Currently low coronavirus cases in London could be good news for Arsenal and Premier League games in the capital

Some encouraging news ahead of potential Premier League return…

There’s some encouraging news on the coronavirus pandemic as we prepare for the possible return of Premier League football next month.

We’re all eagerly hoping football can resume safely amid the current global health crisis, as many of us would no doubt benefit from having some entertainment to boost morale whilst largely being stuck at home.

According to the Telegraph, it seems coronavirus cases are currently very low in London, with just 24 new infections a day at the moment and models suggesting the virus could be wiped out by June.

We’ll have to hope that rather optimistic prediction isn’t as unrealistic as it sounds, but for now it certainly seems that there is only a very low level of the virus circulating in the capital.

This suggests London mayor Sadiq Khan’s reluctance to get football going again in the city, as reported by the Evening Standard earlier this week, is a little misplaced.

Provided the general public continue to practice social distancing and good hygiene, the regular testing and strict rules going on at football clubs should hopefully mean there isn’t another big spike of cases.

Football games seem likely to go on behind closed doors for the foreseeable future, and it does seem like preventing large crowds gathering together is a key way to tackle the spread of the virus.

The Telegraph’s report suggests some cause for optimism, and it’s encouraging for us Arsenal fans to know that our players and staff are not currently in the thick of the pandemic.


  1. Sue says:

    All eyes on the Bundesliga tomorrow… BT are showing all 9 games live over the weekend! Sorted!

  2. Reggie says:

    Once we get into a fuller swing, the figures will boom. There are reasons they are lower and there are reasons they wilk rise. I have witnessed real stupidity from people and i have very little faith in some human beings being sensible. There are some who actually believe there isn’t a problem and some who think they dont need to do anything different. I also think our government are a total disgrace in the haphazard way this is being handled.

    1. Jah son says:

      At Reggie
      How long do you expect people to stay home while the price of food goes through the roof because of lack of productivity. Your sounding old and scared. Am sure old and happy and lock away and thankful for my time on earth and want to see the kids play which happens to have a lest than 1 death per hundred thousand from the Corona Virus .

      1. Admin Martin says:

        Careful Jah son you speak sense and there are some that simply cannot tolerate that. More players die from heart attack than will die from Coronavirus but that does not suit some of the narratives on here. At least you are not deliberately misrepresenting facts. A breath of fresh air. I will look out for your comments, they deserve to be heard and I hope you continue giving your considered opinion and not allow yourself to be shouted down.

  3. Reggie says:

    Jah son, stop putting words in peoples mouths and spouting rubbish. I want this life to start back asap in a way we can safely and the sooner the better. But when you have a government who have let people into this country for the last 8 weeks by plane and not asked to self isolate, not tested temperatures, not taken names and addresses of people who have come in this country or where. Sent people back to work without proper detection or accountability, allowed taxi drivers to carry on working through all this without realising they are probably the most vulnerable in this country, allowed people to go into shops without any checks on temps or well being of the people actually going in and out. Allow unchecked care homes to accept people with the disease to go in and not properly protect the staff, lie about testing, lie about deaths or actual deaths. We have apparently had 32000 ish die of covid in the las 3 months but funnily enough close on 60000 people have actually died which is 28000 more than the same period last year. And numerous bad decisions being made, yes i am concerned that this situation is being handled very badly and haphazardly, i just think there is peoples lives being put at unnecessary risk, when we can make a better fist of actually getting through this. And dont be disrespectful of age, its not relevant and it is worth considering, the old need protecting. And for the record, i lost my job through this and i got a new job actually helping get people tested for this shit, so i am out there doing my bit, as is my wife who is a nurse, dont disrespect me, when you haven’t a clue of my circumstance. We all have an opinion on this and i think the safest opinion is not a bad thing.

  4. Jah son says:

    Sorry Reggie
    I meant absolutely no disrespect. Am just saying if farmers can work and food lines can progress, supermarkets and the likes are operating. What’s to stop sports men and women the absolute healthiest of our kind from entertaining and old jit has me sitting at home until the government tells me all clear.

    1. Reggie says:

      Jah, i am not worried about getting through this, i am worried at the way we are getting through this. I dint think that we are going about this the right way. Instead of people being paid for being at home and putting the economy at so much risk, the money would have better spent, detecting the virus, taking those people out of the system by isolating them, proper testing for all who are going to work and temp checks for work and shops, stop people entering buildings who dont pass it and let those who haven’t get on with life. The more you take out the cause, the more people can live more safe. There isnt proper protection and detection and that for me is very worrying. Funny enough, my wife feels more safe dealing with people with this than she does shopping. At work she protects herself against it and feels she is aware of what she has to do, in a shop, she hasn’t a clue who or what is around her and she hasn’t got proper protection. My worry is the plan, not the resumption.

      1. Reggie says:

        What will be interesting will be Wisconsin in USA, they took the authorities to court to allow them to lift the lockdown themselves. They won and are all going about their business basically as usual. I will be keeping a close eye on that one, im just pleased im not living there. I fear for them.

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