Could Wenger really risk his last season with Giroud as top striker?

Giroud to hold down his starting place next season! by AH

Arsene Wenger has today confirmed news that will not be too popular amongst Arsenal fans, the news being that Olivier Giroud will not only be remaining with the Gunners next season but that he will also keep his place as Arsenal’s number one striker.

Arsenal fans have been crying out for a replacement since Van Persie left the club back in 2012, since he was the last real top quality striker we had. Even before that special season from the Dutchman, Arsenal had not really had a top striker since the days of the great Thierry Henry.

Since then, every summer and January transfer window has come along and whilst the rumors of Karim Benzema and Gonzalo Higuain have never really been put to bed, Arsene Wenger has always failed to act and the Gunners have been left with nothing more than mediocre strikers.

Today Wenger has confirmed that that trend is set to follow again for at least a little while longer, as Giroud will be remaining as Arsenal’s first port of call in the striker department. When asked if Giroud would start next season as Arsenal’s first choice striker, Wenger told the media: “Yes. I believe that with Danny Welbeck being out now for a long long time, we will be on the road to look for one more striker. After that it’s down to compete. Olivier has strong and weak moments so we have to deal with that. He is a bit unbelievable – he is in cycles. He scores in spells and then sometimes he scores less.”

For Wenger to say “sometimes he [Giroud] scores less” is a bit of an understatement following on from his poor run of form between February and May, however the point does apply to Giroud and his inconsistency is a major issue. Although Danny Welbeck has shone for the Gunners when he manages to get onto the pitch, he too cannot be solely relied on due to constant injury problems, and this leaves Arsenal fans with a rather sour taste in their mouth surrounding the concerns about our strike force.

This summer will undoubtedly lead to the ever consistent rumours of incoming players, including one hundred and one strikers from Benzema to Morata. Whilst Arsenal seem unlikely to make any moves in this department, a top quality striker really would boost the club’s opportunity to win major honours next season. Personally I’d love for Wenger to stick a bid in for Morata who is young, has experience on the biggest stages of club football and is apparently on the lookout for a new club. Another option could even be Everton’s Lukaku who has both strength and pace alongside Premier League experience.

As always I guess it remains a waiting game to see what Wenger does this summer, but based on previous seasons I am not to confident of any major changes. Has Giroud got what it takes to win major honours as Arsenal’s front man? Which striker do you think Wenger should make a move for this summer?

BY Ash


  1. I hope it is his last season, because I fed up of his excuses season after season …

    1. I would love to see:
      1) Romelu Lukaku (ST) = replacing Welbeck
      2) William Carvalho (CDM) = replacing Arteta and Flamini
      3) Shkodran Mustafi (CB) = replacing Chambers (on loan)
      4) Alexandre Lacazette (RW) = replacing Oxlade (on loan)
      5) Mario Gaspar (RB) = replacing Debuchy and Jenkinson

  2. What do you expect him to say? That I am going to sign a striker who will bench Giroud because he’s not good enough?? I am already tired of been negative so I don’t like negative articles (headlines either) can we be more optimistic please?? By the way Giroud must not start more than 10 games next season for us to challenge.

  3. I dont think wenger is going to say “yeah im going to be signing a striker of lewandowski’s class to bench giroud because he hasn’t been good enough”.

    Lets just hope Wenger pulls something out bag and can win the title in his last year at arsenal

    1. One thing I’ve noticed about Wenger..when he sticks by a particular player, he goes all out to stick with him; regardless of anyone else’s opinion. I’ve not heard him say he’s sticking with Giroud. But if he said so, we could as well forget any top striker next season.
      Something else is why we think next season is going to be Wenger’s last. As much as some of us might want that to happen, I see him staying on longer. Especially if he gets to win the BPL next season.

  4. Specialist in failure want to fail again, this guy is really useless keep trying the same mistake and hoping to get different results just to prove he was Wright, now he just open the door for Ozil and Sanchez to seek new pasture where they will win something, we didn’t get 2 place because we were good, spurs just handed to just pray Giroud get injured for long periods to force this crazy man to reality. Help us God and give us strength not to abuse him .

    1. lol who is the useless one who asks (even when jokingly) for strength to not abuse a respected manager of ones club? despicable

    2. @frisco
      So. By using your pretzel logic Leicester City didn’t win the title because they were good enough. They did so because we handed it to them…”Priceless”

    3. @frisco, I am a big critic of wenger more especially this season but knowing wenger you can never know what he will do through what he said but what he did.
      Remember he is the same guy who said he don’t even know who was Santi cazorla? And about a week later ‘Santi is gunner’
      Beside he don’t even say he won’t sign a striker. Let’s give our self benefit of doubt.
      Am NOT an AKB by any means if fact I prefer wenger out.

      @Admin, I begin to understand what you were to trying to do with regards to this site or comment on this site. Keep it up.
      The more positive the site is the better. #GoonerFamily

  5. Just sign Ibrahimovic for one season. He is still one of the World’s best
    We can afford £400,000 per week for one year
    Sell Walcott, Sanogo and Ox

      1. @NY_gunner, and then they leave together at the end of wenger’s contract for a new manager to sign his own version of players.

  6. And the bright side is that the easiest player to upgrade is Giroud, to my own opinion a player doesn’t necessary have to be world class to be much better than Giroud. Giroud is average at best so any above average striker will an upgrade.

  7. If Wenger is serious about winning the EPL next season he should go for Abumayang. No other striker in his class is currently available. Yes He will cost a lot but that’s what it takes to win trophies. I also believe we should get Lacazette as his back up, we can’t afford to rely on Giroud at any point in time during the season or when injuries and suspensions happen.

  8. Have every faith in Monsieur Wenger to unearth another gem from lower echelon of French ligue.

    Allez Arsene!

  9. OT:
    Am so gutted for Cazorla as he has missed the Spain squad for Euros..
    Only Bellerin made the standby list…
    The only plus is that he will be fresh for us and Coq too as they are our best pairing..
    Am so surprised he missed out!

  10. Arsenal can’t afford another year with Gerioud as the main striker. The amount of chances that Arsenal create and are not converted is a shame and disgrace.

  11. Hopefully Giroud will put in a good show for France and we end up selling him ?
    As for wenger, I doubt that this will be his last season.

    Gotze is available for half the fee that he is worth, so wenger needs to be smart and sign him up along with Lewandowski, Offer Munich Sanchez as a sweetner and get the deal done, I’m sure that Ozil would be happy with those two players at the club.

  12. Giroud is a good player…simply not as the main striker of a team looking to lift the EPL and maybe more for multiple reasons:
    1) He hasn’t scored more than 16 goals in the EPL as the main striker since he came to the club in 2012 when we need someone who can score 24 goals in the EPL alone
    2) He suffers dry spells at critical moments that can extend for more than a few games
    3) Confidence means a lot to a striker but in Giroud’s case it seems to be everything
    4) He isn’t the most technically gifted out there & also not the fastest player as a striker & that’s the reason why Walcott & Welbeck are so important. Specially Walcott with his “runs like no one”.

    Keeping him as a super sub would be great or being a starter in some games over the course of the season is not a problem at all for me!! But we won’t get any further than what we did this season by repeating the same front line with the same players (Giroud, Walcott & Welbeck). We need more clinical players, are midfield that creates like none needs clinical players!!

    It also provides confidence & trust to the team to have a clinical player up top! The trust that you have that figure that’s going to finish it off regardless of the game & the situation. There’s no uneasiness, frustration & rush like we’ve seen this year when we’ve been unable to hold a lead, give it up or simply not take advantage of the moment in which we dominate and should’ve scored 2 or 3!!
    They are a few available from less affordable to more: Aubameyang, Higuain, Cavani, Lukkaku, Morata, Michy. Lewandoski & Benzema don’t seem to be on the market and would depend on moves from the aforementioned. But some opportunities are here & shouldn’t be missed! Please Wenger do the right thing this time around!

  13. Calm down and don’t burst a blood vessel, he is not exactly going to say ‘am going to demote Giroud to 2nd choice striker is he?….he has acknowledged the fact we need another striker and also talked of competition for places so the way I see it he will bring in a striker and it will be up to Giroud to make the top striker role his by outperforming whoever we bring in…we all know and agree Giroud is not good enough to be the main man for us but we cam all agree he will be a fantastic 2nd choice striker so the manager will not crush his brittle confidence by dissing him publicly….anyway, Wenger can bring back Sanogo and Bendtner for all I care, so long the coming season is his last!!!

  14. I am not surprised about this old senile man called Arsene Wenger he has really lost it, because Giroud scored a hat trick against aa already dead Villa so he wants to keep him as his first choice striker. Gosh Wenger Arsenal needs a prolific striker not old lady Giroud he ends scoring only 15 goals by the end of the season. Am sure he is blind to the likes of Suarez, Aubamayang and many others who end up scoring @ least 26-30 goals @ most 37-40 goals. Wenger is a mediocre coach that is why he rely so much on mediocre Giroud.

  15. Is it only Giroud that waste the chances, all of the team are not clinical enough, Ozil included. Just look at some sitters he was offered by sanchez, (e.g Against Barca) he too missed them. So please, lets hope for something good, not necessarily dropping one player (Giroud)

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