Crystal Palace v Arsenal Preview – Vieira’s side will provide a very tough test for Arteta

We are all waiting impatiently for the start of the Premier League season, and Arsenal fans are maybe more excited than most with a host of new arrivals at the Emirates, and hopefully a couple more yet to come. Players like Jesus, Zinchenko and Saliba could all be making their official debuts, while Matt Turner, Marquinhos and Vieira could start on the bench, although one cannot be sure of the team that Arteta will choose as he now has many more options than he had at the end of last season.

The Gunners have had a very successful pre-season, and Arteta will hope to have a fully fit squad at his disposal for the season opener, and there will be a full house at Selhurst Park and will be watched by millions more on TV. For Arsenal fans wanting to watch the game from outside of the UK, NordVPN is the best option to stream the latest league matches out of market or as a great tool for security and easy access to football at any time.

But, wherever you watch it, you can be certain that Crystal Palace are not just in to make up the numbers. They have improved drastically since the arrival of the Arsenal legend Patrick Vieira last season, and play entertaining free flowing football. Interestingly, Arsenal only gained one point from our two League meeting last season, and that was only because of a last-gasp, 95th-minute equalizer from Alex Lacazette at the Emirates last October.

Even worse, Patrick Vieira’s revitalised Palace destroyed the Gunners 3-0 in the return at Selhurst Park in April which started our slump towards the end of the season and contributed immensely to us losing out on the Champions League.

Although Arsenal seem to have had a great transfer window, Vieira has also been improving his defence, having brought in the USA defender Chris Richards from Bayern Munich and England goalkeeper Sam Johnstone, and maybe more importantly Cheick Doucouré from Lens has arrived to toughen up the midfield, so Palace should be even harder to brek down in the new capaign.

Palace have now been back in the Premier league for ten seasons and are firmly established as a mid table side, and Vieira looks to be the man to turn them into a team that could be challenging for the Top Six, if not this year then in the very near future.

This will be a very tough start to the season for Arteta and his new young team….


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    1. Not quite confident about this match, as this fixture has been tough for us in last few yrs. But yes if we manage to beat them with ease then we can be optimistic for the coming season.

  1. At Crystal Palace we must start on the front foot hit them hard and early, play as if we are on our home turf .

    With our new found confidence move in for the kill and finish them off, this will be important as we set the tone for the rest of the season.

  2. I would think every team has had a successful pre season because it is used to get players fit, if they haven’t, it would be a waste of time. Pre season is no guide at all. Anyone who knows about what goes on, will know, different teams have different regimes and some even do full training sessions the day they play friendlies, to get extra fitness in. Something that never happens normally. Our pre season is forgotten Friday night the only thing that matters is we are prepared. Friday is the start, the first real test the game will be very interesting because last season we were totally outplayed against Palace twice but managed to get a lucky draw in one. We have a great start to this season our first 5 games are very good games to kick off on. Looking forward to seeing the progress.

  3. Feeling really confident that we will put in a early statement performance, can see palace giving a penalty away, o-4.

    And neck on line 3rd place finish this season,

  4. Last season has gone so let’s talk about this new season arsenal will definitely win palace with goals when I mean goals I mean Plenty’s of goals to nothing

  5. Crystal Palace.
    Crystal Palace: 0-4 : Arsenal
    goal scorers.
    Saka 10min of play assisted by JS
    Martineli 30min of play assisted by JS
    Jesus 50min of play assisted by Odg
    Nketia 80min of play assisted by Odg

    First yellow card of the game to Zaha.
    Second yellow card to xhaka.

  6. We are better prepared,we have a superior quality team,but tactically I thing P.Vieira have an advantage over our good coach and is their home ;but if we overcame this first difficult obstacle we are going on a roll.

  7. Palace is not the club I’d want to start the season against.

    Last season we had City and Chelsea in the first 3 games and that seemed bad at the time but this time round it could be good to play them early since they have a lot of changes that haven’t fully bedded in yet (if they ever will).

    But we are where we are – and these games at the start of the season against teams we’re expected to beat are potential banana skins.

    I hope the players remember last year and realise how every game is a cup final when you miss out on CL by 1 point, so they go into the season full of fight and determinatin.

    We’ll see in a few days.

    1. Happily play Chelsea early on. They seem all over the place and I actually think they were poor most of last season scrapping results

  8. Up the Arsenal!

    Lots of places i would rather be going to on the opening day but here’s hoping we bring our pre season form into the Prem.


  9. This is the first game of the new EPL season and both teams will want to impress the worldwide audience that will tune in for the opening show peice. How about that for pressure?😱

    Personally I think this is probably one of the worst games we could have at the start of the season. Crystal Palace, away?

    For ability and on paper we should win this comfortably.

    But, speaking to some Eagles fans, they are expecting 3 points as they believe they have the template on how to beat us. If they follow the game plan that they had against us last season by bullying and not giving us time on the ball.

    Scarily, as we still haven’t addressed our fundamental flaws from 21/22 and as Lance Corporal Jones would say ‘Arsenal, don’t like it up em’, I think this is game might not go to plan.

    We cannot lose to Crytsal Palace on the first game of the season if we are to make a marker for a successful season and prove us doubters wrong. If we do lose due to the highlighted above then it will gives other teams the blue print of how to beat us, which was pretty evident last season from games we lost where we were expected to win.

    I’m more worried If we are kicked all over the pitch and lose this game it can/will undermine any confidence, positivity and good will we gained from pre season and lead to another season long slog.

    If we can play with self belief, freedom to express ourselves and confidence without being overly micromanaged then we should win this game, convincingly, but our issues have never been about ability and has always been mentality.

    I think this game is bigger for us than just 3 points, I think it will be a marker of how much progress we have made in the ‘Process’.

    Whatever happens, if Arsenal turn up and leave it all on the pitch then I would be happy. If we revert to type as we did last season where we just went through the motions and played this unprogressive, unadventurous and uninspiring Artetaball, then I won’t.



  10. With a good striker that scores half a chance, you don’t always have to play well to win. Sometimes it comes down to the odd chance you had in the game. I believe however difficult Palace makes the game, there best result will be a draw. They are playing to avoid losing to us. Arsenal is winning the game but if Palace is too good on the day then the spoils will be shared. If Saliba starts at the back, Partey in the middle and Jesus up top, a draw will be a very big achievement for Palace. definitely, we have to be very patient for the goal to come.
    I predict a win for the gunners in a very difficult game.

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