Could Wilshere really replace Alexis or Ozil in Arsenal’s First XI?

Jack Wilshere is looking back to his best for Arsenal, although he has really only played a few games in the lesser Cup competitions so far, so much so that Arsene Wenger has recommended to Gareth Southgate that Wilshere should be back playing for England.

But now Wenger has explained why our Jack is still finding it hard to get a place in our Premier League Starting XI at the moment, despite the fans calling for the Englishman to replace the under-pressure Granit Xhaka. “In my head he’s more a player who plays higher up the pitch,” Wenger said. “I see him more as a player who can affect the game in the final third than a box-to-box player. I see him more as somebody who has a quick response, quick reactions in the final third and the quality of the pass in the final third.

“I think the new system suits him. Because for me he is in the position between wide and completely central, or in that area behind the midfield. Because he turns the game forward well, he can chip a little ball, he can pass people in the short space. That’s why I think the system suits him well. He’s a little bit in conflict in this position with Ozil and Alexis.”

That’s an interesting statement, but it shows that Wenger clearly doesn’t see Jack as a possible backup to Xhaka, but could Wilshere really replace Sanchez’s goals up front for the Gunners first team, or even Ozil’s ability to provide the killer passes to our front men? Perhaps Wenger sees him moving forward next season once either Alexis or Ozil (or both!) leave next summer?

Could Jack really be that good?



  1. Ivan says:

    I must confess that prior to this season I felt then Jack Wilshire had gone backwards in his career what with the injuries and his tendancy to go down blind alleys (even last season playing for Bournemouth). However on the few occasions Wenger has played him this season he has looked really good; disguising his passes in key areas and unlocking defenses in a way that Xhaka can only dream.
    My worry with him though is that despite Wenger flapping his gums as he is prone to do he is not actually playing Jack Wilshire and as Wenger is going nowhere soon in the next however many (2, 20, 30) years will he sign on knowing that Wenger is not not likely to play him.

    1. Neo Malefane says:

      I totally agree with you but where can he play. If he plays in a midfield two with ramsey that would be too offensive. And I don’t see him replacing alexis or ozil anytime soon. I honestly feel the best chance for him to get into the side is if there is an injury to either alexis, ozil or ramsey, or if he scores a worldie of a goal tonight which is unlikely.

  2. Tony says:

    The answer is NO. he cant replace ozil or alexis. ppl who think about it dont know anything about football.he is playing some cup games both him and eng coach should be happy with that

    1. Frank says:

      We all know how much the Özil fans love their stats.
      Özil – 568 PL mins, 1 goal, 2 assists
      Wilshere – 13 PL mins, 1 assists
      No comparison, the statistics say it all. Give Jack some more time on the pitch.

  3. Roachie says:

    Looking forward to watching him tonight, he links up well with Nelson.

  4. jon fox says:

    After 8 years at Arsenal , surely no one can seriously doubt Wilsheres talent. His fitness, yes, and even his life style but not his ability. He is now 25 and desperate to play in the EPL,with Ozil and Sanchez keen to leave and playing as shadows of their true form, due to mindset attitudes. I believe Jack should now start in place of Ozil, who one game at Everton apart, has been awful this season.

    1. Neo Malefane says:

      I kind of agree with you. Ozil has been awful but if Wenger starts benching ozil now that could actually ruin his chances of trying to keep him, but yes on form wilshere deserves to be ahead of ozil.

  5. Guneal says:

    “In my head he’s more a player who plays higher up the pitch,”

    You’re sick in the head!

  6. Mitch Connor says:

    I agree with above
    Wilshere would be good higher up behind Ozil. Wilshere can work hard to get the ball to Ozil.

    However, which Ozil will we get?
    Everton Ozil or Swansea Ozil?
    At least Wilshere is harder working on the pitch. So why not play him with Alexis and Lacazette against City
    I may be a bit biased because Ozil not signing a contract has put him in my bad books. I’m convinced he will go to United

  7. Turbo says:

    Alexis – no. Ozil – maybe yes if he’s really off form or having a mediocre indifferent match. Jack will always at least give it a serious go, like his life depends on it, like it’s supposed to be all the time. So sick of these wimpy ass prima donna half-heartedly strutting around the field type sissy performances from some of our players and in the sport generally. It should be an extremely rare exception. These guys should be gladiators and fully committed just from personal pride. After all they’re getting paid terrific salaries to do the thing they love on typically immaculate pitches in from of adoring fans. Step it up you little pampered pansies.

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