Danny Mills at it again with his unbelievable Arsenal Tottenham combined XI

We all know about Danny Mills on here, don’t we? We cut him down previously when he touted Danny Rose to Arsenal in the summer transfer window but that is nothing compared to his latest ridiculous comments.

Well, I call them comments, I am not sure what to call his combined Arsenal Tottenham XI that has just two, yup, just two Arsenal players in it.

This is his line up


Imagine if Arsenal would not have bought Pepe and Ceballos, he would probably have named a Tottenham XI and called it a combined XI.

No one can accuse me of being biased here, Paul Merson claims that Arsenal will beat Tottenham 4-1 and I criticised that view, but this from Mills is simply comical.

It is utterly stupid when you consider that Arsenal beat Tottenham 4-2 at the Emirates last season, held them 1-1 at Wembley and finished just a single point behind them in the league.

How does a team with that record against Tottenham only manage to get two players into a combined XI?

I am not going to get into who should and should not be in an Arsenal Tottenham combined XI because I am not going to play that game in response to the likes of Mills but I do know this, I am an Arsenal fanatic and I would not lower myself to name just two Spurs players in a combined XI because that would be playing a silly tribal game.

Pundits are supposed to act in a balanced manner, what Mills has done is to damage what little credibility he has left.


  1. 100 different pundits will pick 100 different teams, some favouring us and some spurs, does it matter? Not a jot.
    Click bait article…….and I just clicked…….

  2. Looks about right to me.

    How many Arsenal players do you genuinely think could walk into a Spuds lineup? I hate Spuds but I’m being realistic

    We shouldn’t put our players on a tall pedestal
    No Arsenal defender would walk into a Spuds lineup

    I think Kane is on par with Aubameyang

    Pepe, Ceballos is about it really.

    Son is better than Nelson, Mkhytarian
    Lloris is same or better than Leno
    Eriksen is better than Ozil, Mkhytarian, Nelson

    We would be awesome with this midfield and attack:

    …..Torreira… Ceballos
    Pepe (Rw)..Erickson..Son(LW)

      1. Torreira over Winks, other than that he’s not that far from the truth.

        Sure, on their day Auba and Laca are better than Kane, but Kane has been consistent at the top for a long time, our duo needs more time to prove they are as well.

        Erikson more useful than Ozil. Son – definitely better than what we’ve got, and of defenders only our fullbacks can compare to what they got.

        1. @Diogenes “but Kane has been consistent at the top for a long time, our duo needs more time to prove they are as well”. Please tell me you didn’t type that, so you mean auba has not been consistent, winning the golden boot 3 times in the bundelsliga, winning the golden boot in his first full season with us also, came to us January and scored 11 or 12 goals if that’s not been consistent then maybe you should explain it to me.

    1. Why should Arsenal players walk into a Spurs team or the other way round? Every team has the players it fancies and that is that. I have on several occasions seen Arsenal tormenting Spurs including last season. Why should anyone imagine that Spurs is by far better than Arsenal? Last season they beat us to fourth position by just a single point despite all the hype about them. Obviously I am not at all surprised by the bias of the pundits because that is what they do frequently.

    1. Jamie Redknapp for years named pretty much a whole team of Spuds including o hara at one point! Don’t read anything into it if I am honest! Most important thing is the desire is the same as last year’s North London Derby at the Emirates. Let’s make sure everyone knows North London is red by the end of Sunday.

  3. Do you know what I’d love to see, if more teams took a look at Emery’s tactics v pool and tried to adopt their own version of them. There was something in them, even listening to Klopp’s dislike of the tactics and today reading from a player who said that Klopp sussed it out and made a tweak in second half that gave them the space for Salah and co, nonsense, the goal changed our tactics a bit and then Luiz added to it. Liv don’t want to be crossing the ball in, they don’t have the forwards for that. If more teams do similar v pool, just let them have it out wide but deny any space near the box, that would frustrate the hell out of Liv, they don’t have city type players who can thread a needle and play dangerous little diagonal balls over the top (man mark Firminho). Teams with solid hard working players could deal with setpieces and crosses, it’s surely one way to possibly upset the odds at Anfield, I doubt Klopp would welcome teams trying these tactics. The player also said that they were working all week on how to break the midfield and going toward goal, but our tactics made it all go to waste, that they surprised them. If that corner didn’t go in, I would’ve liked to see the second half to see if they’d still work and if we’d get more clear cut chances.

    1. I never thought we can trade toe to toe with Liverpool at anfield at the moment I loved Emery tactics what annoyed me was his team selection and late sub’s. Am even tired of reading crap about Emery for the loss at pool too many nonsense we are introducing new players we are yet to gel and put up a convincing win yet you want us to go to anfield and expose ourselves. Luiz is the player who disappointed me the most even at 1 goal down we are still in the game but Luiz killed it that isn’t tactics

      1. ln fairness i reakon Salah would have scored if he wasnt pulled back so it doesnt bother me that much .
        What i did like was Luiz long balls which gives us something we havnt had in awhile if ever.

    2. After listening to Arnold interview about how we surprised them with the tactics I was actually thinking the same thing, if only Pepe had scored that goal we would have go with an halftime lead and everyone will be hailing emery tactics, to be honest I was one of those who bashed Emery after the Liverpool match but watching the match again I think it was a good tactics if only we had taken our first half chances.

  4. If we are honest the xi is very close to the best 11 both teams can currently field defence is spot on, midfield we can argue that torriera should be there but his form have not been great as when he 1st arrived, in attack well son is no debate at all his better than who ever we can put at left wing so the only debate there is c.f. we can all debate laca,auba and kane so it’s not a bad combined xi

  5. i dont see much wrong with the lineup honestly. Perhaps Winks out for Torreira. But who in our backline are you going to put? Kane knocks Auba out as great as Auba is. Son in there cant be argued either. Pepe is our top winger and is in there. Are we just angry because man-for-man they have a better XI than us? If we want this changed we need to start performing in big games.

  6. Using the same rules how many Newcastle players in a combined 11 with the tossers.Shows you what a knobead Murphy is.

  7. Torreira is the only player missing, but that should not bother us, Arsenal’s lack of investment in the past is still haunting us. How many millions of pounds has Liverpool, Tottenham, Man U, Man C and Chelsea spent since 2006? Wenger managed to keep Arsenal in the Champions league without resources. Now the question is, how many trophies has Tottenham won during the same period? So its not about individual players, but coordination and team work.

    We are gunners.

  8. Ooh our U21’s have taken the lead against Northampton, despite being down to 10 men!! ?

    Eddie’s done it again – come on!!!!

    Wilshere scored his first game for thw hammers.. he’s played well.. #superJack

  9. I’m not bothered about who is in his team. What concerns me is how we play on the day. Individuals don’t play football it’s a team sport.
    I believe that if we get the team selection right we will beat Spurs no doubt about it.
    Come to think of it we are not up to full strength at the back so we will get better that is a fact.

  10. who ever said kane is better than auba is sick….. Ever since auba came to epl he has scored more goals than kane, he is the current golden boot winner, he won the league and golden boot in germany. What has kane archieved?

  11. u guys can never apreciate what u have…. No wonder pundits are encouraged to say shit about our club. So now a spuds academy graduate in walker peters is better than our own mailand niles who already has an assist to his name this season and no eror…. Hmmmm una try.

    1. I think some people don’t know there’s a difference between Kyle Walker’s and Kyle Walker-peters

  12. i saw vertonghen name in the squad which means danny flour mills included players that are injured so that means walker peters is better than bellerin…. The guy is sick.

  13. On paper Spurs have a fabulous squad.
    Much better and far more balanced than Arsenals.

    Lloris Gazzaniga

    Rose Davies Walker-Peters Aurier

    Alderweireld Vertonghen Sánchez Foyth

    Wanyama Dier Ndombele

    Winks Lamela Sissoko Lo Celso Sessegnon Alli Eriksen Skipp

    Son Moura Kane

    Spurs have punched above their weight for years wringing every last drop of possibility from this bargain buy squad.
    A hard headed owner (Levi).
    A demanding, charismatic optimistic manager (Pochettino).
    But it has taken 5, yes 5 years to get to this stage.
    But despite all this they have won exactly nothing and
    are already trailing Arsenal in the league
    admittedly after only 3 games but the signs are there
    especially after the loss to low ranked Newcastle in the supposedly new Spurs “fortress”.
    I think Spurs have peaked.
    2 near title challenges faltered.
    CL campaign ended in heart break.
    Not a single trophy.
    All this takes it’s toll.
    The manager is tired.
    Key players are aging others are tired and injury prone.
    Some key players want new challenges and higher salaries.
    Top 4 will be a struggle this term.
    The manager will leave in June.
    Spurs have had a great run but most fans only remember trophies.
    Many are called few are chosen so close yet so far away.

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