Dani Ceballos gives a further update on where his future lies

Dani Ceballos wants to return to Real Madrid and fight for his place

It is always a tricky road to navigate when a player is asked about his future and Dani Ceballos has quickly realised that.

Earlier in the week, the 23-year-old indicated that he was very happy at Arsenal and his loan move could become permanent.

Ceballos made it clear how much he respected Emery and was full of praise what his fellow countryman had achieved at Arsenal in such a short period of time.

Roll the clock forward 24 hours and the Spanish international is making a clarification to his earlier statement. He will be looking to return to Real Madrid.

Further clarification required

Asked for clarification on his earlier comments Ceballos said to Radio MARCA as cited in the Daily Star:

“My words were misunderstood.

“When I do not play, I don’t enjoy myself.

“I knew that it was an important year, the coach [for Spain, Robert Moreno] has doubts and the one who doesn’t play isn’t going to be called up – it was a good time to go out on loan.

“With [Unai] Emery’s confidence, I may have a chance of going to the Euros.”

When pressed on whether or not he will leave Real Madrid, he replied: “I never thought of leaving permanently. My goal is to succeed at Real Madrid. I’m going to fight to fulfil my dream.

“A player is not happy if he doesn’t play, but when he feels important and does, then he is happy.

“Obviously I have been at Real Madrid. I have learnt from the best and I have won trophies, but it is easier when you play matches.

“I’m happy and I feel important [at Arsenal], with room for improvement to play at the Euros next year.”

OK, so there you have it. Ceballos makes it clear he never thought of leaving permanently and his goal is to succeed as Real Madrid.

Based on his latest comments I would suggest it is unlikely that Ceballos will be staying in North London next season.


      1. and it makes his situation with Ozil seem even more puzzling…he could end up losing the only two playmakers we have…and what will it cost to buy another , both in salary and transfer fees?

        1. The managers have already proven they are able to secure big signings like Pepe without necessarily paying the full sums at a go..so that should not be an issue. You also cannot tell me you believe we will bring in another player on a wage higher than the reported 350K Ozil is on for playing Fortnite at home.

          1. Ken, do you honestly believe that the Ozil situation is all on Emery, that he is acting in isolation from Arsenal management and Ozil’s own attitude and approach to training is blameless?

          2. Paying in instalments simply means that our budget will get reduced the following years when we’re still paying for a player that’s been with us for a while. It’s only a short-term solution and one that limits the spending of Emery’s successor.

            It’s true that a replacement will likely have a salary below 200.000, possibly even below 150.000 but truly creative players don’t come cheap. These days it could easily surpass 50 mill. for a player who’s just very good not excellent.

            It’s better to use Ozil for another 20 months than pay most of his salary and see him play somewhere else, like United’s Sanchez situation. But United are richer and have about 4 players who can replace Sanchez.

            The problem is tactical, too.
            For Ozil to flourish in Emery’s system, he needs an excellent DM and Torreira is the only one who comes close while Emery choses Xhaka-Guen combo instead. Sorry, but neither Xhaka nor Guen are true DMs,

  1. If we do not need a no 10 anymore next season, we wouldn’t need Ozil and Ceballos

    I just hope Arsenal can get Vinicius Jr from Madrid

    1. You’re limited by concepts.

      We may not need a classical no 10, but we need at least 2 players with the kinds of incisive passes no 10s have. Ceballos and Ozil are it right now and are both inconsistent, Ozil hardly plays, and Ceballos will be gone soon. Willock is excellent but neither he nor Guen have the needed incisiveness…

  2. Ozil and Ceballos will not be here next season. I’m certain of it.

    So we will need to sign two top central midfielders. One CAM and one box2box or creative cm behind him.

    With Martinelli and Saka improving we may not need to get a winger unless Pepe doesn’t improve. But I’m sure he will.

    If I’m wrong and Ceballos stays then we need just a top CAM

        1. Up against his compatriot – Pepe – a fallen through move to the Emirates.. oh he’ll be up for it alright 😉 And you never know, Declan, it may even spur Pepe on!! 🤞

    1. I am an Arsenal fan because Arsenal branded with beautiful football.
      Now ,Emery’s Arsenal is so boring that I feel keep watching Arsenal games will only make me ‘loss appetite’ on soccer games! Third on the table do not mean he is good.It is because teams such as MU or Tottenham have their own internal issues.Once their problems solve,they will easily overtake Emery’s Arsenal without doubt. Loan out Ozil is so unreasonable!

  3. There’s still a chance that Madrid might have a player or two that keep him out of that first team. He’s not gonna want to sit on the bench over there after being a first team player at Arsenal.

  4. He’s ok as a lone player! On his performances really do you think he will ever have the chance to get into the Real team? I don’t think so. He’s a good player but not good enough for Real and not good enough to be an arsenal starter on a permanent basis. He will have a good game here and there against lower opposition but when it comes to the good teams he will be out of his depth and won’t get the time that he needs to make things happen. Good for a seasons loan but send him back at the end of his spell. If he was good enough they would not have let him leave.
    That’s my opinion.

  5. I trust Raul.. He may have a trick or 2 up his sleeve concerning ceballos. Madrid are likely gonna buy pogba or eriksen now with the form of utd. I just hope we get ziyech or Maddison.

  6. In my opinion Ceballos has been a 6/10 so far.
    He will struggle to make into the Madrid first sqaud.

  7. This Dani Ceballos provided an assist to Auba’ to score the winning goal in our home match against Burnley in the PL. But has since then gone quiet or should I say in games for Arsenal until in our ELC home match against Standard Liege when he score a goal off Martinelli’s assist in Arsenal 4-0 hammering of Standard Liege. But can Ceballos be trusted to perform consistently at the high level of the game for his adopted club side Arsenal during his season long loan spell at the club as his thoughts are more with Real Madrid his parent club than are with Arsenal?

  8. Ceballos is a good soldier but still, he should leave at the end of his loan. I don’t believe he is the answer to our midfield problems. We need 2 energetic CMs that can drive the ball fowards with minimal back passing.

    1. He is an energetic midfielder who can drive the ball forward. he is our most progressive midfiedler.

      1. In my opinion he holds onto the ball far too much in midfield and complicates the basics like for example, opting to dribble instead of just passing the ball quickly or releasing attackers already in dangerous positions.

  9. I expect a years extension of his loan deal. Ceballos is a natural born player and will grow to be better. Keep him.

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