Dani Ceballos is definitely not planning a long term future at Arsenal

Dani Ceballos is eyeing a return to Real Madrid at the end of his loan term with Arsenal.

The Spaniard enjoyed a successful loan spell at the Emirates last season which persuaded Arsenal to re-sign him on loan again for a second campaign.

He has remained a key member of Mikel Arteta’s team even though he hasn’t been in fine form as he was last season.

Ceballos has also not played as many games as he would have liked when he rejoined the team.

There have been talks of him remaining at the Emirates on a permanent basis, but he has hinted that his future lies with Madrid.

He was speaking to SunSport recently and he admitted that Real Madrid was the dream team of his as well as 99 per cent of footballers in the world.

He then added that the Spanish giants own his future for the next three years.

He told SunSport: “The Bernabeu is the Mecca of football.

“You can ask Mesut Ozil, who always spoke about Real Madrid as the best club in the world.

“Wearing that badge is the goal of 99 per cent of footballers.

“Last year I was happy at Arsenal, and I reached an agreement with Real Madrid to continue for another year.

“There was no problem because we all understood that it was going to do well for my future.

“Real Madrid is the owner of my future for the next three years and I am not the one who will decide.

“At least I’m not going to do it alone because it also depends on the coach and the president.

“But nobody refuses to play for Real Madrid.”

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  1. He will never ever make it at Real Madrid. Real Madrid surely will sell him to another club because he is not even Real Madrid standard. Let him go, we can have even more quality midfielder than him. Oh, ESR is better than him if he gets much gametime like Ceballos did.

  2. Arteta is just stupid taking him back on loan, Gu
    endouzi is a mile better than what Ceballos will ever be, I’ll take Guen million times over that overrated clown

    1. Guendozi was rubbish too. Nothing but sideways passes. I will the days of creative players at arsenal.

    2. What on Earth are you talking about. Guendouzi is a clown! He can’t run, dribble or pass or score. All he ever does is run the ball sideways, wait to feel contact on his back and throw himself to the floor for a free kick. Ceballos had a lot of good games and he was integral to us winning the FA cup. Were Guendouzi playing there would be zero chance. You have lost the plot my friend.

  3. If we don’t beat Wolves tomorrow we will really be in the relegation zone as I don’t see us getting anything at spurs.

  4. After his great performance in the last season’s games, and I’m only talking about the last a few games during the season and the cups. I really thought he is planning to stay as I can’t see him in RM, but during this season, he didn’t show any potential to play or stay! Obviously he prefers to be there, so good luck for him!

    1. Real will need him, especially after last night!! 😉 Couldn’t believe they lost… Hazard injured again!! Another Courtois howler…. and what about Lucas Perez (remember him?!)
      Lucas Pérez completed six take-ons in Alaves’ win against Real Madrid, the last player to complete more against Real in a LaLiga game was Lionel Messi (7, Dec 2019).
      A match-winning performance from the 32-year-old… not bad, hey?!

  5. Ceballos is a terrible player. His arrogance makes him even worse. He doesn’t belong in the EPL. If Arsenal don’t have a better player to replace him then they deserve to be relegated.

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