Crystal Palace v Arsenal review – Lucky, Clinical, Battling, Victorious

I don´t suppose we should be too surprised anymore, because Arsenal have started doing it a few times this season, but it is not the typr of game that we used to see from the Gunners. You could say that we were lucky, especially as the replays showed that the foul for the penalty that gave us our 7th minute lead was just outside the box.

But it was very close and Danny Welbeck did brilliantly to pounce on the ball and draw the foul. And Cazorla seems to be infallible from the spot these days. However, Crystal Palace gave us a real hard time after that and could have levelled if they had been a bit more clinical.

Fair play to the Gunners though, we did not wilt under the heavy pressure and fought for everything, even though it was Palace that dominated the first half. A brilliant last ditch tackle from Mertesacker was just one of the great bits of defending that kept Arsenal in front.

And then we really stuck the knife in and twisted in first half stoppage time. The excellent Welbeck again caused the problem and his shot was parried into the path of Giroud with the in form French striker gratefully slotting the ball in for our second.

The second half was a real test for us. Palace were really good and had lots of chances, corners and free kicks in good areas and we were lucky that they did not score until stoppage time. Even then they nearly grabbed a point as Murray hit the post with seconds left to play.

But although we were far from our fluent best, I think we did brilliantly to see this very tough game out. It is the sort of match we would have drawn or lost up until we found our new battling qualities and it could prove to be crucial at the end of the season. Now on to Monaco and we should be feeling good about things, especially as Swnsea dfid us a huge favour by beating man ure. Happy days Gooners!

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    1. lucky win what happend to team in final minutes
      chambers is not rb
      giroud is much cb then chambers
      now in top 3
      gay utd fu#K offf

    2. Can’t disagree with that. A goal for Palace was coming, so better late than early. Just glad the post saved us in the final seconds. Ahh the premier league.

      1. Right. It wasn’t our best win at all, but an important one for sure. Now we gotta hope for good BPL results tomorrow and prepare for Monaco next Wednesday.

    3. Boy!…….that was ALMOST a Last minute draw…… But thank God! In the end, we were destined to be victorious

      1. pardew said that was palace’s best game under him. why do other teams boost up for us? did u also see they were imitating the pressing game dort/spuds used against us? [and the grass was long to stop us from doing our slick passing and direction changing]

    1. also – it rly annoys me that alexis hangs on to the ball for so long… he can easily pass it early but creates more work for himself

      1. I’ve been shouting off my head over this since the start of the season. Reason why he’s not “world class” to me :/

      2. Agreed, He should have come off way before he did, he just seems to get confused as to when to pass the ball. Mabey now that other players back he is not looking like the best. At least he has shown the other players to chase back and fight,so don’t want to be to critical off him just want him to be better. CB

    1. I can’t believe I was wishing that Palace scored a goal just before they scored.
      Do I win the T-Shirt?

  1. Good performance in my opinion. Ahead of a tough Champions League game this was a good away performance today against a good Crystal Palace side. We didn’t take many risks and were clinical when it mattered. Not much to complain about, COYG!

    1. I agree with you, it was not pretty and for sure was not easy, but this are the types of games that define your season and I am very happy with the performance, resilient and full of guts. They have their chances but so did we, especially in the counter attack. A year ago this would have been a loss and the fact that we got the three points make very happy….it is worth mentioning how much of a crappy job Clattemberg did, fresh of an extremely poor performance in the europa league, he is a shitty ref…

    2. A win is a win at this stage of season, especially with Manure result.
      Workmanlike is best description. In truth tho’ they had a lot of possession and pressure, they didn’t really threaten to score till last couple of minutes.
      Should have played Gibbs (who’s faster) in palce of Monreal against Zaha, but that’s hindsight.
      Great for Welbeck to have a good game, shame he didn’t score but it goes down as an assist.
      Bring on Monaco

      1. I’m not so sure, with Chelsea dropping some points City will go all guns blazing now. Of course we should still aim for it, but City will not give it up that easily.

  2. What a match. Great win in a great game. Man U and Chelsea dropping points. All in all a great weekend

    Full respect to our players for their respect of the game and other teams. Moments such as Cazorla putting the ball out and Koscielny helping out and apologizing everytime a Crystal Palace player went down really warms my heart. Another moment is after the final whistle the players don’t celebrate much since they know Crystal Palace gave a good fight. Nice to see such respect in football.

  3. I like Callum Chambers, but he was murder today…he needs to close down the winger, he let them cross every time, stood a couple of yards away.
    Our passing was pretty poor too.

    1. He is not a RB, he is easily beaten and is as slow as hell. Bellerin is way better than him.. I think he should be groomed as a CB, he will be good there, but he has got no business at RB..

      1. Sadly with Debuchy out and Bellerin struggling with fitness, CC is all we have @ RB. I agree his future is @ CB.

    2. What I really don’t like about him is him tugging at player’s shirts when they go past him. It gets you a booking each time. Was very lucky this time around.

    1. If Murray second shot went of the post and in you would’ve hated to see MOTD today, such is the margin of mediocrity. Bad performances have finally caught up with manure, and it will be no different for us if we turn up for only 20 minutes a match, might be agianst Monaco, might be Everton.

      What excuse do we have that we are performing like this?
      All our precviouse 4 games and the next 3 are all in London, there is no long travel.

      1. Sometimes others team play well too! You cant expect Arsenal to dominate each and every second of every match. I do think we need more physicality in the middle of the park though. But we were more clinical then them in front of goal. We got 3 points in an away game under pressure albeit with a scrappy performance. I for one am happy with the result.

      2. Good win vs. a strong performance from Palace.

        In past seasons Arsenal have been criticized for not being able to pull out the tough wins. Now that Arsenal is starting to win some of these games…….. it is still criticized?

        Not from me. Good win.

  4. When Özil and Sanchez combined. Terefic. Also they were a lot more lucky that we didn’t specifically Sanchez have his shooting botts on.

    Upwards and onwards boy.

  5. All our goals were debatable. We made Palace look like Barcelona, only their luck and lack of quality in the final 3rd helped us..

    I am not enjoying this new way of playing where we give away possession but when we get the ball back we can’t keep it.. Against better teams again we will keep losing, at least before we could keep possession and create chances but we still remained in 4th place battles.

    Now we have gone the other way, we are playing ugly boring football where we lack intensity, any half decent team with high energy dominates us and get points or beat us, but we are still in the same 4th battle..

    If this way of playing had made a difference to us in the league and we were nearer to the leader then I would not mid, instead we are still in the same position but playing lucky football..

    I am not liking this new style..

      1. How many time are we going to say that? We said the same about Spurs, the same against Liverpool, the same against stoke, even Villa at home did so but lack of quality let them down, they had 605 possession. Leicester were so unlucky too at the emirates, they pressurized in the second half and we looked like headless chickens. Spuds made it pay.

        No way we are going to be able to come close to the likes of Madrid, Bayern, Barcelona, Chelski etc… Give them that kind possession and lack of intensity and they will murder us again..

        1. true @goonster, you’re right. We should know how to deal with these kind of opponents. Crystal Palace had their chances and couldn’t put them away. Other teams will.

        2. spot on….. palace are a bottom 6 team period…the fact that they outplayed us and there could have been co complaints if they had take a point should tell us that there is something wrong somewhere…we are basically hoping that the other 3rd and 4th place contenders slip up…man city with a full squad plus bony aint dropping back…need chamberlain back much better than wellbeck or the whippet … but need a real DM who breaks up play and restarts attack…am happy for coquelin for reestablishing his place and doing well but he wont take us to next level..and sooner bellerin is back the better for us

        3. yoooo….better calm down. The premier league is tough so if u think it is a given right for any top team to turn up n blow teams away from home, u must be stuck in the 1990s. If it was only Arsenal this was happening to, then i take ur point but its happening to all the top 7 teams including billionaire teams like city n chelsea. Chelsea just drew at HOME to burnley. If that was Arsenal im guessing u will be saying wenger out, board out akbs dieee….or something along those lines. Better take a chill pill n enjoy the competition in the best league in the world and give credit to teams wen they do well. welldone crystal palace….hopefully u can take points off our competitors. UP the Arsenal and down haterz.

    1. I cannot believe what I am reading?

      It is not great insight to see that Arsenal did not dominate possession today. So what. Other clubs play to win also.

      In football the team that scores more wins. You don’t get points for passing statistics or # of challenges won.

      In the end the Arsenal QUALITY is what won the game. What is wrong with that???

      Wenger is finally adjusting as needed to find some tough wins and he is now criticized for that???

      1. Please tell them again. These are the same people who say the want change, the change is obvious this new year since the mancity game. Not perfect but certainly work in progress. These are games we would ve easily lost seasons before. People want perfect performances. Sorry u aint gonna get that in the premier league. Its a top league were any team can lose any day. So if u aint happy, go and watch the Japanese league or something basketball if u prefer.

    2. I suppose you could argue that the goals were “debatable.” But you could make an even stronger argument that Arsenal were unlucky not to score more.

      Several Arsenal open attacks on goal were wrongly killed through offsides calls that were not “debatable” – they were just plain wrong.

  6. Wow there must of been 30 slips in that game. They need stronger grass roots on that pitch.
    Great win and I hope Ospina gets the communication down with our backs. Too many indecisive moments.

  7. Chambers willl let you cross the ball in all day.
    Giroud first pass after hold up is always poor.
    Oassing accuracy in general was poor for all attacking players.

    When we get more defensive players on to protect a lead, we usually become wekaer in defence and you saw that again today. We just can’t park the bus.

    We can’t gain control of a game for the majority of the match anymore. It looks like Arteta and Coquelin will need to pair up for bigger matches later on in the season, because who else was missing today that could’ve got us some control in the game? Maybe Debuchy or Bellerin in RB but in midfield other than Arteta there would’ne be a difference if Ramsey, Wilshere played or Chamberlain and Walcott played on the side.

    It is a mental problem.

    1. I am thrilled with the win. Arsenal had better quality where it counted.

      But is also fine to be happy with the win and still identify some problem areas.

      You are right. Chambers is not yet progressing at RB. And Giroud’s passing was often horrible.

      As for the rest, CP just did a great job closing down on Arsenal and I thought much of the passing was good considering the pressure – sometimes 3 players on 1.

      Also, Arsenal breaks were key – 2 very promising attacks were killed by bad offside calls. Things work both ways.

  8. Waoh! I don’t know what to say, Crystal playing Arsenal scoring, Luck set in, I am happy, Gr8 weekend.

    1. I am not sure why Arsenal digging out a touch win through team defense and several moments of superior quality is LUCK?

      It may not be the way we would prefer to play and win, but it was NOT luck. In football you get points for scoring goals, not for dominating possession, passing stats, # of corner kicks etc. Goals count and Arsenal dominated there clearly.

  9. is this how we will win the ucl trophy?? 🙁 🙁 🙁 i hate it when wenger removes all forwards then go defensive against tiny, fightless, skills and harmless teams like palace! 🙁

    #Wenger out
    #loosers mentality out
    #only pythagoras can save arsenal

    1. when we played possession you were the first one to say we should be more defensive and play a boring safe game like chelsea to guaranty the win. You are now saying we are too defensive even tho we won???

      1. We are playing boring and embarrassing football but still in the same position as when we were when we played beautiful football. So we sacrificed attractive football for 35% possession no control headless chicken football but we are still in the same 4th place battle position.

        I would rather we played attractive football because it looks like the boring style has not got us any better, but instead we are making all the small teams have 60% possession and when we play the big ones we still can’t do sh’t..

      2. Er I disagree. I don’t think the kid Pi could possibly have said anything first, especially something that made sense. It must have been someone else.

  10. Danny Wellsuspect’s touch is plain AWFUL. Looses the ball most occasions and kills our counter attacks dead.

    Good result , average performance.

    @Goonster is spot on. Against better sides our weaknesses will be exploited..


    1. @True..I am not trying to be moany but against Chelsea, United, Southampton, Everton, Liverpool, Spuds, City we hardly up our game. We got lucky that in the period we played City they were going through a lack of confidence. Yaya was out, Nasri was out, it was Aguero’s first game after a long injury. So we were lucky., Burnley, Hull, Middlesborough etc all gave City big problems in that same period..

      Southampton, Everton, Stoke, Liverpool, Chelski, Spuds, etc all gave us a footballing lesson away from home. On another day we would have been smashed in 6’s or 5’s like last season..

      I am not convinced that our players know how to defend under real pressure..

        1. and 2-0 was the heaviest defeat of this season (twice) the other 4 in epl were only lost by 1 goal difference.

      1. Sure. When Arsenal lose to the big sides they suck. If they win, they are just lucky.

        Last season when all the pundits noted how horrible Arsenal were vs. the big sides – they often cited the Liverpool game for example. Yet Arsenal actually beat Liverpool 2 out of 3 games last season – those things never get mention – only the negative.

        When Arsenal beat a team that is missing players they are just lucky. When Arsenal lose a game when many gunners are injured they are “just not strong enough.”

        It never ends. The fact is Arsenal won the game today. Period. End of story. And the City win was NOT luck. Arsenal were the better team with more quality that day.

        Some fans will NEVER validate any win that does not include dominating possession. But in football you get ZERO points for nice stats. You get points for having the quality to score more goals than the other team. Check the rules.

        1. To much rational thought and far to many good points for me to comprehend, maybe the board should be renamed,

      2. Mate I could run a similar glass half empty, “we were lucky” story for every team in the PL – we are 3rd after 26 games and luck doesn’t really much enter in to the equation anymore. Spuds, Pool, Utd, Soton, Everton have even more sob stories and slip-ups than us and both City (Newcastle, Middlesbrough, Stoke, Hull, Burnley, WH, QPR, Roma, CSKA) and Chelsea (Burnley, Bradford, Tottenham, Maribor, Shalke, Shrewsbury, Bolton, Sunderland) have been embarrassed or unconvincing more than once this season.

        I don’t really get it with some supporters. Beat a top team and we are lucky, beat a lower team and we should be beating them anyway, lose when playing a too risky brand of football and we are inept, win a tight game playing ugly it is not acceptable nor the Arsenal way, win by 3 goals and it should have been 5, keep playing the same predictable way every game and we should vary it more, vary our pattern of play and we should go back to doing what we used to, win 2-0 and keep a clean sheet and we should have been more adventurous to improve goal difference, win 2-1 and concede in the last minute and we were naive not to shut up shop, win 12 out of the last 15 games and it should have been 15 wins………blah, blah.

        Next season: P38 W38 D0 L0 F114 A1 – Wenger should not have subbed off Kos in the 85th minute resulting in a conceded goal. Terrible management. And why oh why did he spend all that money in 2013-15, we could have won the league with a lesser spend, just buying the title like the oiled teams. Arsenal have sold their soul.

  11. Sanches is causing d team problem, hold ball too long, Welbek can’t score but he is a work horse, good pace always cause opponent sleepless night, let’s tnk God. Up gunners!

    1. Yes, it is often frustrating to see Sanchez playing with the ball to long – and he is not the only one.

      But he is so good at ball control and creating opportunities that much of the time he turns those situations into attacks and goals. I think this may be a situation where the positives outweigh the negative.

    1. What worried me was that Ospina looked like Woj coming for that ball. That’s definitely one thing we don’t need – 2 Woj-like goalkeepers on our squad.

  12. We do need to work on our clearances out the 18 though. How many times did we give Crystal Palace a second or third chance from their corners/FKs?

    But I guess with the amount of dead balls they had, it was overall good defending from set pieces. Still…

  13. If we play like this and win great. If we play like this and lose, for some reason everyone has cause for concern here.

    You should be concerned about recent performances regardless of result. It is not like it’s a final, done and dusted you won by playing badly. We still have a third of the season left.
    Today Manures poor performances have finally caught up with them.

    1. not every game can be a clean effortless performance. Selhurst is a hard place to go, and Palace were very good, you have to give them credit. And we’re not in bad form. Didn’t we absolutely cruise the match before this one?

  14. Not a clean performance but a good performance. We need to learn how to handle pressure, and we did well overall besides for the garbage time goal. More importantly we were clinical. Very well done for Giroud to score on his first chance. Sanchez shouldve finished it off in 2nd half, but oh well still got 3 points. Good to get a win before Monaco game.

  15. @ArseOverTit, remember Man U and Barca lost while Chelsea draw. This is a critical stage, in d league, note that.

    1. Definitely all good there!

      If we can iron out the creases in our game we can be strong enough to be there are thereabouts come end of season.

      I suspect with a good win against Monaco it could take us to a different level (dare I say UCL champions?)…

  16. Did anyone see that rocket from jonjo shelvey that almost burst the man united net? What a goal and a great result!

  17. After loosing to southampton on the 1st of january, we are now recording 1 defeat for 8 wins.
    I really hope Arsene is finally getting where he wants to be.

  18. Not pretty, terrible pitch, could of and should have been 3-0, equally lucky it wasn’t 2-2 as it turned out, but last 15 games W 12 D 1 L2, up to 3rd and new injury concerns. For those of you new to the Premier League the old hackneyed cliche as to “no easy games” happens to be true. Why do many still refuse to accept that? Chelsea, the greatest team seen this century (apparently if you listen to the media) have only won half their away games in PL. Chill and rejoice at the 3 away points fellow Gooners.

  19. I find it puzzling why so many Arsenal fans find this away result so appaling. If you look @ the starting 11 I see alot of good but not elite players,

    Le Coq
    Per (played well today)

    Arsensal are exactly where they should be in the table, the 3rd or 4th most talented team in the EPL

    1. sorry but is not just about individuals, it is a team sport. Based on ur theory, southampton should be in a relegation battle. Not all 11 players have to be world class to be the top2 teams. It was just unfortunate we had a bad start to this season due to injuries and the team getting used to the 4141 system. Next season this same team u have judged with one or two additions could be world beaters.

      1. Let’s get it straight! It wasn’t ‘unfortunate’ it was bad management.

        If suffecient cover and quality in defense was purchased and in place that dip would not have happened.

        1. I disagree. Everyone esp the manager knew he needed anoda cb. If Arsene who knows more than u (FACT) was not able to get the right person in bc of unavailability and prefers to wait until that quality is available, then that is the right call. If he opted out n just got a cheap option of less quality….u will be the first to be here to point out how bad our manager is by bringing in bad players esp if the player doesnt play well. Yes we have money now but it doesnt mean u have to be foolish to spend blindly just because a fan or or a few pundits say so. Spend wen the quality is available then wen u succeed ur critics can hush….so stay tuned cause U will be hushing very soon

  20. The “bring on multiple defenders and get rid of attackers” tactic has never worked. It just invites teams more onto us, knowing the chance of a counter is fairly limited. I would’ve like to’ve seen the outcome if we’d brought on Walcott rather than Paulista for the last 7 minutes.

    1. I actually think Welbeck should have stayed on if he was able. He has pace to go forward but works hard defensively. Walcott is devastating in attack but still lacks grit and work rate defensively.

    2. More defensive people taking up key areas on the pitch makes it harder for the opponents to get closer to scoring. All the top teams do this. At 1-0 Chelsea brought on Ramires… In this point of a match the game is more balanced, at 2-0 it makes sense.
      Think of it like a game of chess, or warfare. If your winning you reserve it and save the attacking resources for another war.
      It’s the fact we haven’t been able to do that earlier in the season that we have lost points.

  21. After that rocket from jonjo shelvey, De gea was heard saying “did someone get the licence number of that bus”!

  22. City 3-0 first 20 mins. Damn

    Anyway, we won. Monaco next

    A few points concerning Monaco
    1. Start Gibbs instead of Monreal. Gibbs is more fresh.
    2. start Bellerin at RB. Bellerin is a bit better
    3. Play Koscielny, Mertsacker, Ospina and Coquelin
    4. Start Walcott, Sanchez and Ozil/Cazorla
    5. I’m not sure about Giroud though. He plays well against lower teams but struggles against bigger teams or matches. Maybe try Welbeck or Sanchez up front.

    Actually, Bellerin + Walcott + Sanchez + Welbeck = speed. Speed may unsettle Monaco

    Anyway, We must take advantage of Home match being the 1st leg.

    1. Giroud is primed for this game, full of confidence and scoring. Today he had his 50th goal in 2 seasons and half even though he’s been out for 3 months, drogba did it in 3 season. That’s a quality striker there who keeps improving and getting better season after season so i would go with him at the main man. I still prefer OX to walcott but because of his time off i agree with you to go with Walcott in this game even though he’s lacking in defending he would be a massive threat with his runs.

    2. Bellerin is clearly the better and preferred choice over Chambers at RB. He was not used today because of minor injury. If healthy, he will start before Chambers at RB.

    3. Just the fact that u cut out Giroud, means u don’t know your Arsenal team very much. Giroud struggles against bigger teams…..REALLY?? Please come back to the future, I think u re stuck in 2014.

  23. We should remember that we have never scored more than 2 goals against Palace since their promot ion. We beat them at home only in the last minute when they lost their manager. Just can’t beat them by 3 goals. Good rresults.

    1. Yes, LOL. Mou was trying his hardest when he came back to be the happy go lucky reformed character type – but this charade is now wearing thin, the mask is slowly slipping, I reckon an offside PSG winner in a few days time will do the trick – back to the good old pantomine Mou we can all laugh at – the guy is hilarious but not in the way he imagines.

  24. There is just no pleasing some fans. Cannot believe some of the comments here.

    Yes, it was not the way Arsenal fans prefer to win. So what. They did the job today – away, on a terrible pitch, vs. a strong Palace performance, and inspite of some poor individual performances from Arsenal players.

    But, in the end they won because of their superior ability to score goals. Not so bad.

    1. Agreed. They don’t see the bigger picture. Winning away against any team in the PL is not easy. We weren’t even 100% and still won

      At the end of the day we want to finish as high as possible. Win means full 3 points. That’s all I care about.

    2. Like the saying goes, You can’t please everyone, Just keep on going. Well done Gunners. Can’t wait for the Monaco game

  25. I’m very pleased with an Away Win, no matter what the score is.

    Also, a really good team can pull out a win even when they aren’t playing their best

    Only concern is that in many games we seem come off the accelerator in the second half ie today, Leicester, Brighton. We need to improve in second half.

    Anyway, I’m feeling confident about Monaco.

    Great day fellow gooners


    1. It has been a good day for Arsenal, but it looks like we will have to tolerate this one bad result. Newcastle is absent today.

  26. we dont have a strong b2b: caz has to do it so that ozil can play in cam. i think its been working out well. if caz didnt play b2b, either wilshere/ramsey would have to, then either we’d play ozil@LW,cazorla@CAM or leave one of them out. summary: to have ozil at cam, cazorla has to be at b2b.

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