Covid passport set to be trialed in Arsenal’s matches against Tottenham

Covid passports are set to be demanded from fans who want to watch Arsenal’s preseason matches against Tottenham next month.

Arsenal’s men and women will face their north London counterparts in preparatory games ahead of the new season.

The easing of restrictions in England means stadiums can welcome capacity crowds for the start of the 2021/2022 season.

However, the coronavirus infection rates still show high numbers of infections and the UK Government wants to keep it down.

One way to achieve that is to admit only double-jabbed adults into places likes stadiums.

It is likely that it would become mandatory during the next campaign and Tottenham is planning for that eventuality.

They have now informed their adult fans planning to attend the games that they will need the covid passports from the NHS app certifying them vaccinated, immune or having tested negative for the disease, as reported by The Sun.

This will also impact on any Arsenal fans that want to see the game live, that is if any are allowed at all.

Football is still going to be affected by the Coronavirus and it seems it is just a case of getting used to it, especially if you want to go into stadiums.

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  1. Yes, the double jabbed that can still be super spreaders! Makes literally zero sense in regards to stopping the spread of the virus. It’s a policy of control, not health.

    Based on human rights, I’m against any restrictions, especially for the healthy, but if one is to bring in restrictive measures it would make far more sense for people to supply a negative Covid test prior to such events.

    This way, you have a far greater chance of controlling the spread of the virus, and anti-vax people would have an option, which would mean more involvement.

    What’s interesting is that despite all the technology we have these days, we can send a missile around the world and land it on a target the size of a shoe box, yet we can’t create a quick, easy, cost effective Covid test?

    Ridiculous that the vaccinated can stroll around restriction free, given that you have absolutely no idea if the vaccine has even worked! They’ll end infecting more than anyone given their freedoms, yet you can guarentee it’s the unvaccinated that will continue to get the blame from the government and mainstream media Haha!

    Despite the facts, wait for it…

    1. The article doesn’t give all the facts as a negative test will also be an alternative to being double jabbed.

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