Credible journalist gives update on latest Arsenal transfers

There is much speculation floating around with regards to the four main Arsenal transfer targets of William Saliba, Dani Ceballos, Kieran Tierney and Wilfried Zaha.

It can get both frustrating and confusing listening to all the different versions coming from the media and when that happens I tend to fall back on a few journalists that I trust and one of those is Charlie Watts at

I actually listed the journalists and pundits that I turn to in this article here and while I accept they do not always get it right, I do find that they are more reliable than most.

Anyway, with regards to the four main transfer targets, this is what Charlie Watts has tweeted today.

So, despite the headlines today calling into question the Ceballos deal it looks like it will still happen very shortly.

It also appears that Arsenal have not given up on Tierney but it is not the shoo-in that a lot of people thought it would be.

Same with Zaha, that one is clearly difficult but the club remains determined to push ahead and attempt to complete the signing of the Crystal Palace winger.

As I stated above, there is no guarantee that Watts is 100% right but I do trust him and am confident he will be proven right.


  1. Watts has been pretty reliable this summer. Pretty surprising since tends to publish garbage. Glad that Asensio injury won’t stop Ceballos from coming.

    1. I wonder what the fuss is about though…

      Ceballos and Asensio don’t play in the same position for Real Madrid. They’ve got Vinicius, Hazard, Vazquez, Rodrigo, Kubo, yet to offload Bale, and even Isco all competition for Asensio. And I don’t think Asensio would even be a starter in that team

  2. Sound like a broken record but its defenders we need and top quality ones at that even if we sign all 4 we will still be nowhere near challenging for the premier league even the manager has given up that thought before the season even starts while we have this defence we will continue to be just a mediocre team!!

    1. I will be fine if we don’t sign a winger and we get a bad ass CB. I will be pissed if we get Messi and don’t bring in a CB.

  3. This Ceballos guy looks amazing on YouTube, I hope he is that good this season for us lol.

    Why can’t we sign him for good instead of a loan ? We need more creative players in the team. No point in having good strikers if you can’t get the ball to them.

    1. You never know; once he plays for Arsenal, experiences regular playing time, builds relationships with the players and coach and if he has a good season, he may want to stay at the Emirates. From what I have read, the reason Ceballos was being loaned by Real Madrid was that the player himself had not given up hope of gaining a first team place. At the end of the season he may change his mind and want to stay; thus Arsenal would have to decide how much they would pay to keep him.

      1. You can be guaranteed Ozziegunner if he wants to stay at Arsenal Real Madrid will inflate the fee

  4. Ceballos and Saliba. A wage only loan and a loan back, pay later deal. No money spent. Martinelli cost £5-8 mill. Ospina and Bennacer raised us about £5-8 mill. We have spent nothing. How do you feel about that?

    1. I can definitely see a scenario of AFC at the last possible sec
      in the window agreeing to pay a Kings Ransom and Jenkinson to
      CP for Zaha. Raul and the Kroenkes will spin it as a transparent
      example of the clubs willingness to spend big in the market and the
      Emirates as an attractive destination for the worlds best players
      (Zaha isnt one of them)

      A few days later Emery will send out Mustafi and Socratis against
      Newcastle and well EVERY GUNNER knows how that will work out.

      How Raul, Edu and co. arent targeting a CB is ignorance and
      stupidity of the highest order.

      1. I think emery and edu. Are probably waiting for next season when we will be a bit better financially and also will no how the younger boys come back with more experience . I am pissed off but I do think that Emmery is the right man for the job as he has no choice especially with a stingy owner

        1. Nikos, it is an interesting argument that Emery is thinking of the future, when his contract expires at the end of this coming season.

    2. That is a smart way of wriggling out of lack of much transfer fund. Would you rather we don’t get any player in. If you have some couple of billion lying somewhere maybe you can help us buy Kroenke out. What do you think.

  5. Saliba heads back to France with agent after completing medicals and photo shoot.
    I’m sure Ceballos is done.
    We await the official announcement from Arsenal.

  6. I really hope we don’t get Zaha. That would be a slap on the face to us. All that money could go towards the defence and some change for Everton, not an overpriced winger we don’t need

    1. While I’m in support of us bringing in a CB, very good one at that, I’d like to oppose those saying we dont need wingers,we do need Zaha, but not for that amount Palace wants us to pay, my point is If we really plan to pour 70-80 on Zaha, better Bring in Everton Soares and get a CB.
      Phuck Zaha for that price.
      I’m sorry Sue, but even you know they’re trying to rob us

        1. Patience Sue, Saliba and Ceballos are nailed on and this Everton attempt to gazump us could play in our favour. If they get a realistic offer from the Toffees and accept it, all we’ll have to do is match it. It will then be up to Zaha where he wants to go and I’m sure that will be Arsenal. As for Tierney, Celtic don’t have a lot of money and if we raise the bid a by a couple of Million and if I had my way, sling in Xhaka and Mustafi, they’ll definitely take it.

          1. Before anyone replies, Xhaka and Mustafi was a little joke, anything to get them out of our club

          2. Have to see how it goes, Kenny.. I guess one good thing is UE does actually want him, it’s not just media crap!
            I’m definitely with you on that – I’d quite happily throw Xhaka & Mustafi in!!!

    2. Although I agree that the defence should be the priority, we badly need a winger as well. I will be disappointed if we don’t get a CB in.

    3. Since we have many right-footed attackers already, Arsenal had better get a young left-footed RW, instead of those two LWs

      If we can get Zaha for 50 M, he would not be overpriced. He has a vast experience in EPL and would get a lot of free kicks for us

      1. He’ll earn some penalties as well. As long as we don’t send Xhaka or Monreal up to take them we should be good. ???

    4. I said on a previous post and saying the same again. We would be stupid not to sign Everton Soares. He will be a 100 million player in 2 years injury permitting

  7. Tierney first (pay the cash) he also plays at center back.
    Then Zaha would be magic,if not Everton Soares is a must!!

  8. ## Exciting Breaking News ##

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          1. A mature Love Island would be good, Sue…………..I`m putting money on me being the only 60+ year old having a six pack and I dont mean cans of lager ! hahahaha

  9. We need another CB in addition to Saliba (Saliba won’t play for us this season) more than a LB. But if we spend on a CB then I am fine with Tierney. We also need another RB.

    Ceballos and Zaha and a CB would help us a lot.

    Wish we could get Fekir and Ryan Fraser too but will be very content with Ceballos, Zaha and a CB if it happens

    1. KT can play as a LB, LWB, CB, RB and DM as the need arises….. He’s played games in all of those positions at some point and done a decent job.

      Unfortunately I don’t see another CB coming in unless we shift some deadwood….. UE apparently said something about a big name target in mind and they don’t want to go for second choice (forget where I read it now)….. True or not? I don’t know but doesn’t fill me with confidence

  10. Really bizarre the way we seem to do business. Tierney is worth the 25m so just pay it and move on to getting a CB. I agree that we could do with wingers but we need a LB, CB and decent backup RB. Would love to see Cisse at CB and Alves at RB. As well as Saliba and Cebellos. Then if any cash left look at wingers.

  11. Arsenal might be thinking because Aubameyang can play in all 3 front positions, and Lacazette able to play as a striker and at the right wing as right winger, they will be contended if they sign Wilfred Zaha this summer who can play at both front wings or in midfield wings to start or play in preference to Alex Iwobi and Mkhitaryan who will become options to start or play and cover for Zaha. But football doesn’t work in the absolute but in variation to guarantee safety. Therefore, since there could be injury occurrences, drop of form or illness that could occur to a vital senior team Gunner or to some key senior team Gunners next season during the campaign in the PL as Arsenal chase a top-four place finish or even win the League should they surprisingly finds them in a position to win it. But play to sustain the position that they surprisingly found themselves to win it and win it. Arsenal will need top quality key players to get the club firstly, over the top-four place finish line, secondly, the Premier League title win line and thirdly, the Europa League Cup win line. But if Arsenal want to get over all these important 3 lines next season, they have to therefore as very very important have a strong first team squad dept next season. In this regard, I strongly implore Arsenal hierarchy bosses to include the Brazilian versatile winger Everton Soares in their list of new signings they want to do this current summer transfer window. And pursue his signing for the club this summer to a logical conclusion.

  12. Saliba Ceballos Soares Tierney all to sign…would result in a very good window.

    Granted not everything we need, maybe if we allow ourselves time after these deals, do a buy then sell deal for Koscielny. 10m doesnt get you alot but Gabriel was a 8m signing and I think he didn’t get a fair crack at life as a gooner.

    Zaha is unlikely. Besides, we dont have the money for him.

    I am waiting until the end of the window before casting a judgement, but if we get the 4 players spoke of, at the 40m quotesld as our budget…I think we have to take our hats off to the board.

  13. The arsenal I no will not sign zaha. arsenal have never been able to sign long term targets e.g benzema, higuain, etc. so if you’re dreaming of seeing zaha on red and white then you’all better wake up from your sleeps and face reality. the man (stank) doesn’t want to spend.

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