Dan’s EPL and FA Cup predictions for the weekend

Here we are with Dan’s predictions for this weekend. He actually predicts an Arsenal away win for a change!

Saints 1-2 Liverpool
The win over Spurs was a ‘titles are won or lost on these moments.’ When that keeps happening to you (think about their winner at Goodison?) you do start to wonder if destiny is on their side. I can see more of the same this evening. Saints to give the Reds a scare, yet the visitors finding another way to get over the line.

Cherries 3-2 Burnley
Worryingly for Eddie Howe is normally if they lose, you can be assured his men will go down fighting. Recently they look like a squad who have lost all confidence, who just need to get to the summer. Burnley though won’t show too much ambition and all the pressure is on the visitors

Huddersfield 0-2 Leicester
Huddersfield and Fulham have been relegated with plenty of games to spare but unlike the Cottagers I don’t think the Terriers have disgraced themselves, they simply haven’t got enough quality. There is nothing to suggest that they will stop trying just because they know they will be in the Championship next season. If anything, facing sides still having to play with pressure, they will most likely get the odd shock result.

Newcastle 1-0 Palace
Judged on midweek this won’t be exciting. Palace played for a 0-0 draw while Newcastle bizarrely sat back on a 1-0 loss. With both safe you would think there be no reason not to have a go?

Everton 1-2 Arsenal
The type of fixture where we let ourselves down. Would it surprise anyone if we showed up with the wrong attitude, didn’t battle, were complacent, etc.…. habits we need to change if we want to finish in the top 4. It might help us that Everton have picked up their form as we won’t underestimate them? I know the Toffees have done well at home against the top 6 but I still wonder about their mental ability. Get an early goal and they seem to panic.

Chelsea 1-0 West Ham
As they showed at Cardiff, Chelsea still have the ability to find a way to win when not playing well. I think that will be the story of this derby. West Ham would love to be the side to put a dent in their rivals top 4 hopes so will park the bus. A moment of magic or a mistake will be the difference.

FA Cup
Man City 2-0 Brighton
Semi Finals are never easy so don’t simply look at where these two sides are in the table. What the champions are starting to do well is winning games while saving energy, that’s why they dropped a few gears once 2-0 up against Fulham and Cardiff. Similar result expected here.

Watford 1-2 Wolves
Two teams who have had a great season with this very much the cherry on the top. Wolves don’t always fare well being the favourites but will know their fans will see this as a golden chance to get to a cup final. I’ll go with Wolves as they have more match winners. I would love either to win the cup though.

Dan Smith


  1. Declan says:

    Just been reading that if Sokratis gets a booking at Everton he’s in for a two match ban having reached 10 bookings over a certain period, although the new rules are a little confusing. If applicable he could miss games against Watford and Palace.

    1. gotanidea says:

      Despite his red card, he is still our most consistent CB in this season

      I hope Koscielny, Mustafi and Monreal are always fit, because I don’t think Mavropanos, Medley and Pleguezuelo are ready for the pressure of the remaining games

      In worst case scenario, Emery might assign Xhaka, Elneny or Jenkinson as a CB again

    2. SuperClaes says:

      You are right and little concerned as we need him desperately for Watford – big and physical team! Guess we have to play him though versus Everton although Richarlison and Calvert Lewis might get him into trouble…

      Would you rest him to avoid a suspension? If Kosc can play its an option!

      Common yayay Gunners!

  2. Trudeau says:

    I’d be surprised if we showed up with the wrong attitude and didn’t battle. A year ago that was par for the course but those moments have been few and far between this year. We will still lose our share but that sinking “we arent at the races” feeling I used to get ten minutes into a game is now thankfully a memory. Credit Emery for that.

  3. GB says:

    Saints 1 nil up

  4. jon fox says:

    One thing I regularly notice about your predictions Dan is that they are very honestly made, even if they arouse scorn from other Gooners, and also properly explained as you WHY you think that way. A good while back I stupidly and wrongly criticised your need to post regular predictions weekly. I now humbly apologise to you!

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