Crunch time for Wilshere – Will he pass West Ham medical?

The long-time Gunner Jack Wilshere decided to leave Arsenal after Unai Emery refused to give him any guarantees on playing time next season if he signed an extension, which would also be dependent on him retaining his fitness and actually being fit enough to play.

I am sure that the Hammers are likely to also include such caveats in any contract given to him, as the Times reported this morning,…..

Jack Wilshere has started a medical to try to complete a move to West Ham United.

The former Arsenal midfielder, who is now a free agent, is thought to have been offered a three-year contract in a package worth £5 million a year and could play his first game for his new club in a friendly away to Wycombe Wanderers a week today.

Manuel Pellegrini, the new West Ham manager, has pushed to sign Wilshere despite some concern inside the club about the player’s record of serious injuries. He would become the fourth new signing this summer.

I am certain that West Ham will give him a rigorous medical that could go on for some time. His problems are well known in the football world, and he wasn’t helped by Gareth Southgate sending him back to Arsenal and revealing that he suffers from ‘tendinopathy’ which is a very chronic case of tendonitis and needs to be controlled regularly. This is something that can flare up at any time and with Jack’s bad luck it would be little surprise if it affected him this week….

I feel really sorry for Jack as he had such promise as a young man, but was blatantly overplayed by Wenger at too young an age. I hope that everything goes well and we will see him in action again, without any more problems, for the next few years. His early talent deserves it….



  1. gotanidea says:

    I hope he would pass the test, because his playing style is suitable for Pellegrini’s team. He would not fit into the current England team or Mourinho’s Manchester United, because they play with faster tempo and more physical

    Arsenal have nothing to do anymore with Giroud, Sanchez, Walcott, Wilshere and Gibbs

    If N’zonzi comes, Torreira could be Wilshere’s replacement. Otherwise Xhaka, Ramsey, Ozil and Mkhitaryan will take Wilshere’s role as the creative CM

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Torriera is good on the ball, good passing consistency but similar to Ramsey’s accuracy, and Ramsey plays more in the final third than LT. He’ll need to improve a wee bit and maybe Emery has ideas on improving everyone’s passing. Verratti is similar with some people, because he’s great technically and he presses midfield very well, some people don’t see him as PSG’s defensive midfielder in the normal sense. But he’s their best one. Kante too, defensively, some people think there’s similarity, but he’s not great on the ball, yet people do see him as Che best defensive mid.

      Nzonzi?, who would you say he would’ve replaced in that France team, Kante or Pogba, or either one.

      1. gotanidea says:

        N’zonzi is Kante’s backup as a DM or he can play alongside Kante like when Matic was at Chelsea

  2. Mertinho says:

    Given that we have lost Santi, Ozil past his prime (my opinion) and Ramsey is prefered in a more central midfield role, what is everybody’s thoughts on bringing Payet to Arsenal from Marseille?

    We all saw how amazing he was during his time at West Ham as well as during the last few international tournaments.

    I think he could do a job for us, he favours his left foot which there arent many players in the team which do and Marseille are well documented to need to offload some players this summer.

    Thoughts everyone?

    1. Mertinho says:

      Btw, before people comment that we have an overload of attacking players, ask yourself how many of these players are creative enough behind our strikers.

      Ramsey can be creative on his day but not consistent, Ozil creative but does fu*k all otherwise, im not impressed yet by Mkhi vision and passing. Payet has the vision and ability to not only find Auba and Laca with their behind the lines runs but also chip in with goals during the season to help ease the pressure on our forwards.

      1. Phil says:

        Mate-Ozil is in there to CREATE.What more do you want from him?He is NOT a midfield enforcer.He is NOT a tough tackling overlapping fullback.He is NOT a domineering CB.FFS when are people going to give Ozil a break and credit the fact he is in the team to do a specific and valued job-Which is to CREATE

    2. gotanidea says:

      Payet is a very good attacker, but he is old and might be expensive for his age

      I prefer Bernardo Silva, Leon Bailey, Malcom or Thauvin as a new left-footed attacker, because they are much younger

  3. Break-on-through says:

    Wilshere being the most senior member that gets sold. Many seemed to believe that over half the first team was going to be sold or replaced and they seemed pretty sure about it. Bellerin, Xhaka, Mustafi, Chambers, Ramsey, Iwobi, Cech and even Ozil were the most popular choices. Not today sorry lads, some of them are actually big in Emery’s plans. That’s not to say things wont change over time so maybe you weren’t as off as it may seem at this early stage. Some of us wanted Wilshere gone, I’d say most fans if voting with their head would know that this needed to happen.

    1. Phil says:

      Yeah BoT.I believe most fans wanted Jack gone but with a bit of humility and best wishes.Jack tried hard to get to the levels and he just could not get to where the bar has been raised.He will do well at a club like West Ham and under a Manager who appreciates the players values.
      And your correct that the squad is still pretty much intact as from last season.Emery will soon know who he wants to move on so both the January and next years transfer windows will be busy I would think.But let’s not forget the young players at the Club.They do have promise and it’s vital we get game time to them this season in the Carabao and Europa matches.

  4. Unai Emery says:

    I feel a midfield duo of Nzonzi and Torreira would be monstrous, and deadly…..
    But I don’t think it will happen

    1. ACE says:

      Im warming up to the idea as well, although a
      Doucoure or Ndombele type would move the
      midfield needle as well.

      I still think Ramsey will extend his contract but
      wont shed a tear if the Welshmen is moved on
      and replaced by a much better player.

  5. Diana says:

    I also think the Nzonzi talks are only as back up to the Torreira deal. He may still fail the medical (highly unlikely) or a late contender (also highly unlikely). But if somehow our transfer kitty can allow, then would be a good combination of Nzonzi and Torreira. I know we still need a winger but i am almost wishing we wait, because buying this season may mean compromising on the quality of the incoming winger. Unless we start getting bids for our players- its weird we haven’t needed to turn down any bids. Except Ospina (feels forced vs choice), no one seems close to moving on. Sad..
    I hope Iwobi goes on loan otherwise people may see him as not “Arsenal material” as opposed to young player not ready. Holding as well, IMO..

    Anyhow excited about the new season irrespective of whether or not we add after Torreira. Its gonna be a good season.

  6. Kumagaya says:

    BULCRAP that he was over pmated at a young age. Only english players are baby sitted. They are always young. Look Mbape even Bellerin pple never say they r young. Look this should stop for british players to mature. Wenger was one of tgise who brought this crap of young young toung. Even Torreira whom arsenal is buying is onky 22 and none is talking about his age. Nazri wa agematr with whillchair but all brit core we young etc. Injuries come and go or stay. Some come at old age such as KosThrBoss..some come early. West ham. U never know. He might just be better again or reture

  7. jon fox says:

    As an Arsenal fan , i DON’T CARE WHAT HAPPENS TP OUR EX-PLAYERS. I reckon this is the majority view too.

  8. GoonUTH says:

    Bye Jack

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