Daddy Giroud gives Arsenal big confidence boost

Arsenal’s recent slump came to the fore when the Gunners failed dismally against Hull at the Emirates, which forced Arsene Wenger’s squad to need to visit Hull last night, but despite the well-known lack of confidence from the Gunners they turned things around spectacularly and battered the Tigers 4-0 in the replay.

Arsene Wenger admitted that he considered leaving Olivier Giroud on the bench, but the French striker, who’s wife had had a son the night before, came good by putting away the first two goals. After Saturday’s draw at White Hart Lane, Wenger is hopeful that this now signals a return to form for his team. “We had a great game on Saturday and I was quite amazed by the response we got from that game. Overall, I believe that we do not always need confidence, you can play well when your confidence is not at the highest. Our job is to play and I believe that we have a great spirit in the team and we have shown that again tonight.

“Giroud had gone a while without a goal and that will help him tonight. He became [the father] of a young boy last night and that will certainly give him euphoria. Walcott scored which is good as well.

“I think in the end you make a decision and you hope it is the right one. I made the decision to play him and he wants to always play and all the other players want to play and that is quite normal. People are sometimes surprised that players want to play. Believe me, you don’t play at that level if you don’t want to play.”

Now we go on to face Watford in the next round this weekend, so let’s all hope that our confidence grows even further and we take yet another step to a historic third FA Cup trophy in a row….

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  1. However we are no closer to
    winning the Premier League.
    In fact all the injuries and
    all the extra games we now
    need to play will likely make
    it even harder.

    1. come on david,
      we can still do it 😉

      now that ramsey is injured, that gives us a major boost at the title 🙂
      wenger cant bring him anymore. got to stick with elneny now.
      so the d should be ok – imagine og and theo keep scoring like today …

      it’s not over mate! :)))

      1. The fat lady is yet to sing 🙂 Just a word of caution, take a game at the time. I wish Arsenal did the same thru the season.

      2. I like what I’ve seen from el neny so far, he seems to fit in well. And Im trying not to get over excited about Iwobi, but I really do want to see more of him against the weaker sides.

    2. Is good that you still hope. I wish players have the same hopes but to be honest after we lost against Swansea our chances are just as good as City. Nevertheless, I want us to beat Watford first and then we will see.

  2. Arsenal will beat Watford on Sunday at the Ems likely with the same Gunners tea, that finally finished the game at Hull. So, the Boss shouldn’t panic. That team that finished last night game at Hull is a powerful team that is powerful enough to beat Odion Igalo’s led Watford attack team hands down.

    Any of Koscielny, Rhinosacker’ De Aberu and Ramsey that has fully recovered from the injuries they suffered at Watford should be reserved to play at Camp Nou next Wednesday night and should not be played at the Ems on Sunday against Watford. Because Arsenal have a winning FA Cup team already on ground now in the final team that have beaten Hull last night to play the FA Cup against Watford and beat them as well. And I believe this particular team will undoubtedly beat Watford.

  3. Here we go again the deluded ones start blowing their trumpet after beating Hull and all of a sudden we are going to win the league. Stop dreaming. Arsenal will not win prem until wenger either buys a world class striker and plays 442 or if wenger does the right thing and step down and reveals that Stan does not have the clubs best interest at hand

  4. Good win yesterday…need something to give us a bit of confidence…But lets not get ahead of ourselves yet we need to get a good run going…with Ramsey out Wenger has no excuse not to play Campbell who put in another great performance all over the field and his assist for Walcott’s first was nothing short of Ozil like! (I pray he does not leave and Wenger starts playing him more because if he goes we will regret it similar to United letting go of Pogba)…Per and Gab wont be out for long if they are out at all….I am also happy that Sanchez did not play he needs to get his hunger back and with him scoring against spurs and then not playing last night I hope he gets it back

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