Could Zinchenko get the vote as Arsenal’s signing of the season so far?

What a rewarding season for Gooners! After years of just not quite being up there, they finally have the pleasure of watching their team fight for the PL title. With 10 games until the end of the season, Arsenal find themselves eight points clear at the top of the PL log.

Unlike the last 5–6 seasons, Arsenal have for the first time replaced Manchester City as title favourites. Many things can be attributed to Arsenal’s fine fortune, but can we talk about the Zinchenko factor?

When Arteta brought Zinchenko on board last summer for about £30 million, not many were sure how to interpret the move because as in where he was coming to play, Arsenal had an equally good option in Kieran Tierney. Months later, after struggling with injury, Zinchenko has, for the last few months, been the real deal in this Arsenal team.

In Arteta’s line-up, Zinchenko starts at left back, but watching him play, you’ll be amazed at how, during games, he at times is seen covering the midfield, and even at times he might be seen orchestrating something in Arsenal’s attack; it’s like Zinchenko has a free role in this Arsenal team, a situation that makes him one of the dangerous players for Arsenal on the pitch.

Dean Jones has recently spoken of the Ukrainian’s influence on this Arsenal team, noting he is more than good with the ball at his feet as he is also the leader looked up to. Going to this international break, every Gooner needs to hear this: “I think that Zinchenko’s leadership from that position is absolutely unbelievable,” said Jones on Give Me Sport.

“The desire he’s got matched with the technical ability has been incredible. What a signing he’s been for Arsenal.”

So what are your thoughts on Zinchenko? Does he deserve the signing of the season gong over Jesus, Trossard and Jorginjo?

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  1. He doesn’t have a free role. He just plays LB when we don’t have the ball and becomes left DM when we attack

    The inverted LB tactic is trendy this season, used by Man City, Man United and Brazil in the last World Cup. He is one of the reasons why we’re able to dominate EPL since last year

    Zinchenko is highly influential at dictating the tempo and defending, but Partey, Magalhaes, Saliba and White are as influential as him in the back. I choose Trossard as our signing of the season so far, because he is more productive within shorter period of time

    1. Gai, Zichenko has been able to play consistently for a longer period than Trossard who just arrived Arsenal.. We need to see how well Trosaard can be productive over a long period of time. Also remember playing inverted LW is a difficult thing to do that’s why we don’t have many in EPL better than Zichenko. I believe Arsenal has been effective with GJesus before the Arrival of Trossard. Not undermining the importance of Trossard.

      1. Yeah, let’s see how long Trossard can keep his productivity. I think he’ll make a few more assists, because his passes are accurate

  2. In my opinion, it is between him and Odegaard.

    @gotanidea: I completely disagree with you. Don’t watch clips of games – watch an entire game and you will understand. Remember where he was positioned when he scored against Aston Villa, for example?

  3. To make it easier for you try find zhinchenko touch map every game he play it to another left back

  4. I think it would make sense if he wins. The squad who plays with him might realise and agree as well. Arsenal’s ability to control games completely stemmed from an extra player in midfield. And Zinchenko provides that with gorgeous vision, excellent passing abilities and incredible technique. He also fans back and cover his defensive position. That allowed Xhaka to shadow forward which greatly benefitted Odegaard, Martinelli and Saka.

  5. Man this lad is so amazing & if Iwas allowed to vote I would vote for zechengo the guy is so amazing to watch, he does extra ordinary things on the pitch but though everything is all about teamwork….Troassard,party,matinelli,ordeguarg,saka or my God

  6. I think he is still very suspect defensively but very intelligent attacking-wise. I do feel that when Up against real tricky, direct and speedy opponents he struggles a bit.
    Overall he does a job as a very good hybrid…

  7. I’d say Saliba is our signing of the season but zinchenko is very close. One of the factors that contributed to our been top in the league is our defense which isn’t leaking goals as it was in past seasons , now our defense see games out even if we are just 1 goal up ( something almost impossible previous seasons past) . zinchenko is very good and is an important piece in our puzzle but if we meet teams who have studied our game play and how to exploit the very little weakness/ chink in our armour, they will know that zinchenko is the position they can exploit especially when he bombs foward and leaves large spaces behind him.

  8. We could be ten points a lead by the end of all fools day and that’s no easy feat.

    Have noticed the writer ask for signing of the season and not necessarily player of the season though one player could be both.

    Of all the signing of the season though all has done extremely well in my opinion, you will have to give it to the little Ukrainian.

    Zinchenko is effective because our defenders are mobile and able to support him, Partey is immense in that defensive line, though Citizens and Brazil employs that tactic Man United tried it and quickly has to abandoned it on more than one occasions.

  9. There is no doubt for me that Zinchenko has had the most impact this season. Ironically, the only area of his game that lets him down is his defending. It’s almost like he needs Tierney behind him to keep us watertight…. That said, Zinchenko is probably the most technically gifted player we have and leads by example on the pitch. There is no doubt we are better with him and whilst numerous teams have attempted the inverted fullback this season Arsenal are the only team where it looks natural and that is because of Zinchenko.

  10. Zinchenko has got to be our signing of the season

    Asides his footballing role

    He brings passion like we’ve not experienced in recent years

    He’s a born winner and has radiated that same winning mentality to the rest of the team

    I remember one of his interviews when he said… He told the boys they should aim beyond top 4 and go for the league… That some were laughing.. He then said no one is laughing now

    He’s also one of the few players we have that are confident on the ball, press resistant and can actually drive with the ball in tight spaces

    1. I think you’re right – there’s no doubt he brings a lot in terms of footballing intelligence and ability but beyond that he’s been a massive lift to the entire squad. His enthusiasm and belief has infected his teammates.

  11. ABSOLUTELY NOT, if he is the reason Arteta wants to sell Tierney.

    I believe letting him go will be a huge mistake.

    I believe Viera is a better candidate for a move.

    Incidentally, Jesus currently earns more than double the next highest Arsenal player. If he cannot score, maybe we should look to sell him and replace him with a proper number 9!!!!

    While I am about it. It is time to let ESR either go out on loan for a season, or sell him to another club where he can thrive!!!!

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