Credible Arsenal source gives an update on latest Arsenal transfers

A few weeks ago we ran an article titled “Some help in working out who to trust when it comes to Arsenal rumours” and one of the sources in that article was Charlie Watts at

I wrote this about Watts, “I find Charlie Watts to be close to Ornstein in credibility and he does get some good Arsenal related scoops” and finished the entire article off with this conclusion, “I have not listed them in order of preference but for the record, I like Charles Watts the best”

So, as you can imagine when Mr Watts writes about Arsenal I do take notice and he has given a comprehensive update on the current state of play with regards to Arsenal’s transfer business.

Wilfried Zaha

He remains Arsenal’s priority and they are preparing a second offer and one of Carl Jenkinson, Calum Chambers or Mohamed Elneny will be included as part of the package.


Arsenal are interested in the 22-year-old but only as an alternative to Zaha

William Saliba

Despite what some are claiming on social media there has been no deal concluded and talks are ongoing.

Kieran Tierney

Same with Tierney, no deal has been agreed and any claims to the contrary are simply false but the Gunners remain hopeful that a deal will be done.

So, in conclusion, it is all about Zaha at the moment, he remains the priority and there are no deals agreed or medicals being prepared or any of the other nonsense that is being floated around and taken as gospel by some.

That does not mean that the likes of Tierney or Saliba will not join Arsenal, there is a good chance they will but nothing has been agreed at the time of writing.


    1. Exactly what I was thinking. In fact, don’t we need at least 3 new defenders? LB, RB, and CB.

    1. Hello Kevin… all I can think of is – UE must see something in Shkodran that we all don’t, you know he said he’d rather win 4-3 than 1-0 (& with him in the team, we ain’t getting a clean sheet!!) So hence Wilf ? torturing me again, with the picture of him, I got all excited when I saw it! Still bloody waiting, hey?!!…….

      1. Haha what happened to balancing both attack and defence Liverpool and city can do it ? Arsenal have to give us fans heart attacks ? Sue that’s gonna drag on all summer especially him being at ACON ? hopefully Senegal and Egypt make the final so Salah and Mane are knackered by the time we roll into Merseyside ?

        1. Ha love your way of thinking – so what you’re saying is.. instead of Salah taking 20 seconds to score from our corner.. it’ll take 40!! ?

          1. Maybe even a minute ? don’t fret Sue we still have Mustafi he’ll pocket Mane and Salah ? if Kannemann comes that’s the defence sorted ???

          2. Haha Sue it was just on the pen miss like 10 seconds ago lol did you see the close up of his face like he was definitely going to stick that pen away ?

  1. LGBT day on Eastenders……….did you know Arsenal`s Gay Gooners Established in February 2013, they are the first and largest LGBTQ fans group for a major football club in England !…………..Up The Arse !
    The more gays the better imo, it leaves more women for me !

  2. I remember when he was in the Big Brother house, having a major meltdown as they’d confiscated his diet coke – it was so funny!!

        1. Blazin Squad was gonna smack him it was funny ? you could be the face of Pepsi Max your favourite tipple ?

  3. Personally I am disappointed. Pre-season is nearly on us and it’s the same old, same old Arsenal. How nice if we had a couple more signings who could have started to embed in our system. Maybe a couple of signings will be announced next week, but I half expect a statement from Arsenal that we have concluded our summer signings with Gabriel Martinelli.It would be so sad if we end up going to the States with no new signings. We will sign some players won’t we?

  4. I guess getting a forward is harder then a defender. I hope this means they know what to do to get the two defenders over the line, and remain keen of a decent offer for a forward

  5. But all these are paper talks no real news is coming out of all what we have been reading in news on daily basis Arsenal may even end up only signing players who are surplus.

  6. I understand Emerys want for wingers. He stated when he joined last year that for his football philosophy to work he needs pace and threat from the wings. He has put that above anything else. But as you can see a defender is also on the list. Infact two at the moment.

  7. Is it only me who does not want to let go of Chambers? The guy has been really more than okay most of the time, he is young, gave great season with Fulham, and can ve used as CB, RB or DM. In my opinion he is better than many players in the squad and he is English (which is good for the quota).

    1. Ba, I’m one who agrees with you on Chambers, a relatively young versatile player, who can cover DM and CB.
      Zaha is overpriced and for the same money Arsenal can get Fraser, Tierney and Fekir or Klostermann or Ziyech with change.
      Arsenal should be chasing Lewis Dunk, young 193cm English international CB from Brighton and Hove Albion.

      1. Willy boly or coady for me anyday…..depending on who Emery wants to partner wmthem with…two very consistent defenders that we should be looking at instead of some of the the names am hearing of

  8. Why the hell are we wasting time and money on Zaha?
    Get a defender, and cap it off with Fraser, a few more future prospects like Saliba and Szoboszlai and we’re done here

    1. If we after Fraser it shows a complete lack of ambition,, he is nowhere near the class of Zaha

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