Danny Welbeck is out to prove a point – and doing it well!

Hi Gooner world, what a way for Arsenal to qualify for the semi-final. That was such a nerve wrecking display from our boys, Roma has really inspired everyone in Europe this week and it is such a wonderful and exciting viewing. Many expected us to blitz through but that was not the case as CSKA were on top of their game and almost did a Roma on us but we held our own and did the job and here we are, waiting for Atletico…am so happy!

One of our key performers last night was Danny Welbeck who alongside Elneny gave good account of themselves again.
Talking of Welbeck, he has recently been our Sanchez, scoring crucial goals while also being so hard working.

Welbeck’s position in the team’s pecking order is rightly what it should be, third choice striker seeing as we have our record breaking strikers ahead of him. Apart from that, Welbeck has not really set the world alight since he became a Gunner, but he has had great moments also and we sometimes have the feeling that his persistent injuries has played a part in his interrupted development. He comes across as a likeable guy and many admire him for his hard work but unfortunately, it is clear that he is just another squad player who will not be a starter when all our forwards are available.

But recently, Welbeck has been playing like someone out to prove a point he is energetic as usual. He has even more desire to make things happen and get on the end of things. It is like he knows his position in the pecking order and he is desperate to overturn that, to convince the manager he is good enough to start. Even Lacazette was the one to get subbed even though he didn’t play 90 minutes on Sunday. He has finally made the 10 goal margin which he rarely does.

What could have been the reason for his revival, could it be the arrival of Aubameyang, Lacazette and Henrikh. And maybe Danny boy is desperate to make it to Russia? Well, whatever it is, i hope he continues to shine for us and stay injury free till the season ends.




  1. John0711 says:

    I’m sure Athletico fear welbeck, Xhaka and mustafi ????? they would all get in athletico side

    1. jon fox says:

      Precisely! And don’t forget the new “Iniesta”, aka IWOBI TOO! PERSPECTIVE AND REALISM ARE NOT WELCOMED ON THIS SITE . But I will keep posting it all the same.

  2. Kenyanfan says:

    all mediocre players just as our coach always turns up when they are eyeing a new contract and that’s exactly what Welbeck( who I respect as I do to Wenger and any other player who play for arsenal) is doing.
    Wenger too is a funny character. Believe me, he will win the Europa league, get back to UCL football and as usual all his critics me included will calm down and again in mid season of 2018/2019 season, we will begin our usual cycle .
    Being an arsenal fun isn’t easy.Its requires endurance, perseverance and heart of steal.Its not for the faint hearted.Iv seen many hung themselves here in Kenya especially after manutd vs Arsenal games.
    Let’s hope for the best but its not easy.

    1. Sony says:

      Well I would be surprised if we don’t bottle it as usually, but Wenger can pull some miracles from his hat. So let’s hope he will and check out with European grace. I am so tired of this Wenger out /in thing.

  3. Break-on-through says:

    Yes I think you are right, the strikers that arrived have given Danny his penny drop moment. He also could be paying close attention to them in training, esp Auba, I wouldn’t be surprised if their quality is rubbing off on him a wee bit too. The better the players that you work with the better you yourself become. He has great pace, very good strength, trying, athletic and hard working. He is not great with ball at his feet but to be a good striker you can get away with that if you work with what you do have, you can get very good strikers who concentrate more on the off the ball running as well as finishing. He’s been good of late but he was poor last night other than his excellent finish, he hit it the same area as Ronaldo buried that penno, lovely finish.

    1. Neil says:

      I agree… Welbeck seems to be a whole-hearted player who gives everything (the fact sometimes he looks like Bambi on ice and has two left feet is perhaps part of his charm ?!?)
      Working with Lacazette and more so Aubamayeng who is more his typ of player will rub off and the finish against CSKA was world class ( great pass by Elneny also… credit where its due.. imagine the superlatives if Ozil had made the same pass!)
      So its great for the club that there are 3 forwards competing for 1-2 places
      Just need to sort out the defence now !

      1. jon fox says:

        JUST the defence then? Well that is easy peasy then , eh? Oh ! What’s that you say!

  4. RSH says:

    still hold the opinion hes not even squad player quality and Arsenal should sell. Happy to see him start getting goals but his Arsenal career has been pretty poor. Best moment for us was his winner against Leicester. Far too inconsistent of a player to be here though. Hope he can maintain form until the season ends tho.

  5. Welbeck, bless him, has conviniently hit a rich vein of form when Mkhitaryan and Aubameyang are out. What worries me is Lacazette has been really looking hopeless and quite diabolical at times, I fear he will not step up when Atletico Madrid put us in their slaughterhouse. Oh well, we win we get a trophy we lose Wenger is finally fired this is simply the best knockout round ever.

  6. TH14-TW14 says:

    The fact that Aubameyang and Lacazette came for big money does not make Welbeck a squad player. If he constantly performs then he starts. That’s what it should be and not some assumed ability that may not be expressed. Lacazette has many times not looked the part (even though he may be a better finisher than Welbeck, judging by their careers so far) and should not be an automatic starter if Welbeck is doing better. Everyone should compete for a place and none is a squad player while everyone is a first team player. Enough of this nonsense insinuation that Welbeck must only be a sub no matter how hard he works and contributes to the team in goals and overall play. After all he was a key player in the starting 11 at the beginning of the season before he got injured. I am all for him if he consistently produces the goods. Take out Aubameyang’s goals, he contributes less than Welbeck to overall play, so if I have a Welbeck scoring regularly and contributing generally as well, why then should I relegate him to the status of a squad player?

  7. Godswill says:

    Let Welbeck be. Yesterday he was better than Lacazette. How I wish he can surprise me against Athletico.

  8. Dare Johnson says:

    I agree with you that our defence is porous,against CSKA Moscow yesterday,cech try to save the first goal by parried the ball away,but mustafi was slow, nonchalant, looking for offside before CSKA player tap the rebound inside the net.we need to work on our defence if we are to go past athletico in semi’s.

  9. Ozziegunner says:

    I agree with the posters above regarding Welbeck learning from training and playing along side players with the finishing ability of Lacazette and Aubameyang. To be honest his profligacy in front of goal has been his greatest weakness. It should be also remembered that (as attested by Wenger) Welbeck has fought back from major injuries. Arsenal shouldn’t give up on him now that he has become quite productive.
    With regard to Lacazette, he has just returned after a knee operation and resultant rehabilitation. My observation was that the service to Lacazette from Arsenal’s misfiring midfield was non existent. Things improved when Chambers replaced Wilshire and Elneny moved into midfield. Lacazette would have buried the chance that fell to Iwobi, but unfortunately he had been substituted by Wenger.

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