CUP THAT! Arsenal opponents´ striker crisis after BIZARRE injury!

And you thought that Arsenal had bad luck with injuries! Well we do, but you have to feel a bit sorry for our Premier League opponents on Saturday, because West Ham, who were already missing two of their front line in Carlton Cole and Andy Carroll, have now a lost a third striker to one of those bizarre injuries that must have a manager tearing his hair out.

The football media just love them though, so Metro could not wait to spread the news that the West Ham and Ecuador international star Enner Valencia will miss the trip to the Emirates on Saturday after a run in with a broken coffee cup left him with a damaged toe. It´s not funny!

The Hammers have already lost a big physical threat with Cole and Carroll and now they have lost the pace and trickery of Valencia, who is their joint second top scorer and has been a real hit with the club since joining last summer.

What is important for Arsenal now is to not take the result for granted and to keep our heads in the right place. We need to a Man United, not a Monaco. We do have our own injury problems and the latest one keeping Gabriel out of action means that Wenger has very few central defensive options, so the fact that our opponents have only one fit striker in Diafra Sakho is a massive boost. Make sure you don´t waste it Gunners!

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  1. A hate these articles that focus on the injuries of our opponents. Just focus on our injuries and mention our opponents injuries in match analysis articles.

    Honestly we should play as hard whether they have injuries or not. I don’t get happy for injuries because they can still beat us if we are off form.

            1. no I promise and I could only thumb down once if I did, which I never do
              you do know you could always send articles in don’t you
              all of the ones I post are not mine, although this one was and I was not revelling in his injury I was reporting it and suggesting how it could benefit Arsenal, you know that team we all support and want to win

          1. No it’s not Bob it’s me and others with sense. The thumbs up are from Hafiz and Co. who have a similar mentality to you – and as little brain.

  2. And I remember last season or this season where Dortmund had like 7 first team players out but they still smashed us.. lol..

    1. you have no idea what your talking about. we have played a full strength dortmund side the last 4 years

        1. when have we ever got humiliated what are you on? we lost 2-1 at the emirates last year and it was one of the best games of football I’ve ever seen. and no once again we’ve always played a full strength dortmund side

            1. ooo so your talking about if’s and buts? is that the same game where danny had 4 great chances and didn’t put 1 away? exactly we were bad but could’ve easily come away with a draw

            2. and please tell me what players were injured when we played. they were missing pisczek hummels and gundogan we were missing walcott, giroud, debuchy so i don’t have any idea what your on about

  3. you guys should watch the wolfsburg game. I want de bruyne do replace cazorla and rosicky in a few years, the kid is quality. Jose is an idiot for selling him he is 10x the player oscar, willian, schurrle, and cuadrado is

  4. Feel sorry for who? You mean we should feel sorry for the opponents that want to deny us collecting all the 3 points at stake on Saturday afternoon at the Emirates stadium, right? I will certainly not join any group that will feel sorry for the opponents woe. Didn’t their manager bosted of exposing the Gunners weaknesses comes Saturday? – Courtesy of the Guardian newspaper. Infact, the boss should not dismiss that threat as an empty threat. Maybe he has something up his sleeves. Apart of Rhino’s lack of pace and his dodging and ducking habits, and the lack of pace of Chambers. I can’t see any other weaknesses big Sam can exploit in the rank and file of the Gunners. Besides, those weaknesses will not be exposed by big Sam as the boss would have them adequately covered.

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