Creativity and corners costing Arsenal dear this season

Maybe Arsenal should try to start a new type of football where points are awarded for possession and passing statistics, because we absolutely rock at that side of the game. Until then, however, we need to find a way to win football matches the old boring traditional way.

And that means scoring more goals than the team you are facing, something the Gunners do not seem to be able to do this season. If the other team scores two, then so will we, eventually, and if we score first then it’s time to let one in.

I am being flippant I know but it has been so frustrating this season to see Arsenal play well up to a point but fail to apply the finishing touches and claim all the points. Just four wins from 13 games this season tells the story, but why are we struggling when we have dominated the ball in almost every game we played.

Well the set pieces need to be better for starters. Another 10 corners came and went without troubling Hull yesterday and that is something that Wenger and Mertesacker have already spoken about. Keep working on them guys. And it seems to me that more work on the training field is the answer to get our talented attacking players working together to create more chances.

At times yesterday the Arsenal players looked like they had just met and we need to be clicking and working as a fluent team. Maybe we are starting to see how much Mesut Ozil gelled the side together, but we still have the players to do it. Something needs to change, because not creating enough chances and our inability to score from corners and crosses is simply killing our season.

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  1. Jack Wilshere must be benched,he stalls our quick passing by running with the ball,not releasing it early then being tackled and we always play better as a team once he’s off the pitch like yesterday we came back into the game when he was off!

      1. Yes, I blame Wilshere’s tactic of dribbling too much and passing too little. If that is what the coach is telling him to do, then blame the coach’s tactics.

  2. Let us be sincere here, how do you expect a team of Arteta, Flamini, Wilshre, Ox, Giroud, Sanogo, Monreal, Ox, Podloski,Rosisky (34 years), BFG, Coclin to win the league. Our best 11 is supposed to be our back up team apart from Sanchez. Anyone who thinks these players can win us the league is just deluded like Wenger The only thing making our players good is the historic name ARSENAL

    1. Right on the money.we support the team on the pitch but let us be realistic. Will any of the names listed by jogon get into Chelsea’s team?
      Frank lampard and Ashley Cole were considered as not being good enough.
      The wenger who let kanu ,Henry ,Viera,Petit,Overmars, Silvinho ,Van Bronchurst and co go is the same wenger holding on to pretty average players for too long.
      This problem started with bendtner ,denilson,senderos,djorou and co.

  3. The only way an arsenal fan can be happy as an arsenal fan is if he/she is a shareholder at the club… i feel bad for alexis he will be moving soon i think .. he’s too good for arsenal he is at hazard/di maria’s level.. he should move to a title contending club unless of course we pay him 200k a week …

  4. Now that my anger and frustration has subsided and in the cold light of day my conclusion is that we will all have to wait for the walking wounded to return, see the season out theh and only then, assuming wheve won f***all call for the resignation of the now past it Arsene Wenger.
    P’S 4th is not a trophy so that won’t count.

    1. Your anger and frustration has subsided?how do u manage that I’m still fuming not only by yesterdays result but how our whole season is going it’s hard being a Gooner I get taunted everyday at work by Chelsea fans

  5. Scoring from corners hasnt been one of our strong points! This is of some concern, its something that we need to work on in the training field! Because we are conceeding more from set pieces than scoring on our opponents!

  6. We played very well we did the hard work look it flamini was pulled by the neck that goal shouldn’t have counted the second was a good delivery wish we could start scoring them corners their goal keeper made some very good saves we need to move the ball faster before it gets congested so far we only lost one match them goals will start to go in for us trust me as we are doing well we are just a little short in convection

  7. We are $hit at set pieces because Wenger has bought a small team that gets out jumped and out muscled for every: cross, corner, free kick and often long balls that are delivered.
    Just watched Southampton put 8 past Sunderland.
    When they got the ball they broke and ran.
    If that was a Wenger team they would be in chuckle brothers mode: to me-to you-to me…
    Even when Southampton had the game in the bag they pushed and added another 5 goals.
    Easy to see why they are above us, they look like they wanted to win and have a manager that employs tactics and pushes his team.

    Welbeck is a great player for breaks and runs, long balls, fast play but Wenger crushes his play with chuckle brothers football.

  8. Definitely need to work on our set pieces…
    OT: I feel sorry for wenger a little. Yes he made some errors in the transfer windows by not addressing some of our needs as a team. But for most of this season he hasn’t done much wrong… He has been unlucky with injuries (as always) but the team yesterday was one that many expected and one I can’t complain at given our injury crisis. I think wenger is taking the brunt of this poor start to the season, the players need to step up and accept that that their performances aren’t up there and stop hiding behind wenger every time we have a Poor performance… Wake up gunners

    1. You what???
      Wenger hasn’t done much wrong?
      Aside from the poor transfers over 10 years, the complete lack of tactics, one dimensional football, being predictable, playing players out of position, playing players who should be benched, over playing players (ongoing injuries), not motivating the team, poor youth academy, bad formations set up for under-performing players and over reliance on tikka tikka possession football, no he hasn’t done much wrong!

      1. He has the team and the players to play that style of football… And if played properly can be very effective. As for the transfers, I said he could have done better, but we are starting to buy the world class players that arsenal deserves… My point is that on the day it’s arsenals 11 against the opposition 11, and it’s up to the players to get the win… Wenger plays a big part in the tactics and formations yes… However ultimately it’s down to the players to come up with the result… I think the players get away with poor performances too lightly as wenger gets the brunt of the criticism, ultimately it was a poor performance by the players yesterday not by wenger

        1. Sorry but I have to disagree.
          Played properly with a team of physically light players the system fails against top teams as has been shown repeatedly over the preceding years.
          Yes when everyone ‘clicks’ in Wenger’s system we can beat lower clubs but not the top 3 and our record against top 6 isn’t stellar.
          We have some world class players, some average Wenger favourites and some rubbish in the team.
          Wenger’s average favourites and rubbish pull the good players down.

          Even when we get good players Wenger ruins them, look at Arshavin, bursting with talent when he arrived, Wenger ruined him.
          Ozil is going the same way, played on the wings and out muscled every time now he is injured, wanna guess why?
          Wenger inherited Grahame’s team, made a few changes and had great success until there were no more Grahame players left, the last of them played in 2005. Cue 9 years of nothing but disappointment, the players could see the faults and left, they didn’t have any loyalty to Wenger, he doesn’t inspire it or the players.
          Do you think they like to lose?
          Put simply Wenger is failing on all fronts, transfers, tactics, inspiration, ambition and competence.
          He needs to go for the sake of our club.

    2. Are the injuries just luck or a result of the Wenger not rotating the squad until injuries force him to? Is he not responsible for leaving Ozil on the whole second half (apart from the injury Ozil should have been the first one subbed off based on poor play alone)?

      His tactics are non-existent, he waits too long to bring on subs and usually takes the wrong guys off when he does sub. Every football fan on the planet knew we needed a CDM and another CB, complete no brainer decisions. No, I don’t fee sorry for negligence of that magnitude.

  9. Creativity and corners? Yea or our absolutely pathetic idea of a defensive midfielder…

    Switched off and let Aguero score vs City
    Gave the ball away vs Spurs
    Just watched Hazard dance into the box vs Chelsea
    As strong as a cardboard cut out with Diame vs Hull

    Generally just seen shouting and pointing to give the impression he’s influential, when instead he gives needless fouls and picks up cards every game. Flamini basically means the opposite team has free access to our CB’s, and if their ST can run even a little then that’s essentially a one on one with Kos every time.

    But yea let’s go with “we’re sh1t at corners”, I’ll call that pulling ‘a Wenger’, loosely translated to mean we ignore the actual problems of the team.

    1. Flamini was the best player on the pitch in the Chelsea game jack optimises what your trying to label on flamini he doesn’t track back and only won 25% of his tackle

      1. No labels….just a list of all the things Flamii was responsible for, which has cost us 6-9 points easy.

  10. gibbs-clichy-luis



    come on guys…really?

  11. Feel sorry for wenger? Not at all. After 18 years everything to do with the running of the club and player management is wengers. If he cant get the players gelling/playing there is a reason, maybe he’s lost them. @champagne Charlie. Spot on flamini should have been been a stop gap, here we are still relying on him. And don’t get me started on per m! Wenger open your eyes and react!

  12. gibbs-CLICHY-LUIS


    we will NEVER compete until this changes..i’ll wait until that time

    come on guys…really?

  13. If you want Wenger out, aim all these post at the players. Wenger doesn’t read these posts, but the players do i.e. Jack, Ox, Walcot etc.
    When players/teams want a manager out (Manu last year) they just stop playing for that manager, bad mouthing tactics etc.
    May be the players are just to comfortable and don’t want change!
    But if they do, then work on them with these posts.
    I am fed up with this crap every year. Time for a new manager/team.
    I struggle to pay the £1900 pounds each year to watch this rubbish.

  14. Quick attacking, fluent passing that is arsenal trade mark but it was lost long time ago. This trade mark made me a arsenal fan. Now a lot teams in EPL play better and beautiful game than us, nowadays watching arsenal play make me vomit blood.

  15. @gooner. I feel for you 🙁 im a red member so sporadically see games, I refuse to give the club/puma any of my money for a new kit, etc I am sick to the stomach of our lacklustre half hearted performances at the moment, and long for my beloved team I remember to return. As long as we have the likes of per, monreal, flamini at the back, (monreal at cb is bs) then we are screwed. What I am not seeing rhat I saw last year is tentatious fight and never say die, to me it appears something is very wrong as even rhe players like ramsey who used to be a stallwart leader and influencer on the pitch seems unhappy and to have lost all belief. I think this lack of belief is due to wenger, he’s lost the dressing room. But agree if the players really wanted to they could rally together and turn this around. They need to win two games in a row and hopefully we’ll be away then. Players if you are reading this please please give 120% and step up.

  16. The caught offside rumour/bs gathers momentum this morning, “arsenal lign up big name signings to try and rescue ailing campaign”. Why is it wenger always does just enough? Signs replacements for playwrs leaving and sanchez but does not strengthen the spine of the side. Come jan any selling sides will be looking at our position in the table along with the injuries we have and inflate their prices. I want to see some ruthless business in jan – poldi sold if we are not going to use him, a replacement for per as he’s not good enough, and minimum one ideally two dm player’s. Kondogbia please and a second of the likes of mulumbu, Diame, james mccarthy etc

  17. Defence cost us yestday game, well I think wenger doesn’t kno what he want, Mou does, he knew mata was too weak for his style he dropped him. Wenger pamper players at d expense of the club. Pls wenger make us happy just for once, I can’t talk as an arsenal fan in d presence of chelsea fans here in Nigeria. Go for strong and world class player, we need more good player to cover for injury, sell d deadwood, who collect money n r not useful. Replace them with active players.

  18. Ramseys form last season papered over our weakness in creating chances. Without Ramseys form we would have been in exactly the same position we are in right now last season.

    The boy was pulling all the strings by creating, assisting, scoring, leading, defending, tackling etc.. Now that he is not in that form we are exposed.

    Out of all the other top teams we create and score the least a game. The football has gotten worse, passing with no conviction. Slow with no direction.

  19. When is ospina coming back from his injury? And for us to get the good result in the following games we need to go back to our old formation(4-2-3-1),play chambers with per as cb’s,play hector as rb,bench jack and scz(once ospina is back fro his injury)

  20. I seem to remember ozil creating 22% of our chances when playing as the 10 last season…
    But thats none of my business
    *sips tea*

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