Could Wenger really sell “Mr. Arsenal”?

With four days remaining until the official opening day of the transfer window everyone is waiting for a flurry of big money bids for so-called “home-grown” players to fulfil the new FA regulations. From the start of next season every Premiership team must have at least 8 HG players in their squads.

Man City are in the horrendous position of only having 3 at this moment in time, so they will be getting their big fat cheque book out and start enticing other clubs to sell them their best Englishman. Obviously one of their main targets will be Raheem Sterling, but another one of Pelligrini’s favourites is our very own Jack Wilshere.

Arsenal have been known in the past to sell some of our staff to Man City to swell our own coffers, usually at vastly inflated prices, but could Arsene Wenger seriously listen to any offers for Our Jack?

One man who thinks it is just about impossible to consider letting Wilshere move on is the former England and Man United star Rio Ferdinand. This is what he had to say: “Arsenal can’t sell him… They can’t sell him. That’s Mr Arsenal right there. He is Arsenal, he is living and breathing Arsenal. He doesn’t want to leave. Fans will pull the place down.”

There are many Arsenal fans that agree with him, but for some Jack is the epitome of unfulfilled promise, and it has been pointed out many times that Arsenal win more games when Wilshere is not playing than with him in the starting line-up.

So let’s play a little game and discuss what your reaction would be if Man City rang you up and offered £60 million for him? Stick or twist?

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    1. while we wait for some real News, we could use a Joke right?


      while the class was on, a student was busy gisting
      Teacher: Pay attention son, or walk out my class

      student walks out…

      Teacher: Hey kiddo! Where do u think u are going to?

      Student: i’m sorry sir, i don’t have money to pay for “attention”

    2. 60 mil for jack we get Vidal and carvalho…still have 50 mil to maybe sign someone like cavani.,,not bad at all

      1. They aren’t allowed to touch wilshere shisha..! That’s impossible.. Never gonna happen..never.

    1. Vidal already sold to some team. Juventus gonna announce after copa america. Its from marca I guess.

  1. 60 mil would be a great deal. We can get Vidal with that money. I fancy Vidal much more than jack, if I had to go for one I would pick Vidal. I hope jack stays. Great talent and he must show it and keep fit. I don’t think Wenger would listen to any offers for jack. Only if jack says he wants to leave, then Wenger might consider the bid..I hope jack stays and we add Vidal to our already talented midfield

    1. Aguero will go to Madrid. N we get benzema. Don’t say benzema is overrated. He is better than giroud in every way.

      1. u seem to know their (players)every move…..are u some sorta Gps controller or a Taxi driver? L()L

  2. Imo our xi for next season

    alexis ozil ox
    coq santi/rambo
    nacho kos mert hector

    1. ——————-Cech——————–



      ———————- ????—————–

  3. My guess, Wenger is working secretly on deal to bring javi Martinez. You know y, javi is not connected to us til now. Its surprising Bayern isn’t using him much. He can play both cb n DM.

      1. Javi return from his injury at the end of March. And he got a few games under his belt. I think he would be very expensive.
        bayern paid so much money for him. £30 to £35 mill for a DM is not Wenger’s idea of signing. Who knows? But that will be a great transfer.

        1. 25-30m is normal for WC players nowadays.. It ll be good capture. Somehow we should make metro n other crap sites not to start this rumour..!!

    1. Apparently it’s taking longer due to the fact that they are clearing out the medical room of all Diaby’s possessions. He realised he was spending so much time there that he may as well treat it as his home and moved in.

      Once his stuff is out the way they should be able to commence with Cech’s Medical Check.

  4. We shouldn’t. But that does not mean it won’t happen.

    You want Jack? Give us Aguero and we will pay a little extra your way..

  5. City can go look elsewhere to do their shopping, we are no longer in a position where we need to sell our players.

    And if we do it should be at 3 times their value.

    Wilshere = 90 millions for City

  6. Nobody’s Mr Arsenal.
    Respect to Jack n’all
    but Jack’s injury prone.
    Like badly injury prone. I’d take 40 mill.
    Chelsea want Chamberlain so say
    “give us 50 mill”, they just might.
    So we get 90 mill for 2 average but home grown players.
    Then buy either Vidal or Krychowick for 30 mill.
    Then just lie in wait to snap a late bargain like bale for 60 mill
    if Real are in meltdown mode when Benetez
    and El Presidente are fighting over transfers.
    Crazy things happen when the pressure goes on.
    We wanna win big trophies right?
    So make the big calls, be creative be ruthless.

  7. ramsey and walcott for aguerro bring in vidal

    sanchez aguerro ox (mix with giroud depending on opponent)

    ozil vidal wilshere/cazorla

    monreal kos gabriel bellerin


  8. jack isnt going anywhere but since theyre desperate and idiotic i would ask for 20m for 1 year loan lol

  9. I’m gonna be really pissed if OSPINA IS SOLD..DID ANYONE WATCH ARGENTINA v COLOMBIA IN COPA AMERICA YESTERDAY? why we are gonna sell one of our outstanding player of the season ( his first season ) because of the home grown policy? Scecz SHOULD BE THE BACK UP keeper or send him on loan to earn the place.ARE YOU KIDDING ME? WATCH OSPINA SAVES AGAINST ARGENTINA AND PROVE ME WRONG.we want to compete against the big onnes ,you do not sell your best ones.GOONERS OOOOOOSSSSPINNNAAAA the chant..HAS TO STAY..

  10. Off topic completely because this is never going to happen – how come every transfer we make takes a minimum of two years, and then it may never happen – Cech, Schneiderlin etc, but every other club does it in 3 days, as in Manure with Schneiderlin?

    1. They never happen because we were never in for them. Did we bid for Schneiderlin?

      If there was one thing that would improve the quality of discussion on this forum it would be if everyone could get up to speed on how the transfer window/rumour mill works. I am guessing that there are still a good proportion of posters who assume that once they see a player linked to us then a) it must be true and b) Wenger is on the phone trying to do a deal.

  11. Wilshire for me has been outstanding since his return from that big lay off he must stay.

    1. He only played in
      a few end of season
      knock about games
      against rubbish English
      club teams and Slovenia ranked 48th.
      Wilshere is always lively after 4 months off.
      But that only lasts 5-6 games
      then he’s injured another 3 – 6 months.
      And this pattern has repeated 6 years in a row.

  12. Haha, no chance, and the reasons are out there for all to see.

    Because of the home grown rule, it looks likely Ospina (who put in another world class performance against Argentina last night) is going, and we’re keeping Szczesny who isn’t even good enough to lace Ospina’s boots. So if Wenger was to get rid of a home grown player…then why Wilshere instead of Szczesny?

    Another reason Wilshere won’t go is because of loyalty. Wenger is so loyal to his players, blindly at times, so it’s very unlikely he’d sell a player he’s been working with and developing since a young boy. Now that Wilshere’s putting in some top quality performances, why on earth would Wenger sell?!

    I can only imagine a transfer happening because of Wilshere pushing for it. But again, no chance…unless Wenger continues with his no rotation, and putting players in the wrong position policy haha.

  13. Have Arsenal a stockpile of home growns whereas they can afford to let one go for a good cash? 8 home growns are said to be the minimum required at a Premier club, right? Man city & Arsenal transfer marketing relationship is lopsided. With Man City getting the players they want from us and we have not taken any one from them. I think it’s time the Boss does a two way transfer business with Man City, if City can meet Arsenal valuation for Jack Wilshere. Have Man City ever failed to get the player they want from Arsenal? But there is the first time of failure. Will Arsenal do a Ashley Cole, William Gallas plus Cash transfer business with Man City? Will Arsenal demand for non home grown top player and cash for letting Wilshere go to City? Is Jack Wilshere off the field behaviour a discipline deed. Apart of been caught smoking and drawing from Shisha pipe, is it ethical and gentlemanly of him to drop Lauren Neal, the mother of his 2 children and start running about with Andriani Michael all over the place? Jack is not only a smoker but also an open womanizer. Why can’t he marry the mother of his children to settle down?

  14. The reality is……. Football is still a business and EVERY player has a selling price.

    A club may even demand twice the market price but they will sell if the price is high enough.

    Every PLAYER has his price also. If a club offers 3 or 4 times current salary, the player will be pressured from many people to take the money and run. (wives, managers, players from the new club, etc)

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