Dangote once again vows to buy Arsenal and sack Wenger

The African billionaire Aliko Dangote, who was valued to be worth £10 billion GBP by Forbes recently, has once again announced his intention to make Stan Kroenke and offer he can’t refuse in a serious bid to take control of Arsenal once he completes a major oil refinery project in Lagos. This is not the first time that the Nigerian has announced his plans and it would seem to confirm that he has not changed his mind on the matter.

“If they get the right offer, I’m sure they would walk away,” Dangote said in an interview with Bloomberg. “Someone will give them an offer that will make them seriously consider walking away.

“And when we finish the refinery, I think we will be in a position to do that.”

It would have to be a very serious offer as Kroenke has only recently turned down a £1billion takeover bid from Alisha Usmanov to buy out Stan’s majority shareholding, which would have valued Arsenal Football Club at a massive £2 billion, so Dangote’s bid would have to even eclipse those figures.

Dangote also said that the first thing he would do is change the manager. “The first thing I would change is the coach,” he said. “He has done a good job, but someone else should also try his luck.”

So this is the second time Dangote has announced publicly his intention to buy Arsenal. Is he likely to be our owner one day or is he just dreaming that he can wrest control of the club from Kroenke?



  1. It’s good if he could give Arsenal large funds for player transfers and development, unless if he wants to resell Arsenal to another buyer.

    Wenger has been given too many chances, but this season has already started, so let’s give him some support. A replacement can come next season.

  2. The sooner Arsenal can change its hierarchy with people who are interested in the football achievements of the club the better for all of us who desire to see Arsenal become actual serious contenders for titles.

    1. good point – heirarchical change must be with ones interested in the football achievements of the club.
      guess that means ‘wenger stays’ given nobody can deny his afc achievements. AND to come to arsenal with a takeover bid intent to somehow mock the era of wenger is a signal the guy needs to be kept as far as possible from owning this club.

  3. Talk is cheap! I am a Nigerian too and I know how we enjoy talking without thinking of how to really implement our words! on the second hand, if Dangote can buy Arsenal and sack Wenger, i will surely love it! that old man just needs to retire and go spend some times away from the pressure of football, with his family! we are gonna beat stroke, sorry stoke, tomorrow.

    1. what a joke of a comment by Dangote.. he knows Wenger only has a two year contract so trying to act tough by saying he will sack him if he manages tp complete his refinery and if current owners willing to sell… oh yes and in 3 years conveniently whrn Wenger likely to be gone anyway… easy to be tough talking when it has no substance !

    2. Oh!! Waoh. But what a priority.
      Ah ah ah, le Prof would be gone, or gone upstairs by that time he would be buoyant enough.

      1. The refinery is in lekki, Lagos. Arsenal needs a sugar daddy too. We might not be able to keep up now that players are becoming extremely expensive.

      2. @Godswill. The refinery is at the Lekki – Epe axis in Lagos State and not Ogun State. It is due for completion in 2019.

  4. Am I sure Stan is the major problem now? Wenger has not told us that he made an offer that was accepted by a selling club and Stan refused to pay.
    Lemar, Mahrez and Draxler are available at prices and the three at ago can make us think less of Sanchez when he goes now or later.

    1. This is exactly what we need. I have been praying every night for Dagnote or Usmanov to get rid off this Yankee Doodle. Kroenke is the problem the biggest problem, doesn’t care about AFC or winning anything all he cares about is the bottom line. It was Kroenke that talked Wenger into the extension and not once has he put his hand in his pocket for investment in the club. This self sustaining business model ain’t gonna cat it in today’s mega rich footballing environment. As the old saying goes A FISH ROTS FROM THE HEAD FIRST. Kroenke needs to go, his son to, Gazidis, Sir Chips Keswick, Dick Law all off them. Please please just get these people out off our club. We will never be great as long as we are owned and run by Kroenke and this board. I LOVE THIS CLUB. I live in Adelaide South Australia and goy to see my beloved Gunners for the 1st time live last month. I wake up all hours off the morning to watch the games live and it kills me to see this happen to this once great club. From the £150,000,000 budget Wenger has spent £46mil off it and got £10mil back on Wojiech come on Arsenal

  5. Anyone, who has had dealings with that part of the world knows there is so much exaggerated talk, but once it comes to actual action, it is a different matter, so I wouldn’t pay too much attention to this story.

    1. You are talking about a passionate fan like Paul Kigali of Rwanda.
      Dangote as a fan is feeling the pains like you do over these years.

    2. @Anders. Dangote won’t be the richest man in Africa worth some $12.9b if he was given to “exaggerated talk.”

  6. I think what it will come down to is a rhyme battle. Same beat for both of them. I can see Wenger winning because I doubt Dangote can do grime.

  7. so liverpool are closing in on Seri…I really wanted this guy except wenger has something better…we are not strong enough

  8. I think between Stan and Wenger there is a huge problem at arsenal. Obviously Wenger is covering for Stan and we are not being given this huge kitty of money. And what we are given Wenger must make it stretch. I do not believe that Wenger would quibble of 5million or so when as a man of football he knows big signings like pogba to Utd can make their money back in T short sales alone in 1 season. The problem I have with Wenger is the lies. Of you are given a crap budget just admit it and to be fair he does a darn decent job on what he has spent
    Which is what I am assuming the budget is. Wenger is no fool but thinks that we are. He is payed to make it appear as if we are a bigger club and bigger spending club than we are in order to attract quality on a low budget.

    Stan is just a money hungry s#umb bag and has no love for any of the club’s he owns or passion for sport and is only interested in the revenue. Bring on a new owner please. Maybe Usmanov and Dangote could work together to get Stan the animal killer out

  9. I think usmanov can do better too,the problem with arsenal is between kronke and wenger…..for arsenal to move to the next level,all that we need now is change,and kudos to Wenger he has done a good job,cos 20yrs ago arsenal fc was not a big club as it is now,Wenger came in and transformed the club.but now he(Wenger)needs to understand that he has to step down for the club to move the next level and compete with big clubs in Europe since he lacks the ambition to do so…

  10. he is welcome..Mr wenger as had his time nd that’s time after time, still all we live on is hope with no sign of actually moving forward..
    I mean after how bad we looked for stretches last season,failin to qualify for the champions league u would think this guys would come out and take more risks..but no..its still d same old shiiit..still reshuffling average players and hoping we just maybe win the next match….

    1. Is Dangote an Arsenal fan? A person of this stature speaking out will certainly bring the attention needed for Wenger and Korenke to perform. The pressure is on them now and if they fail the club once again, then I’m certain there will be disdain amongst the fans like last season or perhaps even worse this time.

  11. Who do I get in touch with to buy Arsenal Ltd and I will go one better then Dangote by making enemies before buying the club by announcing I will sack the entire coaching staff and just keep AW as a ball boy, that should get me in the door

  12. I am not so confident of Dangote’s intended move. He is purely a businessman. A passonate owner who is not concerned about the the richest in Hus country or continent is more likely gonna be patient while spending money till the Club attains the fans’ desired greatness.

    I am a Nigerian BTW, I repeat that I am not sure Dangote is the answer!

  13. Do you guys remember last season Wenger saying the uncertainty over his future is not causing unrest among st the player, but now he is saying the opposite and that the players were asking him what was going on, so what he was doing was hiding the truth so that he could manage the team till the end of the season, try and qualify to the champions league and hopefully get a new contract, coz if he had come out then like he is doing now and said there is unrest in the team because of the uncertainty in his future, the board would have had to make a decision, well played Arsene

    1. The man is just good at deflecting accountability and any other reason than his fault and what’s happening on the pitch. How is he able to manage a club for so long without having this kind of canny and ingenuity? The man is practically untouchable and unchallenged at Arsenal.

  14. I will never forgive the board that changed the rules to allow 1 owner. The major stakeholders percentage should never have gone over 33.3%. At a very minimum, there would have been 3 owners, all with seats on the board and the club would have been run by a majority vote by the owners on all fronts. F#%k Kroenke.

  15. Arsenal needs a ruthless owner.
    sure for any serious challenge on d tittle to come .Wenger need to be sacked.I hv said it time without number,Arsenal cant win a major trophy with Wenger in Charge.

  16. No the refinery is in Finsbury. The iam is to refine the board and the management and clear the dead wood.

  17. Someone said above Dangote will bring pressure on Arsenal to perform, no!!
    As long as Kroenke and Wenger are watching each others backs they are bullet proof.
    Kroenke protects Wenger from up on high and Wenger protects Kroenke from the media, fans etc.

    As for Dangote whatever he does what a great time to come out with this.
    We’ve played one game only and won so lets just try and forget the Wenger out chanting for now at least as I’m sure at some during the season we’ll hear it again.

  18. I’m from Nigeria and can confidently tell you that Dangote is not just an arsenal fan but a passionate supporter. We have many of his type (very rich and passionate supporters Here who have been fans for decades) He is a business man no doubt but he is the type that is crazy about trophies.

      1. I agree with antbadapple, his first priority should be to improve the state of African football, invest in his national team so that they can compete with the best in the world. Then he can help Africa to become a show piece in the world of football

        1. Maybe his plan is to improve Arsenal and then develop New African players with the help of Arsenal. It’s a win win scenario , Arsenal will win trophies and African football will develop.

        2. Do u see more football players from US than Africa playing in EPL? If so, u should have demanded the same from current majority owner.

  19. I fully support Dangote’s intended bid but it should not wait until he completes his refinery. Wenger should go and go as in yesterday. I suggest Dagote teams up with Usmanov to make a very aggressive bid that the yankee cannot refuse as he has proved to be a financially greedy guy. Remove Kronke and please get rid of the delusional, narccissist, out of touch manager who is now really out of his depth!

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