Couldn’t Arsenal use Ronaldo’s ego (and experience) for our benefit?

A couple of weeks ago I read an article suggesting should we be offering a short-term deal to Cristiano Ronaldo?

I assume this was motivated by the footballer’s interview with Piers Morgan, which caused his release from Man United, which coincides with Arsenal’s lack of a natural goal scorer?

A need which has intensified with Jesus now having surgery and our sole senior striker being Eddie Nketiah, who has 10 League goals since 2017.

Mr Morgan himself is a Gooner, and it was he who started the debate by suggesting the Gunners could do worse than signing the free agent till the summer.

Of course, this was part of promoting his interview, not a belief it would ever happen.

Let me stress, I don’t believe it’s a possibility for a number of reasons.

We are not the kind of club who would pay such a salary for a 37-year-old, our manager doesn’t feel comfortable working with big personalities, preferring youngsters who he can micro-manage, and it’s widely believed a lucrative move to Saudi Arabia has already been agreed.

Yet it’s the attitude of my peers that I found astounding when the subject came up, like somehow, we were above that.

Even more bizarre was having a debate that Mbappe wouldn’t be good enough for us, but Eddie Nketiah is.

Of course, everyone is entitled to their opinion but having watched the worst period in our modern history the last few years, how arrogant is it that some fans are putting their nose up at the world’s best players?

Mikel Arteta smartly has warned our fan base to be humble, no doubt in the knowledge that Chelsea were top of the table last season after 14 games and that didn’t lead to anything.

There is nothing humble in portraying that, just because we are top of the League, we ignore previous mistakes and don’t try and be the best version of ourselves.

If Spurs had a striker who scored in three Prem fixtures since last January, but their fans were suggesting he was better than Mbappe, wouldn’t you call them delusional and laugh at them? When predictably our title race fades due to a lack of fire power?

You know, like not replacing Aubameyang cost us the top 4 last campaign?

Eddie’s had over 100 games for us.

If your argument is he doesn’t start enough or a coach has never trusted him, ask yourself why that is?

Plus, when did it become okay for a player not to be judged on not making an impact off the bench?

Who made that rule?

Do we teach youngsters that when you get 100 opportunities the only ones that count are the games you start in?

Isn’t it best to acknowledge that now, instead of admitting it when it’s too late?

Because I’m predicting it now, not replacing an injured Jesus will have the same results as not finding a alternative for Auba 12 months ago.

We will regress, not meet our targets and only admit to ourselves when he’s being sold to a bottom of the half Prem side or a Championship side.

The irony being that if I changed Ronaldo’s name for an unknown striker, and we made a loan purchase or someone out of contract, purely because we didn’t have to pay a fee, fans would defend it. Especially if that unknown name had stats of over 20 goals the previous season.

For the last few Januarys, the priority has been to slash the wage bill with the criteria being to bring in bodies that don’t cost anything.

I know readers who mock the idea of getting Ronaldo as a free agent who openly defended the arrival of a Denis Suarez!

People refer to the Portuguese attitude and the prospect he would upset the atmosphere in our dressing room. A theory not unfounded given how he acted at Old Trafford in his final months.

Yet, let’s look at our group mentality a little closer.

This is a group of players who found the race for the top 4 too much pressure to handle. The fear of failing to qualify for the Champions League crippled the squad.

Still one of the youngest in the division, Is it unthinkable that we could benefit from his experience?

Again, it’s pointless waiting until June, bemoaning a lack of leaders, just because you don’t want to admit it now out of perceived loyalty.

I have always admired Atletico Madrid for how creative they are in the market. To be a big club you act like a big club.

The Spaniards can’t financially compete with Barcelona and Real Madrid so think outside the box.

For example, they didn’t care about Luis Suarez’s age, and he contributed to lifting La Liga.

I would love Arsenal to use their imagination and use Ronaldo’s ego to benefit us.

We could use our five-point lead over Man City as motivation. He’s the type of character who would love to prove his ex-employers wrong by lifting one more Championship.

That scenario could be enough to get him to accept a role on the bench and not upset group dynamics.

His lack of pressing would be an issue for us tactically, like it was in Manchester.

We have a system which does that, the only thing we are missing is a fox in the box, a reliable finisher in the penalty area.

With all parties knowing it’s a short-term arrangement it could be mutually beneficial.

His wage wouldn’t be an issue as it would only be till May and considering sponsorship and shirt sales, any contract covers itself.

Whisper it quietly, Ronaldo, Mbappe, etc look at us as a step down.

That’s the irony. Maybe we should wait till we can offer better than the Europa League before mocking proven winners?

It would be like an ugly person telling their friends how unattractive a model is who’s out of your League anyway.

If you think Eddie Nketiah Is better than Ronaldo, then you either have a limited knowledge of the sport or you think a definition of a supporter is to never critique anything about the club.

At which point I would question how old you are.

You don’t love the badge any less if you point out that Mbappe is better than Martinelli.

Let me ask you this?

In February it’s the last second of our match against Man City.

Who do you want a chance to fall to, Ronaldo or Nketiah?



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  1. Ronaldo no matter his age the now ,would be a great asset to many a big team ,Ronaldo I think would only come to arsenal if he was only wanting to get back at Man United which isn’t a bad thing, but deep down ,the money would be crazy ,I respect and I’m a huge fan of Ronaldo who is what 37 yr old and plays like someone in there late 20s aka 27 -29 I’d say, keeps himself in tremendous fitness and health, but I think Ronaldo should stick around the European stage of football teams as he’s still got a couple years left in his tank, if not more his fitness speaks for itself , but wherever he goes good luck to him as it’s man uniteds loss and a huge loss at that……. COYG

  2. I read the headline and came here just to say: no.

    In 6 months he’d destroy everything we’ve built. The man only cares about himself, not his clubs. He never has, probably never will.

    1. Was scrolling through to comment and saw you beat me to it with the first line of your comment! But, to answer Dan’s final question, not Ronaldo as that would mean he played for us, but yes to Saka, Nketiah or Martinelli.

  3. Respectfully, your take on this betrays a complete lack of understanding and appreciation for what this is built around and what makes most Gooners love them. Ronaldo embodies the exact opposite of these traits (e.g. no big egos, youthful energy, positive relationships on and off the field). He is the exact wrong player to bring in. I expect this kind of wrong-headed nonsense from ego-personified PM, but it is surprising to read it here.

  4. Bro you’re calling fans delusional but have you considered yourself delusional for wanting Ronaldo/mbappe ? As a club we are not there yet plus the main reason for slashing the wage bill was to rebuild which means to be at the top MA knows the wage bill will have to increase but for now talk of getting legacy/world class expensive players is a dumb dream also the argument of nketiah is that he is a suitable back up for the club bcos getting mbappe will kill the progress of martinelli/smith rowe, players of which the fans already have a bond with

    1. if you think signing Mbappe would slow the progress of martinelli and saka your the delusional one. He would start in place of Jesus all day!!!
      jesus would be in the rotation upfront and on the wing and we wouldnt need to add depth there.

      1. Matt I don’t know what it is ?
        I truly think there are fans who can’t say anything negative about the club
        Hence 8th and 5th is progress
        I think they see saying Mbappe is better then Jesus is some sort of attack on Jesus when in reality it’s simply he’d world class so of course you would want him.

  5. So surprised at how anyone can actually see Ronaldo being of any use to us.

    He would totally destroy everything we are trying to do.

    We’ve gotten rid of these sorts of players.

    1. Like i said in my post above, im not a fan of ronaldo, but ronaldo will guarantee us goals in the short time something eddie will never give us.

      1. Yeah, Lenohappy? Guarantee us goals in a system he’s not capable of playing? You do know our strikers have defensive duties because of the high press? Ronaldo can’t play for Arsenal because he can’t press and therefore wouldn’t have the opportunity to score goals because he’d sit his Arsenal career out on the bench.

    2. Like relying on Eddie for goals destroyed our CL bid last season ?
      Think we don’t want to make same mistakes ?

      1. But, Ronaldo? Mbappe sure, but why Ronaldo. Tactically he brings more problems than solutions and he’s a disruptive figure in the dressing room, which is the last thing we need right now. With Mbappe, it’s a bit more complicated. Yeah he brings a lot more to the table but we would have to pay a large transfer fee and large wages to entice him and his attitude would make any serious side think twice and I seriously doubt he would come to Arsenal

  6. Im not really a fan of ronaldo, but any fan that thinks eddie is better than ronaldo should be ban from watching football.

    1. No one has said that though. Eddie is on a 1/4 of Ronaldo’s wages and retains resale value with the English tax added and doesn’t have an ego or bring a media circus with him distracting everyone. I’d rather Eddie over Ronaldo within the realities of the situation overall. Now if we were waving magic wands where money didn’t matter I’d definitely have Mbappe (still wouldn’t have Ronaldo in that scenario either because he’s not good enough anymore.)

  7. Ronaldo is a world-class attacker, but Nketiah is much better at high pressing than the legend

    I believe highly-decorated old players like Ronaldo, Ozil and Messi will only thrive if they’re surrounded by highly technical players with world-class touches/ close ball control skills as in Brazil national team or Real Madrid, where they don’t have to press high up the pitch. Arsenal only have very few players like that

    If you consider us having limited knowledge of sport for selecting Nketiah over Ronaldo, you should remember how it worked out for Ronaldo’s last three managers. If experienced managers like Solskjaer, Ten Hag and Santos couldn’t maximize Ronaldo’s strengths, how do you think Arteta would be able to do it?

    1. The injury to Jesus may have tip the scale slightly in Ronaldo favor.

      Ronaldo will not join Arsenal for obvious reasons and that which the writer outlined, the injury to Jesus would have certainly got some fans thinking if for only a six months deal.

      Having studied the situation carefully a think Ronaldo would have even taken a major pay cut to a last shot at stardom.

    2. I find this article very provocative, but lots of truth in it only the brave like me would admit to.
      Yes gai I realize the big one may have gotten away, just thinking what if.

      Like the idea where the author calls for more thinking out of the box, and the mention of acting like a big club as that’s what big clubs do, am extremely familiar with these words.
      The writer makes some huge points in prosecuting a case for Ronaldo, points that must not be taken lightly.

      With ego the size of a macka breadfruit, there would be no one pump up like him to prove the entire football world wrong, he maybe would join us for free just to prove that point, I I know those characters
      This chance could have make him feeling like nineteen again.

      I remember Zidane in his last world cup, he was a spent force many had written off including us, he was unplayable in the final, just for a hour.

      A keep saying I understand it’s too much a massive gamble for our young gaffer,

      1. The article didn’t convey that Solskjaer, Ten Hag and Santos couldn’t maximize Ronaldo’s strengths. Those facts alone should be able to tell us what would likely happen if he comes

        Atletico were lucky when they signed Luis Suarez, who seemed less self-centric than Ronaldo and played with Spanish-speaking teammates at that time. Perhaps Ronaldo should play for a big Portuguese or Spanish team again, where he could be their attack focal point

        I believe a player’s effort and motivation when playing in World Cup is generally better than in a league, yet it wasn’t enough to keep Ronaldo’s place in Portugal’s last match

        1. 17 league goals last season
          Know one saying long term hes a solution
          It’s more asking his he worth the risk instead of playing Eddie ?

          1. Jesus only has 5 league goals this season – its not like we are asking Eddie to step in for a player who will score 25+ goals – goals are coming from all over and out wide this season main thing we need is the pressing game and movement off the ball to not drop off dramatically.

            If we had Ronaldo in for the next 10 games he may well get 10 goals but I bet ARSENAL would get more goals (and more W’s) in total over the course of those 10 games with Eddie up front instead.

            1. Not sure mate
              When we didn’t replace Auba last season the amount of games we didn’t score in
              Spurs ? Newcastle ? Saints ? Palace ? Forrest ? Liverpool ( 3 times ,)
              I think we needed to buy a striker even with a fit Jesus

          2. He didn’t always score in each Man United’s game last season and his inability to press high up the pitch made their defense very inconsistent

            At least Nketiah will put more effort into pressing and has been playing for years with his teammates at Arsenal

            If Nketiah can’t score, his high press could prevent us from getting conceded. That’d be better than having an old legend who scores in some games but making the oppositions outscore us

        2. @gai the recent injury to Jesus would have turn it into a massive call,

          This is like VAR.
          This is one of those cases where I would support the on field official, whatever the decision the gaffer makes I support him 100%

          Gai you must admit the stakes are higher here, the whole dynamics are different than what he would have face at United, honestly though I have only given it thought since the injury to Jesus.

          As bold as I am, just think it’s a little too risky, it’s my honest opinion.

  8. If Spurs had a striker who scored in three Prem fixtures since last January, but their fans were suggesting he was better than Mbappe, wouldn’t you call them delusional and laugh at them? When predictably our title race fades due to a lack of fire power?

    He scored 5 in 7 prem games at the end of last season well after Jan he’s actually scored 5 in 7 starts since April 20th not January, you keep spouting that made-up statistic in your articles belittling one of our own.

    Also who has been saying Nketiah was better than Mbappe I haven’t seen it. The only mention of it in the article you link to was you making it up much like your 3 goals since Jan statistic:

    Daniel SmithNovember 18, 2022 at 12:50 pm
    So just so I have this in my head ……
    In the summer , someone waves a magic wand and says you can have Mbappe and your answer is I rather have Eddie Nketiah and Balogun ?

    IDontKnowWhyIcareNovember 18, 2022 at 5:27 pm
    As usual, you don’t have it straight in your head.

    No-one said that, you made it up – also, as usual.

    You fail to account for cost, character, FFP… just 3 things off the top of my head which, let’s be fair, you could and should have thought of for yourself. But you were too busy making up a pseudo-argument – as usual.

      1. He’s scored 5 in his last 7 prem starts starting from April 20th scoring in 4 different games and you stated he’s scored in 3 games since Jan. Factually incorrect and therefore made up and highly misleading. His record last 7 prems starts is 5 goals. Where January has come from is confusing, he only started 8 games all season last year with 7 of them being the final 7 from April 20th.

        You also made up the Nketiah better than Mbappe which nobody brought up except you.

        1. No mate your lieing lol
          I said he scored in three Prem games since Jan , Leeds , Everton and Chelsea ….tell me the other Prem fixtures he’s scored in since Jan ?
          So it’s not misleading , it’s a fact lol
          And again ( you ignored this ) I wrote Mbappe was better then Eddie ….the reader responded , ‘ you write your opinion like it’s factual , it’s not an opinion I agree with ‘

          So if he’d disagreeing with my opinion that Mbappe is better then Eddie ,what does that .mean ?

          1. Fair enough its 3 not 4 but its still obviously misleading . He still started the last 7 and scored 5 since April 20th and hasn’t started this season and your using 3 games and January as your measure when Laca was starting. It’s a joke and you know it. 5 in his last 7 starts is just inconvenient to your narrative pushing.

            1. It’s not misleading , it’s simply you reading something wrong .
              Since January he’s scored in 3 league matches
              That’s all I said

              And no because I would ask why is he starting so little ?
              What is the manager seeing that he doesn’t trust ?

              I also don’t accept this idea that he can’t make an impact off the bench
              Sometimes you have to make the most of your opportunity .
              Look at the Portugue’s striker the other day , scores a hat trick on his first start .
              If that game passes him by then he might not start the semi final

              1. Why do you do this? It’s obviously misleading. He scored 5 in 7 starts since April 20th you state he’s scored in 3 games since January making it seem like he couldn’t hit a barn door. Reality being he didn’t start until April 20th.

                Compared to your idol Auba including off the bench minutes he played 825 versus Auba’s 1040 minutes. This is despite Eddie having appeared off the bench 11 more times than auba. If you were total appearances including off the bench then Eddie played 21 games to Auba’s 14 games yet in reality he played over 200 minutes less football that is why sub appearances are nonsense.

                1. If you want to do this year Eddie has appeared off the bench 12 times so if you include subs he’s played 12 games to Jesus’ 14 which is barely a difference.

                  In reality, he has played just 142 minutes of prem football mostly in tiny chunks but still added together not even two full games (1.58 games to be precise.) Jesus has played 1226 minutes or 13.6 games.

                  If Eddie plays the full 90 against West Ham and scores just one goal he’ll have a goal every 232 minutes this season. Jesus currently has a goal every 245. Not making out that if Eddie scores it makes him better than Jesus. It’s just the point those sub-apps are often for tiny amounts of minutes which obviously diminishes your chances to score. As stated if Eddie does score against West Ham he’ll have a better prem scoring record than Jesus this season that is just a fact.

                  1. Yeah mate and even if we say that 12 sub appearences , 0 goals , that’s not good
                    If your happy with that , then great
                    He has to make an impact
                    Again why is he not starting more

                    All that will happen is he will sit on bench till summer and your still say he’s not getting a chance
                    Then he will be sold to a bottom of the half club

                2. It’s not misleading , it’s you not liking what your reading
                  It suggests he struggles to scores in this division
                  It’s a factual statement that since we released Auba , Eddie scored in three League games
                  Auba went on to score in la Liga
                  It’s not that I love Auba , it’s just I would have replaced him in Jan
                  I say it cost us top 4 because we didn’t meet top 4
                  But mate if your happy with Eddie’s goal ration then great

  9. I am probably miles off but I thought Ronaldo was after the CL? I also thought that no CL team was interested and that the MLS or Saudi Arabia were the only options because of his possible wage demands

    Now if Ronaldo has learnt a smidgen ofhumility lately and thought it all through – as in the giant sized ego – then he is still a proven goal scorer and a short term loan is tempting.

    However, I am against him coming due to the ego which I doubt has been deflated sufficiently since the ManU termination and the embarrassment of being subbed in the last game for Portugal.

    Something, I hope will happen in January in the transfer market. Not getting a replacement for Auba turned out to be a disaster but I’m glad he went because I couldn’t see him adding enough goals or any, tbh. The man was completely disinterested

    1. You are not miles off at all Sue. You’ve succinctly summed up the issue with Ronaldo vs say an unknown guy. He wants to be the main man and wants insane wages. He’d come maybe for 18 months if he thought he’d be the main guy in the CL next year but we are not going to be offering that.

  10. No doubt Ronaldo would bag goals for us and from a romantic point of view would it not be sweet revenge if after leaving United he came and fired us to the title in a reversal of the Van Persie saga, however I don’t think he fits into what Arteta wants from his striker so I think it is a none starter.

  11. I’d like us to bring in a plan B type striker, tall & strong, holdup play, and fox in the box.

    When Jesus returns we would have 2 different type strikers and ability to build up and attack in different ways.

    Adding more tools would be a good thing, and it addresses teams that park the bus to stiffle our attacking style.

    Ronaldo isn’t likely to put the team before himself, or take orders from a coach with 1 FA Cup trophy in his cabinet.

    Juice isn’t worth the squeeze for either Ronaldo or Arsenal.

  12. what a load of cobblers.Do you seriously think that getting rid of Auba and ozil made us worse?Ronaldo would not fit in , lazy, and no amount of shirt sales would cover his ridiculous wages. I have never understood how players get away with increasing their wages as they go downhill anyway.His arm waving and dirty looks to teammates would unsettle our young squad which is bonding nicely and with the freedom to be imperfect at times without getting bitched at. Mbappe , really good player but someone who wont follow club rules because he thinks he is bigger than the club itself is not the mentality MA scouts for when looking for players and i trust his judgement a lot more than Peers bloody Morgan, i am not a new convert to the faith as i wanted him before Unai was appointed. As a player he would stay behind after training and help coach the kids and it was unanimously agreed by his peers (not morgan lol)that he would be a great coach even then.He has proven himself in getting rid of disruptors and building a TEAM spirit actually works. Yes we crashed and burned at the end of last season but they are a season older and wiser for that experience , fully aware of the anguish that caused.Yes we need another striker as Eddie is not able to hold the fort single handedly, maybe recall Balogan or find some random with our extensive data crunching firm. As it is a short term emergency i would rather spring for the lad Mudryk looking long term to help ESR provide rest for our 2 current wingers and an all round cm , savic appeals to me but there are many options there.
    by the way , i am a life long Gooner at the age of 63 so have seen and felt lots of emotions and seen several teams built and some just thrown together , and even an ex spud manager making a mess of us . This team we have now can become as special as pirez , lundberg petit and co with just a few young quality tweaks and know each others games blindfold in a few seasons time , when the average age reaches 28 , peak for footballers.
    Proud to be a Gooner and trusting the process , and scoffing at those who think the ronaldos of this world would not impact negatively on what i firmly believe will be a joy to behold , as long as we can keep Barca or Citeh from poaching MA that is.

  13. Sorry what did I make up ?
    First of all you misquoted me ,
    I said Eddie scored in just three Prem fixtures since Jan …Chelsea , Leeds and Everton.
    Not that he scored three goals
    ( You now look silly lol )

    As for the conversation off top of head
    He / she wrote to me and said I write like my opinion is fact and it’s not one I agree with , my opinion being that we would pick Mbappe over Eddie .
    Them saying they didn’t agree with they opinion

    1. He scored in 4 games now who looks silly? He started 8 games all year 7 of those were the final 7. Obviously, if you are talking about post-January then you talk about the 7 games in a row Eddie started and the 5 goals in 4 different games. Otherwise, you are just trying to mislead people deliberately why not go further back he didn’t score at all prior to April 20th? Presume you mentioned January because Auba went well then he scored 5 in the 7 (8 overall for the season.) Auba scored 4 in 12 starts prior to leaving btw as a direct comparison to our supposedly “best striker.” Don’t get the opinion it makes no sense.

  14. I remember a manager explaining than one of his players once came asking why he wasn’t playing.

    His response was “you’re the best player in the squad but the team plays better without you”

    That sums it all up. It’s not all about individual players, it’s all about the team.

    No matter how good Ronaldo is, he’s not a good fit for Arsenal now

  15. Yes I truly think we would have been better off with Auba as a striker then Lacca and Eddie
    Their lack of goals cost us

  16. Only if he wanted to play for the love, meaning reduced wages and putting the ego on hold. Way back when, he was almost about to sign for Arsenal before a change of heart, wallet. It could be sold to Ronaldo that Arsenal would be the best place for him to end his career with another EPL title. It’s a long shot pipe dream for desperate times because Eddie has done nothing to inspire confidence and management will have to think way outside the box.

  17. Let’s focus on the facts.Ronaldo was a truly World Class player but no longer is.In fact he is no longer a top quality player which is why any top side with aspirations to win one of the major European Leaguee will not be interested in signing him.The same sentiments apply to Messi, although to a lessor extent as he was never over dependent on pace and physicality but was ref nd to none in terms of sheer skill and football intelligence.If this World Cup has left us with a message, it is to highlight the fact that a number of experienced players, in their 30’s are well past their sell by date.Indeed I applaud the Manager of Portugal for having the strength of character to drop a guy who was for a number of years his team’s finest asset but is now a liability .To those who would point out the fact that Pepe of Portugal is older than Ronaldo the physical demands of playing at CB cannot be compared with that required in midfield not up front.Historically centre backs and Keepers have always had a !longer shelf life.Let’s hope that the writer of this article will get a lot of egg on his face when Nketiah proves him and others wrong and bring to an end his apparent obsession with an over paid prima donna.

    1. You make a stack of very valid points, Grandad but I’m not sure about Nketiah at all. Happy to be proved wrong though

    2. Yeah I hope I get egg on my face as well
      It’s just i had same hope last January …he’s scored in 3 Prem games since

      1. I don’t see what you have seen in him to keep the faith grandad. I would rank Nketien just behind the likes of Villa’s Watkins as an ok pro.. Problem is all our rivals have world class players in that position, which is something that Nketien definitely isn’t.

  18. Used to like him for his humbleness despite extraordinary success. It seems the humbleness went hand in hand with things going his way.

    What a way to ruin his legacy. Can’t understand how some people think sometimes.

  19. I think it will be to Man Utd nightmares if Arsenal sign Cristiano Ronaldo in the soon coming Jan window. And he helps Arsenal to win the Epl title this season. But to us Arsenal great delight.
    In furtherance to his helping us to win the title. He also help us to win the Europa League and FA Cups respectively this season too
    so therefore, if Ronaldo joining Arsenal in tbe next Jan transfer window or immediately since he’s now a free agent will help lead Arsenal achieved what they badly want. What are Arsenal then wanting for other to go after to get him and sign him for initial 6 months with an option to extend by a year? But if he does very well on and off the field for Arsenal. This clause should be inserted in his deal if he agrees to join Arsenal.
    And I think being an ego person because of all the numerous high profile successes he has achieved in his career winning titles and Balon d Or. Odegaard should be asked by Arteta to relinquished the captained arm band to him if he wants it. And all other Gunners in the team shouldn accord to him due dignity and respect since he looks to want that.
    Arteta can manage Ronaldo very successfully if Arsenal signed him. All I think it will take for that to come to pass is, the two of them should agree on what each of them want/like and they don’t want/like as unduvudul person. And once that is in place and both parties respect the agreement between them. The rest is simple as everything good will fall into place as it’s concerned the duo. .

  20. What screamed out to me was Dans sad but hilarious attempt, in almost every sentence, to try convincing supporters with far more knowledge than DAN himself, that past it Ronaldo should be brought in.

    What a disaster it would be, were our club so stupid – which it is not – to follow his loony advice and bring in old man egomaniac Ronaldo.

    There is nothing sadder than a one time great who refuses to admit his time is up, his legs have gone, so he can no longer work as modern players are expected and, in most cases, actually WANT to do.

    Even a regular JA writer like DAN advising sensible fans to back a ridiculous suggestion like DANS, is not QUITE AS SAD, as a player, once great but now struggling to convince any top league to use him.

    He will be forced to play out his long drawn out decline in a nothing league such as SAUDI ARABIA.

    In true Piers Morgan style, it was nothing but a futile attempt for self publicity , but by DAN , NOT MORGAN!

  21. What I want to know is the reasoning behind writing this piece. Is it sparking controversy for higher engagement or an actual belief that an egomaniac, a profile Arteta has finally weeded out of the club, can make a positive impact at the club?

    I think he can’t. I think Ronaldo, with his camping-at-the-front attitude, can’t help the Arsenal system.

  22. A quick News Flash!!!

    One of our tea ladies is sick, I am sure Ronaldo could help out in the kitchen on a short term basis, at least until she is well again!!!


    I wouldn’t touch him with a barge pole!!!!!

  23. I think we suffer from selective amnesia. It is not replacing Auba that cost us top four for Auba wasn’t scoring goals but not having cover for Partey that did us in. Actually it was not discovering early enough that Mohamed Elneny was an efficient cover for Partey. The moment Elneny stepped up we almost dislodged The Tots. Auba wasn’t scoring goals by the time he left a lesson Chelsea are painfully learning now. In fact Arsenal became better without him until Partey got injured.

    1. Auba did score goals at Barca though ?
      And sorry not having a goal scorer is vital if your not scoring goals
      Parey played in several games where we didn’t score …….like you said selective amnesia

  24. Plus, no offense Dan but you kind of come off as condescending and arrogant yourself. No one sane enough within the Arsenal fanbase is saying that our current options or better than Mbappe although Ronaldo is debatable. Plus who are you to call out fans for being hesitant about acquiring Ronaldo when the past couple of weeks did not highlight him in the best light possible and he has done nothing to help himself at all, especially with the interview. If any serious CL club is not going to touch him with a 50 metre pole, why should Arsenal be any different? Plus he seems hellbent on being a starter when he is better suited to being on the bench and has no respect for the manager. With Mbappe, like I said before, it’s a bit complicated but frankly I don’t see him coming to the club at all. Let’s remember that football is a team sport and not an individual sport and the collective is more paramount to the individual. At this time, we root the clubs and the individuals that play for said clubs rather than the individuals themselves. I personally have no interest in supporting the individuals alone, otherwise, that’s how Messi and Ronaldo fans are born. So while our current options leave a lot to be desired, I would rather take a punt on them whilst searching for other options in the transfer window than simply (and lazy, I might add) thinking Ronaldo as an option. Plus your argument becomes more moot when you call fans delusional when they actually have genuine concern regarding said player

    1. No offence taken
      I can send you links if you want where I said …..
      Mbappe is better then what we have ….
      A reader says, ‘ you write your opinion as fact and it’s not an opinion I agree with ‘

      Could also send you links of debates regarding Mbappe wouldn’t be wanted due to his attitude

      You also just said it’s debatable regarding Ronaldo
      In my opinion it’s delusional to think Eddie Nketiah is better then Ronaldo

      My opinion though
      Although I wrote last Jan not replacing Auba would cost us top 4 and I was correct

      We will not win the title without a proper striker

      1. So you believe we will win EPL with Ronaldo?

        If your knowledge of football is too short, let me remind you.

        Juve was always in CL semi-final or Final for almost 5 consecutive seasons until Ronaldo visit them. They never reach quarter final since then.

        Man U was in the CL for 3 consecutive season until Ronaldo visit them. They escaped Conference League because of Westham failure.

        If those clubs are doing well for more than 2 seasons before Ronaldo join them and fails, what make you think he will improve us in just 6 months?

        You think everything is about a single players goal?
        Van persie was EPL goal scorer at Arsenal and we only manage to make Top 4

        Chelsea won the CL without a proper striker and when they brought in Lukaku, what happened?

        Giroud is France main Striker at the 2018 world cup without a single goal

        Harry Kane has been scoring goals for fun, yet Nketiah has more trophies than him.

        My opinion is you sign a player who fit your team style and not because a player is scoring goals for fun.

      2. I said it’s debatable with Ronaldo because simply he is no longer that player. He won’t improve us at all and thinking otherwise is rather fanboy-esque on your part. As with Nketiah he can contribute, perhaps not with consistent goal contributions but with pace and energy and won’t massively affect our overall play unlike with Ronaldo, who needs to be serviced to score goals, which will likely affect us severely, like it did with Man United and Juventus to some extent and even the Portuguese national team. Remember he’s 38 years old and isn’t getting any younger.

        Plus maybe I should have started with in my opinion with Mbappe so as to not sow confusion and misunderstanding on my part for which I would like to say my bad, so it should be once and for all said that Mbappe is easily a far better player than Nketiah, that is without a doubt and I full heartedly agree with you on that but there are things that could be considered when talking about him coming to Arsenal. We can only speculate how his time at the club will likely pan out and how he will interact with the players and the manager. It can go well and he can help us to complete and maybe establish a potentially brief period of dominance or he might stink the dressing room and would probably not contribute much in the grand scheme of things or it can be a mixture of both scenarios or perhaps many different scenarios can play out, we don’t know, we can only speculate. Plus assuming we go for him in the summer, he will be undoubtedly expensive and his wage demands are likely to be eye watering to say the least and that can affect the dressing room. Plus would he be really willing to join Arsenal eagerly and would it be that worth breaking the wage structure? Granted he is a better player than Nketiah but we’re better off looking elsewhere and give Nketiah a chance to prove himself.

        And I do agree that last seasons lack of transfer activity has hampered our top 4 chances but at the end of the day we need players that will contribute long term and will help us continue the momentum that we have been building up this season. Ronaldo won’t be able to do that and Mbappe might be able to but I personally don’t think it’s worth trying now.

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