“Dangerous.” Gary Neville reacts as Arsenal backs Mikel Arteta

Gary Neville was incensed by Arsenal’s statement supporting Mikel Arteta for his outburst after their loss to Newcastle United.

The Gunners’ manager called the decision to allow the controversial goal to stand a “disgrace” as VAR took several minutes to review the footage.

Arsenal has been on the receiving end of some glaring VAR errors and is growing increasingly frustrated. Consequently, the club released a statement backing its manager, who had expressed his frustration after the match.

However, former Manchester United player turned pundit Neville believes that Arsenal’s comment is a dangerous one.

He said, as quoted by The Sun:

“I think the Arsenal statement is quite dangerous.

“I think all clubs have signed up to a new behavioural charter at the start of the season.

“I’m not saying that referees shouldn’t be put under pressure and Mikel Arteta or other managers shouldn’t feel aggrieved at the end of matches, what I am saying is that the clubs themselves should definitely behave better in these circumstances.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

When we are victims of poor decisions by referees and VAR, pundits will stay quiet, but when we react, they have so much to say.

The club was pushed to make the statement just as Arteta was and we will stand by it for as long as possible.

However, the players must take their minds off that game and focus on the next one because we have to get back to winning form.

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  1. ManU will never fall victim because referees support them.

    I’m happy the club has challenged this. Just as they deduct points for illegalities, they should add points for bad officiating. Off the top of my head, there is last season’s Old Trafford game (1pt) and Brentford at home (2pts). Then Newcastle (1pt). That’s 4 extra points already this season. This will set a precedent so other clubs can submit their grievances as well.

    In every business, society and organisation, people do receive compensation, don’t they?

    They should also expel the incompetent officials involved. that is the only way referees and the VAR system will be fair or at least do the job properly. What is the point of having this technology when the people behind it are still the ones making the decisions?

    1. Var has been used against utd a lot this season.
      These kinds of analysis don’t capture everything but according to espn, var has intervened 6 times in their games and only once in their favour. It doesn’t account for times var didn’t interject, but still it strongly suggests var is not being used to favour them.
      I would agree that utd seemed to get more than the rub of the green overall in the ferguson days, but that doesn’t seem to be the case recently.

            1. I did not say VAR is biased in their favour all i’m saying is they have’nt fall victim of bad decisions.

        1. The stats showed it has been used relatively often in their games to overturn decisions compared to most teams, almost always against them. Rightly or wrongly, that is the case, or was at the time of the article (Nov 4th)

          1. Always rightly if against their favour as it does not make headlines, the only incorrect one has been for them which was against Wolves.

    2. Joe, the falseness of your claim about United being refs favourites, is graphically exposed as being false, if and when, as I do from time to time, you were to visit any United fansite.
      I recommend you do and then you will see dozens of United fans saying, just as dozens of Arsenal also do, that refs set out to cheat United.

      I presume you can now see the hollowness of your false claim? Or you will, IF you care to visit any United fansite. Try it out my friend and cure your own false prejudice!

      Has it never occurred to you that almost all fans EVERYWHERE are plainly biased towards their own club and that almost all players routinely cheat when playing??!!


      But refs are NOT cheats , though the collective gross inefficiency of VAR, which is a farce and should never have come in at all, has and is CHEATING US.

      It is however the gross inefficiency and NOT refs morals which are cheating us and many other clubs too.

  2. Gary benefited slot from errors from referees before under Ferguson and Web. Now we have VAR , I think he’s used to the benefits since this benefited his formal club, he needs to complain because he still wants his formal club to continue the officiating error enjoyment.

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