Could Wenger bring Sanogo back to Arsenal next season?

Will Sanogo be a Gunner next season?

A few days ago an article on began a debate about whether any of Arsenal’s youngsters will get a chance in the Arsenal first team next season. The likes of Jon Toral and Chuba Akpom were mentioned, with the latter causing quite a split in fan opinions. Whilst some felt that Chuba has a lot to offer in the future, the majority do not feel he is ready to make the cut for the Gunners in the first team just yet. Instead it was mentioned how if it was the case that Wenger ‘promotes’ a young striker to first team duties, then perhaps some would much prefer it was the young Frenchman Yaya Sanogo. Pair this with the understanding that Sanogo is hoping his experience out on loan last season, in both Holland and England, will be enough to convince Wenger to give him a shot, then we have to consider whether the youngster will get his chance.

Sanogo has not had the most prolific time in front of goal during his short career so far. Despite having a fair few chances for the Gunners, he has never really managed to impress, let alone manage a more than a single competitive goal for the club. In fact, the only memorable game where Sanogo has impressed was a pre season game against Benfica, where he went against all odds and scored FOUR goals. His only competitive goal has come for Arsenal in a Champions League tie against Borussia Dortmund and since then Sanogo has gone on to have loan spells at Crystal Palace, Ajax and Charlton.

Sanogo has failed to largely impress on all competitive stages, despite occasionally bagging a goal for his side. It would be wrong to criticise the youngster too much considering he still has a lot to learn and surely he must have some future potential for Wenger to have the confidence in him. However to have Sanogo back at the club, as even a third or fourth choice striker next season really shows a lack of ambition on Arsenal’s part.

Of course Wenger may choose to opt and sign another striker (fingers crossed) and therefore send Sanogo out on loan at the least. Although there have been a few youngsters last season that I wouldn’t mind Wenger giving a shot in the first team, most notably Jon Toral and Jeff Reine-Adelaide, I don’t think seeing Sanogo pulling on an Arsenal shirt next season would be the best sight for Arsenal fans.

Will we see Sanogo in an Arsenal shirt next season?


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  1. When you have players like Walcott, Ox, Giroud, Ramsey and WIlshere and now you tell me Sanogo. You will not be competing for UCL.

    1. Not ? How about never ! And why would someone thumb you down ?? xD

      It’s a sad fact that players like Walcott, Giroud and Sanogo do NOT help a team compete for CL

    2. Of course a team can compete with an oaf like Giroud in the team, our problem is having Giroud as a STARTER.

      If Giroud was someone the coaches would point at when training the kids and say;
      “If you don’t try hard enough you will be as worthless as that oaf”…

      We would see talented CF spew out at Arsenal from all the kids fearing to end up such a waste of space.

      UCL would be easy, our training would scare CF into scoring a dozen goals a game, who wants to end up like Giroud?!?

  2. We have always competed in the UCL with these players. Facts. With just cannot win the league with Theo and Giroud as first choice strikers. But show them some respect.
    As for Wilshere he didn’t play in like 35 league games. Why even mentioned him? or is he the reason we fail to beat the small teams?

    1. They’re the ones that should be showing respect. Fact is Wilshere – 6 goals in 103 league games for Arsenal. Apparently that is good enough for 90k a week contract.

      self pride, self ego and self delusion, the three terms you can associate Arsenal with right now right from the top with Kroenke right down to the players and even some fans think of the club as better than we actually are.

      From UCL QF this season I wanted Athletico to win, even though they lost in the final. I didn’t see players boasting at any point during the route to the final, not their manager, players or fans.

      1. Wilshere has ticked me off allot over the years. Still, I would rather hear how many goals he’s been involved in, because goalscoring is not his forte. Kante is box to box, nobody cares about his lack of fine passing leading to assists, or his lacking goal count. Because he was the best at what he does. Wilshere is not the best at what he does, some people liken him to certain Barca midfielders. But his game is about getting the ball from a to be through passing and/or dribbling, so Id like to hear how many goals we’ve scored, when he was one link in the chain of play.

        1. Kante is what Ramsey should’ve been. But instead Ramsey is focusing on flicks, back heels, first time shots, volleys…basically skills he doesn’t have. If it was Arsenal in the final in UCL yesterday, he would still be doing those things, instead of doing the basics.

          Wilshere is not a goals scorer, correct. But he thinks he can dribble past a whole team, sometimes trying to do a one two when its not on, in the tightest spaces. That David moyes Manu game at emirates sums up what is bad with Wilshere. Trying to dribble the ball beyond the goal line and trying to chip Degea form the goal line almost. Second half, dribbles until taken out by Phil jones.

  3. Ever since Marc Overmars Wenger has kept open minded about players with bad injury history. From Overmars to Kanu, these two were written off and not worth the risk to most clubs. Sanogo had a very bad one to get while young I can recall hearing. We all know our boss likes a bit of a gamble, it probably makes things more interesting to him the same way gambling will for the rest of us. Sanogos first AFC injury was a huge blow, he did look to start brightly, he got into great positions with the ball finding him. Though now it would seem he’s only holding us back by sticking around, they’re other youngsters should be considered, and the places within the squad should go to fit hungry players wanting to help Arsenal and improve themselves.

  4. OT but Modric and Bale must think leaving Tottenham was the best move of their footballing career. What is it, 2 Champions League medals for them now? No wonder Ramsey is talking up moving to Spain. Trying to play catch up to his fellow countryman…

  5. I hope Sanogo would have matured into a worthy back up for Giroud and eventually surpass him, but injuries and non playing time has damage his development, i think he needs at least one full season in the championship before we decide in letting him go or not.

    Akpom needs a lot more match time, i was also hoping for him to mature in the championship , but he still looks a long way off, hull has been promoted but we knnow he will get even less game time there now, so we wll have to find a team where he will get regular game time.

    Hopefuly Jon Toral will get his opprtunity in the coming season to show his maturity

  6. I don’t think that it’s fair to be bashing Sanogo,
    It’s not as if he cost anything!
    The hype that was put on him wasn’t fair either,
    I still believe that he will come good, as long as he stays fit.

    I remember the fan’s loving his fearless attitude on his debut,
    He even gave Mertesacker a black eye in training ?
    I actually thought that the main reason he got loaned out, was because of his temperament… Anyways, I would like to see him back at Arsenal next season, even as a third choice striker, you can call me deluded, but I know that once this kid starts banging in the goals, the fan’s will love him.

    We have been 10 year patient with some of the muppets at the club, so surely we can at least give this youngster a little chance.

    1. You took the words right out of my mind! A lot of players on our team with superb technique but weak mental strength, Sanogo might not be scoring just yet, he’s young and still learning his trade technique-wise but as for mental strength on the pith, Giroud can only learn from him…that guy will press the hell out of defenders and creates a nuisance of himself against them, we’ve seen him do it and he’s also waaay faster than Giroud, as a plus Wenger also loves him. We are stuck with Wenger at the moment so we can only hope to see one of his favourites [Sanogo] on the team, one who at least has attributes that his other favourite [Giroud] seriously lacks in [pace and mental strength] while we hope he brings in a decent striker.

    2. Over who?

      I would prefer to see Akpom given a chance, at least future youth will see us choosing a homegrown lad and fight harder to get into the 1st team.

      In the last 2 and a bit years So-No-Goals has only scored 3 competitive club goals, that was his hat-trick. I know Akpom has only done 2 goals better but that was Akpoms 1st full season.

      Neither one of them deserve to play for our 1st team.

  7. Sanogo comes in for a lot of criicism on here, sanogoals etc. so it is good to see some positive comments. When he joined the club there was negativity towards him, we were expecting a top, established striker (and are still waiting) and got Sanogo. In FA cup final against Hull we were losing, everything seemed flat and Sanogo came on, OK he did not score but he livened things up and we looked more threatening.

    Loan spell at ajax was a disaster, de boer did not rate him. Article does not mention that at charlton he scored a hat trick against reading, which is quite some achievement. He has potential but seems injury prone and lacks consistency, but as mentioned above he will press the opposition.

    Personally I think a complete season in the championship would do him good and hopefully he can stay injury free, build up his confidence, technique and goal scoring. There is too much pressure and expectation at arsenal against very good opposition for him to come next season.

    1. I have just looked up his age, he is now 23 years old so if he is going to come good he will have to do it soon.

    2. “Article does not mention that at charlton he scored a hat trick against reading, which is quite some achievement.”

      But if it did then they would have had to say those was the ONLY goals he scored for them in 8 games, pretty pathetic!

      Palace = 10 games and 0 goals.

      So-No-Goals has done pathetic since we bought him, he would have been better off staying with Auxerre and for us to have left him alone.

      He could score in France but not in England.

      If we are gonna loan him out anywhere then er should look at a french 2nd division team or team fighting relegation from top tier football. This way we might be able to build up his confidence again and build up his value to sell him.

  8. If Sanogo is going to stay on the books, we should be trying to get him a loan in the premiership for next season..perhaps with Hull, as we seem to have a good relationship with Steve Bruce.. Sanogo is 23 now, and not an up and coming 19 year old.. Time to give him the chance to prove himself, or get rid..

    1. Its rather difficult for him to get playing time in the premier league, so the championship or even a division one side would provide him with more playing time and hopefully he can stay injury free

  9. Sanogo knows where the goal is, he just hasn’t adapted well since moving to us, he has become So-No-Goal since joining Arsenal.

    21 games for Auxerre and 11 goals isn’t a bad return, the year before he played for their B team and scored 15 in 31 games, he seems to know where the net is.

    Maybe it is his ego but something is stopping him from performing like he use to, it is a shame.

    Unless he turns his game around then I hope to not see him in the red and white of Arsenal next season, he doesn’t seem to ‘fight’ as much as we expect from a CF playing for Arsenal.

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