Dan Smith’s EPL Predictions WK15 – Would a draw for Arsenal be a chance missed?

Man United v Arsenal is the biggest fixture in this midweek fixture list, but with Man City, Chelsea, Liverpool and Tottenham rivals all having reasonably easy games we could drop behind again if we don’t win at Old Trafford. A win tomorrow would perhaps be even better than the Spurs demolition, but would a draw be so bad if it maintains our unbeaten run?

Anyway, here are Dan’s Predictions….

AFC Bournemouth 3- 0 Huddersfield
You can understand Wagner struggling to keep up his good guy routine on Saturday. The German is smart enough to know it’s hard enough to get points with a limited squad, virtually impossible when you are forced to play with 10 men. Eddie Howe is too good a manager to allow his boys to be affected by four straight defeats. The Cherries easily could have taken something against Man United, us and even pushed Man City closer than most.

Brighton 1-2 Palace
Palace produced a performance at the weekend why I think they are too good to do down. There’s no reason with the players they have why they can’t be as positive away from home. Brighton are more organised and focused then Burnley but if the Eagles show ambition they can win this game.

West Ham 2-1 Cardiff
I never feel comfortable backing the Hammers in games where they are favourites. As long as they match Cardiff for work rate and attitude they will win as they have more quality. It would be very West Ham of them to make a pickle out of getting three points.

Watford 2 -3 Man City
You know you are doing well, when your manager feels compelled to remind everyone just because they are scoring 3- 5 goals weekly, don’t assume it’s not based on hard work. Pep at the weekend made comparisons with the likes of Federer and Nadal, pointing out how they didn’t stop once they won a Grand Slam, the hunger remained to keep on winning. In other words, the hope for the rest of us is City simply get bored of comfortably winning every game or more likely their boss leaves due to burn out like at Barcelona. This is the type of fixture they are most likely to slip up in. A cold winter’s night at Vicarage Road, flood lights on, Watford where possible will at least try to attack them.

Burnley 0-2 Liverpool
Any other year I describe this as a banana skin for Liverpool but even Sean Dyche has admitted his side have lost their mojo at the moment. It shows the levels they were reaching to reach 7th last season. Those levels drop and suddenly they are in the bottom three. Liverpool looked a bit short of ideas at the weekend, but this is another game they can win without playing well. I truly think that keeping the gap with City to two points having not been great against Everton was the reason for Klopp running onto the pitch. What’s the difference between the German and Jose doing that type of thing? One hasn’t spent a decade poking and poking. Plus, there’s a difference between running towards oppositions fans to suit your own agenda compared to celebrating your teams’ achievements.

Everton 1-0 Newcastle
Pickford will be grateful there’s a game so quickly, giving him an immediate chance to make up for his incredible mistake on Sunday. This is a young man who’s had a lot of great things said about him but the true test of an individual is not when things are going well but when you experience adversity. I can think of other English keepers whose confidence shrank when making high profile errors. The Toffees are beginning to struggle to convert possession into goals so may have to be patient.

Fulham 3-2 Leicester
I can already see Claudio’s personality rubbing off on his new team. If any club know the impact the Italian can have it’s the Foxes. Can see this being quite open. Fulham have goal scorers in their team which not all sides in the bottom half have.

Wolves 1-2 Chelsea
The worrying thing about Wolves’ attitude is they will be up for this game but can’t find the same motivation for the Huddersfield’s and Cardiff’s of this world. Chelsea have looked out of sorts recently, coinciding with Hazard not being 100 percent fit. The difference here could be the home sides lack of a proven goal scorer.

Man United 1-1 Arsenal
As much as I loved Sunday, beating Spurs at home is something we are used to, a win at Old Trafford however would signify a huge change in our mentality. The task for Emery is to get his players to play what’s in front of them and not the occasion. Forget the venue. Ignore our record there, this current Man United are beatable. Jose’s the type to get a slice of luck against us but make no mistake this is a good time to go to the red half of Manchester. A draw is not the end of the world but would seem like a chance missed.

Spurs 2-0 Southampton
If a child one day asks you how to sum up Spurs, just show them the 90 minutes from the weekend. They went from false hope, expectation, arrogance to failure. No cheap shots but at what point do their fans get tired of being told how this is their glory period, a shift in power, etc with zero trophies or wins at the Emirates? Mark Hughes was right to point to the positives in the draw with Man United. but it was too little too late in terms of his job.

Dan Smith


  1. ozziegunner says:

    Arsenal have a good chance of beating Manchester United at Old Trafford. Unai Emery will make sure they are focused on what is a 6 point game. Anyone who is not up for this match won’t see out 50 minutes let alone 90.

    1. gotanidea says:

      Yes, Arsenal do have a good chance, but I agree with Smith’s prediction that it would most likely end up in a draw

      As what you have said, I also like Emery’s boldness in replacing and excluding any underperformers. I bet most players have felt Emery’s pressure now

  2. Anyone watched Maureen’s press conference on Sky Sports? He talked up Everton as genuine Manchester United RIVALS! Let that sink in guys. Everton! WHAHAHA!

  3. ATJ says:

    Would imagine ManU wil play a very negative game against us to nulifiy our speed and pace going forward… it comes down to us not making any silly mistakes i reckon. Draw is feasable but we have such growing belief and confidence perhaps forgetting the past and enjoying the present and future will prove how strong we are.

  4. Sue says:

    I hope we don’t take United too lightly…they always have a surprise in them (against City away last season for instance) I hope we defend well till the very last second, as they have a habit of scoring really late goals..
    I would love to come away with all 3 points, I honestly hope we do…but I have no idea what the score will be..I’ve just come down from cloud 9 after Sunday, but could quite happily go back up there!! COYG

  5. Innit says:

    Unfortunately us beating Spurs may have given United a wake up call

    It will definitely be tough. Always is. But we can do it. Spurs are better than United. Actually I genuinely believe we are too. Slightly better. So we have a decent chance

    I don’t want our unbeaten streak to be broken at Old Trafford. So a draw would be acceptable as its a difficult match

  6. Pablo Piccasso says:

    Jose will set up his team to be physical and to disrupt our flowing football as much as they can. They will use set pieces to their advantage due to the size of there players, we will miss Xhaka in this one (never thought I would say this).

    We need to be very direct in this one. We need the ball to reach our front players very fast because United’s current weakness is there defence. We need to watch out for the counter attacks too as they have some fast players.

    All in all we have a good chance of winning there, we just need to remain focused, work hard, and take our chances. COYG

    1. jon fox says:

      You talk of Jose setting his team up to be physical. Well then , if physical means working hard it is failing and big time too as all can easily see , including the Glazers who must be close to sacking him. I say he sets them up to shed any confidence they may have held previously. He shackles them and right now is among the very poorest man mangers in any top club world wide. He has clearly lost the dressing room, as he does at every club by his third seaon. So I crave him staying and competing their ruination but am 100% certain he will not be there next August. What a shame and I am deadly serious.

  7. Goona says:

    a win for the Arsenal ,what are you afraid of,success?

  8. Goona says:

    A win for the Arsenal.What are you afraid of,success?

  9. Will says:

    Think Xhaka will be a big miss for us this game. Guendozi is his natural replacement and I am a huge fan but this will be a huge game for him to come into and it is a big ask for an inexperienced Torreira and Guendozi to dominate United’s midfield at Old Trafford. I hope I am wrong and they absolutely boss it as they both certainly have the talent!

    Think we will line up in 3-4-1-2.
    Sok – Must – Hold
    Bellerin – Guen – Torreira – Kola
    Laca – Auba

  10. star gooner says:

    we are soooo gonna take the 3 pts at trafford
    simple as that….

  11. Shortboygooner says:

    If we bring the same passion we did to Tottenham we should blow utd away. They are a bit poor this season. I would like to see the same team start and simular half time changes. I also feel that Tottenham may loose again as their confidence will be damaged. Arsenanal 2 utd 0

  12. jon fox says:

    I think having Xhaka out is a massive boost and the far better , more mobile, more creative and better defensively Guendouzi is his superior in all but free kicks and long hard shots. Pleased as punch for this happy fate and I hope that means we have seen the last of Xhaka as first choice. Some say he has improved and he has, but only slightly. But he is still mistake ridden, unaware and cumbersome. Guendouzi is the future and the PRESENT. I would play RAMSEY AND START WITH THE ELEVEN WHO DID SO WELL FOR US IN SECOND HALF BUT WITH GUENDOUZI IN FOR XHAKA. Both strikers MUST play!!!

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Sorry jon, can’t agree with you regarding Xhaka; he has played well along side Torreira and his physicality will be missed against Man U. Guendouzi is certainly a good prospect, but is still young and relatively inexperienced. He needs to pass sooner, as he gives the ball away too much at present.

    2. Chabaloah says:


      This is not the game to be starting Guendouzi with Torreira but it shall be. The midfield will be physical and although Guendouzi is talented, he has tendencies to spend too long on the ball and take unnecessary risks at the back that have exposed us many a time – it is why he was dropped in the first place and why it became Xhaka and Torreira and not the other way round.

      Guendouzi is better as a sub and Emery uses him this way as he usually brings him on once we have found our rhythm and the opposition has tired to have more time on the ball and dictate from the back. Guendouzi likes to receive the ball very deep which isn’t always a good thing when you are not checking your 6 before receiving the ball, he’s made this mistake quite a few times and shows his inexperience – against a United team with Mourinho at the helm, they’ll definitely exploit that with their physicality and will pinpoint him as a weakspot, if Ozziegunner and myself notice this then most people can notice it too.

      Guendouzi is talented but let’s not get silly about what the best partnership is, it’s clear that Xhaka and Torreira are the preferred lineup and although he may be the future, he isn’t ready yet to displace Xhaka, otherwise Emery would have done so if his track record so far is to go by.

      I would not start both Laca and Auba as I think part of the reason why he was so effective with Ramsey at half time was due to the fact that the first half was very intense for spurs and Laca is troublesome anyway – Wenger used the same tactic with Giroud as a super sub, defenders are used to defending one way in a game after a while and when that changes it causes problems for them mentally. Ramsey runs between the lines and so after half time they had 3 players who can and will overrun and create pockets. If Iwobi and Mhiki can handle Spurs up until half time, then there is no reason why they cannot do so again. The run of fixtures also means we need to make sure none of them get injured and playing 45mins, 60mins is better than 90mins.

      Keep them fresh and keep them competitive.

  13. Goona says:

    Please watch this exchange between Caragher and Gary,Gary was spot on.I dont think Ozil will come back easily to the First 11

  14. Sue says:

    Robbie Savage was asked who he’d pick out of Kane (?) or Aubameyang… He said Kane all day long!
    What a muppet!!

    1. John Wick says:

      Haha the penalty taken king himself ?

  15. Charles Veritie says:

    I believe the writer’s credibility for these predictions is that he once won an old sixpence on the football pools. That particular week the pools comapny ran out of sixpences before they got to him. so they sent him instead a packet of cheese and onion crisps, which he keeps as a souvenir stored in an old teapot under his bed.

    1. dan says:

      Very original
      Never claimed to be exspert
      Got 3 out of 4 right so far lol
      And won a bet so yeah._._.I do oklol

  16. dotash says:

    Man united 1 Arsenal 3
    This is going to be the FT

    1. John Wick says:


  17. John Wick says:

    I don’t care if we’re the away team, I don’t care if we haven’t won there since 2006.. I will not be happy with a draw, man utd are poor team! Some arsenal fans saying they would be happy with a point, why? We’re a better team than them.. we should only be happy with 3 points nothing less… This mourinho rubbish he always gets results against big teams… His team’s bore the life out of the opposition maybe that’s why his team’s get some big results, it’s got nothing to do with him being an astute tactician…. They got extremely lucky against an awful young boys teams and it took a blatant handball to get the win, they were equally rubbish against crystal Palace and another poor Valencia team! Not forgetting they were taken to the cleaner’s by Sp**s! Why would anyone be happy with a point ? If Arsenal fail to win that’s their own doing they should be shaking their heads if they can’t beat that man u team!

  18. Ngaa says:

    who was the man of the match the last time we played ManU ? where is he? let him play.

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