lemar signing. Still, that leaves Ramsey as a starter and that’s not good enough.

  10. Well, if Sanchez pushes for his exit move, let him go. This brings in two very big assignments for Wenger, which include signing another record breaking player to pull up the morale of the team, and keeping Ozil. Condition 1 may mean signing a player we may not need, but one who is world class, for the sake of the team morale. Mbappe, Isco, James Rodriguez or draxler would do, though most of them seem unreachable. Lemar, Mahrez etc are second fiddle to the list above……letting Sanchez go would only disadvantage us in one way , which is repetitive of the trend in the past years. We have failed to complement our best players to best players available on the market to complete the jinx, instead of forging ahead we end up starting the whole process over and over again. Ozil is one of our big figureheads and one of our most valuable players, the dressing room would be ckmlletely distorted losing both sanchez and ozil at once. We remain gunners !!

    1. We can try for Aguero, pay him £300k weekly. Then play 2 upfront Aguero And Lacazette. try to get wingers like Lemar/Mahrez but preffereably Lemar. then Get a strong CDM that can tackle, Intercept,BLock, Clearence on ball, Pass, Create chances,Win Ariel duel and Score goals in the mould of Fabinho….He’s versatile and can also play as RB.
      will this squad win the league, yes with depth in squad…we have Ramsey, Giroud, welbeck, walcott, monreal, gabriel, meteserker ,elneny, coquellin, holding, chamber, iwobi
      sell these following players
      Gibbs, Debuchy, Akpom,Perez. Ospina(if he wants to leave)
      Loan these following
      Wilshire,Scecny(if ospina didnt leave)

    2. Why does everyone keep mentioning draxler? Y’all realise that he only signed for psg in January right……

    1. Because he’s as good as wasteful, he’s not always productive.. He only can dribble

  11. Is anyone else worried that our ‘best young players’ seem to desert us when they find the way to the first team difficult?

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