Dan’s EPL League Table Prediction 2021/22 Part 2 – Liverpool to Wolves

As I write this Brentford have just gone 2-0 up against Arsenal, so with a tear in my eye, here is Part 2 of where I think each side will finish.

I was the only one on JustArsenal to predict that we would lose on Friday so don’t confuse negativity over simply a Gooner who has seen so much I know how this movie ends.



The consensus was that Liverpool only surrendered the title due to injuries to their defence and that normal service will resume now VVD and Gomez are fit.

If that’s what the squad believe, then Klopp should tap into that.

In reality their front three went off the boil and they lack creativity from midfield.

Meanwhile the Manchester Clubs and Chelsea have improved


Man City

They say that all champions should add to their squad to keep everyone competitive.

That’s what City have done by buying Grealish.

They might still add Harry Kane but if not, Guardiola winning a title with a false number 9 would be him yet again revolutionising the English game.

2nd but 1st if Kane signs


Man United

Unlike our owners United couldn’t have done more in the transfer window to catch City (maybe they need a striker).

Sancho and Varane make them better, but question marks remain over their manager.

Ole has shown he can make the Red Devils hard to beat but can he tactically do enough to get them over the line when it matters?




One of two clubs who I think had more of an advantage in empty stadiums.

The Toon Army are depressed and can make Saint James Park a hard place for their own players to play.

Steve Bruce has achieved what was on the job criteria. Geordies shouldn’t be angry with the manager but the man who sets the criteria.

As long as Newcastle are above 17th that’s all Mike Ashley cares about.

Could be another year of a poisonous atmosphere.

Club can’t keep being run the way it is without it eventually catching up with you




Daniel Farke insists he wants to change Norwich’s perception of being a yo-yo club, but off the pitch the Canaries have again kept most of the promotion prize money in the bank.

Despite being the basement boys the last time they were in the division, they had their moments where their approach was applauded.

The hope is the likes of Cantwell will be better for the experience.

I also am interested in seeing how Billy Gilmore’s loan works out.

Will have their moments but still see them too easy to score against.




Need a good start or else everyone will mention how bad their form was at the end of the last campaign.

That’s why their manager is favourites to be one of the first to be sacked.

They play a brave pressing style but that means they tire as season goes on.

Also they have sold their best striker and defender, so need a signing just to breath some life into the club




The Harry Kane saga has overshadowed the circus that was Spurs finding a new manager.

They had 3 top coaches publicly turn them down, meaning it’s hard to even pretend Nuno Santos was first choice.

That’s led to a lack of leadership when that’s really required

Trust me, had Conte taken the job he would have spoken to his best player before …THIS WEEK!

And Kane would be starting this Sunday.

They either lose their talisman or you force someone to stay who doesn’t want to be there.

Either scenario makes it hard to see improvement on last season.




Will probably go through 3 managers but to be fair their owners approach works more than it doesn’t, apart from their last time in the top flight.

I thought they were too good to go down last time, and come back with players who know the prem like Danny Rose and Josh King.

It will be overdue but maybe Sarr is ready to step up?

There are three teams worse than Watford…



West Ham

David Moyes made a huge mistake extending his contract at West Ham.

After years of being mocked he (for the second time in his life) took a struggling club into Europe.

The only way is backwards and with fans in the stadium why put yourself in that position?

It’s a small squad in terms of competing on Thursday nights and it won’t take much for fans to start moaning.




After success since promotion things stagnated so it made sense to freshen things up.

If we are honest though Bruno Lage is only the manager because he’s Portuguese and has connections with Jorge Mendes.

I have doubts he’s an upgrade on Nuno Santos.

First thing he needs to do is give Wolves an identity.


Be kind in the comments


Dan Smith

Read Part 1 here – Dan’s EPL League Table Prediction 2021/22 Part 1 – Arsenal to Leicester

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  1. Damn, can you imagine being 9 points behind league leaders after first 3 matches? Its gonna be strange getting our asses handed to us this early in the season. Funny thing is when MA is finally sacked, windows already closed and new manager is stuck with MAs handpicked players.


  2. Sad for you Dan, you still had some Gooner goodness in heart as you predicted an away goal. I actually was happy to see the changed lineup but unfortunately with the same tactics the outcome became a little more certain because we became weaker. With regards to all positions on table, I feel Arsenal are more likely to be 7th but have good cup runs. Don’t know why but have this nagging feeling we miss top6 by a whisker but win the FA cup or the bald fraud’s favourite cup this year.

  3. So much hype around Aston Villa, yet they were unable to withstand the pressure from Watford supporters

    I guess there’ll be no more surprise this season, because of the atmosphere in the stadiums

      1. Nope. Villa were pretty cohesive as a team last season, but today they played with a bag of nerves like us

  4. This is my observation from yesterday’s game. You may agree or disagree but if you truly a fan you can agree.

    Leno: was basically exposed all night but he was at fault for the first goal. There is no reason why he should be beating at his near post.

    Chambers: that will have to be his worse performance for over 6 months. Man was basically stagnant, he wasn’t moving. Tho he defended better of all our defenders in the night but he offered no width.

    White: the first goal he was caught ball watching, he couldn’t jump all night. Tho his distribution was very good. Defended poorly.

    Mari: he’s too slow, often slowed our movement but defensively he was doing his job and tierny’s. Because of tierny always high on the pitch he was exposed all night.

    Tierny: our motm solely because he offered a whole lot in attack but he was our worse defender on the night.
    He was out of position all night. But that was because our attacker couldn’t do anything all night.

    ESR: played very well but he didn’t press nor defended when we were defending. But overall he was good.

    ASL: the more I watch this kid the more I know he is special. He put himself about considering this is his first game in EPL. Always looking for a forward pass.

    Xhaka: I like him because he doesn’t hide but as a football player, he hundred percent not suited for premier league. Man nearly cost us a goal. We was the worse of our mf.

    Pepe: was very disappointing. He dribbles then trips over his own foot. At the moment it’s looking like a very bad investment. Came alive a little in the second half but didn’t offer much. But on the night he was our best attacker.

    Martinelli: to be honest he didn’t do himself any favors. I can count how many times he touched the ball that’s how anonymous he was on the night.

    Balogun: I think it’s Arsenal fans that is hyping this guy. He basically played us minus 1 yesterday. He wasn’t doing anything, no hold up play, no tracking back, no pressing. He was that bad but then I can excuse him because It’s his first epl game but he needs to buckle up. He’s the same age as greenwood.

    Saka: did more than the whole attackers that started the match. But also was at fault for the second goal because he went to sleep and allow norgard a free header.

    Tavares: was good when he came on. Arteta should play this guy rb. That was a positive display from him.

    Nelson: I think this guy should be sold. Either on loan or permanent.

  5. The thing about arsenal defeat last night , is that it could have happened to any one of the top 6 but it would have been seen as a freak result , and they would have rectify the problem by the following game. But this has become the norm at arsenal going back about 15 years , I’m gutted but not shocked, everyone knew except Arteta that Brentford would come at us with the crowd behind them they were up for it , we were unprepared we were rabbits caught in headlights we got bullied, even after such a defeat fans are saying we need a attacking midfielder I’m sorry that’s the last thing we need , what we need at the moment is 3 or 4 Roy keans or Patrick viara who is going to fight and silence the crowd we need to become the bullies then we will earn the right to play football untill this happens expect plenty more nights like last night

  6. Out
    Dani Ceballos – end of loan
    Mat Ryan – end of loan
    Martin Odegaard – end of loan
    David Luiz – contract expired
    Dinos Mavropanos – Stuttgart, loan
    Matteo Guendouzi – Marseille, loan
    William Saliba – Marseille, loan
    Joe Willock – Newcastle, £25m

    Nuno Tavares – Benfica, undisclosed
    Albert Sambi Lokonga – Anderlecht, £15m
    Ben White – Brighton, £50m

    For a team that couldn’t play football last season, it is inexcusable.

    1. Including Mavro/Guendouzi/Saliba as outs when they all spent the year on loan last year is highly manipulative. Willock spent half the year on loan and barely played too.

      Luiz-White, Ceballos-Lokonga and Kola/Nobody-Tavares have happened.

      Ryan/Ode need doing but every sign is that is a matter of time not that we’re ignoring that need. Main one that would make most happy after that is RB and yet I see people turning their noses up at Trippier.

      You can believe Arteta is useless and things are bad without deliberately misleading in posts like the above, this has been my issue all preseason the hyperbole and outright lying that has been going on (Smith-Rowe was benched not injured until injuries forced him into the side and Emery got sacked in 5th being the two largest lies that I’ve seen repeated numerous times.)

      Interestingly think Dan and I believe the team is around the same position and then agree on most the league. Villa is the only thing we disagree on massively right now yet you’d think we’re polar opposites based on some conversations which sums up the weird atmosphere surrounding the club currently. Never thought we were in a fantastic position just thought the negativity was way over the top and stand by that.

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