Dani Ceballos says a respectful goodbye to Arsenal fans

So the season has now ended and hopefully we will see lots of action from Mikel Arteta and the Arsenal management in preparing a much improved squad for next season.

One decision has already been made as it is now clear that Dani Ceballos is on his way back to Real Madrid and is very unlikely to be seen in an Arsenal shirt ever again (but who knows?).

The Spaniard has said a respecftul farewell on his Instagram page, and here it is…

Dani’s loan time at the Emirates may not have been terribly successful on a personal level, but he does get to go home with an FA cup winners medal, which he deserves for his performance in the Final. It’s a shame but he didn’t really capture that form again in this current campaign…

I think that, as the season drew to a close, all Arsenal fans knew that it was unlikely there would be any chance of him coming back, not even on another loan.

As he says, he always worked hard. It’s just a shame that it just wasn’t enough for Arsenal…

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  1. All the very best to Dani, whatever the future may hold for him.

    Started so well, he always gave 100% but by the end of his stay it hadn’t quite worked out.

  2. Maybe one of the strangest transfer decisions to bring him back for a second season on loan ,i honestly have no idea who actually thought it would work out ,who ever was in charge did they not watch him play the season before hand ,I just hope we do not make the same mistake with Odegaard also .
    All that aside GL to him .

  3. Dani Ceballos could have returned to Real Madrid with a simple “thank you and goodbye”. What he did say was “class”,particularly thanking the coaching and ancillary staff, who often get no recognition.

  4. One last time:
    Dani Ceballos, Dani Ceballos
    He drinks Estrella, he eats paella,
    the boy’s ****ing magic 🙂

    Goodbye, good luck and thank you, Dani! 👍

  5. Nice one from Dani Ceballos!!
    Wish him a great future ahead!!
    But he has to work on his aggression n self-confidence on d Pitch!!

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