Dani Ceballos transfer not as good a deal as we thought

Getting a player on loan for a season from Real Madrid would normally be a good piece of business, especially when you are strapped for cash.

But if you pay a fee of £12 Million then it is no longer free and you have to question the wisdom of the deal.

Don’t get me wrong, I am pleased that we got Ceballos, I have heard good things about him but can we really afford to be paying out £12 Million plus wages for just one season?

I mean, Nabil Fekir joined Real Betis for just £17 Million and that is a permanent deal.

Surely we could have found an extra £5 Million to sign a player in a similar role for longer than one season?

Again, this is not about Ceballos, I am happy he will be a Gunner next season but he obviously has no sell on value and not a player we can build the team around, it just makes no sense to me.

There is not even an option to buy clause inserted.

Only Arsenal could do a deal like this and when you add it on top of the William Saliba deal where we have to loan him back for a year then my confidence in things changing for the better at the club has been dented.

I really did not want to be negative about this deal but I cannot ignore the £12 Million fee and pretend that it has not annoyed me because it really has.


  1. 42 mil for 2 loan deals ,but yea the new regime are doing a fantastic job ?
    4 weeks
    Today we bid for Zaha now Everton are in the driving seat ,frustrating to see but it’s not like we were not expecting this once again ,same old same old ,clueless board clueless manager.
    More action less words

        1. Dan kit, you just don’t seem to understand that under the new management structure, Unai Emery is paid to be “head coach”. Blame Kroenke, the Board, Raul and Vinai all you like, they are responsible for funding, scouting and managing contracts; however Emery is paid to coach the players provided to him. Agreed he may have a vetting role, but he has nowhere near the power invested in Arsene Wenger.

          1. So it’s stans fault that we don’t have the extra champions league money to spend this window ,if he can’t get the players he wants why hasn’t he left and told us the truth .
            You still haven’t answered my last question I put to you .
            Who are these peers that respect him so much ?
            Do you think he did a great job last year because from what I saw he looked out of his depth,standing on the touch line rubbing his lips

          2. Dan, Guardiola, Ponchettino, Ranieri, Santo and Benites for starters.
            Maybe the long term injuries to Bellerin, Holding, Koscielny, Mavropanos and Welbeck, plus lesser injuries to Ramsey, Ozil etc had something to do with the squad depth being tested and Arsenal falling short?

          3. By the way Emery did tell the truth when he openly stated that Arsenal had only provided him with loan funds during the Summer transfer window. He didn’t try to make out there was “no value in the market”.
            With only one more season left on his contract, unless Arsenal exercises its option to extend, would you expect him to break his contract and walk away? It was always OK for Arsene Wenger to say he never broke a contract.

    1. Dan do you really believe this bullshit. Arsenal sites like arsenal fans are magnet for negativity. Thinks for a second if Arsenal can that money. We submitted a 40m bid for a player his club valued 80m and we are arguing over few millions on Teirney’s deal and some how we coughed out 12m on a year loan. I’m sure admart doesn’t believe this. He put it out because he has to make some money.

      1. This has nothing to do with this site ,I’m saying we get this every year but fans still believe the bullshit the club put out just to shut us up .not sure how fans like you fall for it hook line and sinker .
        Regarding this article ,I’m not sure what you don’t believe 2 players signed both loans, total sum 42 mil .
        Only the arsenal way

        1. Dan your deliberately misconstruing things…. Firstly I doubt we paid £15m for Ceballos,more like £3m, and secondly, Saliba isn’t a loan he is a permanent signing who was just sent out on loan so really no different to Nelson, ESR etc going out on loan this season (just examples not saying they are going out on loan)

          1. It does not take away from the fact we have signed one player loaned him back and loaned another one ,where are these exciting expensive players we were promised or does a 18year old Brazilian count ,my argument is that agin nothing is changing and fans are happy to go along with it then moan when the season starts ,then rinse and repeat .
            I’ve seen this movie one to many times and I can honestly Say our season will end up looking exactly like last season

        2. I’m not falling for anything Dan, I’m far away in Nigeria and can’t do anything about the situation of our beloved club. Even if I’m in England I can’t still do anything because Kroenke owns the club. I’m only responding to the lies being told about our club and we are sucking up as usual. No wonder they call the most gullible, deluded and frivolous fans in the epl. The going rate for loan now is 5m. Chelsea paid that for Kovacic and Bayern paid 10m for 2 years loan for Hames from Real. Now we got a less established player than those from the same club now this fake news comes to rubbish the good deal we make. I ask you going by what is going with Zaha and Teirney transfer do you believe we can pay 12m for a year loan deal.

      2. Spot on Mobella. The loan fee was reported as £3m 2 days ago. The Sun carry some bullshit clickbait headline and we turn positive into negativity again! It’s The Sun FFS!
        There is no way Arsenal would cough up a £12m loan fee for an unproven albeit promising 22 year old. Denis Suarez loan fee was £2m so we are no strangers to this market. Hell Falcao’s United loan fee was €6m!
        Can we put BS to one side and focus on the 4 headlines of yesterday please?
        1. Signed Saliba.
        2. Signed Ceballos on loan.
        3. Kolasinac fought off 2 knife weilding thugs to save the Ozils
        4. Ozil hit Spurs with a solid burn on twitter

        Then we can focus on today’s business of finding and signing some defenders. Is the Tierney deal back on?
        Juventus want €40m for Rugani according to ESPN, maybe we can get him on loan for a year until Saliba comes? Wait no The Sun will probably say we are paying a €20m loan deal and we’ll all end up here ranting about it!

      3. Where is the proof that Arsenal paid 12m for a year loan?
        Same as everyone’s been made to believe that arsenal has a transfer budget of 40m. Let cut these people some slacks they are professionals and some of the best in this business, we can’t continue to believe that we know more than they do.

    2. Admin plz dont believe every rumour u come across. The loan fee will cost Arsenal 2.5 mill. Dani is only 22 years old , inexperience, not yet capped by his country why would Arsenal pay that amount 4 him?

  2. All i know is if Krystian Bielik leaves Arsenal, then i know that the club or and coach are very far from having wisdom insight, foresight and hindsight and the goal of the club is just to remain in the EPL, they aren’t interested in trophies or victories.
    They can as well loan zaha for 30M.

    1. Or…the coaching staff have seen a lot more of him than you and have decided he is not of the standard required to make it in the premiership and your outrage over it would not be warranted.

        1. He’s made 40 (ish) appearances between Charlton and Birmingham and is unproven at the top level – hardly a world beater that we desperately need to play.

          I hope he is great for us and does perform at the top level but I don’t see how you can come to the conclusion that you have that the coaches lack insight and wisdom if they decide to get rid of him as so far he has not proven himself and is still just a prospect that may or may not come good.

        2. Everywhere else being in the championship? The coaches are not fools,if he’s good enough he will get his chance. Every coach wants to succeed too. Holdings came from Bolton, proved himself and is playing

  3. Who said we pay 12million for him? Can you guys please stop spreading rumours? I’m not overwhelmed by this Loan but anything other than Xhaka Elneny is better.
    BTW, Adadjim You keep saying everyone on here is overreacting to our defensive issues, and some people are saying the negativity here is much,
    Tell me Aliadire is overreacting too for saying these things, a thorough Arsenal ex player, or is full of negativity too?

    “Arsenal signing a centre-back is really important and yet I keep seeing us linked with a lot of forwards such as Zaha and Everton Soares but they are not what we need for the moment.”
    He continued: “I’m an Arsenal fan. I retired some years ago and Arsenal is my team.
    “I may do some commentary and media but I’m a fan at the end of the day. It’s frustrating when you see a club like Leicester, who with all respect to them are a smaller club, spending £75m so far this summer yet Arsenal can’t seemingly afford to spend the money that Leicester can. It’s difficult to understand where the money goes.
    “I remember when we moved to the Emirates and Arsene telling us that money will be tied up in the stadium for the next ten years or so and that transfer fees will be a bit limited.
    “But that has passed and the stadium has been paid off. Given that, you can understand the frustrations of the supporters when it’s reported that there is only a transfer budget of £45m. These days in the market if you want a top international player it’s going to cost a lot.
    “There has been talk that Arsenal want Wilfried Zaha who Crystal Palace supposedly value at £80m and we were reported to have offered them half the money – £40m. If that’s true, it seems a bit ridiculous and could be seen as disrespectful to Crystal Palace. We understand there are high salaries going on Ozil and Mkhitaryan but surely there is still some money to spend on transfers?
    “It’s very frustrating and I just don’t understand it really.”

    1. Eddie, its not news and i, like you know how much goals we conceeded last season, in fact UE is aware and our coaching crew are aware, am sure they would have analyzed all the pros and cons and probably come to a conclusion on the solution. Can we all cut them some slack and see what the decision will result into. UE is mych more concern than you and i, dont you think?
      He is going to loss his job if things didnt go well while u and i will only lose our face or little money .
      Fact is, there are people working round the clock to find answers that you and i and asking, can we all exercise patience and see what surprises lay ahead. Before the window closes we could still buy 100players or no one.
      However, everyone just want us to buy buy and buy, some even say ‘anyone sign is better than mustaphi and xhaka’, well let me remind us that there are thousands of players worst than those guys, am not saying mustaphi is the best but am hoping our underperformers could find their confidence and form. We might sign a CB and he flop or get injured, nothing is written in gold as far as transfers are concerned, you will remember Eddie, that mustaphi first 6games for arsenal all ended in clean sheets, we all thought messiah was here but now you know the rest

      1. Am not against us buying a CD or wishing the one we buy any badluck but when a club has around 8 first team CD with valid contracts, and none are willing to move, it will be difficult to recruit another. Whereas we have 0 winger, it wouldnt be bad to recruit just one, eont u think

      2. Adajim

        You make an assumption that Arsenal know what they are doing???? Really. You believe that? Planet Adajim.

  4. Sorry but that’s absolute BS…. Or at least I hope it is and considering the £15m rumour started on the Sun it probably is.

    I’d heard reports it was about £3m which sounds about right to me.

  5. Admin, honestly I’m disappointed with your post. Where is it written(source)we paid £12m for the loan. Do you believe everything reported by the media? If so, I also read somewhere(forgotten the source) that it’s between €2m-€4m.
    please anyone with an info about this deal can enlighten all of us. I always stand to be corrected.

  6. Its so funny how people just see sensational headlines and start reacting negatively to them. I believe we have competent people doing what is best for our club. Let us all tally round the club and the players note this season and stop these negativities.

  7. Fekir’s low price tag seems to be a bargain value, but unfortunately he is not a deep-lying playmaker like Ceballos and we also don’t know why his value dropped from 60 M

    I can only hope Ceballos’s deal could create another transaction with Real Madrid, because Zidane has to trim his bloated squad

  8. WE buy Saliba for 25(?) and Loan him.

    We get Ceballos on loan for 12, pay his wage of 3.

    That is how we do business and understand football at Arsenal now; a business venture ran by Kroenke.

    Brexit ? How sounds kroenkxit?

    Until idiots buying shirts & tickets, attend games; Kroenke will ruin it all.

    1. You may need to go easy on calling people idiot because that might be the appropriate name for those who believe what you write about.

  9. Its so funny how people just see sensational headlines and start reacting negatively to them. I believe we have competent people doing what is best for our club. Let us all rally round the club and the players more this season and stop these negativities.

    1. This is from Metro. I don’t know how reliable they are. James is being mooted to go for about €10m to Napoli on a year with options to make permanent for €30-€40. €10m is £8m about that could be £6-£7. This is for a more established player but we paid £12m and everyone is going berserk because metro reported it and admin brought it here because the writer couldn’t ignore it.

  10. I think it’s good we have him on loan. See how well he performs and adapts to the PL before spending huge money on him.

    As for financial rumours
    Even the £45 million budget is just rumour

    I say wait and see until the transfer window closes then butcher or praise Emery/Kroenke

    But not looking very promising

  11. OT Aston villa have made another signing some unknown from city for 15 mil! Are they just signing players for the sake of it ? I think they’ve made 20 signings this summer ? while they’re signing cheques like Chris tarrant we should offer them Mustafi, Chambers, Jenkinson, Iwobi, Xhaka, Elneny and Mkhitarian ?

    1. If I’m not mistaken Kev he would be the 10th or the 11th player they have bought not 20th. Does that mean they disbanded the team that promoted them to epl. They should please look at what we have to sell. We can give them two for the price of one???

      1. Haha yeah Mobella I was exaggerating due to they’re endless incomings and they’re still in the market for more signings ? Sam Allardyce was right they should look at Fulham as an example, they spent over a hundred mil and got relegated.. intergrating so many new players is always dangerous! Haha if only they were interested in some of our deadwood ?

  12. Does anyone really believe all the reports that we have agreed a price of €80 million for Pepe with Lille and that we are ahead of Liverpool and Man U as his choice?

    1. The Declan it will be like believing we paid 12 or 15m for Cebellos. Please don’t be that sh***t. Another one said we are looking at Khederia and another one said Chelsea has come to hijack Zaha deal from us and we are losing him to them. I was like what the fcuk isn’t Chelsea banned for two transfer windows only for the fool who to say ….The Blues are under a two-window transfer ban, but would look to complete a deal for the Crystal Palace winger after the end of the coming season. As if we will wait that long to get him if we really want him????

      1. Yep chelsea are banned but they could still sign and send him back to palace on loan
        Get ur facts right man. Arsenal are slowly losing their identity

    2. Pepe is in talks with Napoli reported on sky last night ,his odds have plummeted so that looks very unlikely ,looking at the odds we were never in for him .

  13. Sad. We should have signed Fekir ages ago. The fake news was that he is injury prone and it is superseded by his 39 game 12 goal tally last season. Sanllehi is dumb and dumber. He says things are happening behind the scenes. He has had the whole window to sort things out. What a numpty. Yeahh…’behind the scenes my ass’.

  14. Are you people retarded?

    We did NOT pay 12m for Ceballos loan ffs. The Sun is the trashiest “newspaper” out there and some of you eat their BS without thinking twice. They literally publish news about someone tweeting whatever comes into their mind.

    So, we can’t afford 25m for permanent LB signing but somehow can afford 15m for 1 season loan? USE YOUR BRAINS.

  15. £12 mill for Ceballos for 1 year who goes back o Real Madrid, £20 mill for Fekir for 6 years who would have been ours. Brain-dead…Sanllehi. Our club is sinking, committing self-harm.

  16. avoiding all the negative articles that are written is difficult because generally media are positioning arsenal in a negative light.

    Under AW he chose not to lower himself to this, and so media kept antagonizing him by attracting the Club.

    The bandwagon was continued by Fans. Even now, we do something good, we have to see the bad in it.

    In my personal opinion on Ceballos, I actually think he is surplus to requirement at RM. They are looking to sell Bale, and looking to deal with a season ending injury to Asenso and yet Ceballos is not seen to have a chance. Add to that, how Chelsea got a loan deal turn permanent without any pre-agreed fee, I think the odds are stacked 60/40 atm for him to leave RM.

    Add to this the fact that I think Pogda will go next season, again fueling Ceballos to be further down the pecking order.

    For now, it is starting to look promising.

    If Gendouzi can challenge Xhaka for the DM position,
    Torriera, Willock and Ceballos fighting for the 2 in front or 1 in front (depending on tactics) I think we are starting to see good cover here.

    I mentioned last season we only had 4 players in the middle of the park (where greater energy is required – best noted with Torriera appearing to be struggling to hold down a spot because of his energy levels vs EPL standards – all which will improve the more he is with us), But now we have 5 or even 6 if either Ozil or Mhkt stuck in.

    Tierney is a signing I really would like to see happen. I at first thought it was all BS media talk but I think that could be a great additional.

    Consider what next season could look like in comparison to last season and ask yourself – is Raul, Edu, Emery and Co doing a good job?

    Bellerin Sokratis Kos Monreal

    Bellerin Saliba Holding Tierney

    1. The £3 million loan fee paid to Real Madrid would be required to cover the insurance premium to protect the loaning club, should the player be severely injured.

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