Dangerous Arsenal can now “kill teams off”

It seemed to take a while for Arsenal to warm up this season with just five goals in our first six League games, but suddenly we exploded against Leicester and have now scored ELEVEN in our last three games. We seem to have stepped up a gear and are now attacking at a blistering pace and destroying our opponents at will once we manage to get the first goal in the net.

Arsene Wenger believes we have now reached a level where we can ‘kill teams off’. “I like that we continued to attack relentlessly until the end and to finish with it was a convincing win,” Wenger said on Arsenal.com. “We scored five at Leicester, we scored three against Watford today, who had only conceded one [at home], so that tells you we can score goals and we can be dangerous against anybody.

“We faced a team that was very well organised, very strong in their challenges and very direct as well. It took us a while to adjust to that level of commitment and when we did it in the second half we dominated the game and after the first goal you could see that mentally and physically they got the blow.

“Sometimes the first goal changes the game. When they had to come out it was much easier for us. We know once we are in full power, we are quick in transition and we can kill teams off with our pace and that is what happened.”

It will be very interesting to see if we can scare a record-breaking team like Bayern Munich just as easily, but it is far more important that, whatever the result on Tuesday, we go into next weekend’s game against Everton with the same attitude we have had in the League recently, and go and kill those Toffees off too!

Onwards and Upwards!

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    1. Very brilliant?!
      I would have thought brilliant was more than enough….an by the way…
      coquelin is miles better in every way

      So le coq is uber very brilliantly spectacular

  1. Listen Baby Please

    Lets take each match at a time. Try to win as many as possible and we can evaluate our team better around January

    Chelsea is 8 points behind us. I’d like to maintain that lead over them

    Next weekend is HUGE
    We play at home and City play United
    If we win and the other match is a United win or Draw, we will be #1.

    So lets first beat Bayern and then get to the top of the Table on Sunday

    1. Listen BabyPlease, try not to use so many footballing clichés in one message. Most of us are not fans of an over used cliché. But I will say this….

      If it’s men against boys out there remember it’s a game of two halfs, don’t get ahead of ourselves, and all being well the cream will float to the top in the end.

  2. The way we played in the first half was poor, we got away with it only because Watford are a championship level side. They got in behind us so many times for a poor side as them, I was not comfortable with it, they could have easily scored 3 goals in that first half, just their final 3rd quality let them down.. Against any half decent team we would have been punished (Monaco, Olympiacos, even Dinamo Zagreb took advantage of our soft underbelly..

    We still struggle, look shaky and uncomfortable when we come up against any team that plays a high intensity game, teams that don’t give us time on the ball, in your face etc all give us a hard time, Watford did that in the first half but poor final 3rd quality saved us, in the second half they were tired and knackered so we took advantage.

    Sorry for being a party pooper but that aspect of our game still makes me uneasy..

  3. As long chelsea remains a “country mile” behind us im elated! The more points they drop the more this gooner smiles!

  4. A weekend of winners!

    Good victory for Utd on what has been a hard place in recent years for them.
    City will have harder games without Auego in games to come. It’s not about how you do against newly promoted teams at home but what you do against teams on away days, but they are looking determined this year!
    Arsenal again looked to be professional in there game. Can’t fault there game, good to see ground come on and score again, that could be key in games to come.

    It’s looking like Arsenal will have to focus on there game and not worry about City, yet City will have a dip and Arsenal need to make sure they take advantage, grab a lead and see if that pressure can fault City in there chase. Otherwise, Arsenal need to keep close until City struggle with European desires and weekend hang overs.

    It might just come down to Who they play and when. We have played Man U, Chelsea and Liverpool already. Ok 4pts isn’t perfect but we are 2pts off top after that. Man City have only taken on Chelsea at home, next week we could learn some more about the league.

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