Daily Poll – Who was the worst performer for Arsenal last season?

I have a feeling that two or three Arsenal players will dominate the voting on this one but before you vote I would like to throw out a few stats I gleaned from the statistical website whoscored.com and while I do not claim they are any sort of authority on stats or player ratings I still found their figures very interesting and helpful as a guideline.

As an example, in the Premier League Mesut Ozil and Shkodran Mustafi were both named man of the match twice with only Alexandre Lacazette, Granit Xhaka and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang above them on four apiece.

Mustafi got the third highest rating over the whole season and yet he appears to be one of the most criticised players at Arsenal so something is out of synch there.

Henrikh Mkhitaryan has a higher rating than Lucas Torreira, Ozil higher than Aaron Ramsey and Alex Iwobi higher than Sead Kolasinac and Matteo Guendouzi.

Now, I would suggest you vote according to your own experience of the season as a whole and not use ratings or stats as the sole arbiter but as a tool of comparison.

I have only included players that played a minimum of ten games either as a starter or as a sub and I have left out Alexandre Lacazette and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang because in all honesty I cannot imagine anyone voting either of those players as the worse player of the season.

Also, the poll is based on Premier League games only.

Poll closes at 23.59 UK time on the 11th June.

Which player performed the worst for Arsenal last season in the Premier League?

  • Stephan Lichtsteiner (33%, 155 Votes)
  • Shkodran Mustafi (31%, 146 Votes)
  • Mesut Ozil (26%, 121 Votes)
  • Henrikh Mkhitaryan (6%, 30 Votes)
  • Alex Iwobi (1%, 7 Votes)
  • Matteo Guendouzi (1%, 3 Votes)
  • Sead Kolasinac (0%, 2 Votes)
  • Ainsley Maitland-Niles (0%, 2 Votes)
  • Hector Bellerin (0%, 1 Votes)
  • Aaron Ramsey (0%, 1 Votes)
  • Lucas Torreira (0%, 1 Votes)
  • Sokratis (0%, 1 Votes)
  • Laurent Koscielny (0%, 1 Votes)
  • Nacho Monreal (0%, 1 Votes)
  • Bernd Leno (0%, 1 Votes)

Total Voters: 473

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  1. Not only was Ozil pretty much non-existent last season, his attitude was a disgrace! He is a terrible role model for our youth players. It’s a shame Arsenal can’t sack him, because he’s downed tools ever since getting his new contract. Cannot wait to see the back of him!

    1. I cannot wait to se Emery ship him to the U23s until the end of his contract, should Arsenal fail to sell him/give him as a present to whoever wants a diva footballer.

      1. How come I can’t see Xhaka in the list? He was by far the most annoying player. He literally gives the ball away at every opportunity and spends most of the time getting dispossessed in areas of danger. We need to get rid of him, Mustafi, Monreal, Elneny and I hate to say it but Koscielny too (only because of his age and injuries, wish he could stay).

  2. OZIL, Mustafi, Lichtsteiner and Iwobi for me.

    But Xhaka, Elneny weren’t brilliant either

    Too many poor and average players

  3. Ozil, because he was supposed to be the main assist creator, especially when playing behind two excellent strikers and he gets paid 350 K per week to do that

    He slowed down our attacks with his merry-go-round passes and the so-called tactical playmaking without end results. Had we not wasted our time with him and use two lethal wingers instead, I think Arsenal would have sit in a better position

    I believe the no 10 tactic is obsolete and our CAMs have to replaced with young players that do not hesitate to challenge the opponents

  4. No team in the world uses a no. 10, coaches discovered it is an excuse to allow lazy players that dnt press.. Most no. 10s ve bin pushed into deeper play making roles as defined by the like of modric,kross,pirlo n carzola..

    1. I know Sue, another ill thought out poll where “supporters” just show their prejudice by voting for someone they dislike rather than being honest about who had the worst season. I’m not saying Xhaka was the worst player in my opinion but every player should have been on the list and not just those that admin thinks should be there.

        1. Oh wind your necks in, that was an actual error and Xhaka should have been on the list.

          Don’t worry Declan we all know you are different to every other supporter and would never show your prejudice.

  5. People think the players who won man of the match twice, one scored 6 goals and the other 3 are our worst player last season. This purely prejudice.

    1. Unfortunately stats fail to record catastrophic brain farts like Mustafi’s Mustaf-ish decesion to unsuccessful try and shield the ball from Zaha, yards outside the box in no man’s land. That decesion alone undid all the hardwork the boys put in all day to get back into the game and condemned us to a frustrating home defeat.

      Then their is Ozil’s general lethargic attitude towards games and lack of effort and urgency that the stats do not take into account. We need FIGHTERS. 350zil is too weak to be our main man. He does not play for the badge, never has for a long time.

      1. I get what you are saying QD but the poll says our worst player of the season which put every players in our team into that contest. And if we want to be unbiased and with out prejudice Ozil won’t be number just as Mustafi and Xhaka won’t be. These players contributed something despite their mistakes or their lethargic approach or attitude. This has nothing to do with what they earned or do in their private lives. It is about their contribution to the team and these players gave something and that don’t make them the candidate of our worst player in the season past imo. Elneny is first in my list followed buy Lich and Jekinson. These players gave little or nothing to the team. Surprisingly they are all fighters but it shows you need more than fight to give something. Imagine the youngsters gave more and contributed more than Mo Elneny. If the poll is about wage/contribution then Mesuit edge all others.

        1. Worst base on performance. Elneny and Jekinson can’t be our worst players because they hardly played last season.

  6. I love these opinion/poll articles! Since we were denied our precious thumbs button, this is the only way to gauge opinion on particular matters. I hope to see polls on whether or not fans believe Emery is the man to take us foward, worst midfielders, defenders, fowards, best formation to adopt, whether to keep a CAM, etc!!!

  7. Based on my judgement I will say the worst player for us was Ozil, 350k per week with 2 of the best strikers in the league but he could not feed them well that’s a no no.

    Mustafi and Xhaka will follow for me with their school boy errors they repeat almost every single match.

  8. Stats are good, but more reliable to people who don’t watch a football match.
    Now, back to the poll, Ozil was my biggest disappointment simply because I expected more from him. If you want to be compared with the best, you gotta have to be the best. When people start comparing you to Iwobi, it pretty much says enough about you.
    Xhaka, Mustafi & Mhki follow in that order for me.

  9. Stephan Lichtsteiner for me because I had high hopes when he was signed,I was so happy we are getting an experience defender who is also a serial winner, follow closely by Ozil how can you play so many matches with 2 of the best strikers in the league and still have 2 assists all season that’s not good enough for a so-called world class player. Okay

  10. Ozil and Mustafi will fight for the worst player for Arsenal in last season performance. I hope One of them wins.

  11. Why even bother having a poll-it’s Ozil to blame for everything this season as far as I’m concerned.
    Mistaking giving away penalties against Palace and Spuds that were defending of the worst order-blame Ozil.Gifting Zaha the goal at home to Palace like he did.Ozils fault.
    The whole defence being the worst this club has had since the mid-sixties-Who to blame?Ozil of course.
    The inept team performances typified by the last eight games when THIRD PLACE was ours for the taking-Blame Ozil.
    Was it the Managers fault he sent out dis-jointed team selections typified with Guendouzi and Elneney as a midfield two being overrun at Goodison Park? No it was Ozil.Just
    Ike it was Ozils fault the Manager did it again after not learning his lesson the first time.
    Ozil was to blame for going away to Leicester and lining up with counter attack in mind.What was Ozil thinking? AMN being sent off? Down to Ozil.
    The reason Brexit is a disaster-Mesut Ozil
    The Kennedy Assassination-Mesut Ozil
    Let’s just blame Ozil for everything

    1. He is suppose to be our best player but he turned up for only 2 matches in a season. I have not seen anyone blame Ozil for Mustafi’s or Xhaka’s mistakes or even Iwobi’s headless running. Rather you blame everyone else for Ozil’s non-existence in matches. As far as I know every player is responsible for his performance. While you pointed out Guendozi and Elneny poor performance at Goodison Park, you forgot the third player in that midfield, who we hardly noticed he was playing. Many of our players were poor but for Ozil he was not even playing.

      1. Football is a team game, Ozil is not a defender and while some tactics require every player to act like a headless chicken, a real tactical master would have set many of our players up to perform better than they did. Not just Ozil.

        Ozil has more passes per 90 min than Auba, Laca, Mkhi, Iwobi… For a missing player, he gets to touch the ball a lot nad pass it around. He has ZERO errors leading to goals, unlike Iwobi and Xhaka and our leading error guy, Leno. Considering how much Ozil has touched the ball… No errors while Iwobi who touches the ball half as often does have that error.

        How can Ozil have the most touches per 90 mins if he only turned up twice?

        Sounds like a BS stat, an opinion that you are trying to pass of as a fact… Basically, you are telling porky pies.

      2. Very difficult to judge Ozil in that Everton game without blaming the forwards as well.Why?NO SERVICE.We set up to DEFEND.And with those two in midfield exactly what chance did any attacking player have?We were set up by Emery to DEFEND.And with those two in midfield we were being overrun from the start.Very difficult to create anything when you haven’t got the ball font you think?Or is that just a technicality That is forgotten because this is Ozil we are talking about?

      1. @midkemma-I accept Ozil was not consistent at all last season and from a big name player he needed to step up but didn’t.Or should we say couldn’t?He was dropped by Emery early on and never got s game for the best part of three months.It was and is very clear Emery wants Ozil gone.But he needs s good look at himself because however much I wanted Wenger gone I am convinced we would not have surrendered a CL spot with him in charge.EMERY blewcthird space with ridiculous team selections and tactics.Thisxseadob he will not get away with things as he has gone this season

        1. Phil, what about the injuries and illness impacting on his availability to play during that period?

    2. So Phil can mention when other players mess up but we should not talk about Ozil bad performances? Why are you always so defensive on here about Ozil even when the poll is only asking for the fan’s opinions. Nobody said he was responsible for all the mistakes, it seems like you are so insecure about your favourite player that you will go on the attack. Don’t worry, his agent said he’s not going any where, so your blind worship can continue. Midemma’s defence of Ozil is that he had more passes per 90min that Auba, Laca, Mkhi and Iwobi. That say it all for these set of Ozil fanboys.

      1. You can have most numbers of passes
        you can also have most numbers of completed passes and still be Rubbish like Arteta or Jorginho….

        Those Sideways and backpasses are the ones that makes most of the numbers….

        We all knows that Mustafi is a Time bomb
        But he has the highest numbers of completed passes after John Stones and Van Dirk

        If you are the type that prioritize Football players statistics over anything , you will Surely miss the Reality…

      2. I pointed out the touches because of the BS excuse of Ozil not turning up, I accept he has poor games but to claim he only turned up twice when he has made more passes than any other attacker in Arsenal…

        I used a factual stat and removed my opinion as best as I could.

        How about you finding some facts?

        Or shall we attack each other personally?
        Everyone here knows I can spew some horrid vile, you want us to attack each other?

        Or will you stick to facts and debate me?

        1. I don’t need to attack you personally, don’t know why you would want to, it just shows your immaturity if you think that’s an option in this debate. I guess your blind love for Ozil causes you to make rubbish statements. I don’t rate Iwobi but if that was him strolling off the pitch lackadaisically after a terrible performance, all hell will break loose from Ozil fanboys. You can bring up stats to back him up just like a mustafi fan will bring up stats to state he’s our best center back, we all know the truth from actually watching football games. But if making more passes than the whole team is your measure for a world class player, then no need for me to continue arguing with you.

      3. My argument is that not everything is Ozil’s fault.We had a bad end to a season so the knives were out and it seems Ozil is copping it when clearly there’s more to it than that.
        I agree Ozil was non-existent in games and he deserved the criticism at times.Just don’t mske him thecfall guy forceverything that went wrong.Emery was absolutely to blame for our end of season collapse.Wrong team selections.Wrong tactics.Wrong formations.He persisted with a back five because he was unable to coach a decent performance with a back four.Our defence was a laughing stock.In midfield he somehow thought Torriera was a more attacking player and pushed him forward when he was bought to play a a DM and looked the part when eventually played earlier in the season.
        Let’s face it zorilla is unlikely to go anywhere and if it becomes a head to head between the two it will not be Ozil who is out.
        We miss the midfield link between defence and attack that Hleb and Camorra used to give us.We miss the ball carrying that Rosicky gave us.Its no coincidence Ozil early performances were better and more productive with Santi and TR7 in the team with him.Do yeah I do blame Ozil in part butvthe Manager for persisting with a line up that will never allow the player to produce the type of performances his undoubted talent can bring to the side.

        1. Nobody has ever blamed Ozil for everything. EVER. Enough of this lie. Nobody says Mustafi is blamed for everything when we simply point out how bad he is. Ozil is just as bad. So is Miki, so is Lichtsteiner. Bad players. But when you also look like you don’t give 2 f*ks, then fans ARE going to be angrier at your performances.

    3. You are just an Ozil fanboy Phil! Keep your sentiments aside and be objective for once. Everyone (or almost everyone) can’t be wrong. Ozil was abysmal in the just concluded season and has been abysmal for about 2 years now. How can you even defend 2 assists in 18months? Just how? This guy is a number 10 FFS. He should leave the club already. Ozil and Mustaphi were our worst players last season. Period!

      1. Actually, everyone can be wrong, the majority is not always right. I differ with Phil’s point but he has an opinion & the right to stand by it.
        I, however agree with the rest of your comment, you can add Xhaka on top of that list.

    4. Didn’t Ozil shout to Xhaka to pull the Brighton player’s shirt Phil that cost us Champions League football

      1. Now they’ve got the season ticket money in I’m expecting the transfer rumours to go quiet. However, getting back to the worst player awards, Xhaka gets my vote for that disgraceful bit of childlike defending against Brighton and should never be allowed to wear an Arsenal shirt again.

  12. I voted for lich but to be fair he didn’t get a lot of game time however when he did he was poor, sorry but he is over the hill and had his time, unfortunately though there were several that were just as poor,Elneny,Ozil,Iwobi.

    1. You can’t make a mistake with the ball if you never touch it.
      In case of Ozil, he touches it the most out of our attackers, even if it was for 1 second (which is another lie!). Those touches are potential points where the pass could go astray and end up being an error leading to a goal.

      1. Then use that same standard for other players. Xhaka and Mustafi had more touches him so you shouldn’t criticize them.

  13. My personal top 3 ‘worst performers’ are:

    1: Emery.

    2: Xhaka, for a playmaker, we lacked creativity in the middle and someone to be a threat. This should have been Xhaka with his ‘Xhaka BOOM’ along with being an ‘aggressive deep lying playmaker’ and a ‘leader’. His lack of being able to move the ball forward enough meant our poor def had extra pressure, never going to end well.

    3: Mustafi. Could have been number one yet I think that in itself says how poor the top two were.

    I wouldn’t include a single attacker in this poll and as such, not in my list. Arsenal finished 3rd in the area of goals scored. Our attack did their job over the whole season, including Ozil! Ohh listen to the haters blow a fuse XD

    Letting in 51 goals is where we let ourselves down.

    All those goals.. And Emery has a large portion of the blame from my perspective. We all know how Emery set up too def minded and it hurt us, I believe this is extra praise for our attackers for scoring as many as they did.

  14. We had the third best goal scoring record in EPL this season … The problem doesn’t lie with ozil but with an utterly mediocre midfield and a hapless defence … Focusing on ozils attitude and work rate .. Where there are no doubt issues …misses the basic problems with the squad … Basically we need as a minimum in this window a b2b (replacement for carzola) a central defender and a left back … If we can bring in 3 qualitity players in these positions we can put together a first 11 to compete for top 4 at least … Wingers right back etc are luxuries in my books

  15. Thank`s for the Poll, Admin Martin.

    I voted for Liechtenstein, nice Country, but past it player.

    Loved Phil`s comment @ 10:59am, although from the reaction he got I think you can put up another poll on whether it was Ozil`s fault for Phil`s comment !……………Irony at it`s best ! hahahaha

  16. please how many of you actually watched Mikky this season? or am i the only one who noticed he was totally abysmal just like his opposite number at United?. Am astonished nobody is talking about him…

    1. Thank you @MrBrizzle. Mhiki gave the ball away several times that led to us conceding at home to Palace, away to Wolves and Leicester. His attitude is not far from Ozil’s.
      Another player fans are overlooking is Kolasinac. This guy is big for nothing! Can’t defend, can’t dribble to save his life, can’t cross even when played through. He is the reason Emery kept playing 5 defenders to accommodate him. He was Emery’s plan A towards the season end but failed abysmally. This guy squandered several chances to get the ball to Auba or Lacaz in the Europa league final in the first half. Always taking a touch too many or cutting back when a simple cross is required.
      Ozil was very poor, has been poor for years now. Xhaka and Mustafi are the same. They are like time bombs ready to explode anytime as witnessed throughout the season.
      We discovered Elneny and Litchsteiner were rubbish earlier in the season that’s why they didn’t play much.

      Mhiki and Kolasinac are my worst players this season.

  17. Easily Lichtsteiner was the worst. Miki was just as bad as Ozil, but gets less heat because he at least looks interested.

  18. So far Lichtsteiner has won by a country mile.
    I’m in agreement with Phil and Midkemma re: Ozil and Emery.
    Not sure we’ll be hearing much more from Midkemma though as he’s been banned on the new forum for “disagreeing” with admin Martin?

    1. Get it right Declan, when you threaten a DDoS attack you then get banned, especially after a slew of abuse and foul language, no time for that crap. Anyone can “disagree” with me, no one can threaten to attack our sites and expect to remain a part of that community.

      1. I’ve just seen some of you’re reply’s Martin to midkemma And you do mention ozil fan boys a few times ,I thought as admin you would not join in that kind of crap.nit sure why you would ban him ,he’s been on Here quite awhile and does have quite a lot of good stuff to say ,yes he gets heated when he posts ,but quite a few of us do .

        1. Threatening to attack the sites is a red line.

          I said that in response to Declan’s comments, not sure why you would then say not sure why you would ban him.

          I also deleted a few of his posts were he went off on one using foul language and while I did use the words Ozil fanboys, you should have read his response to a simple article about Ozil.

          It really is madness the way some Arsenal supporters react to any criticism of Ozil.

          Anyway, these comments are getting sidetracked so I respectfully ask that we stick to the topic in hand or I will have to close the comments on this article.

  19. Yes well let’s just hope we can stick to being decent to one another then, without resorting to those pathetic names.. I thought we’d seen the last of it after the other week!
    We may all have a difference of opinion, but that doesn’t give anyone the right to talk down to someone…we’re all gooners at the end of the day
    #think before you speak

    1. I agree Sue and will endeavour to play my part in that, the big issue here is that some posts were deleted and not by just one member but two because of the way they attacked each other and separate threads were opened up and it distorted how events unfolded. But, you are right, civility must rule the day.

  20. Hello Admin Martin,
    Kudos for a good job on the site design. However, being an admin is quite a huge responsibility, part of which is being neutral on most topics if not all.
    You are allowed to state your personal opinion but you seem to be over stepping your authority a little bit with the bans and threats to ban on account of trivial ‘idle’ threats which were made as part of the banter.
    If you continue being this high handed, it would give off the vibe that this is an over sensored site and freedom of speech and disagreement with the admin not allowed.
    Try to take a deep breath and look at the whole picture vis a vis the poster’s previous history.
    Admin Pat (hate to bring up this comparism) is usually more mellow and calm in his admonishment for ‘bad’ behavior.
    Always remember we are all Arsenal fans and are all still hurting from the events of the past season.

    1. Abel, there is zero compromises when it comes to threatening the site and you can take it to the bank that ALL admins are in 100% agreement with that.

      I have banned absolutely no one that has disagreed with me and there have been a few, I did not ban anyone that was rude to me and that happened and I never banned anyone for the use of foul language against each other.

      As I have repeatedly said, I have deleted the worst posts and so what is available to read on the forum is distorted and not an accurate reflection of what went down.

      But none of that is even relevant, all that is relevant is that if you threaten the site then you are banned.

      You use the word bans, it should be ban, one user only and I am sorry but none of us admins views DDoS attacks as idle threats, they are very damaging and costly.

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