Daily Poll – Where will Arsenal finish in Premier League 2019/20?

Today’s Daily Poll is based on the fixture list that came out today, however, for a variety of reasons the Daily Polls will no longer be available on the Just Arsenal website.

The main reason is that we are no longer allowed to send these particular poll articles to certain news outlets, one of the reasons given is these are not official polls carried out by legitimate polling companies and do not add value.

Whether we or you agree or disagree with this is redundant I am afraid to say because it will make no difference, unfortunately to the decision and it is totally out of our control.

But we are not giving up on the polls because we believe they are fun and informative and give an indication of what our site visitors believe.

Therefore the Daily Polls will now be available on the Just Arsenal Forum.

We made this particular decision ourselves because we want to encourage as many of you as possible to use the forum.

Those that comment on JustArsenal add tremendously to the site and we thank you for that deeply and we know that if you give the forum a chance you will help us turn into a vibrant community in the same way you have on JustArsenal, however, we respect the fact that some of you simply have no desire to use a forum and prefer to comment solely on this site and we absolutely want you to continue to do so.

But anyone reading the comments section will have noticed that the comments take on a life of their own a lot of the time and stray away from what the article is actually about and for some it can be difficult to keep track of what is being discussed, whereas the forum is a lot more structured and easier to keep comments in the right categories thus fuelling a more cohesive debate.

Anyway, todays Daily Poll can be found here

Where will Arsenal finish in Premier League 2019/20?


  1. At the present moment I would say 6th, but it all depends on the transfers though. It’s more about who we can get rid of, rather than who we sign. If we have a successful window, I think we could get 3rd.

    We were so close to finishing 3rd this season, in what was Emery’s first season in charge of an injury ravaged, absolute joke of a squad! Imagine what he could do with more of his signings, getting rid of the deadwood, and not so many injuries.

    Liverpool, and City with finish in the top 2.

    Chelsea will probably have yet another new manager, who’ll need time to adapt, they have a transfer ban, and have just lost their star player.

    Spurs could lose Eriksen, and possibly Alderweireld, who are two key players. If Pochettino leaves that is a huge blow, although I think he’ll stay.

    Utd have got huge problems. I think they’ll lose their star player in Pogba, maybe De Gea as well. I don’t think they have a top manager either.

    I personally think that Chelsea and Utd will struggle this season, which helps our cause.

    1. I agree, 6th actually be most, not without a good fight for it.

      Wolves, Leicester, Everton,Palace beat us & will all progress & strenghten.

      You accurate, transfer comes window comes first and should bé only topic.

      Reality, to fill up gap that old City and Reds managed to do,is to spend 200 millions because we can with a stadium paid for.

      We supposed to beat Spurs for Dombele, and Man U for Koulibali. Show ambition and do smart buisness. Note bé obliged to sell Auba nor Ozil; a top players losing motivation not his football but ambition club misses & belief.

      Focus then selling Toreira, Xhaka, Eleneny and useless players, back up both R&LB, bring Frazier in and Niles to his natural position as Ozil.

      We can’t not complain about the board at every window & all year long, but show ambition as fans: boycot pré & Season, do not purchase anything, no merchandising. We have that power as of today ans have instant effect.

  2. I think 4th if we strengthen. I agree with others man u and Chelsea will have unpredictable seasons.
    Liverpool and City will run away again.
    That leaves only tot to worry us for 3rd and 4th.
    On a side note does anybody else feel we are getting phased out on this site?

    1. Yes, I also feel we are being forced to pay a visit to the forum

      Admin, please keep the polls here, because not everybody likes to go to the forum

      This website is unique, that’s why I like it. If I wanna post in a forum, I would have done it in many other Arsenal forums

      1. @gotanidea The polls were moved for a specific reason as explained in the article and of course you do not have to visit the forum, we will be adding more user experiences on this site once the season kicks off and will always keep this site as our main focus.

    2. @Scubagooner You’re definitely not being phased out, the polls were moved to the forum for a specific reason and this website will always remain our main focus.

  3. I am Arsenal fun! I wish Arsrnal will be a champion, but in reality Arsenal this year it will finish between 8_ 10 rank, because low budget 45 million pound It’s joke honestly!!!! Second point , Arsenal have no defence, no leader captain, no great manager….. so on so on…..

  4. Am I too old to understand as I seem to be missing something? Please enlighten me as to what the differences are (if any) between this site and the new forum? Surely they are just one and the same thing? This is a forum isn’t it? #confused.com

    1. @Declan this site is primarily a reporting site where we publish Arsenal related news and of course, discuss that particular piece of news in the comments section. On the Forum it is purely a discussion based platform where we can discuss anything to do with Arsenal even if it is not in the news, as an example you can post up your own topics for debate, you cannot do that on here.

      1. Thanks for replying @admin Martin but having looked at the forum I saw news articles too about Carrasco, very similar to on here so am still a little puzzled. I also see people on here discussing things quite easily, but hey what do I know?
        Anyway we will see how it all pans out and hopefully the owners of the two sites won’t “fall between two stools”.
        Good luck with it all.

  5. How about you keep the polls here and don’t send these specific poll articles to the news articles that are complaining? Also, it would be hreat if you reduced the number of articles to 1 or 2 a day, our comments and responses as fast becoming irrelevant!

    1. @Quantic Dream that was an option we considered but it is too risky to make a mistake and accidentally send the polls to the news outlets and it was just better and safer to either remove the polls altogether or send them to the forum, we chose the latter as we did not want to lose them entirely. Reducing articles is not an option otherwise the site could not pay for itself and I understand what you are saying how comments and responses becoming irrelevant because so many articles with comments get sidetracked on to other subjects, that is why we have the forum so that your opinions and comments will never be irrelevant.

    1. This poll timing is very wrong it should have been in August
      When we see the shape of things to come regarding transfer activities from us and our ravals right now we can rate for sure we can only guess to be honest
      Right article wrong timing

  6. This poll timing is very wrong it should have been in August
    When we see the shape of things to come regarding transfer activities from us and our rivals, right now we can’t rate for sure we can only guess to be honest
    Right article wrong timing

  7. This is a mid table team… Only difference is we have Auba and Laca who can keep us in 5th or 6th, provided Chealshit, Man.U or Tot have a miserable season I can only see us in top 4

    1. How I wish I have the crystal balls that you have to predict what is going to happen next year. If I do my first use of it wont be to know where Arsenal will finish next season for sure. I don’t know what is going to happen in the next minute ??? let a know next year???. That aside I also think it is too early to predict that.

  8. WE not Real but can show ambition and go After 2 top players as Dombele & Kouli and add Frazier Big Bang as Arsenal: 200M budget.

    Sokra, Musta, Miki, Xaka,
    & Torreira = 175M. Add Chambers + Elneny and make a Big sale for 180M.

    Means we did made a Bang as Real at their level but only spent 20M on the end.

    Smart business bé go spend 80 mullions on 2 L&RB & a Creative MF young talented players able to fight for first spot.

    We will then for top 4 and i put my money on Ozil back on top, feeding Auba & Laca both totally on fire. difficult to name anyone to match Ozil when at his best.

    Get these 2 players because WE Can without CL football, they will Côme for ambition and our group of players, fan & spirit, Arsenal FC. I can see them connect with Kos Kolas, Niles and all team, adapt fast .. Come on board, move smart. You will sell more Shirts and make more profit doing this and CL…

  9. At the moment with the rise of Everton, Wolves, Leicester and others, and if we have the same squad…..best 5th, probably 6th or 7th. If Satan Kroenke invests, we sell players and end up having a fair size pot, then I would hope 3rd or 4th. Looking at how Kroenke invested in the Colorado Rapids, his American MLS soccer team, would depress anybody. They are one of the worst ever in MLS, 15 points from 16 games. We can’t say until we buy players. Because Leicester bought Maguire, and Maddison they are on the up. Everton are definitely on the up. Presently we are on the down. Remember Mislintat who was very active has gone, and Sanllehi and Venkatesham are doing dotted lines. They are not pro-active. We haven’t signed or sold anybody. Are we back to ‘PANIC DAY’ buying. As they say “If things don’t change they stay as they are”.

  10. Whereas last season I was amazed how over optimistic so many were(I predicted6th at start of season and much overestimated United), this season I am equally disappointed how pessimistic so many on her now are. I am predicting 4th place and expect some good additions with some dross moved away. Simply put, I have far more faith in our managers ability than probably anyone else on here. At best a very few Gooners agree with me on Emerys talents being far more effective than most realise. At the risk of sounding arrogant and some will no doubt tell me so, I also firmly believe that I am a far better judge than most, of both talents(in players and managers) and of those who lack them. Or, even if possessing talents, not being able to produce them by lack of character, lack of workrate and lack of ability to stay fit.

    1. You usually speak sense of that their is no doubt…..but how can you assume you are a better judge than others? Just speak your mind and show your wisdom, which we respect. Ne pas se vanter d’ami.

      1. Sean,I have spoken my mind ,just as you asked. I will not tell an untruth and it must be said that I DO truly believe my judgements of effectiveness of our players and managers are better than most. It bothers me not at all if other think exactly the same about their own judgements. I have an inate ability with the club I adore, to put all bias aside when making assessments, whether for good or ill. Many others, plainly, cannot and do not do this. Of course some can also do as I do but the majority on HERE cannot.

  11. The first season was a new-manager bounce, which is common.

    This season will be tougher so 6th, 7th, or 8th unless we get at least 1 top winger, 1 top LB, 1 top CB, which is highly unlikely.

  12. 6th as it currently stands. 7th if another midtable team excels this season. Waiting for Arsenal to make the big changes… oh wait, we’re broke.

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