‘Cringe-making horror story’ – Outspoken journalist keen to avoid Arsenal documentary

Piers Morgan has described the Amazon All or Nothing Arsenal documentary a ‘cringe-making horror story’ after seeing a number of trailers in the build-up to it’s release today, but he admits to looking forward to the new season.

The Gunners narrowly missed out on the top-four last term, but the campaign was marred by controversy, including the demotion and departure of once-club captain Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, as well as the fact that Mikel Arteta was being linked with the sack after just one month of the term.

Piers has claimed that he expects us to finish below our noisy neighbours Tottenham once again in the new season, but includes us in his top-four predictions, but claims he has no interest in reliving last season by watching the Amazon docuseries.

“I fear they have a stronger, smartly reinforced squad,” Morgan wrote in his column in The Sun. “The best strike force duo in Harry Kane and Son Heung-min, and in their magnificently volatile manager Antonio Conte, a natural-born winner who, unlike Mikel Arteta, will view coming third as a humiliating failure.

“However, I’m more optimistic about Arsenal’s chances than for years. [Gabriel] Jesus looks like the divine intervention we’ve been craving upfront since the Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang debacle, and a midfield bursting with youthful talent like [Oleksandr] Zinchenko, Martin Odegaard, Bukayo Saka and Emile Smith Rowe is exciting.

“Judging by the trailers, every second of Amazon’s upcoming All or Nothing series on Arsenal will be a cringe-making horror story. Arteta comes across as an even weirder, bossier Pep-lite rookie headmaster than I feared him to be, and knowing how badly the season ends, I’d honestly rather watch someone hammer rusty nails into my flesh than relive it all again.

“But I hope we finally get to see what really happened with Aubameyang that could possibly justify Arteta giving him away to Barcelona (and keeping goal-allergic Alexandre Lacazette who didn’t score in open play in the league from mid-December). Spoiler alert: it won’t justify it.”

Unlike Piers, I will be making time to catch up on every aspect of the series, as I can’t wait to see what makes Arteta tick behind the scenes and how the relationships are between the players and coaches.

While I’m interested in the Auba saga, that part is behind us now, and I will be mainly looking at the aspects which will affect our present and future, such as the dressing room and training atmospheres.

Which aspect of the documentary most intrigues you?



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  1. In answer to the last sentence, absolutely nothing and last season needs forgetting. I wont be indulging. I want to look forwards to success in the coming season not relive failure of the last.

  2. The telegraph-“All or nothing is one of the great comedies ,unless you support Arsenal”.

    The Guardian – “Mikel Arteta is like a supply teacher out of his depth “.

    That was just a couple of reviews

    There are things you should keep in-house and this is one of them , rival fans are having a field day on social media regarding this series you already know last season was a joke we don’t need reminding how it happened .
    Mikel “if you lose the ball you run” Arteta

    Good timing bringing it out on the eve of our season opener.

    1. In life you can’t please everybody. For those criticizing Mikel, that’s their opinion. People will complain irrespective of the time it came out.

  3. I don’t know what Piers is talking about. I watched episodes 1 and 2 today, and I loved it. The smith, Saka and Laca talking about the 3 loses and if they lose a fourth it will be the worst in Arsenal history in over a 100 years. Josh supporting Arteta during those first 3 loses. I also loved the camera man giving the pep talk before the north London derby. I will be watching the 3rd episode later tonight. COYG.

  4. Yes I’ve seen the first today and it’s great, when you watch the
    Interaction between josh and Arteta seems like they have good chemistry. Ramsdale medical is insightful 😁

    1. Yea, the doctor asking Ramsdale about previous injuries and the amount of Abuse Ramsdale got from the so called Arsenal fans was insane.

  5. I watched the first 3 back to back today and I must admit I was underwhelmed. But frankly, advising me to stop watching is akin to suggesting I stop watching the team play during an awful run – it just won’t happen! Three hours for three or four minutes of interesting tv, and its time I won’t get back. I certainly wouldn’t watch if I wasn’t a Gooner. But I will watch every minute of the rest of the series – as with the rest of my life as an Arsenal fan, I live in perennial hope that next week will be better…

  6. No surprise about Morgan’s comments. A man who wants his cake, and also to eat it, and still finds reasons to complain.

    Piers is “anti Arteta”, while many here merely criticize Arteta.

    Not sure what many expect to see from the documentary. It’s “Behind the Scenes,” not “complete explanation” or “answer meaningful questions” documentary.

    It’s insight into “the process” most likely, judging by the first 3 episodes. How Arteta communicates, how the players developed and bonded over the season.

    Never expected to see train wrecks and amateur hour escapades, followed by publicly airing the club’s failings.

    Clubs would never agree to broadcast a true behind the scenes, but only an edited occasional glimpse behind the curtain version, truths tend to damage brands.

    I will continue to watch because it’s my club, didn’t give a tinker’s damn about Juve, City, or spuds.

  7. Please let’s not give Piers Morgan any platform to voice his thoughts, the man only talks for shock factor! JustArsenal don’t need to spread the word of this man!

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