Coutinho to Arsenal? I’ll believe it when I see it…

I’ll Believe It When I See It! By Dan Smith

It’s hard being an Arsenal fan. Where other supporters can enjoy the fun of transfer rumours, we never get excited.

Be honest, how many of you when reading that our club have asked to speak to Philippe Coutinho’s agent said out loud: ‘I’ll believe it when I see it?’

That’s how we been conditioned by Stan Kroenke, and why would the American who never showed ambition before now go that extra mile in the middle of a Pandemic? When he doesn’t know if match day revenue will exist next season, or if it will be delayed by a spike in how many catch the virus.

A month ago, he’s asking the squad to take a pay cut. What for? To pay someone else’s wages? I can’t see that going down well, can you?

Arteta apparently views the Brazilian as a dream signing, but that doesn’t mean it will happen. Messi could be a target if you’re simply talking out loud, but unless you put cash on the table talk is cheap.
What we mean by meeting the players representatives is to find out if there could be a way to do a deal on the cheap? A little bit like how we afforded Pepe. Lile were so happy to get such a sum they were happy to accept a lengthy instalment plan.

It’s hard to predict what the game’s finances will be like this summer, but Barcelona won’t be able to charge 105 million anymore. They will look at a player they loaned out to Bayern Munich as a quick way to raise funds. Yet even then, how much money do we have to take advantage?

Of course, this could be yearly saga to sell merchandise. Make your customers think you are buying a world class player, haggle over the price for the whole window so you sell out all of your shirts. Then on deadline day say, ‘well we tried’, as he ends up at Chelsea who negotiated everything in two days.
Isn’t that what we do every 12 months? Crystal Palace valued Zaha at 80 million. Our opening bid? 40 million. The Eagles then told anyone who would listen they were not budging on their asking price.
Our 2nd bid? 45 million. That’s not being interested. Anyone can bid half the valuation and say they tried. We did the same with Suarez and Higuain.

So, if we are consulting the midfielder’s people, it will see if there is an outside chance of him taking a wage cut, and preferably if he could go back to Spain and push for a loan move. If we get an email from those at the Nou Camp, we cheekily have to ask for discount or try to land a payment plan.

The Catalans know they can’t ask for the sum they would have been hoping for as recently as Feb. They were likely basing their shopping list on this transaction. The player himself (like all of his peers) will have to decide whether to stay where you are unwanted knowing you won’t get that income elsewhere, or take a smaller pay slip for the sake of playing football?

That’s why he (like us) might like the sound of a loan. Barca’s hope is there will be a bidding war.
Emery has gone on record saying he didn’t get his first-choice target when he was boss, so common sense would say Arteta wouldn’t, a year later, get his way for a more expensive player in the middle of a world-wide crisis?

I want to be wrong, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

Dan Smith


  1. I only read title & 2 line here & there. Why so many useless articles ?

    How on earth can u expect us to land such player to make a fake news out of it?

    Breaking news is that Couthino is in talk with Newcastle who now have more money than Paris & City!

    Ross Barkley, Stones, Zaha, Cavani, Bale,Koulibaly, Rabiot, Bale, Higuain, Lingard, Van de Bee, Nainggolan, Fekir, Traore are all players Newcastle are aggresivly after for next season!

    Coaches are Allegri, pocheitino and Benitez who seems to have an edge.

    They are aiming at top of the league and very smart move; market is low, 300M to by club, players will be cheaper, loans opportunities as at Barca for Couthino, Dembele with high wages.

    Arteta has the right to dream, but this is reality!

    If no Europe football, top players join when see ambition, a goal to build a team to fight for titles…

    Not always about buying a all team,; we been a prime example of missing 1 or 2 additions to compete for title.

    Can run down past decade and see we relied on youth and few experimented players. Average transfer budget of less than 50M/year.

    The turning point is in 2013, stadium paid for, we miss title and Suarez wants to join! Kroenke ruins it! Same for Kante a year later! 45M bets required!

    Market is going to fly after that and we never been able to keep up, Wenger losing it on Kroenke!!!

    Last year, we missed 2 players in order to strengthen; a top CB and beast at DM position . Maguire & Partey were asked by Emery but denied!

    We in midtable and will fight to remain there as we do!

    1. Moguna, I don’t agree with all you said, the Kante transfer was all Wenger doing, Chelsea bought Kante for 32 million while we bought Xhaka 36 million the same season.

  2. Congrats Dan in thoroughly debunking the now constant and becoming boring nonsense of us having any serious intent in getting Coutinho. Oh yes , wanting is easy as we all know and PERHAPS the manager does want him. Well I WANT a youth drug, a yacht in the Bahamas and a harem of nubile young ladies waiting on me day and night (my wife never reads my nonsense, sensible girl, so I’m quite safe!!). But the chance of GETTING any of then is a big fat ZERO.
    Having had 13 long frustrating years under Scrooge Kroenke already, if anyone truly thinks we have a HOPE IN HELL of landing Coutinho, then they must have lived in a cave with no outside communication since 2007. SO CAN WE PLEASE NOW CEASE HAVING TO READ YET MORE COUTINHO FANTASY STORIES and simply start understanding that we all WANT many things in life but in the real world that MOST of us livein , we understand the key difference between wanting and getting. Personally, I am far too old and world weary to waste my precious time on useless wishing when my rational, old, but still well functioning brain and life long experience tells me that such wishing is self delusion. Just my take though so feel free to disgree, if you still believe in FATHER CHRISTMAS!

  3. Stop asking for inconsistent so called big name and big money players.
    Tired of this reject rubbish we are getting accustomed to.

  4. Coutinho is a very good player but i cant figure out why he struggled with the world class players of barca.

    If MA really wants him in his plans according to the so called “reports” then i think the board must find a way to get him.I want us to be on the top😎

    And btw i didnt see guendouzis hair yet…😂

  5. I’ve said it many times. The best signing we ever made is the signing of Raul Sanellihi as head of football.

    Before his arrival, I most definitely would not have a shred of belief in this coutinho rumor(i won’t even read this article). But since his arrival, our player recruitment has greatly improved as evidenced by last season’s transfers. I was very shocked by how we pulled off the Pepe, Tierney and Saliba signings. Whether or not we paid the money in full doesn’t matter. All that matters is they play for arsenal. And that is a Job well done, given the budget.

    It’s obvious crystal palace did not agree to an installmental payment and thats the reason we went for Pepe instead.

    Yes, Barcelona will not want to let coutinho go for anything less than 100 mill. But in my experience, business negotiations can be influenced by familiarity. Raul has this with Barcelona. A payment plan can be agreed upon. Let’s say we have a 60 mill transfer budget, and we have about 25-30 mill to pay for the Pepe/Tierney installments, we still have an extra 30 mill to make first installmental payment for coutinho (if that’s what’s agreed upon). Things that seem impossible can happen when familiarity influences negotiations.

    As I said before, I would not have a shred of belief in this rumor prior to Rauls arrival(and the direct influence of Josh Korenke). But for the short while these changes have been made to top management, player recruitment has definitely improved.

    I might be wrong, but let’s see.

  6. Coutinho according to reports just released would cost £10m loan fee and his wages at £250k a week. Form an orderly queue lol

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