Could Wenger change his habits with a complete overhaul of the Arsenal team?

There have been more than the usual amount of Arsenal transfer rumours flying around this season, as the Gunners have Mesut Ozil, Alexis Sanchez and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain all entering the final year of their contracts this summer. There have also been signs that David Ospina, Matthieu Debuchy, Hector Bellerin, Carl Jenkinson, Kieran Gibbs, Jack Wilshere, Wojciech Szczesny and Yaya Sanogo will also be sold or allowed to leave as well.

Of course there is also the small matter of Arsene Wenger’s contract to be resolved, but if Le Prof does re-sign for another two years he will have to make massive changes to the squad one way or the other, and this would seem to go against his usual philosophy of continuity, stability and cohesion, which has seen him keeping his team together and extending contracts of players that have come through the Arsenal youth system. This was most notable during the infamous transfer window when Petr Cech was our only purchase, and not one new senior outfield player was brought in.

Wenger demonstrated this again this season, by giving contract extensions to both Per Mertesacker and Santi Cazorla, despite neither player being given time on the pitch due to ongoing injury problems. This has also been shown in the past with new contracts for the likes of Mikel Arteta, Tomas Rosicky and (dare I say it) Abou Diaby amongst many others.

So if Wenger really does intend to stay and overhaul the squad, how is he going to justify a wholesale change of playing staff?



  1. John0711 says:

    Wenger change hahahahahahhah
    He can’t even admit something is wrong so why would he fix something that’s not broke(in his opinion)

    1. Tatek Girma says:

      I don’t think he can change his approach as he is the most stubborn manager in the world. We have been waiting for improvement patiently so far but nothing is improved except deterioration. Therefore, he should leave us soon before completely damaging the lovely club’s reputation and his legacy as well. He is the front runner to be blamed for the players laziness and lack of motivation to win games. We are running out of time and there is no initiation at all from the manager to change the situation.

  2. SoOpa AeoN says:

    Mr. Potato Head has no right to overhaul the players whilst himself still remains the manager
    He’s a figure head of disaster and so must suffer the same fate just like his weaklings

  3. SoOpa AeoN says:

    I’m yet to see a goat become a Lion!

  4. wenger must be sacked says:

    nah Giroud ramsey must remain with us for the rest of their lives

  5. sam-afc says:

    He can’t change we’ve seen that. When was the last time we set up differently against opposition?? Wenger can only play 4-2-3-1. we’ve also seen that our defending recently has got even worse. Gabriel looked like a frightened school kid when trying to defend against Benteke Monday night. Mustafi charges out of defence like a loose cannon

    To say our defence was better when we had the likes of Squillaci, Sanstos, Sylvestre in the team ring alarm bells….

    As great things Wenger has done for this club, I cannot see why he deserves a new contract.
    The players don’t look interested, he can’t motivate players anymore for games when it matters most.

    I like the sound of Overmars coming in to be a director of football. its needed BADLY

    New Manager with fresh ideas is needed

    As for the Yank Kroenke

    We are Arsenal FC NOT Arsenal Franchise

    Take your steak hooker wife and prat of a son and get out of our club!!!

    1. jonm says:

      Unfortunately it is Kroenke’s club, he is the majority shareholder. He can tell us fans to get out of his club.

      AFC is a business and it is following the top four model as the owner believes this will maximise his investment. Coming unstuck this year as normally when top four is threatened the team respond. Seems to me that consistently not aiming to win the league, coming fourth is sucess has permeated right through the organisation, now they cannot respond when top four is threatened.

      It is Kroenke’s club, his money to lose so he will have to decide how to respond.

    2. bran99 says:

      Overmas back? that will be gr8. we are tired of having one potato head controlling everything

  6. Amith says:

    Nope, Wenger only knows Wenger’s style…Give Wenger the current log leading team in any league and he will still only manage 4th place. The biggest problem with AW is that he cannot adjust his tactics to suit winning the game requirements. With loose a lot of games where we dominate possession. The slow patient build up is a difficult approach, as it gives opposition teams the time to organize their defense, while we hold onto the ball just outside their box and do nothing profitable. We lost our ability to create those quick counter attacks.
    Wenger sticks to the same subs and same tactics game after game, he cannot improvise according to the game requirements.

  7. Walter Clunk. says:

    The Wenger
    years at Arsenal.
    The Glory years:
    EPL titles FA Cups ECL prominence.
    Fans become trophy gluttons and arrogant.
    The shock as the evil Mourinho and Abramovich
    crash the Arsenal-Man United Dynasty.
    Wenger ignores Mourinho “This will pass”
    Fans “They buy titles, play siht football and their fans are plastic”.
    Man Utd win 3 titles in a row.
    Wenger retreats deeper into a fantasy world ”
    “I am still the best Manager besides I play beautiful football.
    Fans hate on UTD stay loyal to Le Prof.
    Kroenke arrives + assures Wenger that top 4 is on the money.
    Wenger transitions into the top 4 is a trophy Genius.
    2010 Ancellotti wins title for Chelsea.
    Arsenal fans point to the stadium debt, selling top players
    the evils of sugar daddy clubs and their plastic fans
    while drowning themselves even deeper in invincible nostalgia.
    2011-15 Utd City Utd City Chelsea win more titles.
    Both Management and fans mask the pain and embarrassment
    by talking about the cost of the stadium and how other teams
    buy titles play siht football with plastic fans.
    But social media is beginning to show a growing discontent
    from some Arsenal fans questioning the 4th place
    ideology and the Masters who control the clubs destiny.
    Finally in 2016 the 5000-1 outsiders Leicester win the title!!!
    Maybe that is the straw which broke the camels back
    because it “seems” if Useless Leicester can do it why can’t Arsenal?
    Wengers contract signing is uncertain and Gazidz apparently
    is talking about an overhaul..apparently.
    After 13 years!!!

  8. ArseOverTit says:

    Wenger has trouble changing his socks.

    The man has destroyed his legacy by overstaying at the club way beyond his use due to a greedy and disinterested board and owner.

  9. Big G says:

    I would like to believe Wenger could change his way and his tactics but deep down I doubt that he can. He may well be capable of bringing in new faces but with the reported 200 million that will available once the deadwood has been cleared or sold, how many top players will the club realistically be able bring in for that amount, 4 or 5 maybe. So the rest of the squad overhaul will be players coming through the ranks or leaving other clubs on a free transfer.
    So much for a complete overhaul and still no guarantee that things will be any better than they are right now.

    1. bran99 says:

      they always say 200m but Wenger comes out and say there is no money, just preparations for new seasonal tickets renewal. he waits for other team’s rejects so that he can benefit from it

  10. Janssen says:

    Besides the fact that I don’t think Wenger’s picture of the ideal team can actually win the PL in this day and age, I also don’t think we have the money it takes to do a complete overhaul of the squad.

    I have not looked for a while but last time I looked we had around 100 million in cash in the bank. Clearly some of that is needed for working capital.

    What type of “complete” overhaul can you do in today’s market even if you spend all your cash of 100 million? You can probably buy 1 world class player for that money. That is all it gets you.

    Kroenke will not put more money in the club the way we could hope for if Usmanov was in control. So to me the whole topic of squad a overhaul is a wet dream and nothing more.

    We will have to make our way back to the top the hard way, by a manager who makes the whole greater than the sum of the parts. Player by player, year by year.

    If we had bought 1 top-top player each season and got that purchase right and managed to hold on to these player than we would be in great shape. Unfortunately we did not do that.

    Ozil looked a good purchase, followed by Sanchez, than in the year we bought nobody we should have bought Lacazette who would have cost no more than 35 that year, if we had shown more interest in Kante or if Xhaka would have worked out we would have been looking good right now and could have spend this summer’s window on a top-top winger who could score goals.

    As it stands, we will lose Ozil and Sanchez, we did not buy Lacazette and Xhaka doesn’t look a likely candidate to rule our midfield at the moment.

    We got most of our decisions wrong the last few seasons and in todays game you pay a big price for that.

    Add to that mix that Wenger simply doesn’t know what it takes any more and you can see why Everton will be out biggest rival going forward and not the top 5.

    It will have escaped few that as soon as Wenger had brought on his 2 favorites, Ramsey and Giroud we went down from 1-0 to 3-0 in a matter of minutes. Wenger simply doesn’t have what takes any more and doesn’t know how to fix it. You could proabaly give him 400 million and throw Messi in for free and we would still not win the PL.

    1. Midkemma says:

      “As it stands, we will lose Ozil and Sanchez, we did not buy Lacazette and Xhaka doesn’t look a likely candidate to rule our midfield at the moment.”

      We did bid for Lacazette but we didn’t bid enough.
      Who is at fault for that?

      Wenger who is given X amount and if it isn’t enough then tough?
      Silent Stan for not putting his hand in his pockets to make it happen then recoup the money from forced player sales of average players?

      I bet it was Wenger was given X amount and we didn’t have the funds.
      I will also bet the same thing will happen again!

      I do not believe Chavski or City would delay funds to a manager like Arsenal board will be for our manager, forget who the manager is for now… If Arsenal FC are instantly behind the other clubs due to penny pinching delays then we have ground to make up instantly… Making the job harder for ANY manager to manage Arsenal.

      I believe that to be more of an issue.
      If our board shows backbone then it is easier to trust they will demand a backbone from the manager and then it would be easier to trust that the team will show a backbone because of the manager.

      1. Janssen says:

        We only bought Petr Cech, at the time the asking price for Lacazette was 30 million. I don’t believe Wenger was blocked by the board on that one. More likely he under bid like he always does. We no longer had the financial constraints of the stadium, it simply is not plausible to me that we could not have afforded Lacazette.

        Last summer was another issue but by this time the asking price for Lacaztte had gone up. This coming summer he is out of our league and will probably cost north of 60 million. That’s why we should have bought him 2 seasons ago. We missed that opportunity like many others.

        Any way I was only giving an example on Lacazette. The main point was we did not get our transfers right. In fact we didn’t buy a single outfield player 2 years ago. This is all coming home to haunt us.

        You believe this is the fault of the board, I believe Wenger has pretty much the final say on everything.

  11. Midkemma says:

    I read that Arsenal will only have £100mil to spend unless they make sales and that money will be put towards more transfers.

    We can not rebuild the squad with that (£100mil) to compete on a consistent basis.

    Arsenal are going to have to sell some players, good news in a way but bad in the sense that other clubs can play on this to get cheaper deals…

    If the Arsenal owners was serious about this rebuild then they would spend the money now and recoup it from player sales over the next 12 months instead of forcing a manager to sell upfront to get the cash, talk about a handicap.

    As for can Wenger change his habit? He has done already when change of ownership happened, he has shown he will adapt to the OWNER and that is why he has kept his job for so long even though he is no managerial god.

    I’m sick about AOB Vs WOB, we are all ARSENAL SUPPORTERS, can’t we unite to show we want our club to show ambition?
    £100 million and claiming that will be enough for a rebuild oh and to make it sound better, any sales can be put towards purchases… That is not ambition to win the EPL or CL! That is PR BS to keep the blame on the manager for when it will eventually fail. We should just spend the £200 mil in the 1st couple weeks of transfer window to make sure we get our targets in early for preseason then the end of the transfer window in recouping some of the money by sales.

    We spent near £90mil last time, Mustafi had a good start to Arsenal and look how the fans was bragging about him! Xhaka appears to still be adapting to the EPL but he is young and we was all bragging about him when we bought him…

    Who was bragging about Perez?
    We put a bid in for Lacazette but not enough… our 3rd transfer was a bargain buy because we didn’t bid enough for a WC CF.

    Is that going to happen again because we couldn’t get to sell a couple players in time??????

    I’m getting ready for disappointment from the board, talking the talk but failing to walk the walk.

    1. Janssen says:

      I agree and have been saying this for weeks. 100million in todays market will not get you more than 1 world class player. Selling players to buy others means you must sell above market and buy below market to increase the quality of the squad. If you get market value for your sale and pay market value for your purchase, you are unlikely to improve the squad dramatically.

      It won’t happen but Usmanov in the past has suggested to raise money for players by doing a rights issue. Good suggestion but our problem is Kroenke doesn’t want to put money in the club, he wants to take it out.

      The only way I can see us improve is by a manager who can make the whole better than the sum of the parts as a result of his coaching, player improvement and tactics. Best recent example is Leicester who were better than their parts.

      I think Klopp is not far of either. On paper we have a much better squad than Liverpool yet he gets more out of them than we do.

  12. jermaine bryan says:

    There are lots of ways we can save and improve the squad
    Two gk will be sold =15m apx to find a replacement (allot of our targets fall into that bracket)
    Two rb will be sold=10m apx to find a replacement (zabaleta would be a steal for free)
    Mertesacker if sold can be replaced by chambers =+7m
    Gabriel can also get sold =10m 17m to find a replacement

  13. Nebsy says:

    Wenger can’t find a top player in the making anymore. He also can’t attract a top player anymore, as it is clear as the day that he actually is a fraud and a clueless manager, that got eaten by bunker defense teams season after season, and that’s just one example of his bad managing skills. The only overhaul we need is seeing him out and thanking him for the memories and for the lovely concrete opera house.

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