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Danny Welbeck is Arsenal’s best player at the World Cup?

Who would have thought that Danny Welbeck would have been the last remaining Arsenal player at the World Cup semi-final stage? Ok so he hasn’t actually played many minutes, but you never know he could score the winner in the final!

Arsenal like to keep issuing updates on the Arsenal players still in the Cup, and this is all they could say about Danny….

Danny Welbeck is our final remaining player at the World Cup, and his England side were in action once again on Saturday afternoon.

Danny was an unused substitute as England won 2-0 against Sweden. Harry Maguire opened the scoring when he thumped home from an Ashley Young corner during the opening 45 minutes. The win was sealed for the Three Lions when Dele Alli headed home after a lofted ball from Jesse Lingard.

Danny will have another chance to feature as England face Croatia in the semi-final of the tournament on Wednesday, with kick-off at 7pm UK time.

So who would have thought that Mesut Ozil with the Champions Germany, and Monreal with Spain, and even Ospina with Colombia, who could have got past England, would have been struggling in the wake of the mighty Welbeck!

He could still make an impact, and we really should support the only Arsenal player left in the competition, but is he really our best player that went to Russia?

Darren N

29 thoughts on “Danny Welbeck is Arsenal’s best player at the World Cup?

  1. Durand

    Danny Welbeck only Arsenal player likely to play in a world cup more likely.

    Bragging rights in Arsenal locker room.

    Cheerio Danny boy, due us proud!

  2. gotanidea

    Arsenal is the only one of the top six Premier League clubs that have only one player in the World Cup semifinal. Even Leicester City have two players

    It shows the difference between Arsenal players’ quality with the other top six clubs, in last season. I hope Torreira, Leno, Sokratis and Lichtsteiner can change that

  3. Innit

    Damn the title is so sad.
    We use to have loads of quality players in the day

    Is Welbeck our starting left winger for next season or Kolsanic as LWB?

    We need at least one winger of the quality of Hazard, de Bruyne, Alexis, Mane, Sterling , Pedro. Im not sure Mkhitaryan will be that player.

  4. Natnael

    “Danny welbek is our best player?”
    I wonder if England was tested yet let alone to say welbek is our best player. I sometimes feel English players are overrated. I still want England to win, but we should try to give an accurate evaluation of what’s going on instead of being emotional and biased….

  5. Wiggy

    If England meet France in the World Cup Final, it will look like as if two teams from the African continent are competing – instead of two teams from Europe !!! Just my observation….

    1. John Ibrahim

      England vs France is set for the final

      more marketing and commercial value compared to the rest

    2. st sass

      your African comment is irresponsible. it can never be a world tournament without Africa.

  6. John Ibrahim

    whether its Welbeck or World Class Kane

    Football coming home

    its coming home

    Champions of the World

  7. Phil

    Be careful with comments lie that mate-there’s a few on here that could take that as a bit racist and set off the Bongo Bongo drums.Thank god you didn’t mention what a rubbish talentless player Iwobi is or that will really upset them

  8. lol

    Who cares even if there are no Arsenal players left in the World Cup? Are any of the teams left in the World Cup capable of winning the Premier League? The level of club football is better than international football

    1. nassan

      In 1998,2002,2010,2014…arsenal players won world cup, so people relax, it isnt a big

  9. Sue

    He came on for like 10 minutes or so… had a chance… and Christ knows where the ball ended up.. not where it was supposed to!! I can’t see him playing again

  10. Victoria Concordia Crescit

    there’s is no Bayern Munich player left at the worldcup . so ? Barcelona only have Dembele Rakitic and Umtiti.
    real Madrid have varane and Modric…

    the likes of Chelsea, Manchester United and Tottenham have atleast 5-8 players left. does that make them a bigger team that Bayern, Barcelona, and Madrid ?

  11. Someone

    My opinion on Danny Welbeck is that he is a bad player and he doesn’t deserve another chance at Arsenal , he has wasted his opportunities and the chances other players have created for him so he should be sold and his place should be given to youngsters.

  12. dragunov762mm

    I do think so Darren. His ten minutes action made it through.😆
    All Arsenal British fans here should cheers for Spuds core who dragged England into semifinal. We don’t have any reason to deny Spurs as the proud of England. This time only: COYS…😆😆😆

  13. waal2waal

    Danny is one of the current england sides most consistent scorers – i think he knows he’l be expected to feature and take a more prominent position in the arsenal offensive. I think at 27, or so, he will gain from playing alongside auba and laca – i really don’t think we’ll turn the heads of top tier players if we cannot claim a top-4 domestic league spot. I believe in terms of creating rather than finishing chances in the final third danny as an option isn’t far off (if hes fit).
    And to be honest under the latter weng years our strikers were being encouraged to add defensive responsibilities to the game – something that made a nonesense and for any striker must be a recipe for disaster iimo.

    the problems we have had at arsenal surely cannot be put at wellbecks door – the reasons for our many failings must be placed at a managerial, executive staff and board level.
    I like to think that under the new manager wellbeck (as well ramsey another serial poor performer) will get his act together so as we are again a team that not only scores but puts together a higher percentage wins in thie epl.

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