Arsenal Debate: Could Trossard and Jesus start together in Arteta’s attacking trio?

Following Gabriel Jesus’ injury during the Qatar World Cup, Arteta switched his offence week after week until he discovered the ideal combination, which has seen Leandro Trossard play as the No. 9. But, just as Trossard has begun to shine as Arsenal’s number 9, Arteta’s primary attacker, Jesus, has returned.

The major question for Arteta now is whether he will stick with Trossard or turn to Jesus. Continuing to play Trossard may end up making him “undroppable”. Hence, Mikel Arteta may either employ squad rotation heavily or tweak his system to allow both versatile attackers to play.

Jesus-Trosard-Saka in attack could be bad news to Arsenal’s opponents. It is uncertain if Arteta will go this way, but if he does, Trossard has already hinted that Jesus could get the best out of his game when he said, via NBC Sports, “Like I said, he is a top player, and he has contributed already a lot for Arsenal. And you can see his presence makes others better as well. We need everyone, and it’s great to have him back.”

Will Arteta ever launch an assault involving Jesus, Trossard, and, most likely, Saka? We’ll have to wait and see if he does. Lastly, just when many anticipated that Arsenal would falter, they have emerged with new legs and new concepts. The return of Jesus and the emergence of Trossard provide Arteta with multiple options.

Who would you pick as the ideal front three if you had to leave out Trossard, Martinelli, Saka or Jesus?

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  1. Very difficult choice because all are good players.

    I would have picked Martinelli out but he is currently our highest goal scorer.

    I guess Arteta just has to rotate them efficiently.

    Jesus is not yet fully fit so he should be coming in from the bench in the second half.


    Martinelli. Ødegaard. Saka.

    Xhaka. Partey.

    Zinchenko. Gabriel. Saliba. White.


    SUBS – Jesus, Jorginho, Smith-Rowe, Tierney

  2. Of course they can start together, because Trossard’s main position is LW. I bet he can even play in Xhaka’s or Odegaard’s position

    But my ideal front-three would be Jesus, Martinelli and Saka

    1. Gai, From the fee games I have watched Trosard in my opinion seem to improve Matinnelli and others than GJesus. Odegard can’t be benched bcos he makes Saka relevant. GJesus would have to gradually be introduced while Matinnelli continue as CF. GJesus goals return before his injury calls for worry and Matinnelli is scoring goals.

      1. Arteta has said that Jesus has to earn his place as everybody else

        I think Trossard understands the interchanging CF-LW roles better than Jesus and Nketiah, but his small stature would likely be exploited by the opposition’s CBs in some games

  3. It’s clear Saka more than anyone needs a rest. Desperately. We could have Martinelli, Jesus, Trossard occasionally. Still a force to be reckoned with.

    1. Saka,Martinelli,ESR, Trossard, Nelson,Jesus and Nketiah.Seven players for three positions is not a headache for our Manager, but an opportunity.It’s up to him to take it by sensible rotation as and when necessary.

  4. Jesus and Trossard can easily play together and we can even put Trossard in the Granit xhaka role to frustrate our opponents while Zinchenko plays further back. Interesting times. A very good headache to have.

  5. Yes, Saka requires some rest to recoup some energy. Having said that though, I also think rotation could be used to make everyone up to the sharpness to the benefit of the team.

  6. I think it would be 💡 to start all 4 against top 6 teams,with Trossard as CM and Xhaka in as Sub, we need a minimum of 4 box to box as players,

    1. Arteta try this, Ramsdale, white , Saliba, Gabriel, Tierney, partey, Xhaka, Trossard, Martinelli, Jesus and Saka, so trossard early said he can play behind striker’s position.

    2. In my opinion Trossard is better if he plays Odegaards position with Jesus being a 9. It could be positional discipline but Odegaard and Vieira like to confine themselves to the right peripheries. Trossard seems to cover more ground, the Bernado Silva type.

  7. Arsenal could permutate any three of Trossard, Jesus, Martinelli & Saka and always come up with a good attacking/goal-scoring trio.

  8. Martinelli and Trossard have to start. Jesus is not fully fit and Saka needs a rest. That makes two players who can sit on the bench. Long term though, I believe the solution would be rotation like Pep does

  9. more and more I see our attack getting closer to perfection. almost everyone can (if not everyone) can play more than one function on a perfect day that we can rotate between them, and we still have Smith-Rowe who comes strong for a vacancy whether in attack or midfield and, why not, Nelson that I think which can prove its worth even more.

  10. Saka should be rested for once.
    Down the road, Arteta should just rotate. All the attackers are very performant.
    Competition is good. The squad is looking healthy.

  11. I dont think Arteta will rush Jesus into full time action so soon. He will gradually ease him into the squad. As for the front 3, each player will have to earn his minutes and competition for places will drive them even further to do better, so all in all it is good for Arsenal.

  12. Eventually, yes.

    I’m resting easy knowing the gaffer will choose the lineups he believes will bring the team victory.

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