D-Day arrives as Arsenal set for crucial Arteta talks

There have been mountains of speculation about who will be Arsenal’s new manager, and it was revealed by Robert Pires that the shortlist of candidates had been whittled down to Max Allegri, Mikel Arteta and Carlo Ancelotti. The first-named has now excluded himself as he told the media after winning his fourth League and Cup double with Juventus: “If they don’t fire me, I see myself as staying at Juventus next year too,” he said. “We have to congratulate Napoli, which kept pace with a great Juventus. It’s hard to see these four years being repeated.

“I congratulate everyone who works for Juventus and the fans but the most credit goes to the players. With a team like this, with these men and these players, it’s easier to achieve your targets.”

So then there were two, and it has already been admitted that Ancelotti has been lined up as a backup if the Gunners fail to find an agreement with Arteta, and it seems that the legendary Italian will not have to wait much longer to find out if he will be called upon.

Today is a massive one in the future of Arsenal as Sky have been told that there will be talks between Arteta and the Gunners’ bosses over the vacant manager position. The report simply stated….

Arsenal will hold talks with Mikel Arteta on Thursday about becoming their new manager, according to Sky sources.

Former Gunners midfielder Arteta is the leading candidate to succeed Arsene Wenger and if appointed, he would be handed a transfer budget in the region of £50m this summer.

The Arsenal executives, who are responsible for choosing the new manager, are also understood to be holding talks on Thursday.

So this could at last be the day when Arsenal fans find out if they will be shouting #ArtetaOut or #AncelottiOut next season!



  1. s says:

    If Arteta is announced, that will be that for the majority of Gunners. They will vote with their money and stay OUT of that poisonous cauldron bowl. They may still support the team but will they if it loses every match…

    1. Trudeau says:

      I’m starting to think some followers have a huge void in their lives now that they can’t target their frustration on Wenger. And so fill it by targeting Arteta. The petitions are being printed and planes booked. As far as I’m concerned, If they stay out of the “poisonous cauldron bowl” then problem solved. I for one will be giving our new manager my full support when named.

      1. ks-gunner says:

        You feel to much and think to little.

        1. Trudeau says:

          Pot, meet kettle.

        2. ClassiqueGunner says:

          Lol….. ?

      2. Indy757 says:

        So how do the Wenger out fans feel now. This is what your bitching got us. Thanks for nothing, because your still bitching about managers that ain’t even managed 1 game for arsenal yet.

    2. GoonerP says:

      And if Arsenal WIN every match?

  2. Sue says:


    1. Abel says:

      Anybody but Wenger right? You’ve got your wishes so don’t complain.

      1. Sue says:

        I’ll put my CV in….

        1. Ray says:

          Me too..

          We need to remember what happened at Man Utd. They got Moyes in. He was a scapegoat because it was new ground for them. When it failed, he took the blame!

          I can see Arteta in the same situation. It’s an ideal time to “try before you buy” at Arsenal. The board will no doubt be rubbing their hands at the prospect that if all else fails, at least it was cheap..

          1. Sue says:

            I’ll always support my team, that’s what I do. But that will really p**s me off if they do go down the cheap skate route!

          2. tas says:

            Ray i have to disagree with you its not the same as Man-U when Sir Alex Ferguson retired his team was old and his core players retired or was about to and needed total overhaul in fact they are still trying to make a complete team, so there is no comparison to Arsenal’s situation Arsenal have a amazing attacking players from midfield to strikers for Arsenal to do well with a new manager all it will take is a top top GK, CD, world class DM, and a great Manager that’s up to date with today’s football and not to lose Arsenals DNA

          3. tas says:

            i will fully support Arteta and will allow him (if the signs are there) at least one season to find his feet and learn how to be a boss

          4. Simon Williams says:

            Agree- and add

            That Man U won the league when Fergie left. We’ve performed worst, or at least scored the least points ever

            So a much easier manager situation.

  3. GB says:

    Look, I’ll give whoever comes in my support but please someone tell me this is not true. I don’t believe Pires has been shown the shortlist, I don’t believe there is only £50 mil on offer which ludicrous, I don’t believe the “talks being held according to sky sources” and I certainly don’t believe Ancelotti sitting there waiting to be called off the bench like a substitute!
    Ancelotti is a short term fix at best and while Arteta could surprise us all is a major risk imho.

    1. GB says:

      Yes, unlike the Monkees, I am NOT a believer.

        1. Ozziegunner says:

          ?If this is correct, then Arsenal has totally disrespected Ancellotti.
          Not only is Arsenal taking a great risk, but Arteta will be putting his future managerial/coaching career on the line.
          Kroenke will destroy this great club.

          1. Indy757 says:

            Wenger out fans destroyed the club. All of your negativity.

          2. Ozziegunner says:

            Not negativity; just realism!

  4. ArseOverTit says:

    History dictates that the fools at Arsenal will make this ridiculous choice however:

    Max has not counted himself he has only been professional in his manner saying the right things at the right time. Question is do AFC want the best or some yes man who will come cheap and will not be expected to deliver success until 2076 whilst he develops ‘potential’.

    And Ancelotti as backup for Arteta is simply a hilarious idea. Better stop reading the tabloids.

    Arteta is favourite and he hasn’t even been approached yet and nor have Man City.

  5. Ingleby says:

    No point going into overdrive at this stage. It seems a big risk, but ‘easy to control’ and ‘yes man’ are entirely uninformed speculative comments. ‘Cheap’ may be valid as it is almost saying the obvious – so may turn out to be correct simply by default. Let’s wait and (we’ve no alternative at present) and see how the new season starts after any Summer transfers.

    1. ArseOverTit says:

      If appointed it shows once again a COMPLETE lack of ambition by the owner and board to compete with the very best and to invest realistically to make that so.

      It’s not because it’s the 2nd year out of The UCL that they want to be financially careful, it’s because they like large profit margins and aren’t in the business to be No.1 (Stan said this remember).

      Arteta will be cheap, will fit in the new holy grail of a european structure (where as successful and top european managers won’t;) and is malluable in such respect. They have gone from giving Wenger near complete control to a knee jerk situation where the manager can’t be the no.1 voice in selecting his own players. Arteta is Also unproven and inexperienced so will have lots of time to ‘develop’ whilst we slide down the table.

      Can’t wait to see his attacking football, where if it is in his image, we will pass the ball sideways in a pointless and ineffective manner.

      Positivity is good but let’s call a spade a spade.

        1. Ozziegunner says:


  6. John Wick says:

    If the 50 million budget is true then arsenal fans should continue to boycott games! We shouldn’t be paying world class ticket prices for Mikel Arteta and an average squad! People can say what they want.. go support someone else etc but no other fans in the world would put up with this rubbish! We can’t compete financially with wolves and Everton etc? Because they will certainly spend more than that! Absolute nonsense, and I for one won’t be paying ridiculous ticket prices for average performances from a lot of average players.. bundles of money the club are making and it’s not being reinvested.. we actually made profits last season so where the hell is the money going ? To pay for Ozils wages who barely even plays? Stan Kroenke and that board are seriously taking the p*ss and if we don’t wake up then this club is finished!

    1. Maybe we can offload Mustafi, Wilshere and/or Ramsey and generate £30-40M more for transfers? Ultimately if we gonna sign new players someone has to be shown the door…so if we are lucky the kitty might be £90M. Let’s not forget we have already forked out £56M on Aubameyang 5 months ago.

  7. John0711 says:

    My last point on the subject, Artera will get the John b and in my opinion it’s so the board have a yes man. There’s a chance it could work and a greater chance that it won’t
    If it doesn’t work
    And a few other “new “ just arsenal fans will have egg on their faces

    1. GoonerP says:

      And if you are wrong and Arteta does a brilliant job?
      Where does that leave you?

      1. John0711 says:

        That leave me with a huge apology to arrest for doubting his ability. Don’t worry I will eat humble pie if that happens, however, if am right about the appointment you will know

      2. ks-gunner says:

        What is a brilliant job to you actually? Having his hair in control besides the results? XD

    2. Trudeau says:

      Egg on their faces for giving their support to Arteta and hoping he does well? Will England fans have “egg on their faces” if England doesn’t make it out of the first round?

      If being right is more important to you than Arsenal doing well then, hey, knock yourself out.

      1. John0711 says:

        Supporting Arteta isn’t the issue blindly promoting him at the right choice is. Hence if it goes ti*s up egg-face

        1. Trudeau says:

          I don’t seek many people blindly supportinge him. He’s not my first, second or third choice but if he gets the job I’ll back him and certainly won’t be searching out other fans to rub their faces in it if he fails.

  8. mikki says:

    Everything about arsenal right now is failure even before Moyes took over man u after Ferguson he was far better than arteta cos is reputation with Everton… Some people are saying zidane sprang from no where but he has all the money to spend in the transfer market and he inherited a good squad compare to arsenal squad…and there’s even a rumour that some of the senior players will decide who the next will be….arsenal is fading away and don’t care about the unnecessary excuse why we should support arteta…. Even west ham and Everton are planning to hire a better coach …

    1. Kedar says:

      Spot on… He was also having one of the best squads in Europe… Starting from Goalkeeper to forwards… Ronaldo, Kroose, Marcelo, Benzema, Pepe, Isco… Look at their squad… And they can add anyone anytime as per their wish… Plus there league is very weak… Only 3 clubs having top teams… Athelatico, Real and Barca.. No one else is there to compete… Here there 6 clubs fight for 4 spots… Can’t compare anything…

      1. ArseOverTit says:

        Plus if your going to listen to any ex-player it would be Zidane right?

        Mr Lego Hair I can pass sideways though?

      2. mikki says:

        Yeah that’s it bro,you are on point…..even if Chelsea should sack conte will ambramovich offer the job to Frank lampard?I don’t know why some individuals are so blind to the see the writing on the wall….I have had past through many pains during Wenger’s era and now arteta as a coach……let’s face no hope,where u av guadiola,mouriho,conte,klop,pochetino,and they will strengthen their squad but arsenal wants to employed a coach that will not over haul the squad

  9. Cornerstone says:

    To me this is so ridiculous with the level and standard of AFC. Many issues on ground…….
    1. Why should it be Arteta and not a world class coach?
    2. Can 50million pounds revive our dying team?
    3. Do u think Arteta will have say on some of our players,e.g Ozil who is somehow lazy and nowhere to be found during big matches?
    4. What kinda or calibre of player.players are we going to buy with just 50million pounds I. the transfer market of this century?
    5. Aren’t we going to miss champions league for the 3rd time?
    Please if u have answers to these questions let me read from you.

    1. £50M can work, I’ll tell you why. We are in the market for a DM and a CB at least. That means Mustafi will lose his position and 1 midfielder either Wilshere or Ramsey. Those 2 can be sold £20M Mustafi, £20M Ramsey to give us £40M. £50M + £40M= £90M. We pay £50M kolidou Koulibaly and £30M Seri.. we remain with £10M. We might even later on sell Ospina £5M and Wilshere £15M to make £30M for Jack Butland. What do you think? The books will balance in theory..

      1. Ozziegunner says:

        QD unfortunately Arsenal require more than a first team squad to cover for inevitable injuries and cope with competing in multiple competitions eg FA and League Cups (what ever it will be called) and the Europa League. Arsenal can’t sell too many without bringing quality players in.
        Other teams both above and below Arsenal will invest in attracting new managers and players. Given Arsenal’s current point position, if the points gained at home next season degrade to this season’s away form, it is not an exaggeration to state that Arsenal could slip well below 6th place.

      2. shekar233 says:

        Hey, Dreamer
        Let us assume you are a CEO of club wanting Wilshere.
        You would pay 15 mil for wilshere? Who is out of contract already from 1st June.

        Very generous of you.
        Probably I can borrow 2 mil from you, you would lend me, wont you?

  10. Phil says:

    Let’s look at Arteta in a positive vibe
    He’s young,he’s ambitious,and despite his inexperience he obviously has great qualities as a COACH if he is at Citeh with Pep.
    Arteta KNOWS the Club.He KNOWS what is required.He UNDERSTANDS the values and traditions of ARSENAL FOOTBALL CLUB.
    If Arteta gets the job then his main issue is the players.He knows most of them and he will know the positives and negatives of everyone.He is apparently very single minded and totally professional in every thing he does so getting stuck in with a few home truths to most of them is not going to be a huge problem for him.
    His COACHING and TRAINING will be different.He will have ideas to freshen things up.He will know the Premier League inside out so will have no surprises whoever we play.
    Arteta just could work.
    And this rhetoric about the stadium being toxic and empty if he is appointed is ridiculous.With a still 40,000 waiting list for season tickets very very few will give up their seats as a protest to whoever is appointed to succeed Wenger.The vast majority demanded change.Well Change is happening.We(the majority) got what we demanded so we have to know accept change.Ivan Gazidis preached of the Catylis for Change and now it has arrived.Lets at the very least be supportive of the CEO and see what these changes bring.

    1. Ray says:

      Firstly, “it just could work” is right. “Could” be the key word here. I guess that is the same for any new manager but with experience comes knowledge and wisdom! IT’s a massive gamble to ask an unproven manager do carry on the work Wenger did!!!

      Secondly, yes, there are many seats on the waiting list but, the stadium was still looking very empty at times last season. It makes no difference!

      Thirdly, Ivan Gazidis has preached for change yes, but we’ve heard it all before unfortunately. What is said and what is done…? At the end of the day, £50 million is not going to fix this squad. That is for sure! I would say we need at least £200 – £250 million because at least half the team are “sub-standard” to the top four teams in the EPL..

      1. Ozziegunner says:

        Unfortunately Phil, Arteta didn’t demonstrate any of the attributes in his time as a player and captain at Arsenal to show that he can address the issues with the players, many of whom he played with.

        1. Phil says:

          OG -I accept there is no real substance in appointing Arteta.It looks to all that it is a cheapskate appointment of a yes man to do what he is told and who will carry the Can if things go wrong.But if Arteta is his own man and insists he is there as Coach/Manager of the new Regime he could and it is a big COULD be the man to move us forward.
          There is no crystal ball with this one I know.Only time will tell us if it proves a successful appointment or not.But I honestly believe Gazidis is determined to do what’s right for the Club to move forward and I hope it works for him as much as Arteta if he’s given the job

  11. Cornerstone says:

    @ Phil ,thanks for this piece but don’t u think 50million pounds is ridiculous to buy players if its true.

    1. Midkemma says:

      Arteta may be given £50 million, rumors have it thought that Gazidis/Sven/Raul combo will be splashing about £75 million on 2 CBs and a GK.

      What the next manager/head coach gets to spend on players and what AFC spend may be two different things…

      1. Phil says:

        Agree this £50m is a worry as top players don’t come cheap but do make a difference-Abuamayang being the obvious example.We need a CDM and a wide player with pace in addition to the 3 players Sven M is reportedly chasing.But we will get money in and off the wage bill selling Ospina Mustafi Joel Campbell Pirez Wilshere so if that 50 became £100m for a CDM and wide attacker things may not be too bad

  12. lcebox says:

    First off the new manager hasnt control of transfers we can see that from who we’re linked with.
    Second what we need is someone who can change a game when its going wrong (which wenger never could maybe 1/7 ).
    And last off we need someone who can get the best from a bad player and the good ones to perform more than 1/3 games.
    So most managers will not work without having a say in transfers and that in itself will limit our options.
    That said what we will have is a 3 man team share what Wenger did on his own and isnt that what we wanted less control for the one guy.
    l for one think its worth a go and i think thats why most managers are saying no to us cause we are trying something new which may be the norm in a few years when they see it works for us or maybe not but its better than what we had and it wont take mush to do better than this year.

  13. ks-gunner says:

    Arsenal current hierarchy want a manager who does what he is told. All of all manager Arteta is the sole person who fulfills the descriptions.

    A puppet manager, a beggar manager whose sole purpose to manage Arsenal comes due of others having ambition and demands to succeed at Arsenal where he has non and therefore getting the job.

    We cant change the fact that fans have no say on this, but most of you can change your personal attitude towards supporting Arsenal and reacting towards the current events.

    I for once wont mind what happens with Arsenal anymore as everything what has made me into an Arsenal fan is today no more. Sold our self to a yank and i will not support and waste my time so much with Arsenal and continue in being miserable. Its time grow up i guess.

    1. Indy757 says:

      Go join the spurs then. We need fans like you out. I support the club. People come and go but the club is constant.

      1. Phil says:

        Dont you think it’s about time these pathetic responses really ought to be banned from this site.Telling anyone to go and support Spuds is childish and petty over a difference of opinion.It makes whoever writes them look very small and incapable of voicing any relevant issues.

        1. Ozziegunner says:


  14. barryglik says:

    Sean Dyche guided Burnley
    to 7th place with a squad
    valued at 63 mill.
    Eddie Howe took Bournemouth from the brink
    of non league football to the Premier League
    and has kept them there with a squad costing 81 mill.
    22 year veteran Wenger took Arsenal to 6th place
    with a squad valued at 330 mill.
    Vieira won multiple titles with Arsenal becoming
    a great player captain and leader.
    He also won multiple titles for Inter Milan.
    He played 100+ games for France winning the Euro and World cups.
    Arteta was a journey man league player and while at Arsenal
    perfected the sideways +backward pass the ball to death
    sleep inducing football Arsenal became famous for.
    Arteta became Wenger’s yes man captain totally subservient to the
    4th place trophy philosophy expounded by Kroenke Wenger + Gazidiz.
    Vieira has demanded the club compete seriously
    which the Arsenal hierarchy do not want to do.
    So should we choose a club, International and world champion legend
    who wants the club to win the big trophies or should we choose
    a mediocre arze licker with one game management experience?

    1. ks-gunner says:


      1. Ozziegunner says:


    2. John0711 says:


    3. Anko says:

      I rest my case

  15. Wolf says:

    The future looks bleak. No season ticket for me this season

  16. McLovin says:

    That Leipzig coach has resigned.

    Its the man who took Ingolstad from the bottom of 2. Bundesliga to 10th place, and the next season got them promoted to Bundesliga..

    After he took charge of the newly promoted RB Leipzig and lead them to 2nd place finish and this season 6th, which is still quite remarkable.

    He was in charge when Leipzig got highly rated players such as Upamecano, Naby Keita and Timo Werner

  17. Godswill says:

    I can see pure hatred here
    If my support is needed for Arsenal, I will support anybody coming in as a manager or player until it’s obvious that such a person is a failure after being tested. I can’t hate before he comes.
    Most of you don’t know who Arteta was before he was moved to DM. He doesn’t have Xhaka long passed but as a converted DM, he was better of than what we are having now.
    If appointed, some of you should take a leave off Arsenal and this site.
    Wenger has gone isn’t it?

    1. Ozziegunner says:

      Godswill, I don’t see how discussing issues such as the pros and cons of prospective managers is seeing “pure hatred”?

    2. Indy757 says:

      Godswill has a point

      1. Ozziegunner says:

        Indy I reiterate “pure hatred” is strong emotive language about discussion of prospective managerial candidates.

  18. Midkemma says:

    I was saying that we could focus on Gazidis prior to Wenger, seeing as how we really started to slip up when he became our CEO to replace Dein, losing Dein was a massive loss but replacing him with Gazidis is where we turned for the worst.

    When people was talking about Pep, I was one of the voices that scoffed the idea because of our CEO, our CEO will not make the funds available for a top manager. We are reading this now with how the next head coach will be given only £50 million but this may not involve the spending that Gazidis, Sven and Raul will do.

    I was holding out hope for Enrique, keeping fingers crossed that Gazidis would listen to Raul like he was listening to Sven with the transfers…

    Arteta though.

    Just imagine how well AFC could be doing if we had UTDs CEO… the guy who more than doubled their income and sanctions big spending…

    Instead we get Gazidis who only cares about doing a good job, good job for the owner, not us fans. Bump up share prices, increase value of club… Make Silent Stans assets worth more.

  19. amerosicky says:

    kulibale worth £70 how can we manage £50 for the entire squad

  20. Dboy says:

    Change has come! If it is Arteta I say give it a go. We can only know if there’s improvement at the end of next season.


    I wonder if there’a any room for Arteta though?

  21. Simon Williams says:

    Football is always about results-

    The board could take the political correct action / and a popular option with fans and hire Anchiloti

    I for one would be happy.

    But I have to believe (and hope) they saw something special in Arteta. And they know him well

    If he comes in and gets results – then I’ll be happy as Larry!!!

    1. Simon Williams says:

      I know he was only an assistant – but Pep is no mug.

      If he hired him – he clearly has some qualities!

  22. Barren says:

    Arteta will be taking a gamble on his career if he takes the job coz 50mil is definelty not enough to fix our defensive problems! Will arteta be given his own 50mil to sign who he wants besides svens n rauls transfers time will tell i will support arteta coz I love my team let’s hope he brings a swagga to our team

  23. Jakseth says:

    I like Arteta but I don’t think he will get any respect from the senior players. Waist of time and money. Bring in ancelotti!

  24. Shi2 says:


  25. jaeman says:

    lacasette out Giroud in… how many saw that?

  26. Shi2 says:

    Arsenal boards milking money from Arsenal and Arsenal fans

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