Credible journalist confirms Italian giants will make an offer for Arsenal star

It is easy to dismiss a lot of Arsenal rumours because of the source, as an example anything that comes from the likes of the Daily Star, The Sun and so forth, though they do occasionally get it right, however, when a credible source makes a claim then it is well worth listening to.

A classic example is David Ornstein of the BBC, he is regarded as a trusted source and so when he said that Arsenal would make a second bid for Celtic defender Kieran Tierney, most people accepted that would happen.

The same applies to Italian journalist Gianluca Di Marzio.

For the record, both Ornstein and Di Marzio were among the list of sources I recommended here when it came to listening to Arsenal rumours.

On Monday evening Di Marzio gave an update on Calcio Mercato L’Originale, claiming that AC Milan is preparing an offer for Lucas Torreira.

Now, that does not mean that the Uruguayan will be leaving or anything like that but it does mean that an offer is coming and the transfer of the 23-year-old is a definite prospect.

It is suspected that Torreira is unhappy in England and that he would welcome a move back to Italy where he impressed at Sampdoria and there are a couple of ways Arsenal fans can look at this.

It can either be seen as losing a player that we really wanted to keep ahold of and it being a body blow or we take it on the chin and use the money raised from his sale to fund a more suitable replacement.

Either way, this is one rumour that is gaining momentum.


  1. If Torreira wants to leave back to Italy, he is valued at about $50m. If Kessie is being offered we should get him plus $20m.

    We should also bring back Bennacer for $10m who is showing a lot of promise

    Bennacer – $10m
    Saliba – $25m
    Tierney – $25m
    Claude Maurice – $17m

    Total spend $75m

    1. AC Milan players are not interesting

      Arsenal should make a stance, either 40 M for Torreira or nothing at all

      They can subsequently use the money to buy Saliba, Tierney or a young winger from Real Madrid/ Barcelona

  2. Take a look to erick pulgar. Playing for chile in copa america. Thats the cm/dm we are looking for. Je and torreira and se have a shield

    1. He has good goal stat as a DM last season, but he only managed to bring Bologna to the 10th position in Serie A

      He has an imposing physique as a DM, but I’m not sure about his tackling ability. Torreira is much smaller, but he is the best tackler at Arsenal in the last decade

      Pulgar will cost a lot though, since his contract will only end in 2022 and he is still 25 years old

  3. Keep Torreira!
    We need a Quality DM
    A Quality DM is vital

    I don’t see us getting another one if we sell him
    Also Bielik, Chambers, Elneny are NOT good enough or experienced enough as DM

    1. Chamber was playing 21 time as dm last season, playing all full 90 mnt.
      He has good season for fulham

      1. I agree with you @arie82 and he should be given a chance in preseason to prove he can fit in with us.

      2. Just about good enough for relegated Fulham does not necessarily mean good enough for Arsenal, unless as a backup (and even then, just about).

  4. We should sell Torreira at the right price, if he wants to move, and reinvest the proceeds thereof on quality replacements.

    1. Chambers and Bielik did very well on loan last season, of that there is no doubt.They are both versatile players equally comfortable at CB or DM.In my opinion they both deserve an opportunity to show they have what it takes to be effective for Arsenal,and surely, at a time when we are strapped for cash it makes sense to at least use our own players rather than to take the risk of buying in another Mustafi or Xhaka.As far as Torreria is concerned if we can get say £35/40m for him I would take it and reinvest in Tierney and Saliba.Nelson did well for England last night and he is another with the talent to flourish at home.

      1. We’re not cash strapped it’s stan who takes the money and doesn’t care for the club anyway hope the one’s who sold they shares in the club rot in hell

      2. Fully agree on that, I think they rightly deserve a chance. In one interview, Chambers said that he learned a lot from his experience in Fulham and has came up mentally stronger as well. Bielik has a right physical build to flourish in EPL and Nelson has been widely praised by pundits. Exciting times ahead!

    2. If a player wants to go elsewhere then you must let him go we want players that are willing to die for Arsenal. Better get a player who’s mind is on Arsenal than have somebody whose mind is drifting elsewhere

  5. If AC Milan can somehow offer enough for Torreira (£45m or more) then it should be considered. They can’t do that however because they’re as tight for money as we are, if not more so. That’s why they’ve had all the journalists they can drumming up this nonsense about Torreira wanting to leave, they’re trying to will the transfer to happen.

    Torreira doesn’t want to leave and has said he is adapting to England and will continue to do so over the years to come.

    Arsenal will refuse the offer as soon as it comes in and will only look to sell if Torreira himself comes out and says he’d like to leave!

  6. Sell Torreira, if he cannot settle, for £35mill and sign James Maddison for £40-50million if it’s possible.

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