Cracking Christmas Competition for Arsenal fans

Roll up roll up Arsenal fans, because here at JustArsenal we are ready to give one lucky Gooner out there a proper Crimbo. We have teamed up with Huawei, the official smartphone partner for Arsenal, to give away an exclusive Huawei Ascend P7 Arsenal Edition device. It is a fantastic prize to give away and not only is it a brilliant example of the latest in technology, it is going to come to you all Arsenal themed and and Gunnered up to the max. The P7 comes with some of the world’s best football apps preloaded such as match highlights on the BBC iPlayer (UK only) and games like FIFA 14 (mobile) — and with a 5-inch full HD screen, it’s perfect for enjoying match highlights at home or on the go! 

To keep fans up to date, Huawei have partnered with the BBC to offer BBC News, BBC Sport and BBC iPlayer Radio (UK Only) as well as the brilliant new Yakatak app for updates on games as they happen and a unique direct link to your social networking friends to chat about Arsenal and clubs from 400 leagues.

The 13 megapixel main camera will let fans capture incredible videos of their heroes at Emirates Stadium and personalise every picture and video with added watermarking and audio functions. 

I know, we are too good to you guys but I reckon we have all suffered enough in recent years that at least one of us deserves a nice Christmas treat and this is definitely the best prize we have EVER given away on JustArsenal!

So all you need to do to have a chance of winning this superb stocking filler is to predict the correct score of the game against QPR on Boxing day, the time of the first goal by any player from either side and the first player to score a goal for the Gunners.

So if you reckon that the Arsenal defence are going to have a bit of a calamity and Per Mertesacker is going to have blond moment and put the ball into his own net, say in the first minute, before we storm back with a Flamini hat-trick to win the game 3-1, your entry would be as follows:

A. 3-1 to Arsenal
B. 1st minute
C. Flamini

If nobody gets it right we will do the same for the next game until someone does win. Good luck Gooners and season’s greetings to you all.

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  1. Seriously, can anybody win this? Well, I’m giving it a shot:

    A. 2 – 1 to QPR

    B. 14th minute

    C. Austin

  2. Arsenal to win 3-1
    First goal . 21st min
    Cazorla first goal scorer
    JustArsenal is the best website on the net.
    JustArsenal admin are amazing.
    Huawei make the best phones in the world.
    I have followed every Arsenal game since 1919.
    I just saved 200 mill people with my latest vaccine.
    I believe in fair unbiased competitions.

      1. Actually Huawei is Arsenal’s
        newest official sponsor.
        Because with Arsenal out of the
        title race already many fans are asking
        “where the hu a wei ?” 🙂

    1. Yes that would be nice – an absolute insufferable twat. Especially after his recent moronic dig at Sanchez – Joey Barton giving stick to Alexis, guys in a f$%*&g dream world.

  3. Wow, we’re going to commercialize this blog? Huawei sponsoring this?

    Do you people know what kind of company Huawei is?

  4. Arsenal 1-0 QPR

    I highly doubt anyones going to get all three correct.. does it go to whoever gets closest to time along with correct score and goalscorer because i think we could be here all season if not. I would be pissed if i got the two correct only for down the line it was agreed to closest time winner for that day.

  5. “If nobody gets it right we will do the same for the next game until someone does win. Good luck Gooners and season’s greetings to you all”. Looks like they are keeping their smartphone doesn’t it? I mean, correct score, minute and 1st scorer are seriously longshot odds.

    1. someone already said that, so please ingore the comment above

      so my guess is

      3-0 to Arsenal
      26th minute


  6. FIVE Players got the score right…..
    Gunner Gyzinermouth
    guardian of the emirates

    ALL of these will get a JustArsenal T-Shirt (Emails will be sent shortly)
    gulla0 AND guardian of the emirates both named Sanchez as goalscorer, but the Guardian got the closest to the correct minute and is the winner of the Arsenal Smartphone.

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