Daily Poll – What should Arsenal do with Reiss Nelson?

We ran an article late yesterday suggesting that Reiss nelson should be promoted to the Arsenal first team and be given the opportunity to take up the role once occupied by Aaron Ramsey or even dislodge Mesut Ozil.

Now, I do not expect everyone to agree with that opinion, I am sure some of you will feel that he could do with another season out on loan, some may even think that we should just get rid of him because he will never be Arsenal quality and that is why I have created the poll below.

There are four options, loan him out again so that he can gain even more experience, put him in Aaron Ramsey’s old position and let him have a go there, select him instead of Mesut Ozil or just sell him.

I would suggest that if we do not promote him to the first team squad that means the club prefer to buy a player instead, preferably a top-class one and you may want to bear that in mind while you make your selection below.

What should Arsenal do with Reiss Nelson?

  • Play him in Mesut Ozil position (48%, 291 Votes)
  • Select him as Aaron Ramsey replacement (36%, 222 Votes)
  • Loan him out again (12%, 71 Votes)
  • Sell him (4%, 27 Votes)

Total Voters: 611

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  1. I voted playing him instead of Ozil, as Ozil seems to lack 90 mins stamina, especially at the end of the season. Reiss played in CAM in Hoffenheim, but he is initially a winger, I guess, a position that Arsenal needs as well.

  2. He sucked on the left side, but let’s try him there again

    He was also not good as an RWB, but excellent as an RW in pre-season

    We can use the pre-season again to judge him. If not working, he can be loaned again because his contract is still long

    1. If we get Carrasco for the left, Reiss-nelson can play RW. He is faster than Aubameyang, Iwobi,Mkhitaryan. Hope his pace can give other teams defences trouble like he did at Hoffenheim.

      We lacked pace on the wings last season

    1. He wasn’t good enough to be starter for Hoffenheim, but hey, he might be good enough to start for Arsenal??


      Another loan – this time in the Premier League, so we can see how he does in a physically much more imposing league.

  3. I don’t feel the need of Nelson displacing Ozil in his position he is more of a tricky winger…

    I don’t know if I and gotanidea watch the same match Nelson plays or he watch his from the back of a television or probably watching his game in the stands with his back… Nelson was always a stand out player when he plays and always a threat to opposition team, that said I would like to see him on the flanks drifting Inside and doing his thing.. He is the only natural FRW who have a quality end product. I would love to see him starting games next season

    Someone else should take Ozil position who have the Natural abilities to strive there… We don’t need a converted type of player playing that position

    Nelson should Displace Micki instead in the team when He and Ozil are in the same lineup

    My choice of Vote is not listed, so no Vote

  4. Terrible poll! He’s a winger, end of.

    We scored quite well last season, though we lacked wingers completely. And our creativity was mainly down to our fullbacks or midfielders as our CAM’s were useless.

    So if we get ie. Carrasco and keep Nelson, there we have our wingers. Then we just need to replace Özil and Mkhitaryan. Kai Havertz would be a dream signing, LOL. That being said, I don’t think we have any chance signing him. Strange that he’s not linked with anyone at the moment..

    In other news, Real Madrid needs to raise 250m to fulfill FFP regulations. Players like Isco, Theo Hernandez, Reguilon, Navas, Bale, Llorente etc. are likely for sale.

    Anyone in the proposed list who could do the job for us? I think Theo Hernandez (LB) would be an excellent signing.

  5. The votes where funny but not Unexpected Nelson displacing ozil got the highest vote what has that tells us… Nelson not doing great as AM yet majority of fans prefer him over ozil… that’s how desperate ppl don’t want to see ozil in the team

    NELSON to me is a winger anytime anyday

  6. Nelson played as an attacking midfielder for the youth team several times as well as on the wings, so I don’t think the pole is out of place, but if you ask me, I think Emile Smirh-Rowe will do a better job.

  7. Ozil is not really a winger and Nelson is IMO. I would start Nelson on the right wing. He might be too young to be a central attacking midfield player.

  8. What should Arsenal do with Reiss Nelson?
    Play him!
    Either right side attacking midfield or up front right wing.

  9. if you think nelson is first team player be prepared to be mid table team.. you’ll only blame a coach undeserved criticism, nelson is a mid table squad player

    1. But his better than what we currently have.
      Do u mean getting in players better than what
      You have pulls you down the table please explain

      1. Nelson as of now is not starting for any PL team. Not physically ready. Need a loan or two. And regarding is stint at Hoffenheim, he’s been mostly coming from bench and getting that far post goal (poacher). Nothing which shows he is ready yet as a winger.

  10. Needed more voting options as I dont want him loaned out again, I dont want him sold and I dont think he is Ozil or Ramsey`s positional replacement as he`s a winger isn`t he ?

    After watching him in Germany and in youth videos aswell as Saka and Amaechi I think Dick has a selection problem with the three !
    If we buy a winger as rumoured then one or two of them may be sold, personally I`d stick with the youth rather than take a gamble on a player from the Chinese league.

  11. Play him in his natural position which is on the right wing.We need wingers who can cross the ball on the run, rather than inverted wingers who cannot do so and there for give defenders time to organise.Give Nelson a chance on the right and sign a left back and a left footed left winger to create balance in the team.I sincerely hope we do not sign Carrasco who is a temperamental type very similar to Martial of Man utd.

  12. None of the four options included the obvious ONE, which I want, of playing him as a wide right forward. Neither Ramsey nor Ozil ARE right sided forwards(both being central midfielders though of differing styles), even though both have many times been misplayed in those wrong positions). The other options of another loan or selling are equally wrong, though ast least they are legitimate questions. WHEN ,IF EVER , will this site PROPERLY phrase a poll question! It really is not difficult, though it appears to be for whoever poses these polls! NOT ONE OF THE FOUR WERE APPROPRIATE, EVEN THOUGH I MUCH RATE NELSON and want him in the team. Conseqently I cannot vote and note others have said similar to me. Wake up Admins!!!

    1. Admin Martin I, and I suggest others too, would like an explanation please for this poor poll question. Why was it not properly researched and though I think many of us love polls, if THIS is the standard we are to expect in future, you will be losing voters. Is that what you are aiming for, cos it seems to be!

      1. An explanation? It is his blog , you can’t expect him to give 10 options. It is one way of starting discussion on the topic – so what is your opinion.

        1. Indian Gooner, Suggest you read my first post (above), PROPERLY this time. My own opinion was made quite clear.

  13. Invalid poll:
    he’s a winger and we need at least 2 wingers why the debate? play him there.

  14. Nelson is one of our better youngsters and will hopefully be played regularly next season. He certainly doesn’t need another loan.

  15. OK, seems I really should respond here seeing as the poll has been attacked because it did not feature right wing as an option because the poll was apparently poorly thought out.

    The thing is this, the poll was thoroughly researched and the poll was based on Nelson returning from his loan spell with Hoffenheim.

    At Hoffenheim, he started just five Bundesliga games, twice as central midfield, twice as central forward and just once on the right side of midfield.

    When he was brought on as a sub he was rarely used as an out and out winger on the right, he was used on the left wing, in the centre, as a forward and so on.

    He was brought on as a sub in the game against Man City on the right wing and maybe because that was a highly watched game the impression was that he was used as a right winger for Hoffenheim but that was more a one-off, against Dortmund he was brought on as a central midfielder, against Mainz as a right back, against Lyon as a left back go figure, and in the return leg against Lyon as a central midfielder, I could go on but you get the picture.

    The point is that he may well have been a right-winger when he was a youth player at Arsenal but that was certainly not the case with Hoffenheim so why would I choose as a poll question a position that he barely played in when he was at Hoffenheim, if anything I should have maybe added none of the above but then why vote if that is to be the response.

    And for the record, considering he was a right winger it is then a little strange that in two of his three games he actually played for Arsenal he replaced Matteo Guendouzi and Henrikh Mkhitaryan and I am sure no one here would claim they are right-wingers.

    Nelson has evolved and he is no longer a right winger in the classic sense of the word, he is a versatile player that has gained great experience and for me, the poll questions were very valid when you consider our financial position and the sort of positions we are looking to strengthen.

    I do not want to continue with this in the comment sections because we could be here for ever so please feel free to open a topic in the forum and we can then discuss this and many other matters in depth.

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