Dani Ceballos Loan – How did Arsenal’s previous loanees fare in the EPL?

Other Players Arsenal have Loaned by Dan Smith

So, have Arsenal signed Dani Ceballos because they genuinely identified him as a replacement for Ramsey, or was he simply the cheapest option, a way to fill a hole in the squad without paying a fee? So how often in the Premiership have we loaned in players and how often has it worked?

Fabian Caballero (1998-1999)
He came on loan for the season with an option to buy. Scored 8 in 16 reserve games but wasn’t needed with the strike force we had, so was sent back to South America after only one Prem appearance off the bench. Did enjoy one spell in Europe, calling his time in Dundee as the happiest time of his life

Michal Papadopulos (2003-2004)
Only played for 7 minutes during his senior career, his reward for impressing with the reserves, the same game where a certain Cesc Fabregas became our youngest scorer in our history. At a time when Arsene Wenger was putting his faith in youth he would have signed him permanently if there was talent there.

Alex Song (2005 -2006)
A trial turned into a loan. Despite not starting in the League during that time, he convinced the Gunners to give Bastia 1 million for him. Most of his appearances in cup ties were at centre back, the few times he did play in midfield he was so poor some of his own fans turned against him. His big turning point was a loan to Charlton. Upon his return became the closest replacement midfielder we have had since Gilberto Silva. Admitted he regretted leaving for Barcelona and we should have re-signed him like we did Flamani.

Julio Baptista (2006-2007)
Was part of a swap deal which saw Reyes loaned the other way. Unlike the Spaniard however the Brazilian was always adamant that he wanted the switch only to be temporary. By the end of the spell Arsene Wenger no longer had long term interest in the striker. He scored 3 in 24 prem games but did get a hat trick at Anfield and a brace at the Lane, on route to the League Cup Final.

Yossi Benayoun (2011-2012)
It took an 8-2 humiliation at Old Trafford to force our owners to even think about spending the Fabregas/ Nasri money. While no one would claim the Israeli was the same quality, he gave our young squad much needed experience on and off the pitch at a troubling time. Should have made this type of signing years earlier.

Thierry Henry (2012)
Our legend had been training with us during the MLS off season. A short-term spell was seen as nothing more than a bid to sell a few shirts with the striker not even expected to play. When he returned to America our greatest ever scorer had added two more goals to his tally. I was at the Leeds tie for the Frenchmen’s return, it remains the most emotional the Emirates has ever been for me.

Kim Kallstrom 2013-2014
Legend has it that Arsene Wenger confirmed the signing even though he knew the Swede had a dodgy back. Top of the League that January, this was our sole purchase that window (sound familiar). The midfielder did contribute to our history though, converting our second penalty in the semi-final at Wembley.

Emiliano Viviano 2013-2014
Having been an established first choice keeper his whole career, was shocked to find himself third choice. Clearly there was a lack of communication of why the Italian was loaned to Emirates. Playing regularly in Serie A before and since, playing 0 minutes has left him describing the experience as the worst of his life

Denis Suarez (2019)
Unai Emery pushed for the signing of Suarez having worked together in Spain. We were critical in January of the club nearly missing out on the move due to not wanting an obligation to buy. In hindsight it would have been a disaster if we were now forced to spend 25 million on a player who managed just 4 games. The player has since admitted to not being 100 per cent fit from his second week onwards. There is a suggestion though that Arsenal were aware of his injury problems and signed him regardless.

In conclusion, we’ve had only one loan signing that we turned permanent, making Ceballos a possible exception to the rule. It’s rare for us to use the loan market as a source to make a major signing, and even rarer that we borrow someone with a long-term plan mind.

Dan Smith


  1. Why is the Sun parroting around that Dani Ceballos loan move to Arsenal cost them £15m in total considering transfer fees and wages??Now I’m sure people understand why I always have a go at various media outlets.They are so full of clickbait and associate many ridiculous things with Arsenal.They are just so disrespectful with respect to Arsenal.Mind you, if this had been any other top four team this wouldn’t have been said about them.
    Please don’t let anyone tell you different.Arsenal paid €4m for Ceballos and are paying his full salary which equates to £3m per year.Now let them do the math and tell me he cost us £15m.

    Also make no mistake about the Tierney deal.The fee(£25m) and personal terms was agreed ages ago.Dont let media or anyone tell you different.What Arsenal haven’t agreed yet is the payment structure which is what tells me that we are either incompetent or trying to play smart.

    1. So we can’t belive the media but we have to believe you ?
      You said Ceballos was definitely going to spurs or have you forgot that already

      1. @Dan Kit-Lets not go there again mate.Im still remembering the mauling @Kev took last time.He has toned things down and is nothing more than a reporter these past few weeks.And the law of averages will say some he will get right and some he won’t.Do what I do Dan.Just ignore every transfer rumour until the player is confirmed by the Club.
        Talking of Clubs-How are you getting on with the new Hybrid Driver?

        1. He picks on one thing and then ignores the subsequent posts where I clarify that Spurs pulled out of Celballos’ deal due to no option to buy.We also kind of convinced him but in truth Spurs interest waned.
          Media is definitely late 99percent of the time.Had it not been for improper wording on my part and for some small mistakes then I’d say the ITK’s I’ve followed have been far more reliable and ahead of time

        2. Best club I’ve used fullstop
          250 – 270 yards (8-10 good drives )
          270-310 yards with my old driver (3-10 good drives )
          So it upped my game losing a few yards .jot sure why I haven’t used one before ,maybe it was because of the small head .

        3. Phil, the negativity on this site is getting such, that a reallocation of my time may be in order to avoid “the black dog”.

          1. It’s not negativity it’s that some of us don’t agree with what you post so you dont like it ,what a boring world we would live in if all
            Our opinions matched .

          2. Anyway let’s agree to disagree shall we and see who’s proved right at the end of the season

          3. Dan, I don’t have any great expectations for Arsenal this season. I believe it will take at least two seasons to reduce the wage bill and for the talented Academy players to progress.
            As I have said before my concern is that, with the short term contract (3 years total, with the option to terminate at the end of the second year sitting with Arsenal), Emery is to be made the fall guy”.
            With Kroenke as owner, the Board and management, may believe it is less costly to churn through managers every few seasons, rather than spend what is necessary to address the real issues of player quality and squad depth.

      2. I later said Spurs pulled out due to no ‘option to buy’and he was also convinced by us too
        I later said he was going to join Arsenal due to that which actually happened

        I also said Lo Celso and Sessegnon brothers to Spurs will happen which is also true though they have put the Lo Celso move on hold due to Dybala being somehow available

        1. Kev-honestly mate.Stop trying to justify yourself.Some follow what you say.Others don’t.If things don’t work out as you believed they would then you do not need to explain why.Everyone knows you are keen and informative up to a point.But just leave it simple and short with the explanations.

    2. I didn’t believe that for one minute! Although it seems to have duped a few on here though.

    3. Okay Kev, but any news about Winger or CB yet!?

      They are the areas I’m more concerned about!

      1. I don’t know of any CB we are looking at.What I know is we will make a move for Zaha and if the bid gets rejected we will move on to Everton Soares

    1. It’s just that lots of outlets have misinformed fans.The new bid that is being reported to be submitted for Tierney is not necessarily a new bid but more of a restructuring of our old bid.Celtic want more money upfront but in terms of the fee(£25m) we and Celtic agree on that one

  2. Great article. So we never had a successful loanee, probably because the previous loanees are either aging, rusty or simply past their sell-by dates

    We have never borrowed a winger as well. That’s why I have a very low expectation on Ceballos, because he is not the wide player we badly need nor is he a high risk taker like Isco

    I’d be happy if he can finish this season with a two-digit assist tally, but I wouldn’t be surprised as well if he produces less than five assists

    1. gotanidea, as I recall there were no wide players/wingers available for loan during the January transfer window. Please correct me if you can remember any.

  3. I remember Henry returning. I was so happy and remember his two goals. He is a true Arsenal legend and I love him loads!!!

  4. The Kings return was magical.

    I remember that dramatic winner he scored, it brought tears of joy. Lets hope Dani will have a good impact and if he does Madrid should let him join us at a good fee.

    Abit crazy huh, before our two new players ink dries our biggest star almost gets carjacked and is saved by the Hulk. Turkish movie now loading………

  5. For me we need to make the remaining signings complete by the end of next week latest. I don’t know for sure who we will have through the door but Zaha and KT do appear favourite so at least one of those two should be expected if not both. I think it’s looking positive right now and with a good start to the season we might get that momentum of a winning habit.

  6. Yes you are right to some extent ceballos loan is a very cheap one and we all know our club like to do things cheap,but I If what have been reading about him is true then am sure he will be a success for us, as long as he showed up in the big matches and he doesn’t hide like ozil, I mean as long as he put his best and not make all those stupid mistakes xhaka makes then i think he will be fine.

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