Could Welbeck be the man to lead Arsenal’s attack next season?

Danny Welbeck has been plagued by injury since he joined from Manchester United in 2014, but ended the season well for Arsenal, and we could be blessed by his ability next term.

The forward has shown glimpses of serious talent over the years, but just as he hits top gear, he has fallen foul of injury previously.

Welbeck finished the season well, and was even compared to Arsenal legend Thierry Henry after his performance in the FA Cup final with Chelsea recently, and could be eyed as our answer to a role which has been a weakness in our side for some time.

Former team-mate of Thierry, Martin Keown, was the man to compare him to the club’s all-time goalscorer.

‘I said to Danny Welbeck afterwards that at times he reminded me of Thierry Henry,’ Keown said.

‘He was too quick for Chelsea and kept stretching David Luiz into those channels.

‘Welbeck gave Arsenal extra energy in both directions.’

Our club looks likely to sign young Nigerian Henry Onyekuru this summer, who will likely play a minor role in our squad for his debut season, and it remains to be seen whether we will invest in a big-named striker also. Judging by previous seasons, that will not happen, but maybe Welbeck can will be able to make up for that failure.

The former Manchester United youth product is recognised as a talent by Arsene Wenger, and Jose Mourinho even admitted that he would not have sold the 26 year-old if he had been in charge at the time of his departure.

He has still yet to meet his full potential since joining our club, but should he stay fit for the new season, he could play a HUGE part in our campaign.

Can any of you see what he brings to our attacking line? Can you recognise any similarities between him and Thierry? Will Arsenal invest in a top striker this summer?

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  1. Yes, as long as he stays out of injuries. Like Ozil, he is an unselfish player and his displays in big matches were amazing, like during the FA Cup final and when Arsenal faced Manchester United.

    He has almost everything a top striker need to have, except the finishing. But he is a highly motivated and talented young man, I am sure his finishing will improve in the new season, with the new system and better teammates.

    Unfortunately he might not be Arsenal’s main striker next season, as Arsenal is offering 87 million for Mbappe, according the Mirror and the Sun…

    1. If he becomes our main striker, Wenger will tearr his fitness down by playing him each match in 3 months! He should be rotated, give him every match in FA Cup and Europa League, build his fitness for a season, rotate him for smaller matches in EPL and he will reach his prime if he gets an injury free season under his belt

  2. As good as Welbeck can be and he has shown flashes of his ability:
    -relentless running, sacrifice for the team
    -Team player
    -Can pass and score
    He is unreliable to stay fit for a full season. Not only that he has never once in his career went over the 25 goals a season barrier, his best was 12 in the league and that was during the 2011-2012 season! And that is what we need a player capable of playing 38 games and scoring over 20 goals and assisting on others.
    I want Welbeck to stay and get more opportunity but don’t get me wrong we need someone who can start week in week out and isn’t a super sub.
    By the way same goes for Santi and Wilshere. Wilshere I don’t believe has any chance of featuring into this squad and as much as I love his quality his injury record is starting to look like Abou Diaby sadly. For Santi not advocating for a sale but we need a genuine player with similar qualities and younger coming into the squad who we can count on for a full season.

  3. No, we need a proven scorer. Correct me if i’m wrong, but Welbeck never scored more than 10 goals in a single epl campaign, let alone 20, which is usually the benchmark of a world-class, title winning centre forward. Good option to have as a plan B or on the wing, but definitely should not be 1st choice to lead the line if we want to challenge for the title

  4. He can be very dangerous and a proper nuisance but we know we need a better marksman, no offence to Danny I like him but he’s a squad player. Nothing wrong with being a squad player at a huge club.

    What I was thinking though is that I’d go with Mert definitely in a three CB formation. With a CB either side and Xhaka playing so deep, there isn’t all that much space for pacy players to try and use their advantage. Mert’s positioning has always been excellent it’s his main strength, in this system I honestly don’t think there are many players more suited. We also have extra height with he Holding and Xhaka. If there’s a chance to get VVD or another top CB we should do that though, we have some players aging.

  5. Welbeck is wasteful though disturbing defense.. His conversion rate is very low he can’t carry a team like Arsenal may be Stoke.

    That people talk of talent, that’s why Arsenal don’t win big prizes.

    We need ruthless strike like Ibra, Costa, Higuain, Cavani, Aubumenyang, Lewadoski, Suarez, Bellotti, Dembele, Kane, Dzeko, Gamiero, Bacca, Icardi, Hulk, Defoe etc but I don’t say Wenger should buy one of those but four amongst them are on market.

    1. Aubumenyang 2. Belotti 3. Dembele 4. Icardi
    5. give Perez minutes he’s more lethal than both Welbeck and Giroud. Problem is Wenger to change tactics to fit his style of play.

    Perez can get over 20 goals per season, he’s fast and his movements are superb plus he assists and creates. It was his first season and he managed to get hat trick which took Giroud 3 season to attain.

    Wenger wants to sell Perez and retain Giroud the way he did with Poldoski he mistreats some players and uses others who are not performing…

    who’s better in midfield between Coquilin and Elneny? Giroud and Perez as striker,..

    Henry said it, you cannot win trophies with Giroud as you’re striker.
    Newcastle want Giroud sell him. Look how Ozil behaves when he gives Giroud a killer pass then he wastes it, same to Sanchez they become uninterested any more they see him as the weak link.

    When Wenger played Iwobi, Sanchez and Walcott. Then Ozil behind them we went 20 games unbeaten. Afterwards he started introducing Welbeck then Sanchez to wing. we started losing. Eventually Giroud as striker everything went from bad to worse. And that’s how we dropped points.

    Mourhinho saw Roney is wasteful and dropped him and he was the captain and a winner too, he fights.

    Arsenal have best two players whom creates super chances Ozil and Sanchez, we need only a good finisher.
    So wen Sanchez gets over 20 goals he has just there around 24 goals then Walcott getting 12, Ozil 8, Ramsey 4, Xhaka 4, Perez 12, Ox 5, Bellerin 2, and every defender at least two goals each because of good corners and set pieces Ozil takes.
    Welbeck 7, and Iwobi 6. if the players can get their target which I’ve never heard any Arsenal player aiming for a target goals this team can be hot to handle.

    1. I don’t like Bacca or Hulk. Good athletes but not the quality I’d want. Dzeko would’ve been interesting, he’s killing it over there even more so than Bellotti. He never got the confidence that someone like Wenger would have given him. Icardi I like, but he’s not yet top bracket, he might make it at a better team. Aubameyang, he would be what we hope Mbappe might be. If there was any chance he’d be the one to get. Then Mbappe if we can’t get him. Lewy Higuain Costa, no point even mentioning them. Dembelle looks interesting, I hope Tott don’t get him. Lacazette should be third choice after Aubameyang and Mbappe, then maybe Icardi, lastly Dembelle. I’d say that’s the order, but who knows what the order will be after a couple more seasons.

  6. Welbeck is a good squad player but we need top class striker to challenge for trophies.

  7. The we have to sell one or two to accommodate the six CBs namely Per, Koncienly, Gabriel , Mustafi, Holding, and Chambers.. and upcoming Beilik.

  8. He turns 27 and in all his full 8 seasons in the English Premier League, his record tally for goals is 12. 12!

    And he hasn’t shown any promise for better days. He will deliver exactly what he has delivered until now: few goals a season. His empty goal miss against Everton sums up everything about him. Remember: missed exactly the same kind of chance against City but luckily Sanchez was behind him to finish the winning goal.

  9. He’s not an out and out goal scorer but is fast, powerful and can be a nuisance to defenders.

    If he was injury free for a while season he would probably get a decent number of goals. if sancez stayed then it might work as Sanchez would most probably be the main scorer in the team.

    But the reality is that there are probably better players out there for not a lot of money. I’m a fan of his but I haven’t seen a huge deal that suggests he is more than a good utility squad player

  10. Welbeck is a joke of a striker.. a superb athlete but its the biggest lie to label him as a striker..

    1. I am mixed about it.
      I do not think we will bid enough but maybe we do… Maybe we are willing to pay more upfront than the other teams who want to make the payment depending on winning stuff…

      I would still have preferred to have read we put in a £60mil bid for Lacazette to get in there quick, get it done fast and then turn round to Alexis and say “See, we are being serious, wanna sign a new contract now?”

  11. Welbz is alright. If he stays injury free, he’ll actually be an upgrade on Giroud.
    And as I don’t believe a top striker will arrive, this ain’t as bad. But, then again, we’re one injury away from a disaster.

  12. Short answer: no. Same answer for Oxlade-Chamberlain, Theo, Jack, Aaron, Gibbs. Can’t be counted on as they cannot stay healthy.

    Next question please. 🙂

  13. I do like Welbeck, he is an honest, versatile and hard working player who always gives 110%. The same cannot be said for a lot of other players in the squad. However he has injury problems and I think he lacks the composure, technique, finishing and movement around the box of a top quality striker. As long as he stays relatively injury free he will be an important squad player, still need a quality striker like Lacazette.

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