Cristiano Ronaldo wants Arsenal to win the Premier League this season

Manchester United attacker Cristiano Ronaldo has loved watching Arsenal this season and wishes them success in their pursuit of the Premier League title.

Mikel Arteta’s side has been the best club in England so far and it seems they can only get better.

They lead the EPL table by five points and will remain on top until after Christmas.

Despite failing to make the top four last season, Arsenal has remarkably progressed this term.

Ronaldo’s United is in transition and will consider it progress if they secure a return to the top four at the end of this season.

The attacker sat down with Piers Morgan for a bombshell interview that has been trending on the internet.

They spoke on several topics and Morgan asked if he wants Arsenal to win the title. He said as reported via The Daily Mail:

‘I hope so.   

‘Manchester first, and if not, Arsenal is some team that I like to see play.’

Just Arsenal Opinion

It is easy to support us to win the league this season because we are in top form and the other clubs are struggling.

If Manchester City and Liverpool keep dropping points while we don’t, we could have a very healthy lead by March.

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  1. 2 Walleys having a chat is of no interest to me.
    We need to enjoy our football no matter where we finnish as the way Wenger got us used to had gone for way to long so , win or second or 5th as long as we improve and keep playing the way we want to , then ill be happy after watching some of the worst football ive seen since the 80s in the last few years.

  2. What is the point of reporting this non story, at least as far as our club is concerned?

    Not a single person who is mentally sharp can possibly even imagine such a busted flush as Ronaldo will be of any interest to our club.
    That being the case, then why on Earth is this ridiculous non-story on JA at all?

    1. I suspect, Jon, that the mere mention of Arsenal being Ronaldo’s second choice to win the league was down to a) JA reports on all things Arsenal, however minuscule and b) because PM is a gooner and probably asked the question during the interview

  3. Hmmm seems a few rejects are on manoeuvres, making noises to sound out the possibility of playing for us.

    I don’t think they’ll be very successful.

  4. It’s nt flattering, when u start doing well u will be getting noticed. We just need to win the league or europa then everyone will start respecting us

  5. Arsenal is the best club so far.
    We are doing great and we are focusing on winning the EPL title.
    Once we have proven to the haters, that we’re the Best, after winning EPL this season,they gonna RESPECT our club!
    People should change their mindsets about hating us and appreciate our club how the boys are really working hard and very focused!

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