Crystal Palace v Arsenal confirmed teams – Back to 3-4-3?

Well Wenger has certainly got me confused with todays Line-up!

After saying yesterday that Kolasinac wasn’t playing because of going back to 4-3-3, he changes his mind a puts him in the side and drops Maitland-Niles!

Monreal is injured so he has just gone with a straight replacement in Calum Chambers, which could be interesting, but it is definitely changing to a more attacking formation.

Alexis is still getting picked despite his poor form, but with Kolasinac and Bellerin bombing down the wings we are definitely going for it.

So here is the confirmed team for tonight….


  1. GB says:

    No, I reckon it will be 541, seems a bit desperate.

  2. Sue says:

    Yay no Iwobi ?

    1. muffdiver says:

      hi five!

    2. kev says:

      Our worst nightmare Xhaka is starting again today which means it’s so easy to penetrate through our midfield.I hope we are on top of them today because Xhaka can play well only when Arsenal is playing well.When we’re playing poorly he’ll be exposed for the liability he truly is.I am also hoping Wilshere steps up his performance as I know he can make a difference.

    3. Ackshay says:

      thank god wenger finally saw how awfully out of form iwobi was.

  3. Sue says:

    Glad to see Kolasinac back

  4. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    i can see why. Otherwise we would struggle with Benteke and Zaha

  5. Tatgooner says:

    And now wenger is going to be very very sorry

    1. muffdiver says:

      on 8 million a year?
      i doubt it mate

  6. Eat Pie says:

    Guaranteed of the back 5 only 1 will be in position when they score on a counter.

    Glad to see Chambers back, hope he has a brilliant game.

  7. GB says:

    Yes Kalasinac bombs down the wing but never crosses, he just passes backwards. Bellerin bombs down the other wing and does cross, usually to the far corner flag. We need defenders to defend formost not bugger up an attack. Niles should be in instead of Xhaka.

  8. gotanidea says:

    Smart choice. Five defenders would be more protective than four and it would create a lot of counter-attacks for Arsenal.

    Being flexible in selecting formation is very good to confuse the opponent. 3-4-2-1 for away games and 4-3-3 for home games.

  9. HA559 says:

    Weakest link Xhaka and Wilshere. When these two play they are clueless when it comes to defence. Also give away possession easily.

  10. HA559 says:

    So many bad statistics coming out before this match about Arsenal. Conceding more goals than any other calender year since 1984. Under Wenger this is the most we’ve also lost in a calender year since his arrival, which is 11.

  11. GoonAR says:

    I predict an Arsenal win and a nice Kolasinac assist! COYG

    Xhaka worries me every game now…

  12. mogunna says:

    I don’t get it, is he out of his mind…Have almost every single player out of position. Still 30mn to wake this man up; not saying, we will lose, but this is really annoying and i don’t know how the players cop with this…Nuts!
    Team should be simply with players at their position in the back 4, middle and attack with Ozil behind Sanchez and Laca who can move all over the attack line from center; this team wins tonight. A recent game we were behind with that crazy defensive non sense and when one was replaced, we were find and more threat…When you attack, they don’t and get confused, if you also keep possession as we do; the game is over if we attack insread of opposite and be scared , shakky all game long with players lost in the pitch out of position…That’s totally crazy! Isn’t this is the team to play?

    Iwobi Xhaka – Whilshere
    Kolas Mustafi Kos Bellerin

  13. Sam says:

    Niles should be playing ahead of Belerin, he doesn’t even know how to make use of his balls and the most annoying thing is that he gets more space to operate than any other Arsenal player. I honestly miss players like Ebue

  14. Waal2waal says:

    There was a blue moon when palace beat us – it will be business as usual this evening failure to beat them isn’t an option – although games like these worry me a little, the truth is they don’t have anything to stop the irresistible force ie alexis, lacazette and ozil – 3 – Nil (…at least imo).

  15. Break-on-through says:

    Would have liked to see Debuchy come in for Bellerin and one of Elneny Coquellin Niles coming in for Xhaka. Other than that the team pretty much picks itself, not enough quality in the depth department. Not happy seeing Liv spend 80m on a CB and 50m on a defensive midfielder while we are having a desperate glance towards our academy and are maybe gonna spend because we have players running contract down.

  16. Ackshay says:

    finally seeing wenger atleast change formation depending on opponent. playing 4-3-3 against an in form palace side with benteke zaha fit would be suicide especially without ramsey energy in midfield. if xhaka plays in front of the 3 cb instead of playing like a box to box midfielder we will have a dense central area in front of our defense which is our weaking point.
    our attack should be good with ozil form and a good wilshere helping him. lazy players like iwobi and out of form welbeck would have affected our chances of success.

  17. Eat Pie says:

    Only change I would make is Xhaka out for Coq or Niles.

  18. Waal2waal says:

    If palace even dream of beating the arsenal they better WAKE UP and APOLOGISE. #COYG

  19. Mudassir says:

    he at least got the zeal to change the formation, even though it is what pep do twice in a single game. #COYG lets go.

  20. barryglik says:

    Great – Wilshere and Chambers start.
    Easy win.
    Palace 0 Gunners 9.
    Lacazette 3 Sanchez 2
    Walcott 1 Wellbeck 1
    Iwobi 2.

    1. Ivan says:

      I hope you are right, it is a game where we should win although I cannot be as cocksure as some on this site with our current poor league form.

  21. Eat Pie says:

    Let’s count the following:

    How many times Sanchez loses ball dribbling
    How many passes Sanchez misplace
    How many times Sanchez goes inside instead of crossing or going outside

    How many times Bellerin gets in a good crossing position but passes backwards
    How many times crosses (0 should be easy)

    How many times xhaka loses possess in our half
    How many times it results in goals or shots on target
    How many tackles he misses

    How many times we are caught on counter with one CB in position.

    How many times Wenger gets off his butt
    How many times Wenger tells the 4th official how much he loves him and desires his booty after the game.

    Anything I missed?

  22. Eat Pie says:

    Wenger already making excuses, we had one day more break and that caused a loss of focus.

  23. TH14atl says:

    I really hope this rough patch doesn’t destroy Iwobi. He’s a crafty, talented little player. If he can hang around the 18 as a homegrown player, he could really blossom into something nice by the time he’s 24/24/26 (look at Sergi Roberto and Rafinha for example developing at Barca). He seems like a player that will play centrally when he’s fully developed, so obviously we can’t have him there now, so I hope he doesn’t lose his confidence as he plays wide for now to earn his keep.

    Good luck tonight fellas. Hoping we can get to three goals tonight before they do.

  24. sfgunner says:

    critical to get 3 pts in this match, cant afford to drop too far off the pace of 4th spot

  25. Eat Pie says:

    Whoop whoop

  26. Eat Pie says:

    Now let’s turn on the screw

  27. sfgunner says:

    oh was that a quality shot fr mustafi, thing of beauty

  28. Break-on-through says:

    Liking our shape and concentration so far.

  29. Sue says:

    Chambers is crap

    1. Eat Pie says:

      I think he is doing a good job, looks confident.

      As for the long balls I’m sure he has an instruction.

      1. Sue says:

        Sorry eat pie not for me

  30. Eat Pie says:

    Something seems different about Sanchez, don’t you think?

    1. sfgunner says:

      big change, shocking form,

    2. Ackshay says:

      Maybe he had a good Christmas ?. whole team playing well even xhaka bit soo many chances wasted. Could have been atleast 3-0

  31. TH14atl says:

    Really enjoyable/exciting to see a classy, athletic, dynamic center forward working and making chances and thumpin quick shots. No disrespect to Giroud, but man I’ve really missed what Lacazette is able to do facing forward.

  32. Avenger says:

    first half same old same old..0-1 means nothing
    Kolasinac the king of back passes Laca only got one ball
    We are going to see the same S….t in the second half?
    who knows………….. the game is not won ..not a bet…

    1. GB says:

      As I said before start, all kala does is pass back

      1. GB says:

        Yes he was the best defender in Germany but as a left back not a wingback, there is a difference.

  33. Iyaz says:

    I dnt think Man u would have beaten us if Kolasinac had played

  34. Break-on-through says:

    Was a good half of football by the whole team, it looked a team there in that half. Xhaka Bellerin Wilshere Alexis Chambers, didn’t disappoint, the whole side looked good offensively and defensively. Probably should be a higher scoreline, but I liked what I saw. I hope the second half goes the same way.

  35. lcebox says:

    Wasnt the worst half we played much better passing still should be 3 up hope now little bit fster movement up top and sharper passes we can get 10 tonight… AND THEN I WAKE UP LOL and fair play to the fans traveling on this cold dam night ..

  36. Ackshay says:

    There are some report about alexis agreeing a deal with city, this could explained his improved mood and body language. With arsenal assuring he is leaving next Jan or June, he is happy and it is positively affecting his form.

    1. Salmonella says:

      Even I was thinking the same

    2. sfgunner says:

      not sure we are watching the same match, alexis running like crazy, but giving up the ball too easy

  37. Ackshay says:

    Typical Arsenal we have completely dominated them and bam 1-1 on their 1St shot

  38. Gunners says:

    Weakest link is Bellerin and Xhaka! Surely one our defenders should have picked Townsend!

  39. Sue says:


  40. sfgunner says:

    sanchez has given away his last three balls, just saying

      1. Sue says:

        I take that back ?

        1. sfgunner says:

          me too ?

  41. Break-on-through says:

    That’s the stuff!!!

  42. sfgunner says:

    alexis made up for it, nice assist laca

  43. Break-on-through says:

    Come on you Gunners!!!

  44. Sue says:

    Nice assist super Jack ?

  45. sfgunner says:

    not sure i am happy to see sanchez get on form… tougher to see him go

  46. Ackshay says:

    FINALLY the real sanchez has returned. Must have been an imposter before maybe a less talented twin brother lol.
    He is attacking, defending and committed to the cause and it lifts the team morale and skill. Something must have happened, did they give him the money he wanted or accepted to sell him to city.

  47. Tatgooner says:

    Im gonna miss you sanchez.
    Its not your fault youll leave us

    1. Muff diver says:

      Me too tat

      Me too

  48. Break-on-through says:

    Hope they tee one up for Lacazette.

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Spoke too soon, confusing one seeing as he rarely does it in tight games.

  49. ayodeji says:

    Sanchez can go I just want us to bring in two attacking players lemar and draxler /zaha and CB

  50. Eat Pie says:

    Bellerin is utter ??????

    1. Gmv8 says:

      Yes – absolutely – no defence on the right wing at all – Shlupp / Zaha doing the same passing move there over and over and over again and Bellerin still doesn’t learn.

  51. Gunners says:

    We almost gifted Crystal Palace a draw!

  52. Avenger says:

    As I told you before the same old same old of the first half ………….
    starting the second half Mr. Goal {Alexis Sanchez} ended the Crystal Palace hopes
    Arsenal 3 Crystal Palace 2

  53. Me says:

    Lacazette is looking more like Welbeck than the future of Arsenal.
    What a waste of money…
    Well done Wenger….
    I expect he will be played at left back next week…

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