Dan’s Arsenal v Burnley Player Ratings – Only one MOTM

So Arsenal got their second win of the season, and although it was still a little scrappy, considering our opponents it was a good three points.

So here are Dan’s Player Ratings for the game…..

Leno (7)
You’re not going to face more of an aerial bombardment then against Burnley, and most of the time Leno took responsibility with the ball in the air. Took too long to decide to finally kick the ball long when it was clear his defence were not comfortable passing it out.

Monreal (6)
Got forward more than he did against Newcastle, but final ball was poor. Showed good leadership qualities.

Luiz (7)
As the game wore on took initiative and controlled the situation. What was good to see was him directing his teammates, leadership qualities we don’t always see.

Sokratis (7)
Type of game he loves. He just had to win things in the air, rarely having to be moved out of position. Not great in possession

Maitland Niles (5)
My MOTM at Newcastle had an off day with his touch poor at times. Didn’t get close enough to his man to stop crosses and a couple of times in the second half it could have cost us.

Guendouzi (6)
Did his job, broke up play and gave the ball to his more technical peers. It was a young CM and he wasn’t intimidated. One small criticism would be could he move the ball faster.

Willock (6)
Like Guendouzi he moved the ball slowly, which we didn’t need two CM doing at home. Drove into areas but needs to show more belief in the final third.

Ceballos (9) MOTM
Too early to compare him to a Cazorla or Fabregas but in a scrappy game was the one player who showed flair. A couple of sexy touches and skill, also not afraid to take a shot from distance .

Reiss Nelson (4)
Subbed at half time which I hope doesn’t hurt his confidence. For the second game running his final ball was lacking, still waiting to see some personality where he puts his mark on the game.

Auba (7)
Was actually quiet in the first half on the right but improved when moved sides. He got the winner though which sums him up. Emery needs to work out how to get all his attackers in the game.

Lacca (7)
He bullied Burnley as much as they did us. Will only get better once he finds match fitness, and he showed good strength for his goal.

Pepe (5)
Great run to start with but maybe tried to force things.

Kolasinac (5)
Great to see him back . Smart sub as he helped stop the danger from the width, doubling up with Monreal.

Torreria (5)
Came on to seemingly get stuck in and wind Burnley up.

Dan Smith


  1. Okiror says:


    1. Sean M says:

      Or it’s putting all the pressure on Liverpool to perform…

    2. Umar says:

      The heart of mind games.Dont buy into is statement too much

    3. Declan says:

      His tongue was firmly in his cheek.
      It’s called a wind up or having a joke or a little bit of mind games.

  2. bajaja says:

    why dont u see it as a silent weapon of mind games….. Ensuring they come into the match over confident and then we catch them off balance and nick a win…….

  3. gotanidea says:

    On paper, a silky midfield containing Ceballos, Torreira and Ozil would outclass a brute midfield like Henderson, Wijnaldum and Fabinho, but it doesn’t work like that in reality

    This means Liverpool don’t rely on their central midfielders to create chances, through balls and assists. The old no 10 tactic might work on an easy game at home, but I’m afraid Liverpool industrious midfielders would easily isolate the playmaker from his DMs

    This is why the roles of our wide players would be highly important. Pepe, Ceballos and Bellerin can work together on the right side, whereas Aubameyang, Xhaka and Tierney team up on the other end

    1. APANGU IDDI AMIN says:

      Are you talking on correct line or you are off topic, Bcz some of the players you are talking about are injured and yet the march is next week. May be you are just night meging Arsenal while laughing quietly.

  4. NONNY says:

    I think the match they are talking about is Liverpool – arsenal match that will take place this weekend not one that will be played in 2020.
    No need mentioning bellerin and Tierney

  5. bajaja says:

    hahhahahahahahahahhhaha i don die with laughter.

  6. bajaja says:

    this team will give liverpool a very hard fight. Leno- niles- sokratis – luiz – monreal – xhaka – guendozi – ceballos – pepe – laca – auba. 4-3-3.

    1. Bur says:

      The problem with this line out is Miles, Dhaka and Guendouzi. Sorry not for me.

  7. Sue says:

    It certainly was great seeing Kolasinac back! ?

    1. gerry burke says:

      steady on sue, remember what the doctor told you about talent spotting, easy does it , lol.

  8. Viju Jacob says:

    Fair analysis, Dan.

  9. SAGooner says:

    Just remember that when we had winning teams, we had at least one hard guy in midfield that took no prisoners (Vieira, Petit, etc) and same for ManU with Keane, for example. In this league you get nowhere with only silky smooth ball players, you get run off the ball and off the park.

    1. NONNY says:

      You will be going home with a ball for saying that

    2. RSH says:

      Wenger learned this the hard way when he thought he could replicate Barcelona here. Even City have midfielders like Bernardo Silva, Fernandinho that won’t be shrugged off the ball. We have several players that just aren’t cut out for this league and only excel in games where teams give them tons of space. And those games are few and far between because every EPL team has the self-belief they can get something out of any game.

      1. gerry burke says:

        correction RSH, wenger did not learn , ever. thats why we failed so miserably for so many years . such a pity that he has tarnished his wonderful early career through his stbbrorness.

        1. RSH says:

          very true, gerry. He never did learn. Always need to keep up with changes or you’ll find yourself falling behind

          1. gerry burke says:

            RSH, indeed sir, indeed.

  10. Break-on-through says:


    I think this will be the team. I don’t think he’ll give full debut to Pepe away at pool. I’ll go for Mkhit over Nelson. A chance that he could start with one striker and try to pack midfield or play three back. We should give Liv no respect, get in their faces quick enough and man mark the right couple of players, if we can do that and not panic or feel pressure if say we go a goal down, then we can stay in the game. If we are in the game throughout, we have goalscorers who can make the difference. The only expectations that I have ..is for us to give it a right go, full effort – fullest concentration ..and win the duels the best you can. This is all I ask.

  11. Sean Williams says:

    Play Xhaka and risk mistakes. Do not play Xhaka, he will cost us and we may lose confidence. Do not capitulate to what’s expected by Xhaka. Keep him out whilst the team is playing well. Be resolute Emery or fail.

  12. Cobain zt says:

    And its been 10 years that we didnt have a good start like this season winning our first two games

  13. Atid says:

    Play the best x1 where possible. Defensively, though I would not be surprised to see kolasinac on the left of a midfield in a 433.

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