Crystal Palace 1-1 Arsenal – ten man Arsenal come away with a deserved point

Crystal Palace 1-1 Arsenal – Aubameyang scores and gets sent off.

Arsenal started the first half in dominant fashion, they were all over Palace like a rash for the first twenty minutes and even though the Eagles came back into the game slightly, it was Arsenal’s first half.

This was probably the best first half we have seen from Arsenal in a very long time and the goal from Pierre-Emerick Aubamayeng was a brilliant team effort.

The goal came in the 10th minute and was the culmination of 18 passes and the link-up between Ozil, Lacazette and Auba shows how potent they can be.

The game did get a little testy in the first 45 minutes with many petty challenges and lots of rolling over.

Pepe got his name into the ref’s book for a little baby stamp and he needs to be careful in the second half.

Overall, this was an impressive first half for the Gunners but one is unlikely to be enough.

The second period started off with more fouls and Palace looking a more determined and through a brutal deflection, Palace equalised on the 53rd minute.

It has to be said that it was a bit of a messy goal and the defence could of and should have done a better job.

Neither Leno in goal or Luiz, who the ball deflected off, can be held to blame totally but the failure to deal with the ball was typical Arsenal.

The Palace fans were now bouncing, was this going to be another game of two halves but this time with Arsenal on the receiving end?

The big turning point came in the 64th minute following a tackle from Aubameyang on Max Meyer. The ref initially gave a yellow but VAR converted into a red.

It was a bad tackle, no getting away from that, red felt a little harsh but I can see why it was given.

The advantage was now clearly with Palace but could they capitalise?

Well, Palace had a shot cleared off the line and Pepe hit the post, in better words, it was an open game.

The game went to and fro and petered out to a 1-1 draw. Overall I have to admit a sense of disappointment but the lads showed resilience when they went down to ten men and could have even snatched the win.


  1. gotanidea says:

    Arsenal win the ball possession by a large margin in the first half, but they were unlucky with Luiz’s deflection and Aubameyang’s red card in the second half. Almost all Gunners played really well and they would have won the game if Aubameyang didn’t receive the red card:

    – Lacazette: Did all the rough work upfront for the team. He is our Okazaki, but still needs to improve his pace

    – Ozil: Arsenal’s goal was initiated by him and clicked very well with his teammates. I still wish he can do more duels in the future, instead of just shadowing the opponents

    – Aubameyang: Score a nice striker goal and unlucky with the red card

    – Pepe: Still can’t click with his teammates. His tricks would be great if successful, but most of them failed. This boy needs to improve his decision making

    – Xhaka and Torreira: Defended well. Nothing special in attacking though

    – Kolasinac: Good in attacking. Another player who has improved a lot in Arteta’s system

    – Maitland-Niles: Kept Zaha in his pocket. He helped the midfielders a lot with his interceptions and blocks

    – Luiz and Sokratis: Had an easier job due to the protection of the midfielders

    – Leno: Didn’t have much to do because of Arteta’s solid tactic. Just unlucky to be conceded

    1. Sue says:

      You were right (the other day) about AMN & Zaha, nice one GAI 👍

      1. gotanidea says:

        Thanks Sue 🙏

        1. NY_Gunner says:

          Yeah, big ups Gooner, you called it spot on about AMN. You’re on of the few who see this young guns talent, while many others call for him to be sold. 👍🏿

          1. Lenohappy says:

            Yet some people that doesn’t even know anything about football will be calling him (gotanidea) clueless…Habe always read all his post and I always enjoy reading them.

  2. Leka says:

    Arsenal with out Aubameyang are screwed. Who is gonna score now?

    1. gotanidea says:

      Martinelli and Ozil, since Lacazette is still barren and Pepe is highly inconsistent

      1. Leka says:

        Martineli might step up but I don’t know about Ozil. Laca and Ozil are super slow. And the whole team do not look 90 min fit.

        1. Mike says:

          Did anyone see the offside in their build to the goal

      2. Sylva Olabanji says:

        I think Arsenal would need pre season to work on their 90 minutes fitness. It still remains a concern especially when playing on the road.

    2. Ade says:

      We are unlucky in the game, 1. Loosing Toriera, 2. Loosing Auba on red card. Another player needs to be converted go a striker because Laca is just too poor as a striker

  3. Eddie says:

    Lacazette is really causing us so much points.
    That ball could’ve been a simple goal, all he had to do was chip it cus the GK was on the floor already…
    Really Lacazette has singlehandedly caused us up to six to eight points.
    But people ain’t putting so much pressure on him now,if it was Xhaka, or our defenders, the world would’ve fallen.

    Kolasinac was pissful poor, PEA covering for him every minute made us lose PEA.
    Overall it was a nice game.
    Lacazette, Oh Lacazette, I’m really tired of you now

    1. Krish says:

      Yeah!! that was so irritating.. why shoot low if the keeper is on the floor!! just shoot it high or lob it.. lacas finishing this season is muuuuuch worse than girouds but like you said he doesn’t get as much critic.. oooh if it had been Giroud how many donkey comments there would be here now

      1. Eddie says:

        It was frustrating to watch… I really don’t get how an experienced player like him keeps wasting chances like he does.
        Like you said, if it was Giroud, the numbers of abuses would’ve been off the chart

        1. Lenohappy says:

          Lacazette is just so useless at the moment, how can a player like him keep wasting chances like that, am sure he wouldn’t have scored that auba goal, I mean how difficult can it be to just lob the ball on a goalkeeper that’s on the floor, our defenders has been playing well for the past 3 games now it’s our forwards especially Lacazette that is killing us.

          1. Eddie says:

            I’m really tired of Lacazette.. I don’t even know how to feel anymore.

    2. gotanidea says:

      Lacazette engaged in many duels and he assisted Aubameyang. Still lacking the goals, but his hard work is commendable

      On the other hand, Pepe could have created good chances in the first half, if he didn’t lose the ball too many times

      Kolasinac was very aggressive in the first half and he was unlucky as well

      1. Eddie says:

        I don’t care how many duels he won, he has cost us lots of points lately. Martinelli is also good when it comes to pressing.
        Lacazette has had too much many chances, and creating excuses for him shouldn’t be allowed.
        He’s a striker FFS!! I don’t need him to do a defenders job if he can’t score.
        If we want someone good defensively to be scoring, we could’ve kept Giroud.

        Kolasinac was also poor, pissful poor, so many wrong passes and caught off position a lot. PEA had to cover for him every 10 minutes

      2. Blue17 says:

        I’m sick of hearing duels won… Infact I don’t remember a duel he won without committing a foul, I’m sure he intercepted passes but asides that nothing.
        The only memorable thing I saw from him was the assist… He was just all over the place committing fouls before his substitution… Got me furious man😡.
        Let’s hope Torreira is fine…
        And Pepe needs to start linking up with his mates… It’s all the same thing, get the ball, attempt a feint for 3 secs, turns right back to Niles while Auba’s made the run already… I think I see why Nelson starts at time…

    3. Mike says:

      Agree with you Eddie he should have chipped the ball

  4. Krish says:

    Before the childish fans come on here blaming VAR and the ref.. that’s what just a weak mentality..
    Its surely the fault of Auba for making such a dangerous foul and not the ref’s.. the ref wasn’t really inconsistent and had a good game, he is just following the rules
    and we only have ourselves to blame, if we can only dominate for one half, make it count and score the goals but we let the opponents take the initiative and momentum in the second half where our players are already tired

    1. Mike says:

      Serious what about Ayew and all the fouls he committed with no card yet we got numerous cards for doing the same thing

    2. Cliff says:

      You lost me on the consistent bit.How many fouls did Ayew commit that needed caution?He finished the game without a yellow card because the ref allowed it.
      Its embarrassing when the ref is hell bend on calling out just one side as it pleases him.Call me any name but that ref was biased.

      1. Mike says:

        Go watch the game Cliff then see for yourself

    3. Trudeau says:

      I’m not blaming the ref (and agree he had an okay game) but VAR is long past being a joke. Does anyone know what “clear and obvious” means anymore? The decision to give Auba a yellow wasn’t a clear and obvious mistake. By the same token, had the ref adjudged it to be a straight red, it wouldn’t have been a clear and obvious mistake. Why is this so hard to understand? It’s football, not everything is black and white. Seriously I cannot believe how badly the PL has cocked up VAR. Rant over.

      1. Mike says:

        I second that

      2. jon fox says:

        The plain and honest truth, which all fans who have a normal brain can easily see – and well done for clearly seeing it- it that if, as VAR still LIES to us, it is only about seeing “clear and obvious errors”, there would be no need whatever for the constant checking delays of several minutes. OBVIOUSLY! Duh!! If it is CLEAR AND OBVIOUS” THEN YOU CAN SEE IT IN SECONDS, BUT THEY DO NOT. They lie to us and that is a disgrace. I SAW THAT AUBA TACKLE AS IT HAPPENED AND IMMEDIATELY SAID TO MYSELF, “RED CARD”. The ref ought to have given it himself and one slo mo replay was easily enough to decide it was a red card. No need at all for the long delay which is killing the game.

        tGHE RREAL TRUTH IS THAT THE AUTHORIEIES ARE TERRIFIED TO UNDERMINE THE REF BY OVERRULING HIM. But they should have thought of that before bringing in VAR , which , by its nature, was always BOUND to undrmine refs.

        The truth is the authorities are idiots and corrupt. They are too stupid and too arrogant to realise that bey undermining the ref, WHO OUGHT TO BE THE SOLE DECISION MAKER, HELPED ONLY BY HIS LINESMEN, they have opened a can of worms which will increase lack of player respect for all refs. I would therefore not have VAR which is damaging in several ways.

        What they SHOULD do is bring in far more draconian punishments for all cheating , diving, attempts to con the ref and for back chat and arguing with the ref. I would automatically ban all divers for 6 Prem games , increasing by another 6 matches for subseqent offences. To be decided, if the ref mnissed it, by a video panel made up from ex-pros who woud sit daily if necessary. Proper deterrents work! Fools ignore this fact! FAKE DETERRENTS AND PALTRY FINES FOR MILLIONAIRES DO NOT WORK!

    4. jon fox says:

      Honest and exactly right. Auba was clearly reckless and as soon as I saw it in normal time I said “red card.”

  5. Sue says:

    How bloody frustrating was that?!
    Just hope Torreira will be ok, such an important player for us.
    So, 3 games without Auba.. that is a blow…. I guess at least we hung on and got a point, but after taking the lead, and with that goal we conceded, it feels like a loss to me!
    Not a great start to the weekend… I’m in a mood now 😠😂

  6. Yeet says:

    I think we must be really unfit as a team. We can only do 30mins of aggressive running. Still no penetration in the final third but I think that will come soon. Aubameyangs challange was for sure a red but I’ve seen many of those stay at yellow so the refs and VAR need to be way more consistent. Not to disappointed overall.

  7. Goonster says:

    Lacazette has got to start stepping up.
    He is doing a lot for team effort but he has got to me start scoring now.

    1. Krish says:

      well said if it was just about team effort we could have kept Giroud who would have contributed more to the aerial balls too.. Lacazette has to do more

      1. gotanidea says:

        Which is why we need a tall target man as plan B, if we face another bus

        1. Krish says:

          that’s true, if spurs had not had Llorente last season they would never have got to the final.. either you play fantastic like Liverpool and city and can kill games and if not you need a plan B someone who can come in from the bench..

  8. SAGooner says:

    Wish they would concentrate on the game, and stop being such big crybabies. Goodness me! And they will also get much more from the ref in their favour if they jut left him alone. Have they or anyone else EVER seen a ref change a decision just because he is surrounded and jostled by players? More yellow cards required for this!

  9. FoSulli says:

    Credit the players for the performance today especially after the Red card, we actually looked the most likely to score. Impressed with Maitland today he had Zaha in his pocket! I’m really glad we didn’t sign Zaha he’s useless and a cheat, again he dives. All on all very disappointed as we deserved 3 points but still a good away point considering our bad luck and the red card

  10. Bruno says:

    Guendouzi is just an awful player , the moment Torreira went off we were done out there .

    1. Sue says:

      You just knew the pendulum would swing in their favour!

      1. Brunor says:

        Sue, it’s so annoying that the whole match changed once he went off . We really need serious change in the summer ,the midfield is empty.

        1. Sue says:

          👍👍 Bruno

    2. Ade says:

      Exactly, guandozi at the middle makes our midfielder looks scanty, missing both auba n Toriera is a real blow

    3. Arshavin ernest says:

      Well said mate, immediately I saw guendounzi I lowered my expectations, and he didn’t disappoint, kept holding the ball for too long when an attack was on, and end up making the wrong pass backwards

  11. Sue says:

    And how annoying that Pepe’s shot hit the post 😫

  12. Warfa says:

    Equaliser goal is Leno fault because he was not in position

    1. Lenohappy says:

      What a foolish post, so you are going to blame Leno for a deflected shot.

      1. Warfa says:


      2. RSH says:

        i dont think blame has to be assigned to every single goal, but if there was a mistake it was earlier in the play that let Ayew slip in. Either way, it was more of a lucky deflection than a fault in the defending. 9/10 times that block would do the job.

    2. NY_Gunner says:

      It came off of Luiz. Nothing Leno could do about it…

    3. jon fox says:

      OH, for Gods sake get a brain . Your clearly does not work!

  13. Goaldan says:

    Deserved point, palace worked hard, but had the rub of the green,
    Don’t like how we lose control of midfield, we need our Xfactor players to step up (bail us out of jail)
    When we aren’t playing well, laca worked so hard today, deserves some luck…..

  14. Gunnergunner14 says:

    Lacazette should not be starting games

  15. Mohsan says:

    We were just unlucky, big deflected goal, hit the post, got a red for stupid challenge and torreria went off injured. I thought we played well down to 10 men. Even before crystal palace never threatened our goal. Biggest lose we will miss Auba for next 3 matches. Lot of positives for a team in building phase AMN had a fantastic game, Kola had a good game as well. Both CBs played well. Auba played well n scored. Laca did great upfront his work rate n link up play is amazing just need to top it up with scoring goals again. …weak performance by Ozil n Pepe the only two disappointments. MA had his tactics spot on.

  16. Lenohappy says:

    Lacazette is killing this team, why can’t he just score a simple goal, am sure we would have won that match in the first half of Martinelli start instead of Lacazette,I mean how many chances does he want before he can start scoring, all he needed to do was just lob the ball and we would have won, am so so sad. I love what Luiz did at the end of the match.

  17. Luiz theatrics at the end 😂😂

    1. Yeet says:

      I laughed so hard 🤣

    2. Trudeau says:

      Luis was fully within his rights as Crystal Palace were lining up to take a free kick 12 metres ahead of where the foul took place. Very weak reffing – particularly as 4th official needed to spot the ball.

  18. SueP says:

    They didn’t give up after losing a goal and Aubameyang to a red card
    Earlier in the season the game would have descended into a farce. A different attitude from them and they worked hard. Not a classic but one point gained is better than none

  19. Mohsan says:

    He is and his previous record with all the club and country show that he is regular goal scorer as well. Some times strikes do go through a barren run but he is atleast providing good link up play and assists. Once he starts scoring again, he is one of the best in the business.

  20. Lenohappy says:

    Kolasinac should be ashamed of himself, auba keeps covering for him , if he had been there auba won’t have gotten that red card and we all know that auba is not a dirty player, am not the type that blame referee but how come Palace players only got one yellow card throughout that match, all Ayew did in that match was just to keep pushing our players and the referee couldn’t do anything about it.

  21. Olaitan Kayode says:

    I will give him credit when he start scoring goals. All this chances he has missed in our last for games, even Giroud will score them. Because he created a goal doesn’t stop him from scoring one either. We lost today because of him. I take this as 3 point dropped.

  22. antonioro says:

    Why nobody is talking about useless Ozil?How long we have to tolerate this lazy,invisible player?After being substituted by Martinelli,Arsenal strenght was the same,even playing with 10 men-Arsenal always plays with 10 men due to “ presence” of Ozil in the first 11.Get rid of this toxic player,replace him with any other player with ethic and respect for the game.Enough is enough,this huhe fraud player must go!

    1. David Braithwaite says:

      That’s because many of the fans on this site are Ozil supporters. Unfortunately, this match shows once again one of the problems. When Arsenal are on the front foot Ozil is able to find neat passes here and there. Once the team is under pressure and you take time away from him he becomes a nonfactor and the team looks like it’s playing with one less player.
      These same fans insult young players like Gouendouzi who will always fight for the team to the end.

    2. Eddie says:

      Here we go again….I knew someone would find a way to put the blame on Ozil.
      Jesus… What does Ozil even have to do with us not winning this?
      Can you guys please just take your hatred somewhere else?
      Even Xhaka who I’m not a big fan of had a solid game including the defenders.
      Somehow,you guys would never just stop blaming certain players no matter what

      1. David Braithwaite says:

        I don’t hate Ozil. However, his performances are still inconsistent and he does not do enough for me. I would say that he has improved since Arteta became manager but as far I’m concerned it’s still not sufficient for someone who is supposed to be a top class player.

        1. RSH says:

          he’s been better since Arteta has come, and the game turned way more physical after 20-30 minutes so he became somewhat of a passenger since he has no physicality to his game. Idk if Arteta wants to play a traditional No 10 in the future or is just using the weapons at his disposal. but it’s another position we can find a better player in. Funds are limited as always though and we need to deal with defense first.

      2. Nifty says:

        Xhaka had always been having solid games. It only people who are in love with lazy players and players who hide consistently on the field of play that don’t recognize his input. While you blame Xhaka for doing this bad tackle and giving the ball aware. Have you ever asked you what his co-midfielders and your much more talented stars do when opponents are running at us. It is not a coincidence he plays better with Torriera, it just the fact that he has someone next to him who is also taking responsibilities and not people doing hide and seek.

    3. Ronche says:

      I don’t know the game you were watching a antorino, but ozil for me wasn’t lazy. He wasn’t getting the ball and when he did, pepe wasn’t making the runs. Crystal palace play compact football so the coach knew he’d have no space, hence the long balls to the left. The goal we scored was cos of his beautiful lay off. He was okay today, not his best but definitely not his worst. I saw him making tackles and closing down (forcing the crystal palace keeper and Cahill to make mistakes). The whole team did their best but in my opinion if kolasinac tries driving at the defenders instead of passing backwards, we’d have created more chances. Seriously can’t wait for Tierney to get back

      1. Nifty says:

        He was our third midfielder. It is duty to help control so enough of he was not getting the ball. He should be the one taking the ball to the strikers. He was simply hiding at one corner. That touch for Laca was awesome but that was it.

    4. Cliff says:

      I used to like Ozil but I have to accept that as at now he is a liability to the team.
      Sometimes I wish he does just 40% of what Son,Madison &even Grealish do for their teams.

      1. bobby says:

        jheeze you guys don’t half talk a load or rubbish. Ozil wasn’t brilliant today but up until the red card were still in control of that game. ive seen Ozil pressing from the front and putting chances on on a plate for our strikers for them to scupper. im dissapointed about today and the signs have been good

  23. Mohsan says:

    Ppl need to realise Rome was not built in a day. It takes years to install the never give up attitude n winning mentallity in team. From today’s match it is very evident that we are on the right path. All these moaning Arsenal fans need to calm down n be patient for a while. As long as team is improving n heading in right direction we are fine. Remember Liverpool went Klopp took over n look at them now it’s takes 3-4 years to build that n then it flows through the club for years. In the past Arsenal and Man United had it but we lost it so it will take time for us to get it back n we need to take right steps which we are. Get behind the players n support them they need this confidence from fans.

    1. SueP says:

      Quite right

  24. Ace says:

    Besides the work rate I don’t see what Laca brings to this team. He is not technical, not intelligent at all. Foot ball is not all about strength or force. Even a 10 year old would have chipped that ball in. Instead he use force to play it at the keeper. I’m not impressed at all.

    1. Kam says:

      RvP tried the chip vs AC Milan in the UCL. Keeper saved it cuz he was on his way back up. RvP said afterward that he’d do it again if the opportunity presented itself. This time he would have scored. Laca is a professional footballer who is in this situation dozens of times in training… So is the keeper. The possibility of a chip must have been on both their minds for a split second at least in that half second of play. They both gambled, keeper won. It’s football

  25. Gunner since 71 says:

    Laca tried hard without the ball but is giving way too many fouls away in the oppositions 1/3 which disrupts our forward momentum and takes the pressure off the opposition by giving them a free kick

  26. Nifty says:

    It is January, we won’t sign for fkk sake. This team is in dying need of at least a box-box midfielder but we are Arsenal. There is always no player available or we don’t have money to spend until it is late we then have money to spend on average players. If we like appointment Pep and Mourinho at the same this team can’t achieve anything. No matter how good a coach you are, you can not win matches with players who are not willing work hard for the club or take responsibility for once. This team let Wenger down, they let Emery down and even Ljunberg and from all indications they will also let Arteta down.

  27. Mohsan says:

    Some of the ppl here need to go n support the team of the season every year. Nothing can make them happy. Why are we so delusional? We are work in progress and have a lot of shortcomings but these things take time to resolve. Stop moaning n get behind the team. The ppl who are complaining about Laca n this n that do you guys get everything right first time at work all the time? Every club has up and down time ….this is ours, we just need to be positive n provide positive input into the club we all love.

    1. Nifty says:

      It’s been more than 10 years of mediocrity.

    2. Eddie says:

      Everybody here are backing the team… stop pretending it’s otherwise. It’s just frustrating that Lacazette keeps doing the same thing every day and yet you guys want people to keep quiet about it.
      If one of Luiz or Sokratis was responsible for us dropping points.
      Y’all would be on here listing up to thirty players to replace them

      1. Lenohappy says:

        And our defense has been okay in the last 3 matches it’s Lacazette costing us points. Pepe did everything right there by playing the short which the keeper saves, all he laca should have done is just put the ball on the keeper and we would have won.

    3. RSH says:

      lacazette is not at his first day of work. He’s been missing sitters all season and he’s out No 9. That’s not good enough. Everybody is behind the team and Arteta as well. Many of us are fine with the performance but recognize that chances were not taken when they should have been. These guys are not kicking the ball for the first time.

      1. Mohsan says:

        That’s far from reality, he was injured most of the season n when he was played he was mostly used as sub. Players need some time under their belt to find form. You guys are complaining about his one miss opportunity in this match and saying he cost us 3 points what about the goal he create for Auba? By your logic that should be he saved a point for us today other wise we were looking at a defeat. Give me single striker in world who takes all the chances in the game created?? Not even Ronaldo n Messi score at every oppurtunity. If you want to be realistic n logical then find out the amount of goal scoring oppurtunities he has had and what’s his conversion rate…talk on facts not fiction my friend.

  28. Innit says:

    Away draw. Not a terrible result

    Unlucky equaliser

  29. Adega Olatunji says:

    It’s official, Pepe is a flop. He needs to be benched he threw away this match for us

  30. Sue says:

    Ayew conceded 7 fouls against Arsenal, the most made without receiving a yellow card in a single PL game this season… and his ‘goal’ secured a point!!

    1. Cliff says:

      This was poor officiating Sue.As in much some of our players can’t help our course,today the ref was clearly against us.

      1. Sue says:

        Very poor, Cliff. I’m beginning to think they’re all as bad as each other! Where’s the consistency??
        Actually they’re consistently useless week in, week out! 😀

        1. RSH says:

          it can go both ways to be fair though. Just last match against Leeds, Xhaka was fouling the whole game and got nothing himself.

          1. Sue says:

            Yeah I guess so, RSH… unless you play at Anfield hahahaha!!

        2. Cliff says:

          Add this VAR thing and our problems are multiplied.Apart from the United match where Auba was ruled onside. All the other decisions have been going against us.why?
          How are we facing Chelshit without Auba?

      2. Maks says:

        This is second game out of three where referee influenced the game in favour of Chalsea and today Sunderland, pardon Palace!… and I am not talking about red card at all.

    2. Mike says:

      Exactly Sue it’s these type of mistakes by officials that determine far 2 many results takes me back to the Chelsea game but we still got a point onwards and upwards gooners

      1. Sue says:

        Let’s hope something goes our way against Sheff Utd, Mike 👍

  31. Olaitan Kayode says:

    So laca is just learning how to put a simple goal behind the neat. If Laca is just Learning that, then we are screwed in our next three games

    1. David Braithwaite says:

      Really, you believe that was a simple goal!?I think you need to look at the goal again.

    2. Cliff says:

      I miss Carlos Vela.He would buried that in style.

      1. Lenohappy says:

        Auba will score that goal even in his dream.

    3. Hez says:

      I say play Mertinelli as striker next game. Good players are never too young, even his tackles are more effective

  32. Stewart Macintosh says:

    They had good possession in the first part of game but they didn’t dominate, no chances created except for the really nice goal. The team, all of them, were sloppy with the ball by times and it really killed build ups and break outs.

    Still, they played okay, Pepe would be my weakest score as he was really out of step. Can understand frustration with Laca, but not this game – he worked really hard and it is easy to say he should have chipped off a goal post and redirected ball from keeper deflection…

    Auba had to go with that challenge, so now they will have to regroup.

    While disappointed with the tie, it wasn’t a bad display and they hung in and almost thieved the points.

  33. Tom says:

    I thought I would see Arteta interview post match to see how well my thoughts aligned with his – and if not then who is

    But in truth, as he said – 35mins we controlled the game and CP did well to remain tight and stop more chances.

    The 2nd half we started like we finished the 1st half. Felt we allowed them to gain an extra 10 yards of space.
    It is these moments we ‘hibernate’ during games that we loss goals.

    Auba red was not meant as a dangerous tackle but it’s a red because his ankle twisted. I dont think VAR would of overturned the yellow if his ankle didnt turn as it did.

    Overall, on the road of progress we are still slowly moving forward…but still much to improve for Arsenal.

    Individually players need to improve and offer that improvement for longer periods of the game. We need 65mins of what we offered in the first 30/35mins.

    Tactically they have taken on the advise. But to improve it comes from being a part of doing more of these new instructions and having the desire.

    ANM is my Motm.
    Plus is the 19 pass goal and remaining strong when we played 30mins with 10 men.

    1. Stewart Macintosh says:

      AMN had one of his best games, can see him as MOTM

  34. RSH says:

    Not a bad performance. This arsenal side just dont take their chances. Pepe making better decisions seals the three points in the first 20 minutes. Lacazette, again continutes to be a disaster in front of goal and he’s making us drop points. Defensively, it was a messy game after 20 minutes and I thought we met that challenge pretty well. The goal was a generous deflection which is unlucky for us, but we had chances ourselves to get 3. And not much to say about the Red Card. It was the quintessential example of one and I’ll admit taht VAR did what it was made to do this time around. Shame it takes our only goal scorer away from us for 3 games.

  35. AB says:

    I am not a tactics expert but am lost as to why do we lose control of the game after 30 min. Same thing happened with Chelsea. Is it that Arteta is not able to adapt to oppositions change in approach or our players can’t do that. Would like some insight from those who understand tactics.
    As someone pointed out above Laca’s inability to score is very concerning. He is a good overall player but his goal return is very poor. He should have scored today.
    Hoping for continued improvement in the team.

    1. Mike says:

      No AB it’s all down to fitness or a lack thereof see to sustain this type of game plan for 70+minutes all your players need to be super fit and Arteta is still working on the fitness but make no mistake when we reach that fitness level we going to be a hard nut to crack

  36. Gworm says:

    Maybe losing Auba for three matches will prompt Arteta to keep Nketiah and give him some game time. I’d like to see Martinelli, Nketiah and either Nelson or Saka as a front line. They surely couldn’t be worse!

    1. Ronche says:

      They can gworm. They can be much worse

    2. MOG says:


      Thank God you’re not the coach, your selection for next game is suicidal.

  37. Cliff says:

    As long as we are not relegated then all is well.Let’s scrap through this season,forget it and reorganize our self.
    My fear is when Arteta thinks the players he has are good enough to compete,I just hope he has players in mind who can come in and rejuvenate our course. Majority of this Squad is not good enough.

  38. Le Coq Monster says:

    Good chance for Martinelli to step into Auba`s boots and see how we get on without the usual Auba goals.
    A draw away to a team above us and playing a third of the game with 10 men and up against a flukey goal, well done The Arse`!

  39. Le Coq Monster says:

    John-Jules starts for Lincoln, but no sign of ESR for `uddersfield !

  40. Maks says:

    Spirit of Stoke (helped by referees) will never vanish from English Premier League and this is why England National Team will never win World Cup. This style of brutal play targeting against most talented players on the pitch is still praising players without skill and talent.
    Ask any fan from any Europian country and will tell you the same.
    This is second game out of three where referee influenced the game in favour of Chalsea and today Sunderland, pardon Palace!… and I am not talking about red card at all.
    Palace is untalented, limited, boring team who can not take a quality corner kick or even a crossing and I dnt see what s so great in this “english style” of play?! Maybe it looks like rugby and this is where Nations can show their real beauty.
    But it will be unfare to rugby sport not to mention that in rugby rules and regulations are much more clear (better) then in football.
    “Sad” for Palace fans… they missed the sport all together.

  41. GB says:

    Definitely a red and now we lose him for three games.

  42. Marty says:

    The problem is in most games we are not scoring enough, we score 1 goal and that’s it, we don’t take advantage of good possession and creating chances and put the game away. I know it sounds obvious but a one goal lead is so precarious, we really need to be more ruthless in taking chances.

  43. James says:

    Zaha for 80 million???hahaha hes still in AMNs pocket. Im starting to like the neaw papa and luiz never put a foot wrong throughout the game! Who wouldve imagined that?? We’re getting better and better! Up the gunners!

Comments are closed

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